There have been a spate of nominations on this site recently to cunt all cyclists as lycra wearing, pro peloton riding cunts.

Whilst there are indeed cunts who ride bikes to tarnish us all with the same brush is taking the piss.

Yes we may be a fucking nuisance as you have to give us a mere 2ft by the curb as you blow past at 60mph, but cyclist are nothing compared to the reckless cunts on motorcycles, therefor they deserve a cunting.

A prime example for your perusal, it should be no surprise this guy is now dead (2012) and as much as he is a cunt for this stunt, you somehow have to admire his fucking death-wish

So in conclusion, yes there are some cyclist who are cunts, yes there are some motor-bikers who are cunts and there are certainly car drivers, taxi drivers, van drivers and lorry drivers who are cunts.

But the biggest cunts of all are actors, politicians, singers and anyone in the fucking media

Nominated by: Boaby



Guy Martin, what a monumental cunt. Fogarty is a cunt too, and Barry Sheen, in fact all limp-dicked cunts on motorbikes are wankers!

One of the neighbours up our avenue has some swanky 1000cc thing, the cunt is a pain in the arse. every morning he starts it up just after 7am and then proceeds to rev it in the red a dozen times before roaring up the avenue doing about 120mph before he even gets to the junction.

One of these days I am gonna cut the cunt’s brake lines!

Nominated by: Gormless Fuckwit

Harley Riders


I would like to cunt Harley Davidson riders. Not the kind that roam the wide open roads of the United states, but the kind that think a quarter ton of under-engineered shit has a place in built up areas of the U.K.

The reason for wishing to cunt these closet homosexuals is because when I am trying to get a teething infant off to sleep, some fucktard rides past the house with a none existant exhaust system straight off the manifold.

I have clocked one of the inconsiderate cunts at 120db of what sounded like an amplified fart during the summer last year at 01:30 when I had the windows open trying to get some kip myself. I lifted about three feet off the fucking bed, couldn’t get back off to sleep and spent the rest of the night trying to get the nipper back off to the land of nod too.

You’re not big, clever or hard.

No fucker is looking at you thinking ‘Wow, that fat middle aged bloke in the open face lid with the tassled jacket is sooo cool’.

What they are actually thinking is ‘That fat balding cunt on the rolling midlife crisis needs to grow the fuck up and get a fucking life…..and a silencer for that exhaust’

Sad, sad cunts. The lot of you.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls