June Sarpong [2]

Caught The Pledge on Sky News recently, is a weekly news themed debating show fronted by arch anti Brexit bitch June Sarpong. What a cunt! Debating is about putting your point across with reasoning, facts and logic not talking over people repeating some Guardian propaganda that has been proven to be bollocks. This cunt has no off switch.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

Michaela Strachan


The emaciated fuck-pig, Michaela Strachan. A cunt from Slitland.

This deformed (cock-nosed) dirt-bag has:

    No talent whatever
    No skills
    No face (it looks like a piece of shit that has been poked with a stick)
    No knowledge of anything
    No voice (except the faux-intelligent lower-middle class drone of a cunt)
    No personality (save for the relentless phoney cheerfulness of a child-killer)

How the fuck does the worthless cunt keep getting stuck on the TV, you ask. Well it’s because she’s uglier (inside and out) and dumber than the used jam rags that commission and produce shows on TV.

And the TV lovies they also enjoy the knowing Strachan goes ‘home’ and slashes at her arms and legs with razor blades when they criticize her for being a totally vacuous worthless lower-middle class cunt.

Nominated by: You ugly bastards!

Harriet Tubman


Harriet fucking Tubman, (An American Historical Cunting) revered in America for fighting against slavery and equal rights for woman seemingly a fucking Saint.

But no a Cunt, in fact a proper fucking cunt. First she was a fucking criminal (An escaped fucking Slave no less) who conspired to thieve other slaves with gay abandon.
Secondly she was a total and utter fucking loon who suffered seizures, various types of spack attacks and thought she could talk to God.

In short a fucking witch type of cunt. Finally she was a fucking ugly ditch pig of a woman, a true Stegosaurus type of split arsed cunt.

Nominated by : Ollie Burtons Grandad