One Love Manchester “Zleb Fest”

I’m fucking dreading this concert thing tonight in aid of the Manchester victims.

I reckon it’ll even surpass Diana’s funeral for mawkish sentimentality. A load of ignorant pop stars wailing away to a VIP section of minor soap stars, reality tv show actors, assorted right-on social commentators and a bunch of vote-hungry politicians. They’ll all be at the front,with extra security, while the “ordinary” folk can hold their mobile phones up at the back.

Of course,there’ll be no mention of the Elephant in the Room, just endless cant about “Standing United” and “Love conquers Hate.” Nobody’ll dare utter the dreaded “Muslim terrorist” phrase, instead we’ll get tales of how the muslim “Community” helped the victims, and how “shocked” they all are. Presumably not so shocked that they bothered to do anything about the terrorists who they hid,and continue to hide, in their “peaceful community.”

Saints Bono and Bob’ll probably put in an appearance,along with whichever “star” Simon Cowell is currently plugging…is it a dancing dog this year? The over-the-top grief signalling will be unstoppable. Even “Self-Pity City”, Liverpool won’t be able to hold a tear-doused tea-candle to it.

All the weeping and wailing won’t change a fucking thing. Unless this country wises up, and fucking quickly, this muslim terrorism will increase and spread.

Nominated by dick fiddler.

Ticketmaster put aside 14,200 free passes for those people who attended the original concert. They received 25,000 applications from those people claiming to be there that fateful Monday. So, over 10,000 false claims.

Good to see the human spirit of honesty and compassion is burning strong.

The thieving, lying scum that will stoop so low, so as to get a free ticket on the back of other people’s suffering and misery.

Contemptible, miserable fuckwits. I despair.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Non-entity celebrity

We’re now in the era of the non-entity slebrity. TV these days has gone so far down to the bottom of the shitpool, that any old bucket of toss can be seen as the next big thing, mainly because the younger sheeple don’t even care about decent programming anymore. Usually raised on a diet of BeniTwat and The Only Way Is Cunt.

Another thing which made me laugh are these so-called “Social Media Stars”. It’s fucking laughable how these “Facebook Stars” are given attention just because they film their adult-child antics, ie act like a total cunt and get famous for about three days before fading from memory. Way too much of a disposable non-culture these days, and it’s a steaming delivered basket of giraffe shit.

Talent isn’t required in today’s fucked up world. All that’s needed is to act like a knob. It pays to be a cunt in TV slebland these days. What in the crap went wrong?

Nominated by: TwatVarnish

400 migrant brats


400 celebs and other do-gooders protested to allow at least 400 hundred “children” living in Calais Jungle Camp to come and live in the UK. Mainly because they have relatives living in the UK.

Now if they paused to think these do-gooders and celeb band wagon hangers on may realise each one of these cunts they allow in is justification for all their relatives to come and join them.

You cunts are not doing good you are fodder for the no borders commies that will use any justication to ignore the borders of nation states and in the process erode out culture and identity.

If these cunts don’t like France or any other country they passed through on the way to attempt entry on the UK they should fuck off home.

We have enough parasites of our own, fuck off you are not welcome. Happy clappy do-gooders may tell you this is the promised land but it ain’t and you are not going to welcomed.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

400 hundred celebs, 400 kids. Do the math!

Take one each and then you can lecture me

Fucking hypocritical cunts…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Review shows


Review shows are a celebricunt magnet!

I have been trying to think of a name that describes this cunting and that is what I have come up with. You know the shows I mean where they get a load of past it, washed up Celebrities who get no work so they end up on these shows. It was alright in the seventies, and all the other nostalgic shit titles they come up with are crap shows. Some unfunny cunt or cunts tries to be funny recalling how ‘wild’ it was back then or how ‘you couldn’t be like that these days’.

That Sinitta cunt is always on them and that ‘Comedian’ Romesh Ranganathan is usually on them as well talking shit. I don’t know who are worse, the cunt ‘Producers’ of these shows who can’t come up with anything original or the Celebricunts who accept offer to talk shit on these shows. One thing is for sure you watch these shows and they get worse as they go on, and you then start to realise these Celebricunts think the show is all about them and how they felt about whatever the stupid topic is.

The cunts.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

Zooey Deschanel


Zooey Deschanel is a butthead of a cunt.

What sort of gargantuan knobend calls their child Otter?!

What’s the next one going to be called? Tarka? Beaver? Weasel? Ferret?

Why do these celebrity wankstains feel the need to give their kids stupid names? Cunts…

Nominated by: Norman