Guy Verhofstadt [4]

Vehorstadt really is a stratospheric cunt!!!
Brexit is a waste of time and effort??
Yeh I suppose he has a point?,
Who wants to be governed by democratically elected people??
Want sort of Cunts want that??
What sort of idiots want to retain some national identity??
What kind of fools want to control their borders??
What sort of people want to stop a tsunami of foreign workers prepared to work for less money??
Brexit is indeed a waste of time!! 😂😂😂

Nominated by Quislings

Verhofstadt is a grinning, gap toothed, curtain haired, Biggins glasses wearing, plutonium grade cunt.

This piece of political jenkem has told a conference in London that Brexit is a waste of time and energy.

Had he a slight appreciation that the EU had become undemocratic and conceded that reform was needed then Brexit possibly would not have gained a majority vote.

Clearly he has no concept whatsoever of democracy. Fuck off back to your cheap fags, snotty chocolate and chips smothered in mayo, you utter fucking cuntbox.

Verhofstadt is a fucking waste of skin and bone. Cunt x 10^infinity

Nominated by Paul Maskingback

Guy Verhofstadt has ordered the United Kingdom to take “financial responsibility” over Brexit and pay a divorce bill to Brussels. “You have to pay us!” he rants in the European Parliament.

Now listen here, Doddy you gap toothed cunt : NO WE FUCKING DON’T!!! IT’S NOT A FUCKING DIVORCE!!!

Take that back to your Diddy Men and smoke it. Fucking idiot…

Nominated by Dioclese

Brexit haters

Speaking of anti-Brexit cunts. That doddering old prick David Attenborough is in desperate need of a cunting. Speaking to Greenpeace magazine, Attenborough said that we shouldn’t have had a vote because we weren’t presented with the full facts. He also claimed we didn’t understand what it meant, and that we were spitting in Europe’s face. He also called the referendum “and abrogation of parliamentary democracy.

Jesus…fucking…Christ. Somebody get the old twat some Anusol, he clearly needs it for his persistent butthurt. Once again, and idiot remainer DELIBERATELY confuses EUROPE with the EU. They are NOT the same. And to be honest, if my voting to leave the EU is spitting in the face of the likes Juncker, Tusk, Verhofstadt and Barnier, I can live with that. I’d happily do it for real given the chance.

I’m sick of this now. At first it was amusing to watch pro-EU traitors going nuclear over the fact that a majority of voters had dared vote to leave their precious EU. Now it’s fucking tedious. It’s been FIFTEEN months since the referendum, and STILL we have democracy hating wankpuffins hurling insults at us, disrespecting democracy and basically still throwing a tantrum. Call the Guinness book of Records, I reckon they’ve broken the world sulking record.

Just a couple of days ago, that upper crust faggot, Colin Firth announced he had taken Italian citizenship because he just couldn’t bear the thought of the UK becoming a sovereign nation once again. Anyone noticed how most of those who’ve been whingeing about Brexit, Attenborough, Firth, Branson, Heseltine, Clarke, Miller, etc, are all rich bastards who have been completely unaffected by the EU’s less pleasant laws, like open borders.

We’ve also had Labour arseholes like Clive Lewis saying that Brexit is racist, and David Lammy comparing Brexiteers (I love that name) to Nazis. What prize fuckpoodles.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Theresa May [9]

What is the fucking point of Theresa May? Ok, she’s not Flabbott or Corbyn – but she’s now even more irrelevant and yesterday’s person than ‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron, ffs.

She has no power, no-one takes the slightest notice of anything she says any more, and rightly so, she has never delivered on any of her fine words EVER!

Fuck off and let someone with more credibility, like Noel Edmunds, take over.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

May gets my vote for cunt of the year hands down – fucks up the election, then bends over for the micrococks of Europe to gangbang the UK into fucking oblivion

You fucking hunchbacked, clueless shitcunt. Deserves to be beaten to death with her own stinking kitten heels.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Michael Heseltine

It seems that Charlton Hessletine has driven his chariot into the brexit arena, and has declared that Brexit will never happen, and that we will remain. He predicts that Members of the House of ill Repute have no stomach for such an arduous task such as managing a country, and would far prefer if someone else would do it for them. Hesselslime also predicts that we will eventually replace the pound with the Euro, and within a generation or so, we will all be happily little eurodumbs.

Sadly, following the capitulation of that most useless piece of shit Treason May, he could well be right.

More painful cuts to welfare, NHS and Public Services, a further tightening of the belt ( because we need to be prudent ) yet we can shell out fucking billions to the Slimeshits of the EU.

There is only one change that is required now, the change that can be purchased with a full metal jacket!

May is a cunt, and Hesselslime is the condom for Barmy Barnier’s cock.

Nominated by asimplearsehole

Brexit [3]

Brexit is in need of its very own cunting becuase the whole thing is a just a steaming pile of goats shit.

We have a prime minister who has 0.0% credibilty and has made one shit decision after another. We have uppity unelected European cunts taking the piss out of us.

We have swarms of eastern europeans taking all they can get and giving fuck all back except crime, more crime and dangerous driving.

Nobody in the government seems to have a clue and now we have some kind of “transition” so more white trash from the Baltic can swarm in.

Public services are at breaking point, the roads are clogged with dangerous foreign drivers in old knackerd cars, the police and other authorities hands are tied due to political corectness.

Who is going to sort this cluster fuck out? T May? that’s a fucking joke. She’s dead in the water, the people round her are like squabbling teenagers and the whole thing smells of anal discharge. She looks like a turd someone has buried and then someone else has decided to dig it back up.

Never has there been a better time for a strong leader to take charge and do the right thing…will it happen? will it fuck.

Nominated by Spanky McSpank