Boycotting awards


I’m boycotting the American Black Film Festival, the Black Movie Awards and the MOBO Awards, the Black International Film Festival, the Black Reel Awards, etc, etc…. just not enough whites getting prizes at them.

I guess that makes me a big white racist.

Nominated by: Nickleby

Not enough blacks in the BAFTAs, Oscars, Golden Globes? What ever happened to the best gets the gong whatever colour, race, sexual persuasion or any other fucking criteria but ability?

It’s alright to exclude whites from the MOBOs and loads of others to boot, but not the other way around. Hypocrites make me sick – whatever colour their skin is.

Face it – you didn’t get an Oscar nomination because you weren’t fucking good enough.

Play the race card. Works every time. You don’t want to attend the ceremony? Fine. Just fuck right off, losers…!

Nominated by: Dioclese