BBC Sports Panels

Some intensive cunting for BBC sports panel discussions is necessary. For those of you who don’t waste your time watching the shit on offer on the Beeb, a BBC sports panel comprises 4-8 people, invariably chaired by Claire Balding or Gabby Logan, who witter away endlessly and inanely about whatever sport you want to watch when you could actually be watching it.

Yesterday I had the misfortune to endure possibly the most retarded discussion I’ve ever witnessed. It was about the cycling points race which, if you have something vaguely resembling a brain, isn’t particularly difficult to understand. If you’re Rebecca Adlington, however, it is particularly impossible to understand. Fair enough, I’m sure most people don’t know or care about this particular race but why the fuck must this chatter be broadcast on a Saturday morning when most people want to watch the before-mentioned cycling/swimming etc. Surely the red button can be used for those with a fetish for talking cunts rather than for the actual sport?

If you missed it, the conversation in question consisted of one of the cycling ‘experts’ explaining to old rubber-face how the points worked, which resulted in an arseful of shrieking and giggling and Adlington bleating on Stacey Solomon-style about how they go fast and they go slow and fast and slow and why don’t they just go fast? Hahhahahaha – then someone else said they go slow so they can have a cup of tea, cue more shrieking and giggling, then some other cunt said ‘didn’t you see them pass the biscuits around?’ cue more frenzied giggling and shrieking, all the while Balding stuffing her fat head into the picture to bombard us with shit fucking one liners.

When they finally show the odd race, it tends to be followed by a 25-minute interview with whichever Welsh/Scottish/English bint came fifth and hopes to do better the next time but is so amazed that she’s there in the first place and everything is so awesome hello everyone back home etcetera etfuckingcetera.

The one exception to this is Michael Johnson, who has a talent for in-depth analysis that would shame a NASA scientist. How the fuck he can put up with the rest of the twats on offer is beyond me.

Nominated by Galted Asas

The Daily Mash

The Daily Mash – fucking SJW BBC funded cunt gunge. Political satire? Is it fuck, political satire aims at any worthwhile target no matter what political creed. This is just an attack on conservative right leaning voters and anyone who voted to leave the E cunting U.

It’s a free country and I don’t have to watch this unfunny Corbynista cunt fest, so why am I nominating it for a cunting? Because I have to under penalty of law pay for these cunts to sit there and cunt me off for my beliefs.

Insidious cunts package propaganda up as satire and force it on the masses.

I know the BBC is nominated often, it should be. We are forced to pay for this cancerous arse boil on society to cunt us off and laugh in our faces.

The BBC needs to self fund and see how many socialist wankers will pay for the shit it pumps out if it’s made a choice.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

The BBC [13]

Emergency cunting for BBC News – again.

Yesterday Jacob Rees-Mogg was involved in a ‘scuffle’ at Bristol University. On Thursday he spoke out in the House about the Civil Service political bias in the presentation of Brexit figures. Two separate things.

At Bristol, he was to address a ticket only event at the University. Demonstrators – some of them masked and not students – broke into the event by the back doors and shouted him down as he rose on the podium. He’d said next to nothing when this all blew up and to his credit instead of giving in and walking out, went to the back of the hall to talk to them. A scuffle broke out in which he was jostled and pushed.

Some of us remember Germany in the 1930’s when the Nazis rose to power using the same tactics – disrupt and intimidate. ‘Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

So how does the BBC ticker tape present these two unrelated things?

“Rees-Mogg involved in scuffle with students after speaking out over Brexit figures being fiddled”

Spin at it’s finest. Well done Biased BBC!

Nominated by Dioclese

The BBC [116]

Accordingto David Aaronovitch on Newsnight: By 2020 enough brexit supporting voters would have died so as to enable a repeat referendum to return a vote to remain!

Are youfucking serious? Apparently, Millenial voters can’t afford to buy a house and won’t buy from companies who don’t virtue signal for the LGBTQQHDIVSJCHCGJVFKVJFK community or the peacefuls so are all remoaners:WTF?

Oh and apparently, all members of the Tory party are coffin dodgers and that is why Theresa May is P.M…

This station needs to be taken off the air……..

Nominated by Kravdarth

BBC have some fat cunt now telling us the Brexit vote would now be lost because Brexit voters are all old and dying off. Can we not just cunt the BBC but get involved with getting enforced public funding removed.?

I’m too fucking angry to wrote a good cunting, I’m fed up with his organisation that is meant to be unbiased but constantly pumps out thinly veiled agenda driven shite into our homes.

They may as well tax me to fund the wanky labour cunt party

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Editor’s note:
Aaronovitch was repeating what Nick Clegg said before Christmas

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Sports Cunt of the Year

Er… Who the fuck are these cunts?

Sports Personality of the Year – one of the most high-concentration gathering of cunts you’ll see ‘twixt this world and the next. I agree with many others who suggest the awards should be renamed – perhaps ‘De Facto Cunto’, ‘2017s Biggest Cunt who Runs on Grass’ or more simply ‘The Sporting Cunt’s Cunt’.

If you even care, the nominations for this year have been released (see how many you can identify in the above picture)

This is one of those seismic events where the cuntitude is exhibited on so many levels:

1. Hosted by the Al-BBC

2. A large hall packed with a vast array of overpaid, over-inflated egos

3. The title of the fucking award. The shortlist is always picked based upon achievement, so why the fuck argue semantics on it being the ‘sports personality’ award? What’s ‘personality’ got to do with big-mouthed virtue-signalling dour cunt Andy Mugray winning it three times? Alternatively, just make it genuinely about personality – nominate people like that snooker player who said all the Chinese are cheating cunts, or the pub-league darts player who can fire an arrow at the treble 20 directly from his arse.

4. Clare Balding wheeled out to bark her way through proceedings with all the finesse a Tourette’s sufferer on acid

5. Gary Lineker. A man whose cuntitude speaks more volumes than Franklin W. Dixon’s Hardy Boys entire back catalogue

6. The usual intersecting VTs foisted upon viewers affording coverage to the flids, the minorities, the wimminz and all the other sports which you either shake your head at in disbelief or laugh uncontrollably at the shiteness of

7. The annual mass-fellation of Usain Bolt

SPOTY is a an enormous festival of monumental cunt, by monumental cunts, for monumental cunts.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back