I would like to nominate “counselling” and “counsellers”. What a load of mumbo jumbo fucking soft as shit fucking bollocks. I’ve been through a couple of ” traumas” in my life and both times I was offered “counselling”. Oh just fuck off. I don’t need a complete stranger telling me how I am supposed to feel. I don’t need some know it all cunt telling me it’s ok to show emotions.

Borough Market reopened just recently and the traders and workers are being offered the New Religion. Never mind that they’ve been terrorised by fucking goatshaggers, don’t worry about all the money they’ve lost…..just give them some sandal wearing soft cunt and his happy clappy bullshit. Fucking marvellous.

Am I the only one who has noticed that our rulers, including the Royal Ponces, have been encouraging us to recognise that we might be mentally ill, depressed and it’s ok to cry?

Of course we are depressed you cunts!! We are being fucked up the arse by rich cunts, foreign cunts, fucking religious nutty cunts, telly cunts and shitarse politician cunts. The answer is not fucking happy clappy counselling bollocks…….it’s bricks, petrol bombs and blood on the streets. Yes, I’m angry and I’m getting fucking angrier by the day!

Counselling is just another modern religion and counsellors are just 21st century witch doctors. All designed to disguise the obvious fact that the world is shit and then you die. Nothing else to say except stick it up your bumhole you muggy cunts.

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.