Harry Styles (2)

Harry Styles of One Direction ‘fame’ seems to be intent on heading in the ‘Wrong Direction’

The pretentious self important cunt says that his latest single “Sign of the Times” is influenced by the terrible decision of Brexit and by Black Lives Matter. He reckons he will vote for “whoever is against Brexit” adding the push to leave the EU is “creating the kind of world he does not want to live in”. Actually, it’s Harry Styles and his ilk that want to create the kind of world I don’t want to live in.

Well, Harry, here’s a couple of things you seem to need reminding about : Despite what you think, you’re not really that important and nobody really gives a flying fuck what you think except you.

It’s no wonder you support the Labour Party because it’s full of left wing politically naive fuckwits like you. So please get back to churning out more of your bubblegum pop for the kiddywinkles, put your ego back in the box and just shut the fuck up, there’s a good boy…

Nominated by Dioclese

Gary Lineker (6)

Gary Lineker is a monumental cunt…
He said this about the French Presidential Elections: ‘Huge disappointment, resentment and bitterness amongst some of UK’s fascists this morning. She lost (comfortably). Get over it.’

But when somebody replied to him, ‘So, why can’t you get over Brexit?’ Fanny Lineker responded, ‘Missing such an obvious joke is a blocking offence i’m afraid.’

This snotty cunt can’t even answer a civil question and ‘blocks’ anyone who disagrees with him?… And the smear of shite has the audacity to talk about fascists?!?…. Hope he falls off a fucking big cliff…

Nominated by Norman

I can’t abide that rectum of rectitude, Lineker.

A pious, jug-eared wankspangle sums him up nicely.

His only and modest talent lies with advertising crisps.

No wonder his Mrs ferked off. He was probably up in his private study, spanking himself over the Brexit referendum every night. Leaving her to play solo gusset typing.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback

Hell will freeze over before another Walker’s crisp passes between my lips. I might write to them and tell them that…..but I will relent if they sack the bastard. Does anyone know where I can buy “fascist” crisps?

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

Wolfgang Schaeuble

Yet another EU lickspittle has stuck his head above the parapet in the Brexit divorce argument, this time German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

Wolfie reckons that we’ll have to cough up £50,000,000,000 to be ‘allowed’ to leave the EU because “it’s not like leaving a golf club”. Well I’ve got news for Wolfie because it’s exactly like leaving a golf club. You quit. You stop paying your subs. You’re no longer a member.

The EU is a club. Nothing more. We’re not married to it and it makes my piss boil every time they call it a divorce. Article 50 makes no provision for a leaving fee, so ol’ Wolfie can just go fuck himself.

This a man who was forced to resign from Kohl’s government in a corruption scandal. This is a man that is so ingrained with the EU gravy train, he even has EU in his name!

He reckons that if we don’t stump up, they’ll take us to the European Court. That’s the European Court that no longer has juristiction after we’ve left the EU. He’s so deluded that he’s living in a different galaxy, the cunt.

Nominated by Dioclese

Emmanuel Macron

I nominate Emmanuel Macron for a cunting.

Though the MSM conveniently choose to ”forget” this little detail, he is no stranger to politics or for that matter a centrist.

Until last year, this little worm of a human being was the Finance Minister lackey of the Socialist Francoise Hollande. Under their dubious tenure, France’s economy went further down the crapper and 238 people have died via ”Peaceful” people.

Also, like most typical Frog politicians, this maggot have the obligatory ”screw the British” mentality shared with the rest of his ilk; earlier this year on a visit to London, the bastard openly spoke of poaching talent from our country post Brexit and has, and I quote, stated that ”the best deal Britain could get with Europe is membership in the EU”.

Make no mistake, this miserable , conniving, two faced little shit stain is about as anti-establishment as the peaceful lot are tolerant of other culture. He is an unrepentant cheerleader/lickspittle of the whole EU/federal/globalisation agenda that is so beloved by the worthless maggots known as the political class and liberal imbeciles in general.

Noted Kraut EU cocksucker Sigmar Gabriel hopes Macron wins the election in order to, and I Quote again, ”put Eurosceptism back in its place”.

If Macron wins, the whole miserable path Europe is on will continue.

Just once, it would be good if the people of France grow some balls and do the right thing instead of the easy but doomed to backfire horribly option.

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister.

Angela Merkel (7)

Merkel Says “Germans Have a Lot to Learn from Asylum Seekers” Oh Yeah, we have so much to learn from them about rape, massacring people on the street with semi trailer trucks, cousin fucking and how to wipe your ass with your left hand. Just kill yourself Merkel you fat dogfaced cunt

Nominated by TitSlapper.

In a recent speech ” mama” merkel launched into the recent spate of terrorism and the attacks on women by the peaceful ones, but according to her the problems don’t stem from her decision to let in a million plus virtually unchecked muslims? Oh no!! , apparently her government have been let down by local authorities and the police , she laid the blame of the 2015 cologne New Years sexual assaults, the Xmas market attack firmly at the door of local authorities , this has happened as “they” failed to intergrate the tsunami of peaceful people?? North Rhine – Westphalia have according to merkel “take the blame”!! , well I’m glad she’s cleared that up!, because I’ve always thought these problems we are hearing about all over Europe had something to do with her inviting millions of Muslims to flood into Europe!!!
What a 24 carat cunt ……

Nominated by Quislings.