Online Echo Chambers

Following on from Mike’s recent cunting of Party Politics and Cunt’s Mate Cunt’s cunting of the Daily Mail, I think Online Echo Chambers are severely overdue for the same treatment. You only have to look at below the line comments on sites like Guardian Online to see all the retarded opinions supported by so-called “facts” gleaned from daft, cuntish, leftwing conspiracy theory sites like The Canary and Left Foot Forward – and the more these sites endlessly recycle and repeat such unchallenged “facts” among themselves, the more the left accepts it all as “truth” and it becomes gospel.

And it’s no better on the right either. It’s a given that people who read the Daily Mail are cunts and those who actually believe what they read in it need their fucking heads examined, but to see Mail Online’s BTL comments confidently referencing “facts” they freely admit they’ve picked up from Breitbart or Guido Fawkes (hilariously regarding these sites as impartial and politically neutral) is absolute fucking insanity.

Half the problem is the ubiquitous conflation of Reportage and Opinion – the none too bright evidently don’t understand the difference and lack the intellect to read between the lines. But the other part of the problem is the fact that so many people now get their “news” from the internet. While the plurality of online opinion ought to be a benefit, in reality the opposite happens because so many people simply seek out “news sites” which pander to their own existing political prejudices. Truth is the loser, cuntitude is the winner.

Online echo chambers only serve to spread ignorance and dumb down political debate even further. Cunts who repeat without question the crap they read on The Canary or Left Foot Forward, Breitbart or Guido are narrow-minded, ignorant, weapons-grade cunts who choose to believe the world is a certain way instead of bothering to find out whether it really is or not. And then they seek out like-minded cunts online who won’t challenge their sad, deranged opinions because they share the same cranky worldview. Isn’t this is exactly what the cunts on Spivey’s site do too? These fucktards should get fucking educated and understand that the world is far more complicated than their lazy, cuntish, binary tribalism would have us believe.

Free speech and all that, but the really depressing thing is how many previously amusing and informative blogs and websites have now deteriorated into uninformed far left or far right echo chambers.

Nominated by Fred West.

Cold Feet

Cold Feet. The most banal shyte to currently smear liquid diarrhoea on the TV screen.

I really would love to yank the syrup from the stupid grinning turnip of that Oirish cuntbag James Nesbitt, hoof him in the beanbags with my knee and finally push him over into some hot, sticky dogshit.

Wow, what a cathartic.

Nominated by Paul Maskingback

Spot the jihadi [2]

Congratulations – if that is the right word in the circumstances – to Kravdarth who correctly predicted the next terror attack would be in London as our peaceful friends set off a bucket bomb at Parsons Green on the District Line earlier today.

So the slate is wiped clean and we move to round 2 of “Spot the Jihadi” with one guess per person please in the comments under this post.

As a side bet, what will Sadiq Khan say first about this latest atrocity? Will it be :

(a) “Not all muslims are terrorists”

(b) “Islam is a peaceful religion”.

(c) “Part of living in a big city”.

(d) “Hate will not divide us and we will stand united”

Winners no doubt revealed during the inevitable vigil. Meanwhile our thoughts go out to the 22 people injured. If it had denotated properly, then it would have been a lot worse.

Lad banter

Having spent a torturous evening out with ‘friends’, I would like to deliver a cunting to middle-class ‘lad banter’. So drained and driven to distraction am I by this fucking phenomenon tonight, I can’t cunt with much strength – but fuck me, I’ve got to get this down before bed.

I’m sure there’s a more succinct name for the phenomenon (apart from ‘cunt’ that is), but no, I’m not talking about hipsters or out-and-out geezers. Seeing a friend back from living abroad for a few years, it was good to catch up. Sadly he keeps many cunts for company. All asking each other if they want a “cheeky pint”. Endless sage agreement terminating in “awww mate” in faux-mockney accents that only cunts from Berkshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire can manage. The sort of cunt who orders a Hungryhouse while exclusively watching the Dave channel, giving it the fucking pub philosopher pseudo-cuntishness, interspersed with artificial football knowledge derived almost exclusively from playing Championship fucking Manager.

One cunt in particular, wearing a hoodie – a cunt in his late 30s, for the love of cunt – with ‘Punkers’ emblazoned on it in the style of the Snickers logo would not stop saying “mate”, “mate”, “mate”… the fucking word is riniging in my ears right now like mildly-concerning tinnitus after a Megadeath set. Grinding my teeth and trying so hard to ignore the cunt, my only solace was the warm comfort in fantasising about burying a fire-axe deep into his subhuman skull; fondly imagining the spasms and involuntary eye-rolling as the cunt finally falls silent and slumps beside his last ‘cheeky pint’.

There is a faint possibility of course that I am the real cunt and just hate most people in the world. But #ladsbanter is a monumental cunt and no mistake.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Len McCluskey(2)

Len McCluskey is a commmunist cunt

Nominated by kravDarth

So, Red Len wants to bring down a democratically elected government through illegal strike action. Apparently this makes him a great freedom fighter like Mandela and Gandhi.

Let’s assume I earn £1,000 a week. I strike for a 5% pay rise which adds up to £2,500 per annum. So in 2.5 weeks on strike, I wipe out the pay rise. So by striking for 5 weeks, I’m taking a 5% pay cut for the year and after two years I’m back where I started.

Meanwhile, McCuntsky is still being paid his £130,000 per annum salary out of my union dues. That’s on top of the £417,000 that came out of union funds last year to help him buy a London flat just south of London Bridge with a view of the London Eye.

A true man of the people is our Len. Can I suggest that if he really wants to be a second Mandela, then we should oblige him by locking him up for 30 years?

Nominated by Dioclese