Brexit Profiteering

So emergency news splashs orf Blighty running oit orf medicines due to “stockpiling”. Oh no it ain’t. It is down to fucking profiteering. A three or fourfold mark up to the NHS (orn drugs it already pays exorbitantly for) and severe shortages orf common prescription drugs to further jack up the costs – dear old supply and demand (funny that that never seems to work the other way aroinde though). Remember the decimalization mark-ups?

So what is in short supply? Top orf the list Citalopram (anti-depressant) and Naproxen (strong pain killer).

So what drugs keep Yours Truly’s old arse motoring orn in these shitehole times? You guessed it plus rumours abound orf a black market in ticker meds and Viagara. Fuck. Treble bugger.

To much to expect that HMG will set controlled prices for the drugs that keep the NHS (and Yours Truly) running. Let the market decide? Fucking Tory dogma. Shite. Have bought in a few barrels (not kegs) orf me single malt as an alternative prescription.

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke

Grieve & Bercow

Has there ever been a pair of more treacherous cunts in the history of modern British politics?

This morning it is revealed that John “Bollocks to Brexit” Bercow held a meeting in his plush taxpayer funded apartment with arch Remoaner Dominic Grieve the evening before Bercow completely rode roughshod over constitutional protocol by allowing Grieve to table an amendment to an unamendable bill..

Grieve’s comment on the meeting? “I often speak to the Speaker about all sorts of things. We’re fellow Buckinghamshire MPs. But I am not in the business of suborning Speakers. They make up their own minds. I tabled my amendment without speaking to the Speaker. How the Speaker decided to approach the amendment is a matter for him.” So it was all just a coincidence then? Like fuck do I believe that one!

Meanwhile in his Buckinghamshire constituency, the chair of the local party said he had been ‘bombarded’ with letters of complaint about Grieve calling for him to be deselected. He added: ‘We don’t want him to stay as our MP. If he tries to stand again I would personally hurl rotten tomatoes at him.’

Grieve’s comment? He said he was “unaware of any calls by local Beaconsfield Tory association members for him to be deselected over his actions last week and denied that he plans to stand down at the next Election.” Well, it’s in the national press this morning so I guess he’s aware of it now? I find his statement incredulous – but then he is a lawyer!

And as for Mr Bollocks to Brexit? A spokesman said “Meetings with parliamentarians are private and we do not comment on them.”

A pair of undemocratic, untrustworthy cunts if ever there was one…

Nominated by Dioclese

The Media

The media deserve a right royal cunting. Whether it be social or mainstream, it appears they are all bias cunts.

Facebook blocked ads from today without warning and because of ‘changes to their advertising policy’ that they conveniently made yesterday. They have said that all political ads have to prove who paid for them and that they are a UK resident. No remain ads have been removed mind, because they must be all above board and British (Gina Miller/George Soros etc).

Which moves me on to the mainstream media, the British Brainwashing Cunts, The Cuntian, The Financial Cunts, The Cunts Express etc. Have not had one headline story regarding the benefits of Brexit only the negative POSSIBLE impacts. Talk about telling one side of the story, I’m not surprised saggy tits is selective which channel she wants her debate with Catweazel on, she’ll want David Dimblebum to vet the questions asked and keep the argument away from no deal Noel.

Nominated by elboobio

David Millipede [8]

David Miliband:

Following hot on the heels of the Princess Anthony, Banana Boy David Miliband, now a resident of the USA has popped up on The World At One (where else?) to give his little opinions on Brexit.

The Poundland Blair is nearly a big a cunt as his master, but why do the BBC insist n dragging every fucking has been out of their sewers?. Fuck the bastards.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Dominic Grieve (3)

Dominic Grieve. I need to say very little and you will no doubt agree with me. His motion to give MP’s a vote on what happens after Treason May’s shitty deal gets voted out the door, basically has killed off any chance of no deal, in fact he’s basically killed Brexit because the fucking snowflake cunts in the commons will vote to revoke article 50.

Democracy at it’s finest, give you a vote, tell you that they’ll honour the vote, completely fuck up negotiations, start to shirk at the mess they’ve made, plant a seed of retreat, continue to fuck up selling their shitty negotiated deal, throw their hands up in defeat and say sorry, pretend it never happened.

Fuck you Dominic Grieve and the rest of you twat, non democratic, lying, backstabbing, arsehole MP cunts.

Nominated by elboobio