Musical bog trotters

I see those bogtrotting hypocrites, Slob Geldof and U2 are at it again… Apparently the smelly one and the taxdodging dadrockers have condemned Aung San Suu Kyi for having the nerve to deal with the peaceful cunts in Burma… Someone should tell these thick village idiots that the Burmese don’t want any rapes, murders, or terrorism from these parasites in their own backyard… Simple as that… Mind you, I don’t even think these Irish cunts would even be arsed if the muslamists committed an atrocity in Dublin… They’d either be too busy appeasing the murderers or living it up in their tax havens… Cunts…

And, of course, Bono and his cunts have bigged up Aung San Suu Kyi for years… She was their ‘virtue signaling mascot’ for a long tine… But now she’s committed the heinous (to celebricunts) crime of daring to stand up to the peaceful cunts, Bonio and his pals have chucked the toys out of the Amnesty International pram… Cunts…

Nominated by Norman

My cuntometer went off the scale today, triggered by that cunt Bob Geldof. It was as though his tired, stroppy rebel act wasn’t wearing enough or the spectacle of he and his cunty tosser rich pals hurling puerile abuse at British fishermen from a boat on the Thames last year. Then just today, he managed once again make my blood boil in a way not seen since his dull as dishwasher one hit in the 1980s where he whined tastelessly about some school shooting or other. The cunt is “protesting” the Burmese president by handing back his Freedom of the City of Dublin award. Gee Bob, the Burmese president is quaking in her Gucci shoes at your bravery. Hey Bob, you cunt of cunts, why not put your ill gotten gains where your mouth is. Cunt!

Nominated by Slack Alice

Bono [12]

Bono is a premium cunt…
We all know about the immense legacy of cuntitude this buffoon has behind him:

Giving speeches on green issues, then having a hat (a fucking hat!) flown across the world first class on a Jumbo Jet….

Using his vast wealth to pursue and ruin former employees in the high court over a pair of trousers….

Going on about ‘Make Poverty History’ and all that finger clicking shite, then blowing 250 grand on a ‘party’…

Appearing at every UK political party conference during General Election campaigns, when he’s Irish and UK politics has fuck all to do with him…

Pontificating about Brexit and how ‘wrong’ it is (again, fuck all to do with rich Bogtrotters)…

Tells the ‘riff-raff’ to dig deep for those lost cause Africans, when he has luxury houses in Dublin, New York, Barbados, Malibu, Amsterdam, and Monte Carlo…

And now the piss de resistance… After years of telling the ordinary working man and woman what to do with their hard earned cash, this cunt has been rumbled for tax dodging and ‘investing’ in a Lithuanian Arndale Centre… The whole thing smells worse than a Pakistani wrestler’s jockstrap fried in two week old chip fat…

He really is the Crème de la cunt…

Nominated by Norman

MTV in Trafalgar Square

MTV presents Trafalgar Square: U2 and David Guetta play ‘once-in-a-lifetime show’ in London?

MTV are cunts… This is probably their first actual music related show in twenty years… These cunts are to blame for the Satan’s arse telly that is the Osbournes, Jersey/Geordie Shore, 16 and Pregnant, and several other ‘made for scum’ reality shows…

And, of course, U2 are supreme cunts and David Guetta is a cunt….

Nominated by Norman

David Guetta brings shame to the EDM name he is a electropop house music cunt throu an throu and hes more interested in half baked collaborations with cunts like nicki minaj, kelly rowland and the endless of eurodance bellends

Nominated by Titslapper

U2 (2)

U2 are cunts…

The cuntitude of their frontman is legendary… But this latest stunt really is taking the piss…In 2007 their ‘Joshua Tree’ album was reissued as a ’20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’… This contained unreleased and rare tracks, DVDs etc and was reasonably priced.

Fast forward to 2017: and a ’30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ is coming out… It’s the same as the 2007 one (without the DVD and some new flash packaging) with (it says) ’25 unreleased tracks’… 18 of the tracks are from a live concert recorded in 1987, and the other 7 are ‘new remixes’ of Joshua Tree tracks… And the price for this ‘new’ set borders on the obscene… For a live CD and a few pointless remixes… Cunts….

Nominated by Norman.

Islamic State and Bono


I would like to cunt ISIS again.

Turns out, when that micrococked, bum boy adherent of the religion of piss was mowing down innocent civilians with a fucking massive truck, he totally fucked up by missing Bono.

Bono, it transpires was having dinner in a nearby restaurant with a bunch of his cunt mates when the horror unfolded.

Being the fearless eco warrior and tax evader extraordinaire that he is, what did Bonio do?
Did he:

A. Tear his shirt off and run full tilt towards the truck in an attempt at shielding innocent women and kids from the Islamic faggot’s onslaught?

B. Grab a fallen gendarme’s gun and attempt to shoot out the trucks pneumatic braking system, thereby making the brakes lock on, before dragging the muslim goat rapist out of the cab and ventilating it’s skull several times?

C. Shit himself and run full speed inside the restaurant as fast as his short little legs could carry him, while being protected by minders. Only emerging once the emergency services could stop him crying, release his grip from the leg of the table he was hiding under and bring him some fresh pants….which had to be flown over from Dublin in a private jet?

I’ll let my fellow cunters make their minds up on that one.

But, I have this to say to ISIS:
“You useless, stupid, fuckwit cunts!!! You could have made a fucking name for yourselves and actually got some fucking respect if you had just hit Bono. Nobody else, just Bono!”

Anyway, its too fucking late now, you fucked it up royally. I hope you catch goat AIDS and die a slow and painful death.

Fucking twats!

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls