Michael Moore (3)

It has been heavily raining cunts for months and I predict there will be no drought in Cuntland this year.

So now, to add to the downpour, I would like to give a super sized cunting to Michael Moore.

Oh yes, the dude who has set out his stall as the protector of the ordinary man. I used to have respect for him. His first film “Roger and me” about how globalisation destroyed the car industry in Flint, Michigan, was an attack on the trade policies of successive US governments and the greed of corporate America.

Only in June 2016 he was attacking Killary for being elitist, globalist and for receiving truck loads of cash – $56 million – from big banks and Wall Street.

Fast forward to October 2016 and he is interviewed describing her as a ‘decent person’, ‘Good for America’…blah, blah.

What happened to him, that he did a Chucky and his head spun round the other way?

Did someone shove a large wad of dollars inbetween his rather flabby sweaty ass crack? Was he waterboarded to switch teams and renege on 25 years of principles?

Surely the The Donald, who supports US industry and is anti-globalisation, would be his natural ally, not Killary.

Also, he is a well known anti-war campaigner. His second film makes that point. Nothing wrong with that, I hear you say, except, by supporting Queen Killary, the warmonger witch herself, who repeatedly threatened to go to war with Russia (if she got into the Oval Office) he is now indirectly supporting war.

Only yesterday, Mr M&Ms had a Fuckbook frenzy and let rip into The Donald, saying he needs to be replaced by Killary based on the popular vote, or impeached or arrested. Plus, somewhere in among his verbage, he said it was also the fault of the Russians. Fucking hell, after that manical mayhem, he will have a coronary or perhaps his pumpkin sized head will explode.

He has attacked Nike for manufacturing overseas, attacked the Bush’s and Saudis for 9/11 (Fahrenheit 911 film), yet Killary’s Cunton Foundation has received $25 million from these desert dwellers and another one million from Nike.

Assuming M&Ms lard laden body has not been taken over by aliens – although looking at his appearance it would not be a surpise – I am left scratching my arse, perplexed at his volte-face.

Answers on a postcard please….

P.S No Oscar today Michael, unless it’s for Best Performing Hypocrite.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Alison Thewliss

Quick nomination for SNP MP Alison Thewliss

“SNP MP Alison Thewliss wants all football clubs in Scotland to declare their stadiums breastfeeding-friendly.
The Motherwell-supporting MP has written to all 42 league clubs, encouraging them to follow the example of Ayr United.
Breastfeeding in public places has been a legally protected right in Scotland since 2005.
But Ms Thewliss said a declaration by the clubs would break the taboo and let people know breastfeeding was normal.”

Because there are a massive amount of women who want to go and watch a game of shite football with a baby hanging of their tit. You fucked up waste of space, this is a pressing issue is it?

Fuck off, just fuck off.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Vocal Minorities ‘trumping’ the Silent Majority

I would like to cunt vocal minorities.

Whether it is the flat earthers against fracking who travel the country setting up their fucking hippy camps, the anti Trumpeteers (the cunt was voted president, get over it), The Remoaners (who are a minority even of those that voted Remain), No-platforming student fucking halfwits, the LGBT set (if that is the right acronym. You have your rights, now shut the fuck up. The rest of us couldn’t give a fuck), friends of the religion of peace who cast the cunts as victims, Black Lives Matter (of course they do but it is usually blacks who kill blacks)

There are many many more. Make enough noise and your minority supersedes the majority, and that can’t be right.
Fuck off and crawl back under your stones. Cunts

Nominated by Cunstable Cuntbubble

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank are taking the piss.

I bank with the cunts and I’ve mentioned before they are being cunts offering us 0.05% on a savings account. They have now shown their true colours, after being bailed out by us the people through the Government, they’ve now announced profits of 4.24 BILLION.
I wonder if they will pay us back (via the Government) even a little of the money?

Nah thought not. I’m sure no one will even bother asking.

Another example of the government with its banker ‘friends’ fucking over the people.

I was thinking of robbing one of their branches to get some money for the people, but all the cunts are shut down. It’s expensive having a branch open you know, we wouldn’t want that getting in the way of their 4.24 BILLION! profit, would we?

Fucking wanker Banker government cunts.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt.