Middle Lane Hoggers


It probably comes as no suprise to most that some middle-lane hogging cunt has been quite literally shunted out of it by a lorry on the M1, the driver of which was probably fed up with these fucking muggles who clog up the motorways on a daily basis. Lorry driver will obviously be demonised in the Daily Fail, lose his job, etc…

Predictably, the middle-lane moron had dashcams fitted and the whole thing is on camera.
Okay, so perhaps the lorry driver could have just carried on up the inside and undertook him whilst extending the universally accepted wanker gesture. But judging by the overtake seen on the footage – the dickhead in the car was pootling along at about 50mph in the middle lane so no wonder at least one person has lost thier cool. He says the lorry flashed him and drove to close and was ‘intimidating’ him – well that’s probably just a strong indication that you’re in the wrong fucking lane at the wrong fucking speed so move the fuck over! Instead, he obviously felt so ‘intimidated’ that he though the best thing to do was stay right there… cunt.

It’s these fucking imbeciles who cause most of the congestion on the roads, make everybody late, piss everybody right off and make me wish that the Mad Max world is real.

Lorries can sometimes piss me off a bit with the old 5 mile uphill overtake manoeuvre (but in fairness everybody on the road pisses me off at some point), not but half as much as the brain-dead fuckwits that struggle with the mental challenge of breathing in and out, let alone negotiating a busy motorway, plus I always try to remember that lorry drivers are people physically ‘at work’ trying to do their jobs and stick to delivery deadlines.

So I have no sympathy whatsoever for this dashcam douchebag, and I also have no doubt that he’ll soon be coining it in from some solicitor weasel for all the ‘sleepless nights’ he’s about to have. It wasn’t ‘your life’ that flashed before you mate – it was the headlights of the pissed off driver in your rearview mirror (that thing top-centre of your windscreen). And you can bet he’ll be back in that fucking middle lane in no time. (ps – since he recorded it on his twat-cam, shouldn’t the old bill be tapping him up for wee middle-lane hogging fine…?)

Middle-lane hoggers are cunts.

Nominated by: Nickleby

Andy Murray [10]


Andy Murray is a cunt. Not only does he almost single handedly win the Davis cup for Great Britain for the first time since the 1930s but he then gets awarded the BBC personality of the year award during which he actually makes a joke about his ‘personality’. What an utter cunt.

Nominated by: Vermin Cunt Spotter

Andy Murray dour jock cunt has just won sports personality of the year,how can an individual devoid of personality be a champion of it, fucked if I know

Nominated by: Toryboy

Class War


Class War are about due for a cunting. That bunch of violent, soap dodging, bigoted, ignorant, left wing fuckwits. They’ve threatened to riot if Zac Goldsmith wins the election to become London Mayor. The very name of this group of democracy hating cock wipes is laughable. Because the vast majority of their members are middle class arseholes, living off trusts provided by mummy and daddy.

In a democracy, even a flawed one like ours, people have the right to vote for any candidate they wish. You have the right to vote for one candidate, or another, depending on their policies, etcetera. You have the right to refrain from voting should none of the candidates be what you want. Sometimes, the person you voted for wins, sometimes they don’t. That’s democracy, and most of us accept that. What you DO NOT have, is the right to spit out your dummy and take to the streets, damaging or destroying other peoples property, simply because the majority of people voted for the candidate that you hate.

That’s what Class War are proposing if Sadiq Khan doesn’t win. One of their leaders, Jon Rees, is a real piece of shit. He chaired the press conference, at which CAGE, that bunch of muslim filth who love terrorists, praised the cocksucker known as jihadi john. Rees is the dictionary definition of the word, ‘traitor’. This cunt literally hates EVERYTHING British. So I can also assume he hates himself.

And like all knuckle dragging, far left fuckwits, Rees sees it as his holy mission to condescendingly fight for the working class. Even if their actions cause harm to the working class. It never fails to amaze me that these clowns constantly drone on about fighting fascism, whilst using the very same tactics that the Fascists themselves employed. They are far, far too stupid to realise that THEY are they enemy of the Working Class.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Fucking stupid messages


What the fuck is it with people who are too thick to know that they are writing bollocks?

For example : “An unexpected error has occurred” WTF! Which fucking error were you expecting then, you twat!!!

Here’s another : “This page has been deliberately left blank” Has it buggery! You just wrote “This page has been deliberately left blank” on it!

You cunts are just unexpectedly thick! Oh, hang on! No you’re not because I expected it. Cunts!

Nominated by : Dioclese

Stupid Tourists


I see a report that two stupid tourist cunts have died. As well as all the Greif Jackers sending their RIPs and Too Young to Dies all over the media.

One, some stupid american leaves a window open during a “Routine Drive”in a Lion Park in South Africa. A meter away she winds down the window to get a photo and the Lion does what it supposed do, – mauls the cunt.

Next – The backpacker inquiry into how a year or so back, a backpacker can “fall off a canyon ledge” in the center of Australia. Simple answer? You don’t, unless you fucking choose to. And, when all the guides and mates have removed selfies and posts of themselves hanging off an edge – isnt it obvious?

In addition to those that swim in Shark Beaches, Crocodile Areas and go missing fishing off rocks, why do these cunts think they are exempt from Nature?

Least we forget of course there’s cunts that fall off balconies.

They all should be nominated for Darwin Awards, not an Obituary the cunts.

Nominated by: King Cunt