Benedict Cumberbatch [6]

Benedict Cumberbatch is a cunt. Again.
Channel 4’s Brexit: An Uncivil War was an accurate, true, bold account of the… Naa, it wasn’t. It was dogshit in a saucepan.

Leave were under-handed, they used cheating computer hacking algorithms to win, their behaviour crass and appalling.
Stay In Europe were all honest, earnest, clean all led by the wonderful father, cooking-for-three-children Rory Kinnear.

It even suggested, astonishingly, that the BBC was impartial AGAINST Remain!

All the Leave voters were thickie, bitter, chip-on-the-shoulder racists. A focus group contained calm, rational EU-lovers and poorly-spoken Leavers (one Leave woman was shown having an hysterical fit).

The Jo Cox blanket was dragged out and given a shake accompanied by a solemn silence. Zzz.

There was no mention of Osborne’s threats, Obama’s threat,the EU’s threats, or Cameron’s £9 million leaflet to EVERY HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY just a constant drip-drip about dodgy computer dealings.

And Cumbercunt himself. His weak, twitchy acting was made up of waving his arms and frowning with his mouth. A bit like Sherlock and, erm…the other characters.
His accent started in Chester took a drive around the North-East with detours through Wales and, occasionally, London.

He’s a one-trick pony actor and this was a no-trick pony film. He should stick to what he does best: living in his Hampstead castle and being a cunt.


Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Benedict Cumberbatch [5]

Benedict Cumberbatch is a cunt, isn’t he?

According to eye-witnesses (well, him) he foiled an attempt by four attackers to mug an innocent man, alone in London. This was in the dingy, mean streets of Marylebone. Apparently, according to an on-the-spot witness (erm, him again), he prevented the crazed, presumably drug-fuelled, madmen severely hurting a poor delivery bloke on a moped.


Marylebone High Street is a wealthy restaurant area frequented by the type of entitled turd with oodles of spare cash and hardly a dodgy area. Dave “I won’t resign if Remain loses” Piggy-Cameron dines there. It’s also in close proximity to Baker Street. Cumberbatch and Baker Street. I smell the rancorous odour of a cheap marketing story.

Furthermore it was last year. Why’s the story bursting now? In vain have I searched for this daring crime-fighter to be flogging some new, insipid tv dogshite but no; nothing except a film about Brexit. Psh.

Listen Benny, you’re not fooling anyone. Your Harrow days weren’t spent scrapping overTop Trumps in the playground and your RADA stage-fighting wouldn’t beat a cripple with spaghetti arms. Your story’s about as authentic as the refugees you pretend to house. Cease interfering in virtue-signalling politics and fuck off back to Castle Cuntbags in Hampstead to rub talcum powder on your balls, you one-trick pony, poodle-faced ponce.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Benedict Cumberbatch [3]


Benedict Cuntberbatch is so much of a cunt, he is going to get a triple cunting….

1. Another from the rich kids school (Ronson, Swift, Delevigne etc)… Got into acting through his posh parents and their connections… Then helps to ruin the Sherlock Holmes legend by making it a load of PC poofter and wimmin infested shite… The cunt even had his posh parents in the Sherlock series (same goes for that Freeman cunt…. A crap actress getting a big part in it, just because he’s slipping her one!)…

2. Poncing about like a pretentious cunt with David Gilmour… Gilmour apparently doesn’t have time to reunite Floyd, or work with Roger Waters… But he’ll play on stage with that posturing luvvie, Benedict Cumbercunt…

3. Cuntberbatch is another of the ‘refugees welcome’ mob… But when asked if he would actually take these muzzie parasites in himself, old Cuntbertwat makes the excuse that his house is ‘gutted’, that it is empty and has no electric… He then said he had a baby in his ‘flat’ (ie: swanky pad) and has ‘no spare room’… First off: I doubt this whopper of a luvvie lives in a normal sized flat… Second: He also conveniently omitted that he could buy virtually any house – with fixtures and fittings – in the UK just like that…

He’s basically yet another fake bleeding heart double standards all talk and no do plastic liberal celebrity cunt….

Nominated by: Norman

Benedict Cumberbatch [2]


Let’s put Cumbercunt at the top of the cunt list for being a complete arsehole of a privileged molly coddled dorm fagging twat.

Instead of being in character he uses every stage opportunity to harangue his paying bunch of fawning worshippers on subjects he thinks are fashionable and will get him twatted on social meedjia, just play the fucking Dane and fuck off back to the green room.

How the fuck he finds time to act is a mystery. His life appears to be taken up supporting fringe charities, mindfulness and whinging on about trying to avoid awkward questions about his public school knob gazing.

This quote sums the self-obsessed cunt up perfectly – “It taught me that you come into this world as you leave it, on your own. It’s made me want to live a life less ordinary.” , said after he’d been abducted in Sarf Africa. Seems like he doesn’t follow his own shitty mantras, the cunt.

Nominated by: Arsebiscuit

Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict Cumberbatch – daft trollops wanting to commit suicide because he’s got married, for fucks sake, this man is just a complete cunt of the highest order, and why so fucking posh?

For what I can work out using the internet, and old VHS tapes, his sister is married to Rodney Trotter, his mum is a bossy old tart who drives around in futuristic cars from the 1970s, and his dad is a bloke who owns a printing firm and a limousine company hiring out old Ford Granada’s.

I also found out that his dad’s been in nick, and also buys old dodgy mobile phones off someone called Arthur Dailey, Arthur bloody Dailey, the biggest used car salesman in north London.

Nominated by: Ram it home Ginger Rogers

Yet another rich born left wing twat, who thinks he has a god given right to lecture people on the need to bring an unlimited number of ‘refugees’ to the UK. Which is what he did at the end of his Hamlet gigs. If I’d been at one of those performances, I’d have got up and walked out as soon as the Hamlet bit was over.

It’s all very well shouting “FUCK THE GOVERNMENT” (very classy by the way), and demanding that more foreign parasites be allowed to permanently settle in the UK. But people like Bendydick were born into privilege. They’ve never lived in the areas that these so called refugees get sent to. They’ve never seen the disruption, or the tensions it’s caused with the indigenous people, because nobody asked if they WANTED a bunch of, mostly, aggressive and hostile strangers to bring their alien culture to a long established community.

The only experience cunts like Benzadrine Cuntflaps have of immigrants, come from the fucking au pairs, maids and cleaners they hire on the cheap. The worst of them, are those like Geldof and Cooper-Balls. They both offered to put up a Syrian ‘refugee’ family in their own homes. Now that the fuckers are over here, Geldof and Cooper-Balls have both been strangely silent on that issue. Cooper-Balls was interviewed over the phone by Nick Ferrari on his radio show a few weeks back. All was going well until Nick enquired about her promise to house a refugee family. The line suddenly went dead. Refugees welcome? Only until she has to keep a promise.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Cumberbatch was really quite good as Hamlet. Shame’s he’s such a cunt in real life…

Have a refugee for Christmas, Bennie. It’s cheaper than a turkey!

Nominated by: Dioclese