The BBC [14]

Now, I know cunting Al-Beebera is old news by this point, but whilst browsing their cunty website I happened to come across this article

Oh yeah, let’s not focus on what the policies of the nominees are or whether they’re good candidates, let’s go the Hillary Clinton route and focus purely on their gender and the ‘I’m a good candidate because I’ve got a vagina’ line of ‘argument’. Oh, and one of them is Muslim too – yet another reason to push the narrative that the policies of candidates don’t matter in the face of the oppression stack!

Piss off BBC, and take your identity politics bullcrap with you. Cunts.

Nominated by OpinionatedCunt

The BBC [18]

I’d like to nominate the BBC for yet again appeasing the do gooders etc. All shortlists for senior roles are to include one ethnic minority.

What the hell happened to you get the job, if your qualified enough. Simple as that. And where does it stop…do all “traditionally” female roles now need to have at least one man shortlisted and vice-versa.

It’s positive discrimination as eluded to in the post about the winner of Britain’s (not) Got Talent. All the ethnics, disabled people, gays, women in traditional male roles and men in traditional female roles will have that nagging voice in the back of their mind telling them they’re only in their job to fulfil a quota and not because they’ve truly earned it.

Nominated by McCunterson

I have to nominate this list of cunts having just read the BBC rich list and I could not believe some of the names on it and what they are paid FFS. Not one of these cunts is worth the money, the list is populated by football taking morons, a newsreader who just does fuck all except read from an auto cue, and the faded wannabe Nicky Campbell who drones on about religion to a TV audience of about a hundred and to top it all a wrinkly prune faced old crone who does fuck all except bake cakes, and Norton who just sits on a chair and talks about himself to his guests, Vine who is the loony lefts mouthpiece on the radio, Nick Grimshaw even his listeners can’t stand him. Most of the rest I have never even heard of

Gary Lineker – £1,750,000-£1,759,999
Chris Evans – £1,660,000-£1,669,999
Graham Norton – £600,000-£609,999
Steve Wright – £550,000-£559,999
Huw Edwards – £520,000-£529,999
Jeremy Vine – £440,000-£449,999
Nicky Campbell – £410,000-£419,999
Alan Shearer – £410,000-£419,999
John Humphrys – £400,000-£409,999
Nick Grimshaw – £400,000-£409,999
Stephen Nolan – £400,000-£409,999
Andrew Marr – £400,000-£409,999
Ian Wright – £170,000-£179,999
Emily Maitlis – £220,000-£229,999
Amol Rajan – £200,000-£209,999
Mary Berry – £190,000-£199,999
Katya Adler – £170,000-£179,999
Ian Wright – £170,000-£179,999
Sarah Montague – £160,000-£169,999
Rachel Burden – £150,000-£159,999
Tina Daheley – £150,000-£159,999
Jane Garvey – £150,000-£159,999
Simon Jack – £150,000-£159,999
Fergal Keane – £150,000-£159,999
Sarah Smith – £150,000-£159,999

Jesus Ian Wright and Alan Shearer paid a small fortune for taking shit about football and of course, Lineker top of the BBC gravy train for being a football-talking cunt.

Nominated by iamnot

The BBC [16]

Much speculation this week about who is to replace Dimblebore on this sites favourite program, Question Time.

Here’s the runners and riders :

(1) Kirsty Wark. Female.
(2) Kirsty Young. Female.
(3) Samira Ahmed. Female muslim.
(4) Mishal Hussein. Female Muslim.
(5) Victoria Derbyshire. Female.
(6) Emma Barnett. Female.
(7) Emily Maitlis. Female.
(8) Krishan Guru-Murthy. Male muslim.
(9) Jeremy Paxman. White anglo saxon male (Surely some mistake?)

The favourites seem to be Wark, Young and Hussein. Want to take a guess which one they’ll give it to?

Of course, the BBC is following it’s policy of no gender discrimination so that’s why the vast majority of the runners are female and they chuck in a token bloke or two. God forbid – or should that be Allah forbid – they should give it to person best qualified for the job such as Andrew Neil or Paxo. Wrong sex? Maybe wrong religion? Form your own opinion.

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

Alan Sugar [4] and the BBC [15]

A cunting for Alan Sugar. OK, he is already a cunt but, along with a previously cunted Louis Hamilton he is a spineless cunt.

SrAlan call me Lord Sugar tweeted (where else?) an attempt at humour, saying the Senegal football team looked like Spanish sunglass sellers. Ho Ho. Perhaps they do. I have no idea. Cue fucking outrage from the twatterati, looking for offence. RACIST.

Now, had he said the Swedish team looked like ski instructors/porn stars/double glazing salesman would that be racist? No. And this tweet wasn’t racist either.

At first he held firm but eventually apologised. For what? Piss poor jokes? No, for inadvertently making a racist comment.

Sugar is spineless cunt. The twatterati looking for offence should have been told to fuck off. They weren’t so LordS’rAlan Sugar, you are a cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The BBC wants Alan Sugar to go on an ‘unconscious bias’ course after he tweeted about the Senegal football team.

What sort of bunch of cunts does it take to understand that if the ‘bias’ is ‘unconscious’ then there fuck all you can do about it because it’s – errrr – unconscious. Seems the spineless PC (no relation) cunts at the Beeb are caving in to calls from Senegal for Sugar to be sacked from his job at the Apprentice.

Well, I think they should tell Senegal to fuck right off because I’m damned sure that cunt on the left sold me a pair of Ray Bans last year!

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

The wholy impartial BBC [14]

Can you believe that the BBC need cunting AGAIN?!
Well yes you probably do. Because they’re colossal cunts of the worst kind!

Their cuntitude is well documented amongst these great annals and I’m sure they’ll be many more displays of pure, unadulterated, lefty cuntishness to add to the pool in the future, but today it’s the defamation and slander of Trump that they’re on the block for…
I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but credit where credit’s due, and he’s doing a good job.
Better than killary could’ve managed anyway.
But this pisses off the lefties SO FUCKING MUCH that they now have to blatantly lie and unashamedly fraud the public, knowing full well that the vast majority will find out.
They’re so desperate to find something bad on trump that they’re willing to blatantly LIE to push their debunked narrative…

This is what trump said:

“We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in — and we’re stopping a lot of them — but we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals. And we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.”

The BBC cunt (I don’t want to know the dumb cunts name) turned to Jordan Peterson and said:
“Just to explain, this is Donald Trump talking about illegal immigrants”.

So you have the answer.

You have the BBC’s interpretation of the answer.

But what was the question that he was answering?

Sheriff mimms:
“There may be MS-13 gang members that I know about, but if they don’t reach a certain criteria, I can’t tell ICE about them.” (Roughly).
( ICE is: Institute of Civil Engineers.
Oh sorry,
Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

So where do his remarks elude to immigration?


MS-13 ARE FUCKING ANIMALS AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM SHOULD BE …. well …. aherm …. suggestions below …

It’s not just the BBC (though they top the tables in cunt-ridden, lefty, bollocks peddlers).
EVERY fucking lefty in the western hemisphere has latched onto this and made the same accusation …

Fake news, fake news, fake news ….

Cunt news more like….

Nominated by deploythesausage