Diane Abbott [6]

I was watching the marr show earlier and although not a big fan I thoroughly enjoyed his skewering of Diane flabbot, for years her and corbyn have voted against a whole raft of anti-terrorist legislation, blocking it every which way but today not only did marr call her out, he hung her out!! , it was beautiful to watch flabbot squirming around, all the 30 years of fuckin bull shit dredged up and served for the viewers delight, at one point he tried to hand her a list of all the terror organisations she had tried to help by voting against action, she refused to take the list so instead he read them out, I laughed so hard I spat my tea out!!, she tried to argue some were dissident, not terrorist groups, TBH by this point it didn’t really matter as she was finished , my wife’s a Labour Party member and she had her head in her hands!!
Absolute gold… Abbotts the gift that just keeps giving…,.

Nominated by Quislings

Diane Abbott [5]

Methinks it’s a bloody good job that this repulsive creature is not tasked with the Brexit negotiations. We would probably end up paying the EU an annual sweetener of £20bn in exchange for the much coveted open borders and no trade deal.

Has she something sleazy on Corblimey? She certainly is not Home Secretary material. Despite her history degree from Cambridge, I wouldn’t task the dozy tart with making my ‘rice, pea and chiggun’ dinner. Besides she’d likely scoff the fucking lot before I’d get any look

Nominated by Paul Maskinback

My god, Diane Abbott, what the fuck were you smoking last night? Top grade hash, wrapped in banana skin? According to this CUNT of a jungle bunny, speaking on LBC this morning, if Labour got into power (NOT A FUCKING HOPE IN HELL), they would recruit 10,000 police officers at a cost of £300,000 over 4 years. Are you fucking serious. What are you going to pay them with! Oh, I forget. You’ll be paying them with your staple diet. MONKEY NUT’S. CUUUUNNNNTTTT.

Nominated by Rikmeister

Dianne Abbott


So Ed Miliband’s under fire from some disgruntled Labour MP’s. The least of his troubles considering that Dianne ”Racist hypocrite” Abbott has now defended him. She’s reliable and trustworthy and can be taken at her word…Not…In other words she’ll turn against him as quick as you can say ‘Fat black cunt’.

Remember her hypocrisy preaching to us normal ordinary taxpaying folks to support our local state schools and then sending hers private…God I hate her so much. A hole should be dug just a little larger than her girth and her lowered into it. We could then put a plank of wood across the top with a nice old fashioned wooden crapper attached and shit on her for a few days. After which I think she might have learned her lesson.

If not then use her for ebola experiments.

Nominated by: Fleaboy

( I am staggered that this is her first cunting! Ed. )