George Soros (2)

George Soros, born in Hungary 87 years ago as György Schwartz, now an American citizen is a 24 carat cunt. He is the man who made a fortune back in 1992 betting against the pound and is filthy rich. No doubt Anna Soubry creams her knickers at the thought of the senile old cunt donating £700,000 towards anti-Brexit groups, £400,000 of which goes to Britain First the wankfest dreamt up by Gina Miller – who has even admitted this week that her organisation is anti-democratic. Exactly, and why is a coffin dodging old American motherfucker interfering in British politics?. Why doesn’t the government have the guts to tell him to mind his own fucking business.

Lady Mandelson, Dick Branson, Blair, Gina Miller – all the very rich men and women who feel that they have the right to patronise us and tell us what is good for us and they are not even hesitating in opening their wallets to buy their will.

I am not jealous of their wealth, if they didn’t have it, I wouldn’t either, but all those pansy lickspittles like Mandy and his bottom feeders in parliament and out of it ought to wonder why these individuals are prepared to be so profligate and what it is in it FOR THEM because that is all they are interested in.

Meantime Soros should spend his money on Viagra and a rubber woman and fuck himself to death an ugly toothless stinking poncy heap of shit.

Nominated by W.C Boggs.

The BBC [13]

Emergency cunting for BBC News – again.

Yesterday Jacob Rees-Mogg was involved in a ‘scuffle’ at Bristol University. On Thursday he spoke out in the House about the Civil Service political bias in the presentation of Brexit figures. Two separate things.

At Bristol, he was to address a ticket only event at the University. Demonstrators – some of them masked and not students – broke into the event by the back doors and shouted him down as he rose on the podium. He’d said next to nothing when this all blew up and to his credit instead of giving in and walking out, went to the back of the hall to talk to them. A scuffle broke out in which he was jostled and pushed.

Some of us remember Germany in the 1930’s when the Nazis rose to power using the same tactics – disrupt and intimidate. ‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

So how does the BBC ticker tape present these two unrelated things?

“Rees-Mogg involved in scuffle with students after speaking out over Brexit figures being fiddled”

Spin at it’s finest. Well done Biased BBC!

Nominated by Dioclese

Nicola Sturgeon (13)

Nicola Sturgeon – again!

The SNP government has ruled the union jack should no longer be raised for the Queen’s birthday at dozens of public buildings.

It had been hoisted at key official and heritage sites 15 days a year to mark royal birthdays and anniversaries. But a proposed rule change will allow it to be used only once a year, on Remembrance Day.

The rainbow flag – the symbol of the gay community – will be flown for four days a year. FFS! It’s not going to make gays vote for you and it’s going to piss off your core Glaswegian beers swilling hard boy supporters – so serves you right.

Officials wanting to hoist the Union banner were warned they would need Sturgeon’s permission.

The decision, which she has ratified, was last night branded ‘churlish and stupid’.

…which just about sums up our favourite haggis munching cunt

Nominated by Dioclese.

Brexit 2, the sequel

Have you noticed recently in the news talk of a second referendum? Not an in/out one like before but our gracious masters might allow the plebs to vote on the terms of the Brexit deal.

So here is the stitch up isn’t it. We all know the establishment, big business and the EU don’t want the UK to leave and give up the gravy train so what a prime opportunity to go back to the people and ramp up project fear mark 2.

So Maybot and here clowns in cahoots with the EU deliberately negotiate a total clusterfuck of a deal, or better still for them no deal at all, and announce a vote on it. There is no way a mutually beneficial deal will be reached as the spicks, wops, bubbles and flatheads will all be up in arms given all the shit they have had to swallow from Brussels. When will the flatheads learn anyway? After escaping a communist dictatorship then proceed to readily sign up to another, fucking morons.

So there we have it, project fear 2. And guess what, all the remoaning cunts, media, government swing into action telling us that we will face a nuclear winter that will last decades the UK beset by economic woes sending the towns and cities into chaos full of jobless emaciated people living on piles of rubble and having to queue up at soup kitchens as there is no food left. A future that will make Bartertown look like a Cotswold village fete.

Oh, and of course, summarise with all the really important things that really matter to people like your foreign holiday will cost a little more and you might have to queue at passport control in EU land for half an hour once or twice a year, you know the things that really matter to the common folk.

No mention of the possibilities for the UK to flourish outside of the EU straitjacket, of course not, it is not in their plan to tell us how good it could be.

I can see it coming, I never thought the UK will be allowed to leave and this second referendum is the perfect way to get project fear right and ensure a no vote to the deal and the UK stays in after all. Doubt if I would even get odds from Ladbrokes on the UK not leaving the EU, its a dead cert in my book.

Fucking cunts.

Nominated by Dick Byrne

If it was a choice between
1. Bad Deal.
2. No Deal (WTO).
I believe No Deal (WTO) would win by a mile. And the establishment wouldn’t risk that. Once bitten, twice shy.

Of course they’d like the ballot paper to read:
1. Bad Deal.
2. Remain.
But the Brexiteers would never let them get away with that. If they did, we’d deserve to go to hell anyway.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

So – surprise surprise – we need a second Brexit referendum.

Not really a surprise as the Fourth Reich used this tactic in Norway and Sturgeon is trying it in Jockland. All referenda are reversible and can be subject to a further referendum unless you get the answer you want, in which can it’s irreversible.


Nominated by Jean Claude Drunker

Nigel Farage (2)

In all this crazy world let us not forget the strange Twilight Zone vanishing of Nigel Farage. Not so long ago he was smirking to camera and proclaiming that he was not going anywhere and would remain in politics to ensure Brexit means Brexit. Well it’s gone dahn the khazi and UKIP are playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun yet still not a tweet or a squeak from the cunt. Will continue as a member of the EU Parliament to draw his massive pay and perks and maximise his enormous pension but lead a new charge against the Remainers as promised? Nah, can’t be arsed.

Don’t suppose the condition in his T&Cs re withdrawal of pension rights if he is judged to have brought the EU into disrepute (ie calling them cunts and tossers) has anything to do with Farage going stumm at this time orf crisis?

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke.