News drama queens

Your News drama queen …is a Cunt.

“Here we are in Cumbria where there is no: power, drinking water, food, road access or trains, BUT! we managed to get a film crew and support team through.”

“No fuck off with your emergency vehicle we were here first and I’m doing a piece to camera.”

On Sky this morning the ginger drama weather whore; “………….that’s why our job is sooo important.”

Cunts the lot of ’em.

Nominated by: King Cnut

Poppy Nazis


I nominate the fucking Poppy Nazis Cunts (oxymoron intended), who feel so morally outraged at a shite (but still fuckable) actress for not wearing a poppy on tv.

Surely the selfless generation that fought and died for freedom that are remembered and celebrated by the poppy, did so so that their descendants would have the personal freedom of choice to do what the fuck they like, within reason. Have these zealots got fuck all better to do than shout ‘Disrespect’ at the top of their lungs.

On a par with Griefjackers, cunts!

Nominated by: Lord Flashcunt

Richard Seymour


Guardian contributor, left unity member and Socialist Worker Party Member Richard Seymour is a cunt. Although the preceding sentence qualifies him as a cunt this sentence he wrote on a Facebook article about Simon Weston`s opposition to Comrade Commie Corbyn`s plan to share the Falklands with the Argentinians confirms it.

As a veteran who suffered terrible injuries to protect fellow British subjects he argued that this would be a “repugnant surrender” which most sane people would think. But no, it seems that the PHD student and writer of a blog called Lenin`s tomb would disagree. So did he provide a counter argument in the guardian to Mr Weston`s comments as one might expect from an intellectual? No instead he posted this on Facebook:

“Who gives a shit what Simon Weston thinks about anything?If he knew anything he would still have his face”

Now I bet this Communist prick would complain if I mocked a disabled person calling me “ableist “a term many of his political persuasion would but it`s ok to say that about a war veteran. Christ, if he becomes an academic God help the poor fuckers who have to pay £9,000 a year to hear his shitty views. This was also a man who did a book putting the late Christopher Hitchens “on trial” for supporting president Bush. So you put a dead man “on trial” who can`t defend himself and mock a disfigured war veteran. What a great moral authority this cunt is (cough)!

Here is a link to his Wiki page and a Facebook group asking for an explanation. I would love to hear his response!

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

CGI celebrities


I hate that Galaxy ad featuring ‘Audrey Hepburn.’ The computer generated version of Hepburn is disgusting. It’s soulless, tacky and whoever from her estate (or whoever owns the film rights) gave the go ahead for this abomination should be shot.

Grave robbing (ie: shitting on someone’s memory) to sell chocolate?! Why don’t they just dig the poor cow up, put a paper hat and streamers on her and have done with it?!

Nominated by: Norman

Cunts that call me “fella”


Now to blow me own trumpet am a pretty large distinguished looking old gent (and not so much orf the old) breeding will out ect ect. Country long went to the dogs but beyond the pale now. Unable to manoeuvre me old arse in to a retail premises these days without some poxy cunt in a high viz vest eye balling me. “Can I help you fella?” “You awlright fella?” “Oi.Lookin’ for sumpthin’ fella?” The last from a mincing arse rat in a charity shop.

Having hazarded me bollocks for both King and Queen and Country am now taken for a dodgy character by a breed orf door/store security cunts young enough to be me grandsons – not that I would have jumped their rancid minged grandmas in me drunkest hour in the darkest days orf the blitz.

Respect is a word foreign to the youth orf today and their inbred pound shop parents. Which is why I may blow from time to time. Hate this England orf little Hitlers with their ciftificates orf community development skills, inclusion workshops and risk assessment surveys. Fuck you one and all.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

( You might need some of these then, Sir Limply? )