MP’s pay rise


IPSA, the supposedly independent body that is responsible for making sure that MP’s don’t get caught with thieving from the taxpayer, have recommended that MP’s get a pay rise. Of 10%. I’ll say that last part again TEN…FUCKING…PERCENT. And they wonder why they’re fucking despised. Who the fuck do they think they are, tube train drivers?

Most of these money grabbing have gleefully accepted their ludicrously unjustified pay rise. Some of them have actually complained that a rise that will see their pay rise from £67,000 to £74,000, is not enough. One Tory, whose name I’ve forgotten, insists that MP’s are grossly underpaid and should be taking home £104,000. A small number of them, including Nicky Morgan, have announced that they will accept the rise, but donate the 10% to charity. So at least a handful are trying to do something with it..

My biggest issue with this pay rise, is the size of it. Ten percent is a fucking enormous amount of money to give someone as a pay rise. I wouldn’t mind if it were given to people who actually deserve it, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, military personnel, etc. Unfortunately, public service workers, have had their pay rises capped at ONE percent. As far as I’m concerned, MP’s are not essential to the everyday running of peoples lives. Nobody will die, nobody’s life will be at risk if we didn’t have MP’s. The country would not grind to a halt, our island would not be at risk of invasion.

As far as I can tell, our MP’s are a bunch of twats, who only in parliament because they would be completely shite in a real job. The spend most of their “working” week sat in a centuries old room pulling faces, shouting, and making childish noises and gestures at the MP’s on the opposite benches. Fuck me, you could teach a monkey to do that. So why do these ignorant, arrogant, immature, thieving arsewipes think they deserve a salary of £74,000? It’s an obscene amount to pay the likes of them.

I don’t normally support strikes. But the next time firefighters, nurses, or paramedics walk out in dispute over pay, I will be firmly behind them. It’s just a shame that military personnel can’t strike. There really would be chaos then.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw



Bigger then the beatles?

Ha what a laugh. Everything oasis has done owes itself to the Beatles – copied their music structure and rhythms, copied their look, copied their stupid little fueds and reunion teases (like anybody wants to see them reunite just yobs and wankers do). Btw, how many times has Liam trashed a show ranting and raving like a retard I can’t believe people paid to see those concerts.

Liam and Noel should go to Sir Paul’s door and suck him off already if they love him so much. Comparing themselves to the Beatles is a cunt move seeing how the Beatles helped destroy music talent and invented the ‘rockstar god with huge ego’ bullshite.

Millionaires preaching peace and happiness? How enlightening!

Nominated by: Titslapper



On the subject of Fanboy types, possibly the most overbearing intolerant cunts can be found on the James Bond movie forums.

Ever since Mr Craig put the tuxedo on for Casino Royale there have been such cringeworthy comments posted as “at last they are making Bond movies that intellectuals can enjoy” and “intelligent people enjoyed Skyfall whereas unintelligent people didn’t” (Presumably these geniuses were intelligent enough to spot the numerous plot holes and logical errors in the aforementioned outing). The arrogance on display from some of these “Serious Bond Fan” types is truly shocking (positively shocking, you smug, condescending cunts, if any of you are reading this) I was even removed from one forum for jokingly suggesting that “Quantum of Solace” should be retitled “The Yawn Supremacy” or “The Bourne Mediocrity” and that the producers were too scared to use their imaginations in case some halfwit cracks an Austin Powers joke.

Personally I think Dan Craig is fine, it’s just the movies that need moving up a notch but mild, lighthearted criticism is met with a barrage of sneering and insults. IT’S ONLY A MOVIE, YOU ARROGANT FANBOY CUNTS!!!

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

James Kingston


James Kingston is a right cunt. Saw a bit of his ridiculous Wembley Arch stunt on the television news. What an attention seeking knobend.

He’s refered to by the media as an ‘urban adventurer…’ Bollocks, he’s just another silver spoon up his arse cunt with too much money and time on his hands (like that other cunt, Bear Gryls). Of course the media lap up this shite: with all their urban adventurer bullshit and calling Wembley’s arch ‘iconic…’ No, it isn’t – the Wembley towers were iconic, but the ‘arch’ is just bits of metal stuck together: an abomination from yet another overpaid and talentless ‘designer/artist’. The sort of ‘modern art’ crap that infests most towns in Britain today.

Nominated by: Norman

The Ministry of Defence


In honour of Cpl Stewart McLaughlin, and the 1,000 Para’s who marched in London yesterday, I’m nominating the Ministry of Defence, and the Government, for an intergalactic cunting.

For those who don’t know, Cpl McLaughlin was an NCO with B Company 3 Para. He was killed in the Battle of Mount Longdon, during the Falklands war, but not before carrying out several acts of spectacular bravery whilst leading several assaults on the Argentine position, one of which involved him shouting the immortal line, “follow me lads, I’m bulletproof”. His actions provided a much needed morale boost to the men in his company, and they pressed on with their attack. Unfortunately, he was killed later in the battle by artillery fire whilst being helped to an aid station, having been seriously wounded in a mortar attack.

The mortar inflicted wound that Cpl McLaughlin suffered, was received whilst taking part in an attack on Argentine position, that was lead by Sgt Ian McKay of 3 Para. During the attack, Sgt McKay and a private were killed. Sgt McKay was later awarded a posthumous VC.

After the battle, his CO wrote a citation, but due to the fact there was only one typewriter available, and a time imposed for typing up citations, Cpl McLaughlin’s was never typed out and therefore not accepted. In September of 2013, General Sir Hew Pike, who was the commander of 3 Para in the Falklands wrote a new citation that placed Cpl McLaughlin’s actions “firmly in the vicinity of a VC”. That’s right, his actions on that night were so instrumental to his Company that they were considered worthy of our nation’s highest award for valour.

The MOD and the Government, however, disagree. For 33 years successive pen pushing arseholes have continuously refused to even consider ending this injustice, and awarding the medal he not only deserves, but has more than earned. A recent ‘investigation’ has allegedly found that there was no evidence that a citation was even written. The problem is, a number of men who served and fought with Cpl McLaughlin, and witnessed his actions that nigh, have said that nobody from the Army or the MOD has ever spoken to them. That includes his former CO. Basically, the MOD carried out a bullshit investigation that only ever intended to justify their decision to refuse an award, because they didn’t want to admit that they were wrong.

On the 3rd of July 2015, around 1,000 Paras, their families, and supporters marched through London to Downing St, where Cpl McLaughlin’s son delivered a petition to Cameron. I have no doubt that the second Cpl McLaughlin’s son was out the door, posh twat threw the petition in the shredder. He’s spent the past five years destroying our military, why would he give a single fuck about a far better man than Cameron could dream of being, who died whilst serving his country? Likewise, those fat fuckers at the top of the MOD. All THEY care about is themselves. Their main preoccupation is ensuring that they have as big a pension as possible, whilst working out how much expenses money they can get away with fiddling.

None of them have ever done anything remotely deserving of an award, yet the MOD is filled with Sirs, Dames, OBE’s, MBE’s and CBE’s. Not one of those fuckers is fit to lick dog shit from the soles of Cpl McLaughlin’s boots. Yet they have the audacity to refuse to recognise a man who DOES deserve an award. They are cowards. They are scum. They and their ilk are the reason that this country has turned into a shithole. Because they’re the cunts who made it a shithole.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw