Televised Sport

A nomination for televised sport. I’m sick and tired of all this boring shite being inflicted on us via terrestrial TV.
I don’t pay a licence fee for endless hours of the following crap:
cricket, tennis, golf, snooker, darts, bowling, athletics, formula1 etc…
If you want to watch this tedious shite, then pay for it, you cunts.
Also, why are these sports cunts paid so much for doing fuck all anyway?

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Scratters on bikes

Scratters On Bikes
I think the consensus on IsAC would have it that while not all cyclists are cunts, there are an awful lot of cunts going around on bikes.
We’re all familiar with that ludicrous, self-satisfied sub category of cycle cunt known as the ‘lycra loony’. I’d like to cunt another sub category, namely, scratters on bikes. Going along a main road in my car earlier, I was suddenly mortified by the sight of a scratter on a bike hurting straight towards me, on MY side of the road. You’ll know the type. Hoody, scarf across face, scruffy trainers, shitty ‘shell’ bottoms; his best outfit in fact. As if this behaviour wasn’t execrable enough, the bag o’ shite was actually freewheeling, as he was using both hands to text on his mobile!! Naturally I gave this fucker a wide berth, and of course he was supreme in his arrogance that everyone would do just that.
Scratters are lowlife cunts period, but scratters on bikes are a repugnant antisocial disease. They weave recklessly through traffic. They race along pavements doing wheelies, they ignore red lights and belt through pedestrian crossings when the green man (sorry, ethnic minority pedestrian crossing facilitator) is on. Remonstrate with a scruff on a bike and you’ll get a ‘fuck off’ for your trouble. The Highway Code is something for everyone else to adhere to, and for them to disregard with impunity. They invariably dress in hard to see clothes without benefit of high visibility strips or lights when it’s dark, and they invariably don’t wear helmets. They behave this way because they can. They’re very hard to identify, can disappear quickly, and no doubt are very hard to catch, even if the scuffers actually gave a fuck.
These arseholes are about as welcome as a dose of the clap. They’re like flies in summer, and they’re everywhere. I swear that if I witnessed an incident between one of these ratbags and a vehicle, I’d take the vehicle driver’s part, wherever responsibility actually lay. That’s how much I hate these fuckers. Scratters on bikes should fuck off and die, as of yesterday. Cunts every one.

Nominated by Ron Knee

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola is a fucking cunt…

The Berties manager had this to say recently: : I’’m delighted for the Rainbow Laces campaign…. The campaign is not just football but for human beings who have to fight every day… That’s why it’s a fight for everyone, everywhere’…

The utter fucking shameless hypocrisy is staggering… Your fucking owners execute people for being gay, you fucking egg headed dago prick… So fuck off, Fraudiola, You fucking oil money hoovering dictator dick sucking whore of a cunt…

Nominated by Norman

Leo Varadkunt [3]

Leo Varadkar. What a cunt of ocean going proportions.

He’s been back on today…our uber important Indian leprechaun telling his closest neighbours that there’s no other deal available to the Brits. Listen here you fucking little weasel…’re only a useful idiot to the EU at the moment. Be very fucking careful as when this shit is over and you become the hangers on of Europe again we will see how the EU treat you then when they come in and remove your tax haven rules that attracts all those Apple and Google-esque conglomerates to your shores. But even worse than that, your behaviour to your neighbours who not so long ago bailed you cunts out to the tune of £3 . 2 billion( irrespective of interest gained.) is what you should fear. For if my fellow Brits are anything like me then you’re fucked and can go get fucked….. because I will never forget your fucking behaviour . You are now thought of as a people to me no different to a fucking Albania or Lithuania or whatever backward shithole. In my mind you’re at that level now.
Siding with the bully in the playground only works as long as the bully is in school. Your fucking freedom of travel agreement with us should be ended as of fucking now and the loan called in. I for one will never spend £1 of tourist money in your turncoat land again you posturing bag of pish and wind.
Good luck stopping your youth being drafted into an EU army after sitting out the last big fight you would be speaking German cunt.

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

Treason Maybot [25]

Treasona May
I could go on and on and on and on about this completely fucking useless cunt and the various fuck ups she has presided over recently, but I wanted to focus on the last 24 hours.
Watching the news this morning did not make my piss boil, it flashed immediately into steam and out of my ears. It did not get the chance to boil.
The EU leaders have all told her that her deal will not be changed, yet she continues to plead and generally rim anyone’s arse like a good girl she is, hoping they will change their minds.
The newspapers are full of headlines about her grovelling to them.
She should tell them all to fuck right off, get on the next plane home and start no deal preparations.
Instead we have a woman who is so weak its embarrassing to think she is our leader.
Maggie, love her or hate her, would have supplied all of these utter cunts with a large butt plug and told them to enjoy.
I love my country, but at the moment I am embarrassed to be British.

Nominated by Hugh Jardon

Congratulations? to the Maybot for finally surpassing Hameron’s record and becoming the most cunted cunt on ISAC!