The Grenfell Tower Inquiry

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Bugger me switch on me telly and every channel wall to wall with mendacious silence and hushed respect. M’Learned Friends talking very slowly (out of respect surely, not to drag out every syllable for as long as humanly possible to maximise their exorbitant fees). This is the Victims Statement part of the Inquiry which will go on for TWO WEEKS. Double bugger me.
The causation of the whole inferno fiasco is as plain as a pike staff in me humble opinion, dear old bribery and corruption within the building industry. Have spent many years navigating that paddy infested swamp which is fuelled by the back hander. Not just for the cunts that award contracts but at every level from Architects and Planning to Building Control to the dodgy Councillors on Committee and our upstanding MPs to the pig shit thick paddy that pours the concrete. Payola all round. Nice if you can get it.
We all knew about the in flammability of aluminium decades ago. Under the right conditions – plenty of oxygen and high enough temperatures – thin skins of ali will go like fuck. Certain WWII aircraft were notorious for their pilot toasting abilities if they got going eg Spitfire. Worth remembering that the Hindenburg airship had ali structure and ali dope on its fabric. That was toasty.
Problem is in the early 2000s all the sensible building controls that Yours Truly spent many years avoiding were all swept away and replaced by…well nothing really…and your health and well being placed in the honest hands of your sweet heart Developer. The industry entered a new era of control by market forces and self regulation. Whoopee.
Good News is we need no longer worry if our drains have been installed the right war round, our foundations our deep enough, the reinforcement is in the right place and has enough concrete cover and our insulation is non-flammable. Simple put we are all fucked in a post 80s building (70s not too clever either) so London Blitz spirit and get plenty of insurance…ah except the insurance game is just as fucked and crooked if not more so. Note to cunters if you have to make a claim go directly to the insurance assessor through your own claims manager and have large wads of used £20 notes available. You know it makes sense.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke


Diane Abbott (8)

Diane Abbott – for the 103rd time

Touch orf the old tooth ache so went to bed early with a nice hot single malt toddy to listen to the wireless orn me old cuntphone. Managed to pick up what in my day was the old Home Service but is now some fandangle orn FM where there was much wind bagging aboit the demise orf Amber Dudd re the Bum’s Rush Fiasco. End orf political career, will come again, actually a nice woman loyally enacting a policy she disagrees with ect ect. Honourable thing to do, so sorry ect ect. If not support at least respect from across a broad spectrum orf the body politic thinking “Fuck me, there but for the Grace orf God go I”. General agreement Home Office = Tough Gig. Avoid.

Listening on an ear piece, getting pleasantly drunk and drowsy then Diane Abbott comes orn the line on a mobile pouring into me lug what recalled the old pre-war perfume “Black Poison” punctuated by breathy snorts orf derision. Bugger me to think old Corbyn features must have listened to that every night. Point is Politics is rough trade but every so orften (usually on the death orf a career) it reaches a little higher and displays magnanimity, the Best of British. Not so Ms Abbott who contrives to look and sound like an over inflated deflated black balloon. A neat trick. Sanctimonious and vindictive, she both claimed and demolished the moral high ground orn behalf orf the Windrush Generation. In full toss she had to be reminded that the Honourable Lady was not herself orf the Win Gen. Ah but her parents were which allowed her to claim full virtue signalling rights. Did she feel any sympathy for Amber Rudd? Rasp orf breathy silence.
Have had much to do with the Wind Genners over the years and some classic cunts amongst them granted but apart from that, a fine body orf people. We have much to learn from them. Where would Blighty be without Northern Soul, Ska and de white yoot talkin’ like de bruvvers? Paradoxically they alone are keeping alive the Queen’s English. If you want to hear Shakespeare classically spoken then you cast Afro-Caribbean. The wireless is colour blind so as a rule orf thumb any spoken voice that has depth and rhythm is likely to have its roots in the Wind Gen. Ironically many orf them are now considered to sound too posh to broadcast in this Pawhnd Shop Blighty. They can teach us much aboit forgiveness (apart from the aforementioned cunts)

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke


Netta Barzilai

Dear cunters

What can I say but check out this total and utter CUNT. The story says it all. But what will be fucking worse is how every LGBTCUNT will be lapping this up.

Might as well get down the bookies and win yourself a few quid to take away the pain of the world fucking ending cos if the fucking right on snowflakes don’t lap this up to see it’s sorry arse to victory then fuck me.


Nominated by, Cuntsince1066

with a follow on by,Bolloxed up Britannia


A Right Cunting for Netta and Toy.

Never watched the Euro non-vision song contest last night. Was out at a club listening and dancing to some good ole rocknrole by a three piece, live band. Great night.
Got up late this afternoon and decided to see who won last night’s Euro travesty, in the vain hope that a half decent song might have triumphed.
On screen, the winner, Netta immediately assaulted my senses and for one orrible moment I thought I was still in bed suffering from a beer induced, trance nightmare, but worse than that was the jolting realisation that I was awake and this ghastly vision was for real.
Netta an obese and hideous parody of mini-mouse mated to a puff ball Bjork, shrilled, leered and bounced across the screen backed by a bunch of bean flicking, rug munchers, all on about – – – what? Totally unintelligible vocals that I couldn’t make sense of, so I had a look at the lyrics to this visual desecration. What a load of fucking virtue signalling insanity. I wont insult our good brethren and sisterdom here by repeating all of those mangled lyrics, that could have been penned by a schizoid, crack addict of thirteen, but here is one line,
“Look at me I’m a beautiful creature” !!! No, you are a fat Cunt with no musical ability that has jumped on the already creaking bandwagon of, right-on lovies.
Apparently the virtue signallers say that, – – – “on “Toy,” Netta sings about the awakening of social justice and empowerment of all people”.
No, its’ a fat Cunt’s extravagant whinge about how unfuckable she is and it’s all a “silly boys” fault, for not loving her, period.


Car thieves

I want to nominate car thieves. Last night, some unknown, cock sucking, inbred, donkey fucking sack of monkey shit stole my three week old DS3. I loved that car. It was fast as fuck, beautiful look at it, with it’s dark blue paintwork and drove like a dream. Now, I’ve slagged the Old Bill off many times here on ISAC, but I have to take my hat off to them. They found the car within two hours. It had been crashed into a wall and torched, but I really can’t fault the police for their work on this occasion.

The plod who broke the bad news actually told that they knew who had done it, because, believe it or not, the spot where the little cunt crashed it was covered by the brand new, HD cctv camera of a local shop, and they had a crystal clear image of the little shite, and his butt buddy. He was genuinely sorry that he couldn’t give me their names and addresses, but as he said, I’d end up being arrested. That it’s very true. I would’ve been arrested for murder, because I would have strung the little cunts up from the nearest lamp posts, after I’d beaten seven different shades of shite out of them, and their parent/s.

Car thieves, like other criminals are scum. They should be shoved back up their mother’s the second they slither out. I’ve never had a car stolen before, probably because, for the most part, they’ve been parked overnight at an Army camp, patrolled by armed men and women, and dogs that love to bite scum bags. I can’t describe the anger I feel right now. Homicidal doesn’t seem to come close. I just hope that one day, these two little cunts have something they value stolen. Then they’ll know what it’s fucking like. Cunts.

Nominated by, Quick Draw McGraw


Gina Miller (2)


This horrible woman from Guyana has surfaced again making a speech at the University of Cardiff. Initially when she took the government to court, she denied wanting another referendum, saying that Parliament should vote to trigger Article 50. She said that it had nothing to do with the result but that Parliament had to have their say. Well they did and they voted to trigger Article 50. Now she is saying she wants another referendum. She lied as all she has ever wanted is to stop Brexit by whatever means she can. Just like all those cunts in Westminster she doesn’t believe in democracy, and believes that her vote is worth more than that of us “plebs”.

nominated by, Cunt me

followed by, W C Boggs with……….

She really IS the cunts cunt:

She’s made her money in this country, why the fuck doesn’t she just take it and piss off to an EU cunt-ry.

She wants students to be *radical* sorry, love, not while they have important things to do like watching Hollyoaks and Home and Away each day.