Stuart Rose

Stuart Rose Britain Stronger IN

Lord Stuart Rose is a cunt.

He’s head of the Britain Stronger in Europe (BSE) campaign.
Here’s a quote : “I believe the British people are extremely intelligent and extremely well-informed”

I believe he’s either (a) lying, or (b) extremely full of shit
Either way he’s a cunt

Nominated by: Frottom

Ahmed Mohamed


Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Muslim boy from Texas whose teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb, will move to Qatar with his family”

For fucks sake………….here comes another cunt making bombs for one of the fucking nut nut groups of the world!!! Off he goes to start his training in the dark arts of murder and middle age life theory!


Nominated by: Cunty Cunterson



Journalists deserve a good cunting. They claim to be reporting the News when they are merely parroting what the organisation they work for tells them to report. Years ago you had true investigative journalists, people like Jon Pilger, Roger Cook and the like.

Nowadays you have cunts who are essentially news prostitutes, you only have to look at the BBC, Sky or ITV to see all the females are ‘good looking’ girls who got the jobs because of their looks & cock-sucking skills, not their journalistic merit.

Case in point: Channel 4’s Cathy Newman, this peroxide blazoned, 1980’s permed cunt caused a shit storm on Twitter some months ago because the stupid cunt turned up at the wrong Mosque in London, (she was going to do a report on an open day at a Mosque regarding women).

She was told she was at the wrong Mosque and was escorted out, that should of been the end of it, but no, she took to Twitter to tell the World she had been ushered out of the Mosque for being a woman (cleverly omitting she had gone to the wrong Mosque!) and her Tweet caused her to get a huge backlash of abuse (which she fully deserved).

She quickly told Twitter she was ‘taking a break’ but yet she is back Tweeting propaganda and also back on Channel News like nothing happened. What a fucking diabolical cunt both she is, and Channel 4 are for employing this fucking whore.

Now if I had posted that to Twitter the old bill would have been kicking in my door and hauling me off to court, but because she is a ‘journalist’ she received no punishment and continues to keep her very well paid job.
A journalist is supposed to report the facts, not fabricate a story to push an agenda!

Now I hate terrorists and Muslim fundamentalists as much as Nick Griffin, but come on, this is fucking bullshit.

Nominated by: Boaby

Phil Spector


Phil spector is another cunt who thinks he’s he is gods gift to humanity.

He’s produced a few decent singles but he’s a bit overrated I think.

The best thing Phil had was the Wrecking Crew that was his wall of sound but the term itself has been bastardized to the extreme like it was some grandiose thing. He died down in the 80’s taking shite loads of cocaine and becoming a paranoid zombie then he killed some beautiful woman and he was waving his gun around like a foolish cunt and shot her now he’s in prison playing with big bubba.

Nominated by: Titslapper

Spector was/is a twat… He terrorised Ronnie Bennett when he was married to her, he also fucked up The Beatles last (released) album… I also think he overegged George’s ‘All Things Must Pass….’ Some fine songs on there (thanks to George), but why does that wall of sound have to drench everything? Also the percussion on most tracks sounds like someone shaking a box of cornflakes…

Spector was a cunt for his buddy buddy attitude to that other cunt, Ike Turner… Spector told everyone that Tina basically asked to be raped and beaten up by Ike…

Nominated by: Norman

Bearded halfwits


and when you call them out they fucking shit themselves

He was told have you played call of duty on eggs box

I am bricklayer and not a bullshitter and never been in the armed forces but when a cunt in a hamburg bar starts piping up and not in squaddie talk deserves a fucking slap SAD FUCK!

Nominated by: Brickbat