Jeff Brown


“Who the fuck is Jeff Brown?” I hear you asking.

Well, we don’t know his name, can’t even remember the name of the company he advertises, but surely just this photo and the raucous catchphrase “I said, you buy one, you get one free” will trigger the same Pavlovian response in all cunters here – namely the overwhelming desire to kick in the TV screen and dump a bucket of boiling bleach over this cunt’s head.

Nominated by: Fred West

Little arsehole name orf Jeff Brown. Been at it for years and nobody can remember the name orf the fucking windows he flogs. Sources tell me the cunt is also the match announcer at Burnley FC. Always tops lists orf the most annoying cunt on TV.

This is him back in 1999

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

( Who says this site is not educational? Perhaps we could register as a charity?… Ed. )

Mary Berry


Mary Berry is annoying, flakey skinned, botox ridden, mutton dressed as lamb. She thinks the world owes her adorance because she can bake a fucking cake, thinking she is everyone’s Nan.

Real Nans cook the fuck out of cakes, and get joy only giving them to those brave enough to try them. And thats what she should fuck off and do.

So you can BAKE, great, now fuck off and do it off my TV you cunt.

Nominated by: King Cunt

( and that Paul Hollywood’s a right cunt too!..)

Ian Payne


Ever since Colin “Already a Cunt” Murray left the Beeb the post of 5 Live’s Most Annoying Cunt has been left vacant. But not anymore…

Enter Radio 5 Live’s Ian Payne with his facetiousness, annoying voice, snarky “humour” and dumb photo on the Five Live website (check it if you don’t believe me) Payne has all the makings of a massive, stupid, annoying cunt.

Nominated by: Colin Murray’s Brain

Julia Hartley Brewer


How this right wing twat ever manages to string together a coherent sentence let alone a shit radio prgramme every afternoon is beyond the comprehension of even the smallest ameoba.

Yep, she may have ‘mumsie’ appeal to fucking Tory central office but it doesn’t wash with me. Talking over silly cunts who phone in to her rancid show, having a fucking hugely annoying sense of self importance and a general “I’m better than you because I do everything right and anyone who dissagrees with me is wrong” type attitude get right up my japseye.

She’s just some fucking slack jawed hypocritical cunt who used to write for the Grauniad, and even then she was fucking shit.

What a cunt!

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

Irritating people


People that go to ‘Uni’; people with a degree in politics, economics or both; Civil Servants that are not civil and don’t serve; militant gays; tories; lefties; Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe and various other nig-nogs and pakis that are busily fucking up the brilliant legacies left to them by the British Empire; people who say they ‘would gladly pay more tax’ but don’t; that stupid bitch at the bank who asks you ‘Is there anything else I can help you with?’ when she hasn’t helped you with anything in the first place; people who are more concerned about fucking whales and polar bears than people; people who walk slowly, directly in front of you, at the shopping centre; women in their late 50’s with short, grey, motorcycle-helmet-hair-styles, with side partings and dandruff, who don’t bother with make up and squeeze their ridiculously fat arses into Tesco own brand jeans two sizes too small whilst displaying a patronising, know it all attitutude, then wonder why their husband doesn’t want to shag them any more; people who think I’m interested in how far/fast they jogged this morning; people that are ‘working from home’; people who are ‘on a gap year’; people who say ‘old school’ and ‘awesome’, people who have a fucking ridiculous tattoo in the hope someone will ask them what it’s about and then bore the tits off us with their shit story about a dead dog/parent/child, like we should give a fuck.

Cunts. The lot of them.

Nominated by: Termujin