Michael Flatley


Michael Flatley is a thundering cunt trumpet…

This plastic paddy Yank inflicted the revolting Riverdance on us in the 90s: thus inspiring a cringworthy love-in for all things ‘Oirish’ (along with Jack Charlton and those Corrs cunts!)…
This walking ego then came up with Lord Of The Dance: More Diddly Diddly cartoon paddy twaddle and gullible twats the world over lapped it up… Then there was the diabolical Celtic Tiger…

Flatley’s ‘view’ on Irish history and an arselicking masterclass for good ol’ Uncle Sam… This theatrical crime had Vikings dancing with Irish maidens (no burning, raiding, rape or pillage from the Norsemen?), the British persecuting the Paddies (with Flatley pompously intervening dressed as a priest!), then the biig headed Yankie cunt (for no reason) dressed as an airline pilot while some bird danced around in a stars and stripes bikini (that was the only good bit!)… The rest of the show was about ‘Oirlund’ showing its ‘gratitude’ to the good ol’ US of A… Irish history? Funny that I didn’t see any pub bombings, balaclavas, semtex, Nazi U-Boats docking in welcoming Irish ports and the wonderful Yanks funding a major terror organisation…

Now this preening, arrogant cunt is back with Lord Of The Dance II, or some shite like that.. Michael Flatley is a cunt, to be sure, to be sure…

Nominated by: Norman

The London Calling album cover


The London Calling album cover – Wow, so fucking edgy, weren’t the Clash such punks.

Bollocks they were. Overrated posh boys playing the rebel, beloved of the luvvies.

Go and fuck away off you cunts.

Always pleases me to hear that JJ Burnel knocked their cunt clean in. Good lad.

Nominated by: Dan

FFS! This has apparently voted the top punk album cover of all time. What a load of shite!

Some cunt with more money than brains smashing up a perfectly good guitar. It’s not original, matey – Pete Townshend thought of it first.

Still, better to listen to him smashing it than playing it.

Nominated by: ChasCMusic



That Banksy cunt wants to meet a proper artist. It’s all done with stencils, and all his flunkies do most of the work…

It’s a shame there’s no time travel. Caravaggio would outpaint this clown while pissed out of his skull and with his eyes shut (and without fucking stencils and spray!). Old Caravaggio would then challenge Bansky to a poker game (and take him to the cleaners!), then challenge him to a duel, and the knock seven shades of shite out of the fraudulent fucker.

Seems the cunt has been caught on CCTV: dressed as some kind of workman. He won’t get nicked though (I’d put bets on it!). Going around disguised as ordinary, honest working folk, while he and his toadies spray shit on walls in the middle of the night?! Sounds like a fucking weirdo to me…

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

Why do you think the cunt styles himself “Banksy”? Touch of post-modernist irony donchaknow. Every time he gets one of his stooges to stencil a “creation” on a khazi wall vast sums of dosh appear like magic in his bank account

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke