Uluru Kata Tjuta national park

Australia is fucking shit, that’s why all the fuckers want to come here. I went there for a month and it was a big mistake. I was bored shitless after a couple of weeks. Full of back packer cunts doing there now obligatory “gap year” and thinking they are having such a huge fucking adventure when really it is a sanitized conveyor belt transporting the spotty youths from one hostel to another.

A cunt of a country full of cunts and the only people who want to visit it are cunts as well.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

Rolf Harris [3]


This an emergency cunting of Rolf Harris following his conviction on TWELVE counts of kiddy-fiddling.

We all know Harris did “Two Little Boys” in the 1960′s, but now it transpires the cunt also did two little girls in the 1970′s…

Not only a lying nonce, but a fucking Australian to boot. Behead the cunt immediately.

Nominated by : Fred West

Now we all know what his ‘extra leg (diddle diddle diddle dum)’ was… And I dread to think what he wanted to tie a kangaroo down (sport) for….

I always wondered why he made those funny panting noises he was so famous for… Dirty old Aussie cunt!

Nominated by : Norman Whiteside

Now we know what he made his didgerie do…

Nominated by : Dioclese

Tony Abbott


“You can tell when he’s lying because his lips move” has been cracked about many politicians over the years, perhaps most appositely about Tony Blair. Moving to the Southern Hemisphere there is one contender who stands out from many for the title of Undisputed Lick Arse Liar and that is ugly leather faced aussie cunt and PM Tony Abbott.

Yes this Rhodes Scholar (Bill Clinton was another) fuckwit and Jesuit creepie is actually Prime Minister of Australia. Serves you aussie convict cunts right to be represented by a cunt with a type of boatrace generally only seen in a straight jacket in an extreme offenders goal. Aussie cunts are still scratching their heads and arses trying to work out how the fuck this deviant did it. Well you had to vote for him dear hearts. It was him, alleged dyke Julia Gillard or little cunt Kevin Rudd.

So why, despite the golden haired surfer myth, is australia home to some of the ugliest people on earth? Their stagnant gene pool is derived from the diseased and deviant dross of England’s toughest jails, workhouses and the gutter. Vomited out by the mother country and despatched with every opportunity for incest and buggery in close confinement on the long sea voyage to distant Australis. On reaching this then empty land little scope but for more buggery and incest and the odd desperate shag with an abbo. So that is the fair heritage so nobly displayed in the degenerate sullen faces of the contemporary white australian. Thus they enjoy a well deserved reputation for ugly sheilas

If you fancy it you are awarded two points towards an aussie immigration visa every time you shag her.

Returning to Mr Abbott I have cunted him principally because he is aussie and so freakingly ugly. His political shenanigans are legendary but aussie par for the course and of little interest here. To be fair the wily cunt realises he has image issues and here he is getting ideas for some plastic surgery.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke



My cunty son lives in Australia and hates them fucking Abos. For you cunty northern hemicunts, der Abos are Asylum seekers that came to Australia two thousand years ago. Australian border control is fucking shit.

And when did illegal immigrants become ‘Asylum seekers’ anyway? Them black cunts are really black and stand on one leg, or is that fuzzy wuzzy cunts; can’t tell the fucking difference. But their kids are blond- what der fuck?

Anyway, they still get pissed all the time and piss their pants in the middle of the street in the middle of the day. Should send these black Abo cunts back to Abocuntland. Or burn them. How do you get a Abo women pregnant? You come on her foot and let the flies do the work. Black Abo cunts.

Nominated by : Flaxen Saxon

Rupert Murdoch [2]

Rupert Murdoch has a head like a big deflated inflatable golf ball and needs to cunt off back to Oz in an olde shipe across stormy seas like the first convicts of olde to spend the rest of his days chained up and smashing rocks in the desert, the lousy cunt.

Nominated by Kinge Binge