Andy Burnham [4]

Fuck off, Andy Burnham, you disingenuous venal virtue signaller of a cunt…. You make me sick with your bullshit faux outrage… I spit on you, you fucking Scouse bastard pro-muslim cunt…..

Nominated by Norman (and everyone else on recent threads)

David Walker

"I'm just minding this for my Arab friend..."

“I’m just minding this for my Arab friend…”

David Walker, the Bishop of Manchester. Supposedly a Christian, he has a funny way of demonstrating his love for his religion, because he’s just become of a number of so called Church of England priests to sign a letter to Cameron, demanding that we take in at least another thirty thousand Syrian ‘refugees’. Because what the UK really needs is MORE Muslims. Seriously, we just don’t have enough followers of the cult of extreme sadistic violence.

Walker, like his fellow Bishops, lives in a large house. A very large house. It has six bedrooms and has just benefitted from an extensive refit. Walker has announced that he won’t taking any Syrian families into the large home he enjoys, because of the “language barrier and alien culture”.

So he….wait, what? He expects Britain to take in tens of thousands more parasites at taxpayers expense, despite the language barrier and alien culture, yet he refuses to share the burden that HE wants to inflict on the UK. This twat isn’t just a hypocrite, he’s a two faced fucking cunt. Why should communities up and down the country be forced to accept even MORE foreign leeches on this cunt’s say so, when he isn’t even willing to accept any into his home. I actually thought about going to Manchester Cathedral, in the hopes of meeting the prick so I can punch in the mouth. He isn’t worth the fucking trouble though…

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Do gooders


These do gooder cunts believe policy should be dictated by emotions and what “feels right”. I hear them say things like ” they are people too they have fled desperate situations as there is only a few thousand anyway”. What they fail to realise is that taking that approach will encourage more and more to come and we are struggling as it is to look after the current population.

I have even met a couple of do gooders who have said oh these Calais migrants will be good workers. How do they figure that out! They almost certainly don`t have any English skills and probably don`t even know how to write their own name in their native language. Again they think with their liberal hearts and ignore these perfectly legitimate concerns as they don`t form part of their rosy little narrative were we can all hold hands and sing we shall overcome.

Think of all the shit countries to live in and then count their populatons. If even 5% of all of them come we will be in deep shit. Australia have the right policy but if anyone dare says that then they are a racist xenobhobic nazi.

Why don`t these do gooder cunts offer their living room for a migrant family to sleep on or would that disturb the peace of their nice metropolitan middle class suburb?

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

Diversity Role Models

Suran Dickson, CEO, with a couple of other diverse cunts...

Suran Dickson, founder & CEO, with a couple of diverse cunts…

No, cunts. For the avoidance orf doubt, this is not a modelling agency specialising in woofs, dykes and trannies, it is a Charity!

Well fuck me furrier and bugger me butler! Having benefited from a birth into the liberal social mores orf the landed aristocracy plus a public school education, I fancied meself pretty bullet proof when it came to the sexual predilections orf the vulgi ignobilis (common people cunts). Indeed as a callow youth I was schooled in the corrupt decadences orf pre war Berlin. So let them have their cake and fuck it I say. I am not shocked, no rather like Zola’s Gaston in Gigi I am merely bored. Bored that the flowering orf a few perversions amongst today’s spotty young tossers has been commandeered by the PC Diversity Brigade. Channel 4 documentaries and self serving charities abound me dears in what was once the preserve orf the public khazi and the sleazy room with stained beds rented by the hour.

In place orf a discrete cottage industry with a spot orf furtive wanking in women’s knickers or a pair orf dykes sharing a Coke bottle or some stiffy sporting jasper hobbling to work in a girdle and suspenders under his M&S suit, we now have a grant funded profession me dears with statistics and a whole new language to validate it. We are told that the yoof orf today is gender fluid or gender neutral and surfing on a sea orf non aligned sexuality that spans the gamut orf the gay, the straight and the bi-curious with one in two 18-24 year olds somewhere in the middle. Throw them a lifebelt I hear you say. Certainly but not until they have had the opportunity for a meaningful inner dialogue about their sexuality led by a very highly remunerated trans-co-gender life style facilitator. All this before we delve into the gay Muslim drag queen scene or the Gaysian Community.

In the prophetic words orf The Daily Fail, you could not make this up!

(Oh and do not fail to re-acquaint yourself dear reader with some more old friends orf this blog orf fun pictured therein)

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Independence Day


I just can’t let the 4th of July go by without marking it by cunting the entire nation of the United States of America. It just wouldn’t be right.

Every year, these wankers celebrate the “nations freedom and the brave men who died defending it”. That’d be the brave men who illegally invade foreign countries, stomp all over any nation that disagrees with them, and forces their dogma on the entire world. The biggest bunch of hypocritical bullshitters on the face of the planet.

The nation that “defends freedoms future” by bombing the fuck out of anyone who gets in their way.

The nation that turned up late for two world wars. Britain would would still be waiting now if it wasn’t for Pearl Harbour.

The nation that was populated by the dregs from the gutters of Europe and whose slogan was “No taxation without representation” when the British crown never received a fucking penny in taxes in the first place.

The nation that has laid claim to every invention it never invented and has rewritten history to suit its own ego. Orwell would have been proud.

Basically, a nation of cunts. Happy 4th July, you fuckers!

Nominated by: Dioclese