Crystal Palace Football Club

A brief and succinct cunting for Crystal Palace Football Club.

After nearly 60yrs of support I’ve finally had enough. Up and down the league tables, the Eagles are better described as the Yo-yos.

But that’s not what it’s about. The final straw came when, like the fucking SHEEP they are, they again “took the knee” to the fucking (only)BLM fascists and and Saint George the patron saint of robbing pregnant women.

The football play is shit, the woke crap really gets my goat, the fake crowd noise and worst of all, the gradual elimination of Caucasians from public view, in other words racial apartheid.

The FA and everything that buys into this shit can go fuck themselves with a dried barrel cactus. I only hope that we, of all shades, in our millions, vote with our wallets and drive the woke cunts to bankruptcy and pauperdom.

As for the “Eagles”, more like the pussies, another word for CUNTS.

Nominated by: Sheikh Anvakh 

Miranda Larbi

Yet another operative spouting delusions about white people being over 300 years old and knowing them all personally, including their thoughts. Received lots of criticism for her views in the past, for which she doesn’t seem at all interested in addressing (her racial affront had hundreds of critical comments all of which were wiped).

^ That’s right. Targeting anyone and everyone on the planet who’s white. Now if the tables were turned, how soon do you think it would be before she lost her job and had the police knocking on her door? How soon before her social media accounts were all deleted? Where is the accountability?

Nominated by: WEB

The Death of Democracy

Democracy – we vote people in using “free, fair and accountable” elections, they work for us, are accountable to us and act in our interests..

No more.

Not much more I can add to that, except to say – I finally got that lying bastard Hancock bang to rights – months of being called a liar, a fool, a conspiracy theorist, and full of shit (Not by anyone on IAC apart from a somewhat abrasive “Red breasted bird of unmarried parentage” who no longer posts I hasten to add) – I submitted evidence that Hancock lied about the Nightingale hospitals being dismantled and 150+ videos of empty hospitals – now picked up, fact checked and proven by Richard Tice.

I have made a formal complaint to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee accusing Matt Handcock of misconduct in public office, and given the mountain of provable evidence I confidently expect Brady to do precisely fuck all.

Democracy is dead.
Back to my cup of tea.

Nominated by: Vernon Fox

Susan Wojcicki

Susan unpronounceable surname bitch is CEO of YouTube.

From her lofty height she shits on channels and deletes them, such as TalkRadio, which has been dropped from YouTube for breaking YT’s terms and conditions, which include not being able to discuss efficacy of lockdowns, pcr tests and all that.

Fuck you YouTube and your ads and your CEO. I’m now watching TalkRadio on Facebook on my telly.


Nominated by: Cuntologist

The French Counting System

A quick Le Cunting for the French counting system.

Who the fuck came up with all this nonsense!? I did a bit of Francais at school and I’m sure we’ve all picked up some over the years, everybody knows how to say “Please may I have two beers“ and “My cheese trousers are on the table”, but croist, can any self-respecting Englishman order 79 beers or 87 pairs of cheese trousers!? No, because their numbers are fucking retarded.

They literally have no separate words for seventy, or eighty, or even ninety for that matter.

Here’s an example of what might occur in a Francais maths class:

Teacher: “Ok, can anyone tell me what 60 plus 10 is?”
Little Louis: “Sixty-ten Madame!
Teacher: Bien joué Louis! Now, what’s 20 times 4?”
Little Louis: “Four-twenties.”
Teacher: Parfait! Last one. What’s 4 times 20 plus 10 plus 9?”
Little Louis: Four-twenties ten nine, Madame!
Teacher: Bravo Louis!

It’s no wonder we don’t get on with this lot is it?

Nominated by: Insignificunt