Sherif Lanre

Sherif Lanre is a cunt (punter). This idiotic twat got kicked off some ITV show called Love Island and has gone on to play the race card. This cretin called a white contestant ‘lighty’ and was allowed to stay in. I’d like to ask the dummy ‘so then Sherif you obviously think it’s fine if black contestants are referred to as darkeys by the white ones, yes? Oh you don’t, becuase of slavery, right, so black contestants can’t ever be racist but programme makers can’t even exclude black contestants for breaking rules without discriminating, right.’

Secondly this ignoramus kicked a white woman in the fanny, turned to another turd and joked – ‘that was a cunt-punt’. So finally this class act was booted off and without any evidence whatsoever that had the role of vile thug been played by a white man he’d have been treated differently wants to claim he’s a victim.

1. You’re a cunt
2. Fuck Off

Nominated by Mandroidz

Emily Thornberry (3)

Emily Thornberry and Sky News are cunts.

I’ve been watching the state visit of Trump, the democratically elected leader of our closest and most powerful ally on Sly News, and who do they roll out as soon as I turn my telly on?
They roll out Emily fucking Cuntberry to tell us all about why she is betraying our country by joining the protest against him by the largest collection of cunts that our country can muster.

Did the Sly News presenter take her to task about the fact that she’s the shadow foreign secretary, and by joining a protest against the POTUS she is proving unequivocally that she is unfit for the job?
Did he fuck.

She came out with many retarded points about “our” values, and how it’s ok to cozy up to the Chinese president, an oppressive, authoritarian dictator that tramples all over the rights of the his people like no one else in the world excluding Kim Jong Un. It’s ok because they are so far away, yet America is closer to us.
But the most retarded was when she talked about climate change *yawn*….

Apparently we should see how well the Chinese are working to combat climate change.
Yes really.
She said that.

Apparently the Chinese have been doing lots of great work to combat climate change, despite the small insignificant fact that they’re by far the biggest polluters on the planet.

The Sky News presenter just stood there like a twat, nodding stupidly and agreeing with her stupid points.

The woman is a fucking bigot and the only reasons that she opposes Trump is because he doesn’t share her oppressive, self righteous, far-leftist ideology, and also the fact that she can gain some SJW brownie points from the unwashed losers that congregate at such events by signalling her virtue to the crowd. There’s also a hint of jealousy in her voice. Yes Emily; He’s more important than you. He’ll have his photo taken with the queen and you won’t.
You’re a pointless cunt. Get over it.

This fat cunt boils my piss and I sincerely hope that she never becomes foreign secretary.
….and don’t even get me started on Comrade Compo. No doubt Sly News will give bells and whistles coverage of his latest betrayal of our country. They’ll put a positive light on it though obviously.
Funny how he cosies up to terrorists the world over but won’t engage with Trump…

And Trump is right. Sadiq Khunt is a stone cold loser and he is doing a terrible job as Mayor of London.
And Meghan Markle IS nasty. In more ways than one.

I’m kind of looking forward to tomorrow when all the snowflakes, that for some reason don’t have to be at work on a Tuesday, come out to menstruate all over London and embarrass themselves and our country to get likes on twatbook.

Hopefully there’ll be trouble and the police will bust their skulls open.

I can always dream anyway.

Nominated by Deploy the Sausage


Laura Kuenssberg (2)

Laura Kuntssberg is a real cunt isnt she?

ALBBC – not content with sticking Abdul on the live hustings and the furor over his deactivated twatter account plus the awful Maitlis woman deliberately attempting to goad Boris into a corner they cant even tell the truth seconds after a live broadcast. The last vote which saw Gove kicked off leaving the PM job to either Boris or creepy Hunt ALBBC went live into the chamber for the announcement. A sigh of disbelief was heard when it was announced one paper was void. The result was then read and handed straight back to the wobbly gobbed Kuntssberg who declared “there was a huge gasp from the MP’s when the winners were announced” – no there wasnt you lying conniving cunt.

Why oh why do politicians take people like Kuntssberg and Peston into their confidence when its known the two cunts can’t even lie straight in bed? Were that me and I was approached by any ALBBC / ITV / Channel 4 / Sly news correspondents I would ensure it was quiet and just tell them to fuck off.

Nominated by cunto


London is a cunt and the cunts who abide there are cunts.
The reaction to the visit of the President of the USA is deeply shameful for this country. These totalitarian liberals and lefties do not speak for me and I suspect not for the majority of Brits.
Trump is a cunt in many ways but is an elected cunt. And as US presidents go relatively benign.
Obama – ineffectual waste of space. Achieved fuck all. Do the lefties realise how he escalated drone assassination I wonder?
Bush – Responsible for more deaths through aggression than all other presidents combined.
Clinton – A truly creepy sex pest, way above Trump’s bluster and a proven liar.
That’s just the last four.
Then we have our cunts in office who judge:-

Bercow, the poison dwarf who thinks he is greater than the state.

Corbyn, overgrown 6th former and anti-Semite. The go-to friend of terrorism.

Not forgetting Khan. Useless mayor of London who cares more about PC than lives. Presiding over London’s descent into 3rd world squalor and inequality.
A pox on the lot of them.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

National Treasures (2)

A huge cunting for “ National Treasures”.

As soon as someone is declared a “ national treasure” then you can be sure that person is an utter cunt, viz –

Clare Balding – lezzer and cunt.
Eddie Redmayne – crap actor and cunt.
David Attenborough – global warming gobshite and cunt.
David Beckham – ponce and cunt.
Jamie Oliver – cunt food purveyor and cunt.
JK Rowling – illiterate cunt.
David Dimbleby – broadcaster and cunt
Kate Moss – skinny drug addict and cunt
Jo Brand – unfunny ugly cunt obsessed with her cunt
Miranda Hart – unfunny ugly cunt obsessed with her tits.
Allen Bennett – professional Yorkshireman and cunt.
Grayson Perry – cunt.

I rest my case.


Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine