Gordon Ramsey (2)

Surely this weapons grade treble cunt must have been on here before? Anyway, if it is even possible the gobshite fuckmonkey is even more of a cunt than I thought he was, after pissing off all the slack jawed yokels in Cornwall, this cockwomble is back and is now using the government Covid scheme loopholes to lay off 500 staff so they can then reapply for their jobs on a lower wage. What a piece of dog shit this cunt really is. I dont know why this surprises. I suppose I didn’t think he could get any lower than whale shit but this stroppy cunt has managed it and deserves to have his nuts flambayed by his ex staff as if they haven’t endured enough of this cunt’s bullshit…..Ramsey you are a cunt…

Nominated by Fuglyucker

Woke channel 4 adverts.

Well fuck me with a slowly rotating pineapple, i have just picked up my tablet to cunt channel 4,s latest fucking add, so picture the scene we have a motley crew of ethnic flavours riding on what looks like a raft landing on the beach at Dover, until it starts to walk out of the sea and its the giant channel four logo complete with a new batch of benefit, housing, healthcare claiming free loaders getting ready to jump off as soon as they touch dry land and scatter like fucking cockroaches to the nearest immigration solicitors office to claim their new life at our expense all fucking sponsored by channel four.
What a bunch of cunts channel 4 are, they are glorifying illegal immigration, that’s just fucking great, thank you channel four well done you cunts….

Nominated by Fuglyucker

Well fuck me sideways, so it does, maybe they are competing for the BBC audience?

Black Lives Matter (2)

We all know that the Black Lives Matter movement is a double standard laden pile of cunt. Have a look at this excellent video of a black woman confronting them. She totally owned them. Not reported on the UK media of course.

Nominated by: Mystic Maven

What the fuck are these cunts playing at? A cop kills a black man across the fucking Atlantic and utter CUNTS in the UK think it gives them a right to attack our police force? Why? What the actual fuck has this got to do with British cops?

All this is partially deserved though, as it seems our politicians and police chiefs all listen to their ‘community leaders’ and bow down to these bastards. We had the cops taking a fucking knee in solidarity with a bunch of terrorists and anti-white racists/communists (BLM and Antifa) and then getting ten bells of shite knocked out of them for those they arse kissed. I am at an utter fucking loss at how to process this shit anymore.

Here’s and idea, Boris, you soft twat. Get out there and make a speech that you will be sending in the riot police to crack skulls and that those attacking the cops will be filmed and then dealt with in court. And that they could expect to lose their jobs and homes for attacking cops or (heaven forbid) looting in the name of ‘an anti-racism protest’. Anyone throwing petrol bombs or such at cops will be charged with attempted murder at the very least. Do it, you Honey Monster bastard.

Get tough on the cunts. And the BBC need fucking reining in. They are winding people up with their false and dangerous narrative. According to them, it’s because they’re upset about the racist coronavirus and that our cops are just as bad as the Americans. Oh, and they are arrested more by cops because racism. Bollocks! It’s because they commit more fucking crime. End of fucking story. And blacks are much more likely to be killed by other blacks that a copper in the UK. Deal with that first, you cunts.

And as others have said, if ‘Black Lives Matter’ so much, why do they only care when a white cop kills a black criminal in the USA and not when a potential architect does the same thing in their own fucking street for the third time in a month?

Fuck these cunts. I’m done. Crack skulls and deport  if possible.

Nominated by Cuntybollocks

That cozzers taking the knee and doing a black power salute is a heap of steaming cunt.
Where were their salutes for one of their own: the young officer who was killed when he was dragged by a car not so long ago?

I also wonder what the scores of girls who were failed and/or ignored by the ‘nothing to see here’ blind eye turning during the disgraceful Operation Augusta think of these ‘salutes’. especially those done buy the GMP?

They performed this circus act for two reasons only. He was black, and because it is trendy and ‘social media law’ to say black lives matter. Even if they think other lives -young coppers and innocent young girls included – don’t.

Nominated by Norman

Please let us cunt “taking a knee”. All over the world people of low intelligence but holding valid SJW cards are taking a knee? For what? As an American commentator said, why is it that the black community start screaming for justice and truth when the person has been damaging their community and is not a nice person ( a black Trump supporter made this comment). Good point. Also encouraging persons to take a knee is surely incitement to commit theft. Not that these cunts need much encouragement In that direction eh.

Nominated by Black biscuit

Life Insurance

Life insurance

I´ve just discovered the American Discovery channel´s true crime series and what an eye-opener it has been. After watching three of them straight through I was scared to go into the kitchen in case my wife, daughter, neighbor, former girlfriend, bank manager or anyone I´ve ever been in contact with shot, axed, stabbed or beat me to death with a baseball bat. Virtually all the episodes are about murders the police have had real problems in solving and in most cases the murderer was the last person you expected, often a spouse or close relative. Happy families – you must be kidding!

After a week riveted to the screen I told my wife very loudly that I did not have a life insurance policy and asked her if she had taken any out on me. She looked a bit evasive and said “No”. I´m not sure I believe her because she has also started watching the series, generally on her own, and the reason behind many of these murders has been that the wife can get her greedy little fingers on a huge life insurance policy on her husband.

This is a public alert. Don´t say you haven´t been warned ISACers.

Nominated by Mr Polly

Honourable members

MPs and their hatred for their own social distancing rules.

After being ordered back to Parliament, MPs had to face the kind of tedious and blinkered realities us mere plebs have had to endure for nigh-on 3 months, and they don’t like it one fucking bit!

The idea of queuing and keeping a 2m distance really didn’t go down too well with these pampered two-faced, do-as-we-say cunts. They even moaned and whinged to the Leader of the House, old 4-eyes Moggy himself!

And of course when all this is over and done with, and millions are unemployed or dead; or will be facing a very bleak future when VAT and income tax rocket to pay for it all, these guilded cunts will be safe and sound back in the House of Cuntminster, pontificating and shouting “hear hear” while struggling to stay awake.

Proof positive, as if we didn’t already know, that they live in the world of unicorns, 2nd homes, fiddled expenses, cushy gold-plated pensions and future directorships; while the rest of live in the shit they build for us through their lack of joined up thinking, and being far too busy sucking up to big business and the odd brown envelope to care about us – until election time of course!


Nominated by Technocunt