Mark Thatcher


Looking in the list of cunts I’m surprised this fucking cunt has never previously been cunted. This vile excuse for a piece of dogshit never gave a fuck about anyone else but his pathetic, useless self. It says something when his own mother sent him packing from the UK. Can’t say I blame the old slag really, he must have been one massive disappointment, greedy little money grabbing scumbag trading on mummies name.

Anyway, seems the ugly little cunt may now facing be a massive fine and possibly (if there’s any justice in this world) a spell in jail. You may remember his alleged involvement in an attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea which went wrong and his then friend Simon Mann ended up doing a stretch in jail out there. This cunt then denied anything to do with it and worse still disowned his mate and left him to languish in some festering African prison. Well now sonny boy is being taken to court by the ruler of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang who it seems is determined to get to the bottom of the whole fiasco.

The best bit is Simon Mann is the star witness for Obiang who freed him from jail after just 18 months.

I hope the cunt gets a massive fine AND a big fuck off jail sentence and gets bummed dry on a daily basis by the entire population of the inmates until his ringpeice resembles the Japanese flag……fucking CUNT !!!

Nominated by: Pissflap Pete



Camelot need a cunting. I don’t do the lottery myself. Don’t need to. But as we’ve had the saga of the non-stop rollover, out of curiosity I decided to see how many people had won the jackpot. Anyone care to guess? Anybody? That’s right, none. Again. If I remember correctly, this means the lottery has now rolled over 14 times. FOURTEEN FUCKING TIMES IN A ROW. That is pathetic.

As we all know, a couple of months back Camelot to decided to cheat. They increased the price of a single line to £2, and increased the numbers from 49 to 59. They told everyone that it meant it would be easier to win. The problem Camelot had with that blatant lie, is that anyone with even a basic knowledge of mathematics would know that if you increase the numbers in a lottery, you increase the odds of winning. That means, it actually becomes harder to win. Especially the jackpot. Which has been brilliantly proven by the fact that the jackpot has now just had its fourteenth fucking rollover.

Whilst looking at the prize breakdown, I noticed something else that Cumalot have started doing, that I had no idea about. If you get two numbers, instead of getting a small cash prize, you get a lucky dip. Big fucking deal. Considering the odds of anyone winning the jackpot are currently worse than the odds of the RMS Titanic sailing into New York, a free lucky dip is about as much use as a eunuch’s testicles.

And that’s not the only bullshit Cumalot have come up with. One of my dotty, yet endearing old aunts bought me five scratch cards as a Christmas present. I got a tenner on one, fuck all on two more, and then a free scratch card on each of the last two. Cumalot must think we’re all a bunch of morons. By giving out scratch cards instead of a cash prize, they’re actually saving money, because the chances of even winning with one of the free scratch cards are quite low. You might get lucky. Then again, a low flying elephant might shit on your head.

The board of directors at Camelot are a bunch of cheating, money grabbing thieves. I hope they all come home early one day and find their wives/husbands shagging a bull mastiff. Cunts.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw



Anyone who works odd shifts, is unemployed or just an insomniac will be aware of this shower of tax avoiding cunts.

It can be seen on Channel 5 (in the UK) usually around 1am – 3am, they are a bunch of tax avoiding cunts based in Guernsey and they also run Jackpot 247 (which can be seen on ITV in the UK, at the same times!)
These two fucking scamming trading names are both run by the same company, Netplay TV, a quick check on companies house shows how many spin-off companies they have incorporated, all for tax evasion of course!
When you do win with these cunts, which is rare, they will NOT pay you your winnings. A friend of mine won over £2000 and it took him 6 MONTHS, yes 6 FUCKING MONTHS and involving a solicitor until they finally paid him out, this was after asking for scans of his birth certificate, driving license, credit card and they even DEMANDED a photo with a newspaper showing the days date, I kid you not!

They try to make out they encourage responsible gaming (no, it’s gambling, not gaming you cunts) yet they then offer you a free £10, but before you can even win you have to bet 99x this in 30 days, thats betting £990, but in the small print they state a maximum win of £100.

So, you get a free £10 for joining, you then have to wager £990 in 30 days on HIGH risk bets (streets, corners, splits or single numbers) and even after all this you can only ever win £100.

A shower of fucking tax avoiding cunts who have been reported to the gambling commission, let’s hope they revoke their license!

Nominated by: Boaby

Tessa Jowell


Tessa Jowell deserves a right good cunting.

This is the woman, you will remember, who together with her husband laundered the proceeds of crime via a mortgage which Jowell signed the application form for. When it was subsequently shown in an Italian court that this money had been an illegal bung paid to her bent lawyer fly boy husband by non other than arch corrupt criminal Silvio Berlusconi and which led to her husband being convicted, Jowell staged a false separation from him whilst publicity proclaiming his innocence.

Now why the fuck she would leave him if she thought he was innocent has never been fully explained though it does show you what a cunt she is if she is prepared to throw her husband under a bus to save her career. She also claimed she did not realise what she was signing to distance herself from the money laundering scheme her husband was ‘innocent’ of. Needless to say the separation was faked.

Now the deceitful cow wants to become the Mayor of London. Fuck Off she is having a laugh.

Nominated by: Cunting me cunting you aaah haaa

Camilla Batmanghelidjh


The egregious Camilla Batmanghelidjh orf Iranian extraction has been tapping a tidy old living oit orf waifs and stray kiddies for nigh orn two decades. Founded Kids Company, saintly intent, tireless charity worker on behalf orf said waifs and strays, honorary CBE ect ect no doubt and permanent bleeding heart fixture on BBC, Guardian, Red Nose Day et al. Has hoovered up any charity cash going – reported £9 million from HMG, £1 million from the Lottery ect ect – only fly in the ointment has had to “step aside” (one orf Sir Limply’s favourite moves in the old dance orf corruption) due to more creative financial direction than a blind punter would receive in a Cairo bazaar. Chairman orf Kid’s Company is that honorary cunt and Creative Director orf the BBC, two jobs and two pensions Alan Yentob (rented a room to his daughter once but that is another cunting).

Also undoubtedly scurrilous reported allegations from online sources that Kid’s Company has been a breeding ground for paedos.

In short she is alleged to have been running a vast charitable empire orn a cash in hand basis and appears at a loss to account for the fate orf vast amounts orf moolah. In a previous life when yours truly had connections with theatrical presentations orf an artistic nature in praise orf the female form, met the old cunt orf many colours at fund raisers various. Attempted to tap her for a spot orf inside gen on the great and the good but the filly would talk solely on a cash or goods in kind basis alluding, I took it with horror, to her garden orf Venus. Now slightest whiff of money and your pukka indigent aristo is usually orf after the fox in a flash but all I caught was the aroma orf a three day dead camel. The offer was declined.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke