Trades Unions

Unions are cunts. I have had to re-join a union to vote to reject a so-called pay offer from my parsimonious cunt of an employer.

I told the Union cunts where to forcefully shove their membership card two years ago when the cunts kept hassling me to vote Labour and then I found out they were using members money to pay for unwashed cunts to attend demonstrations. I had to give the cunts a private e-mail and they immediately started mithering me about their Political Fund (all things pro-Palestine, wimmins cobblers etc) and nothing at all yet about our pay!.

What a steaming tramp’s vest full of old cunt.

Nominated by Mary Hinge

Drag Queens

The summer air is made hideous in Brighton this weekend when *Homosexual Pride* takes to the streets yet again, holding up the traffic while hundreds of screaming queens make an exhibition of themselves, often men calling each other *her* and *she* and hatchet faced old lezzies looking more butch than SAS men. The chanting and shouting is revolting, but what is even worse are the number of *men* usually morbidly obese, and stinking like a prop-forwards jockstrap, done up to look like very cheap versions of the late old poofter Danny LaRue.

These pathetic individuals must have been starved of affection as kids as they demand so much in middle age. They wear absurd garments huge wigs and so on which is why they stink and sweat. They insult both their own sex and the women who they seek to copy. One old hag last year looked like Gloria Hunneford (Cliff Richard’s friend). But it is their mincing self entitled condescending manner and attitude which makes them so repulsive. They are the best advert for gay bashing imaginable.

Motherfuckers all of them and talentless motherfuckers at that.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

The White Stripes

The White Stripes are cunts…

Well, I never liked them anyway, ever… Jack Shite: a screeching fake as Bruce Jenner’s twat pretentious and tuneless cunt, who masquerades as an ‘obscure bluesman’… And his mong-esque wife/sister, who thumps the drums like a smartied up three year old on a toy Chad Valley kit, and who said even less than Big Cynthia (“She knows, y’know!”),,,

Now, I’d forgotten about these two talentless weirdo inbred cunts… But I am sick of hearing that ‘Seven Nation Army’ shite…. Played by the classless Ivans and other sundry wankers throughout the World Cup (why, for fuck’s sake?!), and still on the radio every other hour, every fucking day… I never got why the cunts in the music press ever applauded these two ‘is me sister me wife?’ sacks of hayseed shit… And their most famous noise (I won’t call Seven Nation Shite a song!) sounds like Joey Deacon trying to play ‘Smoke On The Water’… Pair of talentless overhyped cunts…

Nominated by Norman

Charities [4]

We learn again that this overbloated, dysfunctional sector is complicit in sex crimes, bullying and general abuse. And it is all covered up Vatican style.

So what? You might say. To quote a revered cunter ‘fuck them’. I never give. Trouble is we do. All of us, except perhaps Branson, Lineker, Barlow and other assorted tax dodgers.
This overstaffed, overpaid, Londonistancentric bunch of parasites get huge bungs of tax Wonga.
‘Save the Children and keep me a pretty one’ should be the full title for one of them.
So. Dig deep and give until it hurts. You know you will feel better. Not that you have a choice.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble


It’s about time seagulls were cunted again. These beady-eyed bastards have been causing havoc around Britain for years and they must be stopped. In the 20 years that I’ve been alive, these winged monsters have grown in size and have become increasingly aggressive. They’ve become so confident that they might as well be considered a part of society. They don’t flinch if you move towards them and they have no problem in pinching your grub from under your nose.

The government had previously promised to cull a number of these cunts, however, this must have been all talk as they’re everywhere; and if you don’t see them you can bloody well hear them making a fucking racket. The seagulls in other countries are normal size but the ones here in Britain are fucking obese – just like the people – from all the crap they chow down on.

These aggressive bastards have also been known to attack people and animals. Pensioners have been dive-bombed and unsuspecting pets have been picked up and dropped from a great height. Seagulls are on par with all the ‘minorities’ in this country – they have too many rights and privileges.

This fat bastard of a seagull has taken up asylum on my property. He nicks my cats’ food from right in front of them and he even had the nerve to bolt down my bacon sandwich which I had left unattended for no more than 10 seconds. Like shit off a shovel he was. He buggered off for a while but this massive boss of a seagull has now returned and brought all his chums with him; making a load of noise, looting my food supply, pillaging and shitting everywhere. This cunt is the size of a small dog and it’s beyond ridiculous. Like many other seagulls, he is about five times the size he should be. The sooner this cunt and his crew are gone, the better. Seagulls are cunts of the highest degree and must be stopped.

Nominated by Jayniño