Steven Moffat [3]

Steven Moffat’s crimes against my favourite childhood show mean Moffat is due another cunting on this esteemed website. Dr Who was (and should be) a kids’ show. It was always a bit cheesy and the effects were crap. But the point is, it was FUN. Tom Baker’s ludicrous overacting when trying to keep a straight face when faced with yet another “alien” that was clearly an extra covered in tinfoil and various bits of leftover props from other BBC shows. The goodies were good and the baddies were bad – only the Emperor in Star Wars comes close to Davros for sheer bloody-minded evil. I’m pretty sure Davros was wanking in that chair when he told Tom Baker he would release a virus that would destroy all lifeforms in the galaxy.

I saw the first episode of the latest series and didn’t have much of an opinion one way or the other. Pearl Mackie is neither the best nor the worst actress to play a Dr Who companion. I didn’t watch the rest of the series. But last night I got around to watching the first part of the Cybermen story. Fuck me, I don’t know what that was but it wasn’t Dr Who. The Cybermen should be doing something demented and improbable like taking over the Moon to use the tides to destroy the Earth or crashing a spaceship to wipe out the dinosaurs. The biggest problem though was that the episode was dull, so dull.

As I said, Dr Who should be fun; the crazier the plan by the Daleks or Cybermen or Ice Warriors the better. And I bet the BBC wouldn’t ever show Tom Baker’s one and only Cybermen story again – the Doctor and a couple of other characters were forced by the silver maniacs to wear suicide belts to blow up the planet of gold. They wouldn’t show that because retards would say it was a coded attack on everyone’s favourite victim group.

I’m not actually opposed to a female lead if the producers had a particular person in mind who they believed would be right for role. But it just seems that Moffat wanted a woman, any woman for the job. And most of the wankstains who go on about this don’t seem to be Dr Who fans anyway; why the fuck do they care about who plays the main character in a show they don’t even watch?

And Moffat, I’d just like to say that anyone who comes up with their own nickname – like perennial ISAC nominee Bonio – is a total and utter bellend. “Grand Moff” for fuck’s sake! What’s that sound I hear? It’s peter Cushing spinning in his grave.

Nominated by Cunts mate Cunt

NHS Doctors

#ImInWorkJeremy – What, you want a medal for it you Doctor Cunts? Is £100K a year basic plus over time not enough for you, you bunch of whining martyr cunts?

If you don’t like being an NHS Doctor, feel free to fuck off elsewhere. See how much you get paid elsewhere in the developed world, because it won’t be any where near what you get from the NHS.

Whats that? Liability insurance? What, you mean I actually have to insure myself against malpractice elsewhere in the world? No, didn’t think so you puss filled whinge bag cunts. Continue to work in the NHS, safe in the knowledge that you can dispatch all manner of taxpayers with your negligence and almost never have to face the consequences of your action.

Oh, how I would love to live in the gilded cage that NHS Doctors do. I don’t see many of them going of to work in say, America, do you? Or even France? What about the Far east? You see, they won’t have the fuckers on account of the massive ego and entitlement these cunts have, with little ability to function and above all perform in the real world.

NHS Doctors: CUNTS.

In fact they are such cunts, they make Harold Shipman look professional. He actually set out to kill folk and was good at it.

Nominated by: The Captain

Doctors and Nurses


I fucking hate Nurses and Doctors!! If I every go on a killing spree the first cunts to go will be those two self important cunts.

Classic shit Scumbag doctor’s say “Oh your in glorified pain heres a advil You goddamn junkie”. “Oh your feeling suicidal and can’t handle life anymore and you want a valium sorry those medications are dangerous and we don’t use those anymore in fact we don’t use medications anymore at all just anti-depressants that make you more suicidal sorry”

Doctors have to be the biggest Scumbags in the world. Fucking Nonce Cunts.

Nominated by: Titslapper

NHS Pox Doctors


Lowest rung of the NHS shite arsed cesspit breath part qualified quacks from the Indian subcontinent where they bought their diplomas ( MD Calcutta, Failed ).

“Drop trousers. Some Discharge. How often do you toss yourself? Piss in the bottle is’ntit john.”

“Fuck Orf Ghandi. Drink yer own piss! Oi Mahatma! What the fuck is that?”

Fucking pox wallah rams a hooked rod up me horseprong. Recall S&M with the masters at prep school. Excruciating. Sweet youth. Tempus Fugit. Thank God for a classical education. Then still buttoning me flies it’s the heave ho out and the old duck walk home. Cheery winks to the poor sods coming in.

Clap Doctors? Incompetent Pox Wallah Cunts.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke