The Media

The media deserve a right royal cunting. Whether it be social or mainstream, it appears they are all bias cunts.

Facebook blocked ads from today without warning and because of ‘changes to their advertising policy’ that they conveniently made yesterday. They have said that all political ads have to prove who paid for them and that they are a UK resident. No remain ads have been removed mind, because they must be all above board and British (Gina Miller/George Soros etc).

Which moves me on to the mainstream media, the British Brainwashing Cunts, The Cuntian, The Financial Cunts, The Cunts Express etc. Have not had one headline story regarding the benefits of Brexit only the negative POSSIBLE impacts. Talk about telling one side of the story, I’m not surprised saggy tits is selective which channel she wants her debate with Catweazel on, she’ll want David Dimblebum to vet the questions asked and keep the argument away from no deal Noel.

Nominated by elboobio

David Millipede [8]

David Miliband:

Following hot on the heels of the Princess Anthony, Banana Boy David Miliband, now a resident of the USA has popped up on The World At One (where else?) to give his little opinions on Brexit.

The Poundland Blair is nearly a big a cunt as his master, but why do the BBC insist n dragging every fucking has been out of their sewers?. Fuck the bastards.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Dominic Grieve (3)

Dominic Grieve. I need to say very little and you will no doubt agree with me. His motion to give MP’s a vote on what happens after Treason May’s shitty deal gets voted out the door, basically has killed off any chance of no deal, in fact he’s basically killed Brexit because the fucking snowflake cunts in the commons will vote to revoke article 50.

Democracy at it’s finest, give you a vote, tell you that they’ll honour the vote, completely fuck up negotiations, start to shirk at the mess they’ve made, plant a seed of retreat, continue to fuck up selling their shitty negotiated deal, throw their hands up in defeat and say sorry, pretend it never happened.

Fuck you Dominic Grieve and the rest of you twat, non democratic, lying, backstabbing, arsehole MP cunts.

Nominated by elboobio

Geoffrey Cox

‘Grow up and get real’. Thus spake our illustrious Attorney General Geoffrey Cox recently to MPs demanding the publication of the government’s full legal analysis of Mrs May’s Brexit ‘deal’. Cox refused to allow full disclosure. ‘It’s no use baying and shouting’, Cox told the Commons. ‘What I’m trying to do is guard the national interest’.

Methinks I detect the scent of a very large rat. Followers of the Brexit shenanigans will know that a summary of the advice has already revealed that some UK laws can still be overruled by the EU post Brexit. Oily Robbins has also admitted that the UK has not won the argument on frictionless trade, hence the woeful ‘backstop’ proposal.

You claimed, Mr Cox, that your actions were ‘in the national interest’. Well, this is indeed a decision crucial to the interests of each and every one of us. How exactly is it ‘in the national interest’ to deny potentially vital information to the country’s elected representatives in such a situation, not to mention to the citizens who pay your hefty salary?
Here’s what I think. I think it likely that the full text contains more information and opinion that is very unpalatable to the government, and potentially very damaging politically to May and her ‘deal’. I believe that you don’t want this to see the light of day, so you tried to use ‘the national interest’ line to keep it buried. If the advice was so positive for the government, I venture to suggest that you’d be falling over yourself to see it published in full.
Still, whatever information the complete document actually holds, and whatever your motives were, you’ve failed anyway.

For the first time in our history, MPs have voted that the government be held in contempt of Parliament on the matter. Your hand has been forced; Andrea Leadsom says the full assessment will now be released and indeed it must, or there will be absolute hell to pay.

I hear that you’re a very able man, Mr Cox, potential Prime Minister material. In all honesty, I have to say that to me, you looked like a shifty dissembler, a man prepared to deceive and deny by hiding behind a smokescreen of bluster. You sure as hell acted in SOMEONE’S interest, but I have my doubts that you were acting in the NATION’S interests, and you insulted our intelligence when you resorted to this flimsy ploy. Contempt of Parliament? I reckon your actions demonstrated contempt for THE PEOPLE. Well I’ve got contempt too.

May I therefore respectfully suggest sir, that you fuck right off? In the national interest, of course.

Nominated by Ron Knee

David Bennum

I won’t go in to too much detail, as the this article speaks for itself. If scaremongering was an Olympic sport, this cunt would have the gold medal and world record to boot. He basically says that if we leave the EU, people will be roaming the streets with AK-47’s, they’ll be riots and general chaos, a la Kenya in the 1980’s where this clown cunt grew up.

The guardian should have a word with themselves for publishing this shite. Just as I think they can’t get any worse with their bullshit, I am proved wrong again.

The guardian should also get a special mention for their particular brand of fear cuntics. They really are going all out shit your pants scary with their news recently, if only it was believable.

Nominated by elboobio