Laurie Penny [4]

Laurie Penny is a rare specimen of a cunt in that she manages to appear more of a retard who has no grasp on reality every day.It isn`t just that she is an annoying virtue signaling leftist ideologue who shamelessly pushes the ultra-progressive agenda but she is just void of any basic social awareness.Here was a tweet from her a few hours ago in relation to Trump`s speech:

“This is a terrifying speech. The biggest cheer of all came when Trump promised to wipe out ‘Islamic’ terrorism. #TrumpInauguration”

The most shocking thing isn`t that the well-known cunt actually said that but that she wondered why people were asking her if she was in favor of terrorists.Her mother must have thrown her head against a wall as a baby.

Nominated by Shaun


Moby is a cunt…

This talentness tossbucket is the latest celebricunt to jump onto the snowflake express… The ludicrously named cockgobbler is going round saying that Trump ‘will be the worst President America has ever seen’….

Does he mean the recently elected President who hasn’t even started yet?.. I didn’t know the eggheaded twat had a TARDIS or was clairvoyant… These Clintonite mongs are fascists: not only do they refuse to accept a democratic result, they also won’t even give the winner a chance, and they refuse to listen to any opinion, reasoning or point of view if it doesn’t fit in with their own… Whether it’s Kippercunt Cyrus, Schnozzer Streep, that deviant OAP Madonna, or Moby, these cunts claim they are ‘liberal’ and ‘for equality’… Yet they have more in common with Mussolini than Luther King….

Nominated by Norman

Jeremy Corbyn [3]


This cunt Corbyn is the Jeremy Beadle of politics.

You know what I mean: just one 5 second glimpse of the cunt and you want to whip him to death with an electric cable. Same applies to that scouse cunt who hasn’t worked for years, claiming that he’s got a phobia about leaving his home. Death by artillery fire would soon sort the lazy cunt out.

Nominated by: CuntFuckScousers

Richard Seymour


Guardian contributor, left unity member and Socialist Worker Party Member Richard Seymour is a cunt. Although the preceding sentence qualifies him as a cunt this sentence he wrote on a Facebook article about Simon Weston`s opposition to Comrade Commie Corbyn`s plan to share the Falklands with the Argentinians confirms it.

As a veteran who suffered terrible injuries to protect fellow British subjects he argued that this would be a “repugnant surrender” which most sane people would think. But no, it seems that the PHD student and writer of a blog called Lenin`s tomb would disagree. So did he provide a counter argument in the guardian to Mr Weston`s comments as one might expect from an intellectual? No instead he posted this on Facebook:

“Who gives a shit what Simon Weston thinks about anything?If he knew anything he would still have his face”

Now I bet this Communist prick would complain if I mocked a disabled person calling me “ableist “a term many of his political persuasion would but it`s ok to say that about a war veteran. Christ, if he becomes an academic God help the poor fuckers who have to pay £9,000 a year to hear his shitty views. This was also a man who did a book putting the late Christopher Hitchens “on trial” for supporting president Bush. So you put a dead man “on trial” who can`t defend himself and mock a disfigured war veteran. What a great moral authority this cunt is (cough)!

Here is a link to his Wiki page and a Facebook group asking for an explanation. I would love to hear his response!

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn is a massive cunt whose cunting is way overdue.

This scruffy looking left wing tosser is pretty much the reincarnation of Michael Foot except he isn`t even as amusing. He refers to Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends” but when asked about this dismisses it as tabloid journalism. Well OK if another politician described Nick Griffin as a friend in a non-literal sense would he just dismiss it or organize a protest and denounce them?

He also invited IRA representatives to parliament and described Ed Milliband as being not left wing enough and blamed that on Labour`s massive defeat.Interesting so the country votes for a white wing party because the left isn`t left enough. If that were true people on mass would have voted for the greens or Socialist Labour party or TUSC but no they primarily voted for the Tories.

Mr Corbyn also said that we need to make life easier for migrants and in a discussion about the bastard leeches jumping on Ferries said these people offer a lot to our country. So what is that the inability to speak the language and thus be unfit for work. Great contribution right there (cough). He is I suppose more able to stick to his principles than other members of his delightful party by divorcing his wife for sending his son to a private school despite the fact that the state school there was a shithole. Admirable in a sense perhaps but any cunt who puts his own beliefs over the welfare of his family is a grade A cunt and is almost certain to do the same to the Country.

At least though if this cunt is elected the Labour party may well be the next winning Deadpool entry for this site .

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

MP for the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Islington.

“Working for you”? Don’t make me laugh!
Bought and paid for by Len McCluskey – an even bigger cunt than Corben.

Fucking says it all, doesn’t it?

Nominated by: Dioclese