Laurie Penny [4]

Laurie Penny is a rare specimen of a cunt in that she manages to appear more of a retard who has no grasp on reality every day.It isn`t just that she is an annoying virtue signaling leftist ideologue who shamelessly pushes the ultra-progressive agenda but she is just void of any basic social awareness.Here was a tweet from her a few hours ago in relation to Trump`s speech:

“This is a terrifying speech. The biggest cheer of all came when Trump promised to wipe out ‘Islamic’ terrorism. #TrumpInauguration”

The most shocking thing isn`t that the well-known cunt actually said that but that she wondered why people were asking her if she was in favor of terrorists.Her mother must have thrown her head against a wall as a baby.

Nominated by Shaun

Royal Mail [2]


The Royal Mail are cunts.

My cousin, Mark has applied for some night work over the Xmas period to get a few extra quid on top of his day job. He applied and they sent him an email telling him he’s been invited to something called a ‘registration event…’ But instead of giving him a date, time and place the cunts just sent a link: which leads to a fucking great big error page. He also tells me his application won’t even show up or print out either.

Anyway, he’s complained (and others too, no doubt), but the twats don’t seem arsed. It’s been three days since he got the message and their site is still fucked and riddled with problems. I’ve told him, if they can’t even provide a decent service and treat people properly then he shouldn’t even bother with them.

I hope TNT put them out of business eventually, the useless, clueless cunts…

Nominated by: Norman



Who fucking decided Women should be allowed out of the kitchen?
And who the fuck thought that Women could do ‘comedy’?

They are all the fucking same, unfunny misandrists who all base their routines of that fat old pig Jo Brand, Sara Pascoe, Roisin Conaty, Jenny Eclair, Ronni Ancona, Andi Osho, & of course Sarah Millican
Not a funny witticism, joke or even mildly amusing anecdote from any of them.

If I was Jo Brand I would sue Sarah Millican for plagiarism!

Millican is the Peter Kay of the comedy scene, the same 3 jokes & routine for the last 15 years and they have the cheek to release the same DVD every year but the Plebs go buy it like fucking sheep!

Nominated by: Comedy Dave

The Paralympics


If you are physically crippled, and you know you’re good enough, then there is nothing stopping you competing in sports against the able bodied. A triple heart bypassed black Kenya African athlete would most likely whoop the arse of, and still win against, a super fit white English long distance runner. A one arm Russian high jumper might still win the event against all two arms’ high jumpers.

And if you are a wheel chaired or other crippled sporty person and can’t compete with the able bodied athlete – get over it! You’re not good enough to compete with the fittest you whinging cunts. You are given equality under the law to compete with the fittest in any Olympic event if you want or can. But you want ‘special treatment’ to have your own Olympics at tax payer or fit peoples expense. Well nothing is stopping you finding your own private sponsors or paying for your own crippled contestant team sports – so fuck off and do just that.

Only don’t call it Olympics, you spastic cunts.

Nominated by: Entopy

Chukka Ummuna


So you Chukka’d in your hand, you slimy little creep? Good riddance!

But why? Well the official reason is that you don’t want the personal attacks on yourself and family that come with the job. You don’t want the scrutiny and transparency either. Well I say ‘If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of that kitchen’ because if you can’t live with all that it entails then you’re not going to be a lot of use as PM are you?

But is that the real reason Britain’s Barack Obama has pulled his bid? Nothing to do with referring to Londoner’s as ‘trash’ or slagging off ‘jetrosexuals’? Nothing to do with his comments about gangsters being ‘great entrepreneurs’? Nothing to do with him handbagging Mandleson for an endorsement on the Andrew Marr show? Nothing to do with his premature canvassing on election night before the votes were even counted? Nothing to do with him being so left wing that even the unions find him extreme?

No. It’s none of the above. I suspect it’s just because he can’t find 34 Labour MPs willing to sign his nomination paper. I wonder why?

Nominated by: Dioclese