People crying on TV

Whatever it is – Masterchef, Who do you Think You Are (a famous cunt), the Repair shop, The Voice or some Simon Cowell-led twatfest, there’s always a soboy cunt tearing up to soppy plinky plonk music.

Home improvement programs are no better. The ronseal-coated reality TV epsilon minuses are at it as well.

Stop crying and sharing your mental fragility, you tedious, unstable cunts. In my day the only people crying on TV were usually victims of sexual abuse in shadow or starving Ethiopians.

I blame Diana syndrome and that psycho Blair.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

Mitch McConnell – Republican Leader

After the third day of the impeachment trial, three Republican Senators met with Donald Trump’s defence team to discuss strategy, this after they had sworn an oath to be impartial jurors. When the voting was concluded, Mitch McConnell the Republican leader stood on the floor of the Senate and denounced Trump.

He stated that everything that happened on January 6th was caused by Trump’s disgraceful actions, that he had violated his oath of office and that he was guilty of everything he had been accused of. McConnell could not have been more scathing in his criticism if he had been acting as one of the impeachment managers.

But this was after he had voted to acquit. The excuse he used was that he believed it was unconstitutional to impeach a former President who was now a private citizen. He was hoping that everyone would conveniently forget three things:
a) he himself had said in January that the impeachment of Trump was justified
b) he himself was responsible for the delay in the impeachment hearing
c) the Senate had already taken a vote which decided that the impeachment was indeed constitutional.

However he was at great pains to point out that Trump could still be criminally liable. In other words he preferred to wash his hands of the matter and pass the buck, while forty two other gutless Senators obediently followed suit.

Mitch McConnell has shown that he is a cowardly weakling with the backbone of an earthworm. He changes his mind as often as he changes his socks. In a perfect world, McConnell’s term of office would now be at an end, but in the real world it is well understood that politicians base their entire careers around being mealy-mouthed hypocrites.

Nominated by: Allan

Kehinde Andrews [4]

Kehinde Andrews. Once again, this website finds itself hosting the name of the disgusting, obnoxious, hate filled creature. During a debate (and I use that term very loosely, since everyone there was of the same, far left opinion) at Oxford, a once great learning establishment that has now bent over and bared its arse to the cult of woke, this utter scumbag claimed the British empire was worse than Nazism, and that Churchill was a racist who supported white supremacy. Cunt.

It seems the term ‘white supremacy’ has become the go to accusation now, because the word racism cannot be used solely against white people. The simple fact is, if the UK had as many ‘white supremacists’ as fuckwits like Andrews claims, he would not have the platform to spout his bile. He’d be in prison. Or deported to another country. Or dead. The fact he’s none of those three would suggest that ‘white supremacy’ is not the danger to the nation that Andrews and his ilk constantly imply it is.

It seems that Churchill bashing has become something of a sport over the past year. Could it be a coincidence that our PM, who was elected just over a year ago and is despised by the far left, happens to be a big fan of Churchill? Of course not. As is so often with the Leftwaffe, Andrews is attacking a man who has been dead for 56 years and cannot respond to the claims made against him. Which means that, just like the rest of the Leftwaffe, Andrews is a monumental coward. I’d love to see this cunt take on someone like Laurence Fox. He’s very much alive, and more than capable of responding to Andrews’ bullshit.

There’s a simple solution. If you hate the UK and the British people so much, leave. You may have been born here, but you’re not British. Get the fuck out.

(Link provided by the eloquent and charming Night Admin – NA)

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw


A cunting for ‘Enbyism’ (from N-B Non binary) and the world of gender/sex spectrum pseudoscience.

With the adoption of Critical Race Theory, it’s only fair the Alphabet Soup have their own dogma to refer to when seeking attention. I see a number of claims being based on one source that ‘intersex’people account for 1.7% of all humans. This sort of misinformation is leading to women being labelled as menstruating adults and breastfeeding as chestfeeding by the famously deranged Brighton and Hove City Council.

Advocates point out that there are far more than two chromosomal pairings XX and XY) such as those such as 47/XXY that lead to Klinefelter syndrome and that men can develop breasts and women psuedopenises (clitoromegaly).

The problem with calling these intersex is they conveniently ignore that testes and ovaries are still present (if not functioning) and that throught the animal kingdom, sexual reproduction occurs through gametes, the male and female sex cells of sperm and ova. There is no third fourth or fifth gamete. The exceptions occur when members of the species are hermaphrodites and each have function male and female sex organs that are the primary means of reproduction and the norm, not the exception.

There are no human hermaphrodites ad we have evolved that capability.

Endocrinologists do not count Turner syndrome and Klinefelter as manifestly intersex, and the real percentage of intersex people in the population is nearer to 0.02%.

Next time you encounter some Sam Smith/non-binary wannabe just say ‘show me the gametes’.

On second thoughts, perhaps not.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

“Hard to reach out” people.

I can’t exactly tell you who these “hard to reach” people are because by their very nature they are hard to reach.

I do know that this phrase is all over the media at the moment and has pissed me off to the point of a cunting.

They are hard to reach in order to offer them the vaccine, hard to reach in order to ensure they are claiming all the benefits they are entitled to or hard to reach to make them aware of employment opportunities. And so the list goes on.

Why the fuck is it government’s or any public bodies responsibility to “reach” these people when the rest of us have nowhere to hide? It’s funny how any cunt with something to sell, government, HMRC, local authorities etc. have no trouble ‘reaching’ the rest of us.

No, the plain truth is that these cunts don’t want to be reached, either because they are here illegally, they are engaged in criminal activity or quite simply don’t wish to integrate into society.

The onus is not on authorities to pander to these cunts but it’s certainly on the Government to find out who they are and kick the cunts out or kick their cunts in.(not in the footballing sense of the word.)

Nominated by: Bertie Blunt Tory Cunt

…and in direct contrast here’s one from Harold Steptoe

The phrase “Reaching out” and all of its permutations.

These days nobody contacts anyone, calls them, emails them, messages them etc. They all “Reach out”.

It’s corporate jargon being used to (falsely) convey that people actually give a shit when they don’t.

If anyone uses this phrase on me I’m going to burst into the Four Tops song.