Project Fear [3]

Another cunting for the continuing saga of Project Fear.

This time, supermarket bosses are warning of price increases and ‘civil unrest’ resulting from no-deal.

Civil unrest. Makes you think doesn’t it? Of course supermarkets have no vested interest and their overpaid bosses are experts on civil disorder.

And again queues at the port of Dover are threatened. They use Dover as an example because I suppose people in the Home Counties and London know where it is. They wont know where Immingham is, which takes 4 times the commercial traffic. Irrelevant I suppose because it is north of Islington.

Surprisingly government and Civil Service sources agree with these fears.
So, once again. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Public stupidity

I want to cunt the stupidity of the public.

With the Brexit circus currently highlighting how much contempt politicians and slebs have for the general public and implying we are too stupid to understand the gravity of the situation, and me currently sat here watching an online documentary about 9/11…it got me thinking.
Without getting bogged down in too much detail, I think it was undoubtedly a false flag operation, orchestrated by some element of government, shadow or otherwise.

Now whether other people agree or not, or dismiss people like me as a conspiracy theorist is irrelevant. There should at least be some common ground everyone can agree on, in that there are literally hundreds of unanswered questions from that day (terrorist passports, absence of wreckage, buildings in freefall, complete failure of Norad, blatant lies told by the Bush administration in the aftermath….I could literally go on all night).

This cunting isn’t so much about the day itself, it’s about people, the general public of not just the USA, but the entire world. It was a global event, with so many suspicious circumstances, gaping holes, lies, withheld information, and not forgetting the complete whitewash that was the 9/11 commission.
If joe public can be so ridiculously easily duped over the murder/deaths of over 3000 innocent people, then is it really such a surprise that our rulers treat us with such disdain?
That day was one of the most blatant crimes against humanity in modern times, and no more than a handful even gave a fuck. The rest were either too ignorant, lazy or catastrophically fucking retarded to push back against the establishment a little bit, ask questions, demand answers and demand a bit of fucking respect.

This was going to be a cunting of Americans, but I don’t think it is just an American mentality. I can’t imagine things being any different had it happened over here. Individuals are balanced, reasonable being. People are fucking pig ignorant, thick fucks that can’t be trusted with even the most infantile and unimportant decisions.

Nominated by The Ghost of Glauber Berti

The Left [2]

The left are due a nomination. Jacob Rees Mogg made the silly decision to advertise the fact he was on holiday in New York on the internet. So left wing retards descended on his home and vandalised the place. Apparently, they sprayed the words, “posh scum” on his windows and, “shut up and die” and, “dickhead” on his garage. They also scattered condoms on his garden, presumably a reference to him being Catholic, and left an effigy of Corbyn…sorry…a dildo…on the bonnet of his wife’s Range Rover and painted the symbol for anarchy on the car.

The fact that these democracy hating sacks of shit have only done this while he was away, says a lot about how cowardly they are. And it’s not just Tories they are attacking now. Corbyn’s followers are calling for the Noncefinder General himself, Tom Watson, to quit as deputy leader of the Labour Party, after he commented on the Party’s dismal failure to tackle anti-Semitism within its ranks. And Tony Benn’s granddaughter has received online abuse from Momentum morons, after she similarly criticised Labour for failing get rid of the many racists and anti-Semites.

Lefties have always been enemies of democracy, free speech, reasoned debate and many of the other things that all free, civilised countries enjoy. They’ve also been quick to level accusations of racism, Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, etc at others. And their response when those same accusations have been levelled at them, has been violence, intimidation, talking and shouting over people who were trying to comment, to drown them out, insults and general immature behaviour. However, that’s all become far worse since their Messiah, Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party.

And when he was first elected as Labour leader, he promised “a kinder, gentler politics”. Those words have since proved to be a lie. In recent weeks, Momentum have been likened to Militant Tendency, that bunch of far left loons who infested the Labour party back in the 80’s. I would go further than that. Momentum’s behaviour, especially since the anti-Semitism scandal broke, has been more akin to the behaviour of the Nazi party in the 1930’s.

We all remember Thornberry’s tweeting of a photo of an Essex white van man’s house, covered in England flags. The sneering tone and unspoken disapproval of an Englishman and England in general, not to mention the implication that the man was racist, Islamophobic, etc, is not an exception, it’s the rule. The entire left wing hate the UK, especially England and the English people. They hate democracy, they despise freedom of speech and freedom of thought and they firmly believe that anyone who does not subscribe to their fucked up beliefs is ‘far’ right. And if you dare to publicly change those beliefs, you will be met with most vile abuse, insults, threats and intimidation.

For them to call anyone scum, is hypocrisy at its worst. THEY are scum. THEY are the ones who pose a serious threat to this country and our way of life. The left, are cunts of the highest magnitude.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Mark Carney [4]

A “safe as the Bank of England” cunting for this Canadian arsehole, head of the aforesaid BoE and arch Remainer. This morning he has told the equally anti-Brexit BBC the prospect of the UK leaving the EU without a deal was “a relatively unlikely possibility, but it is a possibility”. Of course it leads the R4 news and will for the whole fucking day.

Carney farting his fucking brains out of his arsehole yet again, word-spinning and trying to stir up more panic amongst the snowflakes and poofy Labour MPs who have made it their life’s work to overturn democracy because they don’t like it.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Another cunting for that wankstain Carney. Governor of the Bank of England.

Despite being wrong on each and every forecast, he is at it again. Doom and fucking gloom if we don’t roll over to the EU. Oh, and justifying his Armageddon forecast pre-referendum using terms that will be familiar to Jim Bowen fans – ‘This is what you could have had’
If we had done as we were told, apparently all would be the best of all possible worlds.

The result?

‘The pound declined on the currency markets in the wake of Mr Carney’s comments, falling below the $1.30 mark, before recovering some ground.’

Fuck off back to Canada you remoaning, establishment cunt. You will fit in well with Monsieur Trudeau and the rest of the loons.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Questions that are unanswerable:
➖ When did time begin?
➖ Who made God?
➖ Why hasn’t Mark Carney resigned yet?

The Governor of the Bank of England warned that Britain faced an “uncomfortably high” risk of a no deal Brexit, which he said would lead to higher prices.


The poutine-eating Canuck continued saying banks had “done the stockpiling” and could survive a recession that meant property prices falling by a third, interest rates increasing by four percentage points, six months of snow to fall and zombie dragons invading to eat small children.

Yes, Carney really say that property prices could fall by a third.

The maple syrup-eating prick has previous experience with Fearmongering. However nothing he has predicted about Brexit has happened.


Cameron peddled this nonsense (debt, World War III, etc) and consequently resigned; Osborne peddled this nonsense (£4300 extra for every family, Global Brexit recession – the day AFTER the vote!) and consequently resigned; therefore why is Carney still here?

Questions that are answerable:
➖ Will Carney continue making ridiculous Brexit predictions?
➖ Is Carney a mendacious, snake-oil salesman?
➖ Is Carney a bit of a cunt?

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

And a brief cunting for the continuing saga of Project Fear. Another day, another scare.

Today the BBC is telling us that Police leave will be cancelled due to the likely outbreak of civil unrest when we leave the EU. This of course originates in Whitehall and is given due prominence by the good old BBC. Yesterday Carney’s scaremongering was their lead. All day.
I have already stockpiled sandwiches, au pairs, food and flights. It now seems that I need stab vests and pepper spray.

When will we see sense and crawl back?

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Doug Gurr

Doug Gurr, UK manager of Amazon.Dot.Cunt. This previously unknown mini-Cunt nobody has just opened his cake-hole and made an attempt at joining the ranks of Mega Cuntdom.
“Amazon’s UK boss has warned the Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, that Britain would face “civil unrest” within weeks of a no-deal Brexit” (Times,23/07/18)
Fucking slave driving cunt, scared that Amazon.Dot.Cunt.might run out of an endless supply of cheap labour and have to pay its human drones a half decent wage.Jesus the Gobal Elitists must be shitting bricks to drag out a cunt called Gurr as its latest scaremonger Fuck off back to the USA if you dont like it you cunt and take your shitty jobs with you.Cunt..

Nominated by CuntsR-Us

I want to nominate Doug Gurr for a cunting. Gurr is the UK head of Amazon, and recently issued the dire warning that a no deal Brexit would lead to civil unrest in the UK within two weeks of us leaving. As project fear is once again ramping up its dire predictions of doom and gloom should May finally grow a pair of balls and tell those sneering, unelected, arrogant, incompetent dickweeds in Brussels to shove the EU and go with WTO rules, this gem from Gurr has to be far and away the most ridiculous and pathetic.

63% of ‘young’ voters, the 18-24 year olds, couldn’t even be bothered to go out and vote, how the fuck are they going to work up the will to engage in a riot? And what of the rest of the whingeing cunts who desperately want us to remain enslaved to the EU? How would that soppy bunch of left wing twats go about rioting? We’re hardly talking Brixton or Toxteth here. Perhaps they’d hurl petrol bombs, only instead of petrol, they’d use organic coconut water. I can imagine lots of tofu and organic avocado and egg and cress sandwiches being launched too.

Given the procession of freaks and weirdos who’ve been photographed at numerous pro-EU demonstrations, I bet there’ll even be a bunch of trannies wielding dildos. Yes, these snivelling traitors will really bring the UK to its knees and make us reconsider our decision to leave the EU, won’t they?

Doug Gurr, you intellectual pygmy. You shit stirring sack of monkey vomit. If you want to do something useful, get your boss, Bezos, to pay Amazon’s fair share of tax in the UK. Otherwise, shut the fuck up, you cunt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw