The BBC [24]

Yet another nomination for the BBC, this time for their ludicrous bias towards Liverpool Football Club. They are virtually creaming their pants over the cheating Scouse bastards being top of the League. Cunters of a certain age will no doubt remember the way Liverpool were sainted by the Savilites in the 1970s and 1980s. And this bias has continued despite Liverpool not winning the title for decades. Christ, I was still at university the last time Liverpool won the title. Anyone who doubts this bias only has to look at the different ways Heysel and Hillsborough are remembered.

My campaign for a ‘People’s Season’ begins the moment Ipswich are relegated and Liverpool are champions on the grounds that most fans, players and managers were too stupid, too racist and probably too Islamophobic to understand the rules and the whole season must be replayed to get an outcome I like (FYI, if Liverpool are again champions and Ipswich are again relegated, I will demand a third vote, sorry season).

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The BBC [22]

Part of the albbc report on the Hungarian prime minister. Slagging him off because he doesn’t want large minority peacefuls in his lands.

Albbc say he did not take the following into account about the ones that did the shootings in Paris:

– the troubled family background of the perpetrators,
– their upbringing in an orphanage,
– the radicalisation they succumbed to –

All these were of no interest to Orban. Fucking sickening by the albbc looking for excuses for why they did it. It wasn’t their fault really.

Cunts to a man.

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The BBC [17]

The BBC. Yet again. I’m sorry. I’m sick of them too. But when they’re posting shit like this, I have no fucking choice.

Once again they’re pushing this narrative that Muslims are all poor, oppressed people who are always facing abuse from the evil working class whitey. Of course, there is the obligatory mention of Brexit in there as well to subtly tarnish all Brexit voters as being racist bigots and portray Brexit itself as a hateful event. No doubt they were wet when they found out these figures (which, of course, have legitimate criticisms of Pisslam and ‘hate speech’ offences that shouldn’t be crimes in the first place lumped in as well) and couldn’t wait to get their hands on them.

Evil, morally bankrupt, Pisslam appeasing, virtue signalling, Britain hating, white people having, right wing hating, working class hating, man hating far left propagandising cunts! Goebbels truly would be proud! Oh, and did I mention they were CUNTS?

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The BBC [15]

BBC yet again.

Bragging egregiously tonight about their viewing figures for the Bodyguard ( I don’t know – haven’t seen it, won’t watch it on the net, because then I’d have to buy a fucking licence)
Aunty is beside herself that 10.4 million people in the UK watched the finale of this series, and was crowing endlessly on Radio 2 news. Now, apparently that’s a fucking enormous figure, well worth our attention – TEN POINT FOUR MIILION….

Can I just point out, to the BB-fucking-C, that a further 7 million people, yes, that’s 17.4 MILLION people voted, 2 years ago, to get us out of the bastard EU. And yet that figure can be dismissed on a daily basis, by the BBC, and others, as “meaningless”….
Utter fucking CUNTS.

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My first “is a cunt,” nomination. ISAC is my light at the end of a tunnel every day, of like minded fellows. I lack the confidence I guess, to match the postings of you intelligent guys, so I rarely do
But watching the perilous BBC tonight, left me with two choices. Either escape into my air vent, scream until I was sectioned as insane. Or get it off my chest. ” George Shelley,” some talentless singer, of some boy band, crying, with perfumed tissues at hand, over the grief of losing his sister in an accident. But true to the Cunts of BBC, it was really about his anxiety of being gay. Just another shit head, ruminating down a rabbit hole about the “grief of losing his sister,” as a cover story for attention to the “dilemmas of gays.” What a cunt of an assholes they are. Him & the BBC, to associate & equate grief alongside the meltdown of a gay man in the cupboard as one and the same, is the gutter ideology that BBC will sink too. It’s just not in their remit to broadcast the grief of real victims & families of Terror attacks, Rape, murder, at the hands of peace loving immigrants. World war I , World 11. Too close too the bone eh you BBC Cunts!! As for George Shelley, just another talentless prick, resorting to any publicity to further some career. Grief Mr Shelley!! You don’t have a fucking clue. I could give you a run down of what it feels like. Guess I’ll just leave you, & the Cunts of BBC to rejoice in your own stew.

Nominated by Lost Sheep

Have the Beeb received their mandatory monthly cunting yet? No? Well, then allow me to do it. I was perusing their website earlier and came across this article about a supposedly ‘waycist’ poem:
Of course al-Beebera think anything that criticises their precious ‘refugees’ is racist. Of fucking course. Shit like this is one of the reasons why I decided to scrap my TV licence. Fuck you Beebistan, fuck you – and well done to the girl and mother for standing by the poem. If the Germans have any sense they’ll vote AfD at the next election.

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The BBC [14]

Now, I know cunting Al-Beebera is old news by this point, but whilst browsing their cunty website I happened to come across this article

Oh yeah, let’s not focus on what the policies of the nominees are or whether they’re good candidates, let’s go the Hillary Clinton route and focus purely on their gender and the ‘I’m a good candidate because I’ve got a vagina’ line of ‘argument’. Oh, and one of them is Muslim too – yet another reason to push the narrative that the policies of candidates don’t matter in the face of the oppression stack!

Piss off BBC, and take your identity politics bullcrap with you. Cunts.

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