Ben Bradshaw [4]

A mega cunt for sure and here is another that needs a really heavy cunting. Ta Da the labour mp Ben Bradshaw. Just read an article in which the cunt claims that Russia had a hand in the brexit vote being bigger than the stay in cos I’m a cunt vote.

Thinking back to that fateful day I seem to recall fuck all about anyone or anything making me vote out apart from the tsunami of cuntishness that is drowing this poor wee isle. I do not need Russians telling me that so many of my country men and women are fucking ‘tards the fact is obvious when I leave the house. This arsewipe is drawing a massive salary paid for by you and me direct action anyone?

Nominated by: Black biscuit

Ben Bradshaw needs a cunting. Not content with being a bat shit crazy, immature, loser Remainer, Bradshaw has made the most outrageous claim yet as to why Brexit won the Referendum. Russian hackers skewed the vote in favour of Brexit. I mean, what the actual fuck is Bradshaw on? He was ridiculed in the commons today, and rightly so. He was also challenged to provide proof, which he couldn’t do, because there fucking is none.

I know that those Remainers who haven’t resigned themselves to the fact that Brexit WILL happen are generally mentally unstable, left wing dickheads. But even by their standards, this claim is so outrageous that I would not have blamed any MP who had jumped from their bench, and repeatedly beaten Bradshaw upside the head with the despatch box. What…a…fucking…dildo.

The fact is, Ben, the majority of British voters opted for Brexit, because we’re sick of being treated with contempt, and as a cash cow, by a bunch of unelected, unelectable, ignorant, arrogant, shit eating, incompetent assholes at the EU commission. Manuel Barosso recently said that if the EU had actually listened to the concerns of the British people and acted upon them, we never have voted to the leave the EU. And he’s probably right. The British are known for their tolerance, but that tolerance only goes so far. And being treated like shit for the past 20 years has pushed us over the limit. THAT is why we voted to leave the EU.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw