Ant McPartlin

I would hereby like to nominate Ant Mcpartlin for a cunting of the highest order.

This over sized fore-headed cunt wrench, with the talent of a mummified slug, has once again demonstrated why abortion should be legal.

Now the cunt has been involved in a RTA causing injury to others, more than likely when his fucking fore head collided with passing traffic.

He is to TV what the bomb of Hiroshima was to landscape fucking gardening, but that was a one off event, whereas this cunt is akin to genital warts and keeps coming back.

I have never posted before, but enjoyed the many cuntings, given with great accuracy by others.

But I felt I had to nominate as this prick has reached a 10 on my cunt’ometer.

Thank you my fellow cunters

Nominated by Dry Itchy Cunt

I am struggling to understand how this piece of donkey smegma has managed to dine out on such a paucity of talent. This cunt has miraculously managed to rise to the surface of TVs swamp of shite and become very rich and successful to boot.

I simply cannot stand this cunt and his atrophied sidekick. His alleged drink driving stunt has resulted in the injury of a three year old child. This places him at the Blair and Adonis mantle of cuntitude, in my book. A high price to pay for ridding this beloved turd from the nation’s idiot lanterns, but one can only pray that the cunt receives a substantial custodial sentence. It will be a true travesty of justice if some soppy judge lets him off the hook with a fine and suspended sentence.

He will be a marked man in jail. Try presenting Saturday Night Takeaway when your arsehole is the size of a dinner plate. Cunt.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback

Ant & Dec [2]


I hate unfunny spackmo keith Lemon, i’d love to twat the cunt in the face with big bat with nails on it, then feed him Ant and Dec (also known as cunt and dick) then Lemon can shat out Ant and Dec, THEN use stupid unfunny cunt Lee Francis (aka Lemon) head as a shitty stick to poke Ant and Dic down the fucking skiddy toilet

Unfunny talentless cunts, only famous by being at the right place at the right time, i’d like a hungry lion to be released Live during ‘I’m a so-called Celebrity get me out of here’ and watch the lion rip out Ant and Decs fucking throats and rip off limps etc, yep, you guessed it, I FUCKING HATE THEM and the Ant and Dec overkill on TV

Nominated by: I hate Ant & Dec

Has-been celebs


I would like to Cunt all the has been ‘Celebrity’ Cunts who are living off fame from ages ago. There are so many I aint gonna waste time listing them but its like they have this television circuit they go on (Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Masterchef, Safeword) to make money and annoy us by hanging around.

I know a lot of them are skint cunts but please have some pride and either stick to what is was that got you a bit of fame or fuck off instead of trying to stay in the limelight on some shitty show. There are soon gonna be more ‘Celebrities’ than normal people. The Cunts.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

Jungle Cunts


FFS! 13 fucking series of this mind numbing shite and it’s still going! I give you “I’m a non-entity – get the fuck outta here!”

Rebeccan Addlington, Olympic swimming cunt; Steve Davis, has been snooker cunt; Kian Egan, has been Westlife singer cunt; David Emmanuel, Princess Di’s dress designing cunt; Joey Essex, who the fuck is this cunt? cunt; Annabel Giles, little known TV presenter cunt; Mo Harris, fat twat Eastenders cunt – what the fuck is her real name anyway?; Lucy Pargeter, kicked out of Emmerdale on her arse cunt; Alfonso Ribiero, unknown American actor cunt looking for a job; Vincent Simone, poncy dancing cunt; Amy Willerton, a cunt with big tits; Mathew Wright, daytime chat show cunt.

All a bunch of cunts trying to revitalise their flagging careers by making cunts of themselves by undergoing purile self inflicted humiliation in a cheap, crappy TV show.

Cunts in the jungle with Ant and Dec – two more cunts.

Who the fuck watches this shit anyway? They’ve gotta be brain dead or high as a kite to settle down to this shite every night and believe it’s entertainment! We’ve got to be the biggest cunts for watching it in the first place!

Nominated by: Dioclese