The Brexit Breakthrough

I Woke up this morning (baby) to hear a ‘Great Brexit Fudge Tunnel’ deal had been miraculously agreed upon. Hurrah! Our previously useless Maybot had somehow triumphed over the devious crooks that run the EU and had magically DELIVERED something that only one day before would have been considered impossible!

What a fucking turnaround…bring out the bunting…street parties a-go-go!

Only problem is we have to pay the Evil Empire a minimum of £45billion Net for…?? And remain in the Single Market and the Customs Union UNTIL the Irish border question is solved to the satisfaction of Ireland /EU /UK and the DUP, which of course is likely to be NEVER. So the same as remaining in the EU with no influence or seat at the top dinner table, but guess who’ll still be paying for for the food and entertainment…

During this eternity no third party trade deals will be allowed, freedom of movement/immigration will continue uncontrolled, and to add insult to injury the ECJ will continue to have jurisdiction within U.K. for 8 more years at least!

So there we have it, as predicted by so many on this site:


Nominated by Shitcake Baker

Once more the field is strewn with the corpses orf capitulation and bugger me we lurch orn to Trade Deal negotiations as the vanquished, the beaten force. We are now led by a generation orf surrender monkeys into a dark ignominious twilight orf defeat. How our enemies crow. The Oirish Snake Veradkhar hisses its triumph, “We have achieved everything we wanted”. That includes offering dual EU citizenship to every proddy cunt in Northern Ireland thus inserting a massive crowbar between it and the remaining tatters orf the UK.

To rub acid into our wounds the Hunchback orf Downing Street totters aroinde looking pleased with itself while Junker caresses its hump.

As to the illegal “Divorce Bill”, that is to be only £40bn oh huzanners and ring every church bell in the land. Guess where most orf that moolah will be going? To the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and which cunts are the major beneficiaries orf that? Surely not the Frog bastards, those self same cunts running the “Negotiations”. What worse oitcome could there be than an arse and a gobfull orf Eurospunk? The Hunchback has thoroughly pissed orf Trump yet again re Jerusalem so no prospect orf help there.

Poor Blighty’s only hope can only lie in the bloodied and torn state orf its arse. At some point in the future the EU will become disgusted and bored at what we have to offer, dump us and move orn to fresh bum.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

( To read the full text of the agreement click here )

David Davis

David Davis seems to have lost the plot on the Brexit negotiations and associated matters. Davis was nailed to the wall for fudging his way through another select comittee hearing, due to basic incompetence over these supposed ‘impact statements’.

I voted leave and will believe in the ethos of Britain’s autonomy and sovereignty until my dying day – but when I voted I never dreamed what a calamitous bunch of cunts would end up at the helm during the business end of actually getting us out.

May’s spinelessness does out-cunt Davis but I have never seen a man in politics so absolutely out of his depth as Davis appears to be in his role as Brexit chief cunto.

At one time I lamented his loss to Cameron in the Conservative leadership race all those years ago. Now I’m beginning to think that the Eton mess pigfucker was perhaps the lesser of two evils.

Davis, you’re nuffink. Now, like your unfortunate namesake did during the defining scene of ‘Scum’, get in the fucking greenhouse with Juncker, Barnier and Tusk and try not to scream too loudly as each of them successively buggers you onto oblivion.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Theresa May [10]

Theresa May is the most incompetent cunt ever to hold the position of PM.

Leaving aside the budget before last, the election campaign and the clueless weak minded negotiations with the EU and ‘how much money do you want’, we have the latest fuck up. Making NI different to the rest of the UK was the stupidest fucking cave -in of all time.

Does she not think of consequences? Apart from the DUP obviously (to all but May) not wearing it what did she think the response would be from Scotland and probably Wales? The Krankies would be all over it like a fucking rash with cries of ‘me too’. This is what they were asking for all along. The sheepshaggers would also chance their arm, although the Welsh population might think differently.

We have a choice between incompetent Tories and incompetent Marxists. Both parties headed up by incompetent cunts. Is it beyond the wit of this woman to get someone to think things through for her?
Theresa May. Useless, humourless, incompetent cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(London, Scotland and Wales have already said they want the same concession)

Nicola Sturgeon (12)

Emergency cunting for Nicola Sturgeon.

It seems the net is closing as the world is becoming aware of the child trafficking, rape and prostitution going on in her constituent area of Govanhill in Glasgow right under her nose for god knows how long…

Derelict in her duty and should be out of office immediately.
She preaches the child protection and child poverty issues being her top priority.

Every word from her skinny lips is a potential and likely lie.

Nominated by Basement Bob.

Blighty’s Brexit Buggering

Get ready for it. Classic softening up orf The Great British Unwashed going orn. Same buggering tactic – float an inflated figure (in this case a £50bn Brexit bill) then reveal a lower actual figure (intended all along) that the electorate will swallow in relief orf say only £45bn.

So that’s all right then!

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke