Faith Schools

Jewish,Muslim,Christian etc….I care not. Ban all religious teaching in schools. There’s plenty of time when people get older for them to decide if religion suits them. As it is,most teachers at these places are raving maniacs or deviants. They should only be allowed to spout their gibberish to people sensible enough to tell them to “Fuck Off.”

God doesn’t belong in schools. He belongs in the minds of mentally ill degenerates. Keep him there.

Fuck them.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

The Justice System [2]

I’d like to nominate the parasites in the justice system especially those that hand out legal aid. After hearing that James Bulgers murderer venables received legal aid however the murdered boys father couldn’t get legal aid to fight his release from prison. Read more here.

Another example a bit like the peaceful rape gangs, of our justice system failing the victims of crime.
Shame on them all.

Nominated by The Goodwood One

Good old John Worboys has received 166 grand so far (not including parole hearing or money for a new identity) as a sweet down payment on his barristers new yacht. The cunt was put away indefinitely in 2009 (yes cunters, all your calendars are wrong) for few dozen drug rapes or some such misdemeanour. But… as we all know yachts have quite a high cost of ownership attached to them and those mooring fees can be a right sting on the taint.

Anyway, long story short – they’re about to turf rumpoles blingy dinghy out of the good bit and moor him down with .. yuck.. Bankers and Celebs. Coming to an Uber near you some time in 2018, step forward one allegedly reformed rohypnol barmen, a golden goose by any other name, and conveniently with a new name and pocket full of beer tokens…

If you think I’m exaggerating a little, have a google around for the involvement of a few familiar faces in the ‘supposed’ challenge to his release (Telegraph has some good stuff). Good old SuckDick, Matrix Chambers to name a few. They haven’t even started yet and there’s already been sackings and double payments. No trough is too deep, no cause too sick and perverted that these people wont be around to make a few 100k out of it all in the name of keeping us all safe (well, for about 8 years anyway). His victims ? They got 40k —- between them.

I no longer have words for these people.

Nominated by Big Khunt

Windows 10

The deplorable fucking mess that is Windows 10, ‘given out’ for free from old Philanthropist Bill Gates, to force the masses to adopt Windows 10, taking peoples retails keys and exchanging them for oem, yes, when you upgrade your system your key will no longer work.

With Windows 10 you don’t need to worry about getting malware any more, you already have the most data thirsty malware ever created.

Windows is not so much an operating system as it is a fucking service, a service that tracks every thing, every file, every keystroke, every email, every website, every search and so on.
like that nosy neighbour next door who has to come and see what you are doing every time you go in to the garden, Windows 10 is there hoovering up everything.

It is a front-end for the mighty fucking app store, a way to get you to buy an app to do something that Windows 7 did for free.

I never took ‘advantage’ of the free upgrade, I could see it for what it was, a power grab over to Microsofts new model, harvest all the data, sell it and get mug punters to buy endless apps.

So now Windows 7 has essentially been destroyed by Spectre & Meltdown I had to upgrade to Windows 10. (I have software and hardware that requires Windows FFS)
So did I go out and spend £100 to let Microsoft steal all my data? Did I fuck, I pirated Windows 10 Enterprise which does not have apps, cortana, tracking, onedrive (cloud), forced updates every day and you can actually disable 95% of their data harvesting.

So thank you Bill Gates for my free copy of Enterprise LTSB 1607, I pirated Win98 and Winxp but actually paid for win7 as it was only £40. But fucked if I am paying £100 for Windows 10 home or £140 for Windows 10 pro when you are harvesting that much data and have full control of the system.

Fucking jog on Gates, you speccy twat

Nominated by Steve Jobs corpse

Panic Buying

A nomination for all the cunts who went panic buying last week just before the 24hr snowmaggedon was predicted to hit the UK and wipe out all civilisation as we know it.

I popped to my local superstore today (Monday) thinking that as the whilst stuff had pretty much melted away and gone by Saturday evening and the road network was functioning again by Sunday, this would leave plenty of time for staff to return to work, stocks to be transported and shelves re-stocked. After all this is not Russia in the 1980’s is it?

How wrong could I be, no sliced bread, not a crumb. Milk. None exists, apart from the coloured water (Red Top). Bottled water, empty shelves. Butter and spreads, only large size tubs of lard seemed to be left.

What do these cunts think, they are going to be snowed in for a month with no prospect of salvation? It’s not Siberia you cunts, it’ll be raining in a day or two and all back to normal.

On the plus side, plenty of Cider on offer😉

Nominated by LeonardoDiCunty

Modern slang

Modern phrases that grind your gears and make you want to kill.

I think we can all contribute to this thread as there are so many of them. My current favourite is “My Bad”. A work colleague said that to me the other day by way of an apology for her fuck up.

I just wanted to grab her around the throat and say:
“Listen Mrs, you are a 55 year old white Englishwoman….. you are not a south central Los Angeles gangbanger wearing an oversized white t-shirt, a reverse baseball cap with your strides hanging halfway down your arse and you never fucking will be, Stop being “down with the kids” ( another expression that pisses me off ) and act your fucking age before everyone realises you are a thick as shit cunt.”

But I didn’t. Over to you Ladies and Gentlemen.

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

My Bad? You axe me? Mah homies? Nucular?
Hand me the fucking flamethrower Martha and fire up the woodchipper.

Scenes from Aliens and Fargo dance in my head whenever I hear the movie stars, rap shit and worst of all ‘Mericunt politicians talking like this on the TV.

Movie stars you can forgive a bit ‘cos they only read what some other dipshit has written,rap stars ‘cos they can’t read or write. You just can’t forgive politicians because they’re all cunts anyway and probably say it on purpose to get the moron vote.

Don’t even get me started on the Sports Commentators who say ” they podiumed again this year” or “they were expecting to medal”
I’d run out of fuel before I got finished !

Nominated by Paul Ya Plonker

I would like to nominate for a cunting the buzz words and phrases used by the liberals and the leftie right on snowflakes, there are probably dozens of the fuckers.

Some of them hit my wind up button, for instance , ‘community’ when used by councils and social workers, ‘inappropriate’ used to end a discussion and uncomfortable, how the twats feel when they don’t like your views. Even typing them has made me annoyed.

Oh yes ‘campus’ – a school near me is titled as a “community fucking campus” what the fuck is wrong with “school”. Community champion is another phrase winds me up.

Nominated by Civvydog