Bitcoin is an annoying pile of cuntery, isn’t it.

I’m tired of reading about this flash-in-the-pan tedium. Rapacious nerds salivating over endless growth, constantly talking up this ‘phenomenon’ whilst normal people continue their life using money they’ve actually earnt. What in fuckery is wrong with people and their imaginary money? I’m tired of reading about this bollocks as if it’s doing something important or saving humanity.

Oh, Bitcoin gave you 1000% interest this year, did it? I don’t care. I don’t give a fuck about your untrustworthy scam or imaginary millions. Go away.

No, I don’t want to buy an overpriced rice crispies & Kale burger with Bitcoin. You’re a cunt.

No, I don’t want to have my beard trimmed and oiled and pay with Bitcoin at your pop-up Moustache-waxing hairdresser. You’re a cunt.

I neither wish to participate in this trendy fraud nor listen to wealthy, sanctimonious, ecology hipsters boring me to death about it. Just Shit Off!

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous