‘The Peoples Vote’ Campaign

Four cunts and a greenie

This one deserves a cunting just for the sheer arrogance and contempt implied in the name of said campaign. I was under the impression that we, the plebs, had our vote and decided we’d had enough of this bureaucratic bullshit – brexit means brexit. But apparently not so.. another vote is needed, just to make double sure that we, the plebian masses, weren’t mistaken first time around and haven’t changed our minds due to that CUNT May, who has been deliberately doing her best to fudge the whole thing up. It’s infuriating enough that just one glance at the campaign could have you shooting vaporized piss out your ears.

Initiated by that warp speed scrote Patrick Stewart, and the usual clique of traitorous cunts from Westminster like Chucka Umcunt, Anna Sourface, that pretentious Green cretin Lucas, and some Liberal Cunt no one has ever heard of.

It’s starting to invade the discourse on the media, twatter and the like. Gashtag #Peoples Vote. Preparing everyone for a gentle climb down, back to the usual business of having your nuts squeezed ever tighter in the vice by some cunts in suits that you never heard of and never voted for. You can see it unfolding right now, though I doubt there’s anyone here who didn’t forsee this act of treacherous buggery the instant leave won the referendum.

It’s only a matter of time before the Supreme Grand Master of the Royal Order of Cunts, Anthony Blair, pops back in to view with his shit eating grin and munt of a wife, joins the campaign, and starts telling everyone how necessary and great it is to have your nuts smashed by this antidemocratic pile of anonymous cunts, cunts who happen to be outside our borders and who can never receive the gift of 6ft of rope and a lamppost on Westminster bridge.

Nominated by The Big Chunky Cunty

A. C. Grayling [3]

Cunt of the week award should go to this smelly old wanker A.C.G. Just watch this.

I hate those pompous fuckers who use their initials rather than their names so they can appear *academic* and *important*.

I have heard the motherfucker on the BBC and he is the epitome of the Ladybird Book Of Philosophy. Fuck this old wanket

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Wankpuffinery such as this has pushed me to the limits.

I have NEVER been a violent person, but have come to the conclusion that the ballot box is now a joke. After all, Verminhofstadt, Grayling et al. treat it with contempt.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out. I fear that Jo Cox may NOT be the last offed MP…

Also, German MEP Markus Ferber is a cunt. He has threatened that, if Italy DARES to elect a populist government, the “Troika” may invade Rome – ie IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank.

One of the Italians rightly replied that “It’s never a good sign when the Germans talk about invading

It is time that the EU is destroyed for good.
Hopefully not by violent force but I am struggling to see it any other way.

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

Cambridge Analytica

A cunting for the Cambridge Analytica bullshit.

Firstly, anyone who ‘shares’ personal data with Facebook deserves whatever shite falls on them from above. No sympathy whatsoever. But the fuss being made here seems to be that it benefitted Trump and Leave. Two outcomes that have truly shaken up the elite who know best.

I don’t know or care about the American campaign. Whoever uses the most money most effectively wins. That’s the way it is.

The Remoaners here have found yet another excuse to quash a democratic vote. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that the Remain campaign had the backing of government, civil service, universities, Bank of England etc while Leave was a ragbag of individuals. Oh no. The vote was rigged because some cunts let Facebook give their data to Cambridge Analytica. Their dishonesty is fucking breathtaking.

Here we fucking go again!

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas thinks its okay for snowflakes to block a runway trying to prevent a plane from taking off with “deportee’s” on board.

How did these cunts even know details about this secret unscheduled flight? More security breaches?

Lucas puts GB security at risk by suggesting these organised criminal security breaches are forgotten?

There are serious laws regarding breaching airport security, being airside without relevant travel documents, being on the apron / runway surface, disruption to flights and traffic etc etc many of which are bound by aviation laws. Then there’s the obstruction of the deportation laws as well?

I’m betting there’s a high parking Stanley representation involved in this “peaceful” mission.

We cannot allow our country’s laws be made a mockery of any longer and when your deemed no longer welcome, then its time to leave.

A serving MP should be not be in office if they feel asking that 15 criminals involved in such a serious organised crime be pardoned is appropriate. It highlights concerns in her ability to think and function in the best interests of Great Britain and its security.

I thought the hijacking of vessels was more the style of Greenpeace than the Green Party.

Nominated by Basement Bob

Gary Lineker (9)

Gary ‘Ol’ Jug Ears’ Lineker deserves another cunting. Yesterday, Leave campaigners carried out a stunt to protest the outrageous stitch up that Theresa the Appeaser performed on our already beleaguered fisherman. A small trawler sailed up the Thames to Parliament, and Nigel Farage dumped a load of fish into the river. Cue Lineker, who took to Twatter and posted a photo of Nige, along with the boat’s skipper, Aaron Brown, each holding a fish over the side of the boat, with the comment; “Rarely have 2 such slimy, smelly, slippery creatures held on to some fish”.

People can, and frequently do, say what they want about Nigel. It goes with the territory. He doesn’t care and, frankly, neither do I. But to insult a hard working fisherman who, unlike Lineker, doesn’t scam £1.75 million per year from British TV licence payers, not to mention the obscene amount he gets from Walkers, that’s when you know you’re dealing with a nasty, arrogant, elitist, left wing, fuckwit of a cunt. Personally, I don’t think he’s worth a single penny of the obscene amount the BBC gives him.

It wouldn’t be so bad if this a one off. But it isn’t. Like most of his ilk, Lineker is a fanatical Remainer and has frequently taken to twatter to express his dislike of the 17.5 million people who voted to leave, often resorting to immature insults. And as we all know, Remainers are a bunch of childish cunts, who have spent nearly two years sulking over the referendum and insulting 17.5 million decent, hard working British voters who exercised their democratic right to decide for themselves whether they would to stay or leave, instead of voting the way that traitorous cunts like Lineker wanted us to vote. And it’s not just Brexit, he’s done it with people who have no interest in any of the many leftie causes that he supports, or those who simply disagree with his comments.

I used to like Lineker when he was playing football. Sure, he had a reputation for being a bit of goal hanger, but he seemed to be a pretty decent person. Then he retired and went to work for the BBC, and the REAL Gary Lineker emerged. A nasty, arrogant, opiniated twat. Now, the mask has well and truly slipped. Cunts like Lineker seem to think they’re better than the rest of us. That they’re more intelligent, more intellectual and, therefore superior. They seem to think that democracy is something that only they should have a right to, because the rest of us aren’t intelligent enough to understand complex issues such as the EU, and can’t be trusted to make what they consider to be the correct decision, i.e. to vote to stay in an organisation that steals billions of pounds from us every year, hates us, mocks and insults us regularly, is less democratic than the former Soviet Union and is run by “leaders” who nobody outside the EU parliament voted for and are nothing more than grossly overpaid, incompetent bureaucrats.

Remainers are childish cunts, especially those who are on the left of the political spectrum. Every day they dream up plots to reverse Brexit and hurl insults at 17.5 million people, simple because we exercised our right to decide for ourselves how we would vote in the referendum, rather than simply voting the was THEY wanted us to vote. I hate to break it to them, but that’s how democracy works. One person, one vote. Cunts like Lineker though, seem to think that the concept of democracy should be, “people who don’t share my opinion should not be allowed to vote, because they’re stupid and wrong”. That’s not democracy, that’s totalitarianism.

To my mind, if you’re against us leaving the EU, that’s up to you. Most Remainers, although still unhappy about it, have accepted that we will soon no longer be members of that malicious, insidious cesspit of dictators. Some, like Lineker, are incapable of accepting it, because their arrogance, their sense of superiority and their general disdain of Britain, her people and everything British won’t allow them to accept it. In my opinion, people like that are in the wrong country. They should be in one of the other member countries. So, Gary Lineker, mega cunt, off you fuck!

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Emergency cunting for ISAC staple and hall o’famer Gary Lineker.

After yesterday’s Thames protest against the governments continued fuck up over fishing in UK waters, which saw fisherman on behalf of the disgruntled fishing industry throw dead fish into the stretch of the river outside parliament, good old champagne cuntfuck Gary Lineker tweeted the above.

Farage can look after himself but the real cuntitude of Lineker’s tweeting twatcunt fucksploits is the layered attack on hard-working fishermen worried about their continued compromise thanks to our spineless fucking government. Focusing on easy targets like Farage and ignoring the reasons for the protest, Lineker the monumental cunt has thankfully received largely a backlash from many users on the above comments; many astutely pointing out how Lineker’s faux-outrage only ever appears on select socialist causes – nothing from this talking giblet for example on the Telford fucking shocker of a scandal.

I utterly fucking despise crisp-nicking Shitteker; a man in may eyes famous for being a cringe-worthy scrounger on the pitch, for shitting himself during Italia ’90 and for being the voice of liberal entitlement since the advent of social fucking media. The hatred for this bastard even exceeds that of Lily ‘Xenomong’ Allen. Everything about this man – the hypocrisy, the smug chipping in under the false veil of social justice, the greed, the risible gay art student beard – everything connected to him is utterly fucking contemptible.

An arch-cunt of modern times to be sure, Gary Lineker.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back