Eddie Izzard [4]

I know Eddie Izzard has been cunted before, but I’ve just seen the fucktard doing an appeal for UNICEF, wearing a UNICEF t-shirt and full make-up – because of course he’s a tranny and demands tranny rights to wear make-up (and/or women’s clothes) in public because, you know, that’s his “right” as an “out” tranny.

And yet in the film clips of Izzard visiting Yemen used in the appeal, cunters may be interested to learn that there’s one thing suspiciously absent from Izzard’s appearance: no make-up and no women’s clothes (not even a sly kitten heel). So obviously the cunt is able to make judgement calls about when it’s appropriate and when it’s not appropriate to indulge his hobby of dressing up, there’s no “irresistible inner compulsion” he’s unable to control. Yet when he’s out and about doing his political campaigning or appearing on Question Time spouting his badly thought-out drivel, the cunt unfailingly turns up in a scarlet beret and painted nails. If the cunt was not in the entertainment industry, would he dare turn up to a job interview dressed like that? Of course he wouldn’t. Which leads me to the inescapable conclusion he’s just an attention-seeking cunt of the highest order who should not be afforded any special privileges at all – in fact, if any cunters ever spot him in the street, perhaps they could question him as to why he chose to forego his make-up and drag in Yemen… (and then, while he’s replying, just walk away and say “I don’t fucking care – I think you’re a cunt”).

Nominated by Fred West

Stephen Fry [4]


The time has come to give arch cunt and “national treasure” Stephen Fry another major cunting.

First he publishes a book in which he admits (some might say “boasts of”) possessing and using cocaine almost continually between the mid-80s and the late 90s.

Then on Newsnight he suggests that the police have no business arresting him because the offences took place a long time ago and that the only person he ever hurt was himself, drawing a spurious comparison with Jimmy Savile as if to say “Look, I only snorted Bolivian marching powder, I never fucked kids”. Well, here’s something Quite Interesting, Fry – the law is quite clear about the penalty for possession of Class A drugs: a maximum of seven years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. And what makes you think you’re above the law, you smug, hateful, arrogant cunt?

Then, having warmed to the subject of historical sex abuse cases, Fry added “do we have to name the rock stars that we think almost certainly had sex with fourteen year old children? But those fourteen year old girls were so proud of it that they wouldn’t for a minute call themselves ‘victims’.”

The point is, you despicable ignorant wanker, fourteen year olds are not emotionally or intellectually equipped to make decisions or judgements like that – THAT IS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE AGE OF CONSENT, YOU FUCKING RETARD: IT EXISTS TO PROTECT IMMATURE CHILDREN FROM EXPLOITATION BY ADULTS. Presumably the cunt Fry also imagines that all those eleven, twelve and thirteen year old girls in Rotherham were so thrilled by the attention of older Asian men with cars that they were “proud” to be gangraped in grotty rooms above takeaway restaurants? This cunt needs stoning to death outside the BBC. I fucking despise him.

Let’s hope Plod comes knocking on Fry’s door soon and he’s charged for fifteen years worth of Class A possession. With his latest utterances, the fat cunt has significantly expanded both the breadth and depth of his odious cuntitude

Nominated by: Fred West