Scalpers are low life, opportunistic, extortionist cunts aren’t they!

The more shopping goes online and the more twats there are in the world, means the little Chinese children can’t make electronics fast enough for us. This means our online retailers can’t supply the demand, which leads to good old scalping.

Scalping is when you know there’s going to be a short supply of a product, so instead of being considerate and buying just one item so others have a chance to get one, these cunts buy 20 and then list them on eBay for three times as much the RRP.

You can’t even compete with the fuckers because they use bots (software that auto buys items) so each retailers website either crashes or runs out of stock immediately.

Retailers don’t give a fuck either, as they’re selling all their stock, so have no incentive to do anything about it.

More evidence that a lot of cunts are out for themselves and don’t give two fucks about anyone else. So many selfish wankers these days.

Love thy neighbour, I think not, it’s more like fuck thy neighbour with a rusty dildo. Cunts.

Nominated by: elcuntio 

(Certain concert ticket providers – mentioning no names of course, but are “Masters at Tickets” – are total cunts for this game – DA)

Barack Obama [18]

A special old time loser cunting please for rapidly ageing and fading former President Obama. The old cunt has written a book (I wonder what colour crayon he used?), and the BBC in particular are taking a knee big time:

Special Wireless 4 programme this morning at 0900, no doubt repeated later in the day, the sanctimonious voice of the chocolate coloured Blair holding forth about everything under the sun, and when I ventured into the high street this morning W.H. Smith, the rapidly fading newsagent and high street presence, had stacks of the book all over the shop – a very expensive way of buying bog paper, in my view.

Who gives a fuck what this raddled ex-President thinks about anything?

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

Cunts from the Blackstuff

Yosser Hughes & Alan Bleasdale.

Last night I watched a rerun of a old ‘play for today’ 1980s ‘the Blackstuff.
I remember it from the time and obviously the series it spawned “Boys from the Blackstuff”.

I remember it from young eyes, gritty realism portraying the futile struggle to better ones lot as a working man.

It was fuckin rubbish.

The stand out character is Yozzer Hughes a bully, a nutter, hates woman, and gets all his workmates the sack. Hes no working class hero hes peter Sutcliffe with a tash.

Champagne socialist creator Alan Bleasdale wrote a few things I saw as a youth,

Hes always bleating about the rich, the tories, hes a hypocrite. His kids Timothy &Tamana (good working class names) must be embarrassed by the daft old fucker?

Hes full of shite, gizza job Alan,

Do you pay the maid union rate?

Nominated by: Miserable Northern Cunt 

Losing a Hand

Losing a hand is a cunt.

I’m in PNG and keep on seeing people who’ve lost a hand.

First is this little mummy in a village, shy young thing with a left hand like a two fingered claw. Somehow as a child she burnt it in a fire, infection set in and never controlled.

Last week in the doctors the fella next to me his arm in a sling. He had 3 fingers and half the palm sheared off by heavy metal in a mine drilling accident.

Today in the plantation we came across a little lady collecting sticks for the fire. Her left forearm was only half there. Same story, burnt in the fire when a child, presumably infection set in and they amputated the lot. Or maybe it just decayed off your to there. Then the woman who works with me piped up, said her oldest daughter has the same problem.

What, lost a hand?
How did she lose it?
Cut off
By whom?
Her husband
He’s now in prison, right?
No they’re still married

Then in Sumatra the girl helping at the hairdressers, her hand was cut off across the palm, all four fingers gone. I remember thinking what in dogs name happened to you? Later I realised it probably was done in dogs name, as some kind of women control Muslim punishment thing

All these folks had their bodies grievously marred through ill will or apathy, And all I say is losing a hand is a cunt!

Nominated by: Three Strokes

The Crown

...specifically season 4.

I have to admit that I thought Seasons 1 and 2 of The Crown were rather a good watch, not least for the authentic and sumptuous sets. Anyway, fast forward to Season 4 and its portrayal of Margaret Thatcher as a brutal woman, directly responsible for 3 million unemployed and her deliberate breakdown of UK society into ‘self-interested individuals’.

They even made out that the famous Queen’s bedroom intruder, Michael Fagan, was pushed to scale the palace walls because of Thatcher’s policies. Then there was Gillian Anderson as Thatcher, who, despite two voice coaches managed to make Thatcher sound like a croaking old lady on her death bed.

There was good and bad to Thatcher but it seems we will never get a dramatisation that will ever give a balanced depiction. The bias just keeps coming and coming.

Nominated by: Cuntologist