Anjem Choudary [2]

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In the wake of the shootings in Paris, self-styled cleric Anjem “Andy” Choudary requires an urgent cunting.

Benefit claimant Choudary (who hilariously insists that his benefits “belong to Allah”), has written this response to the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists:

And if anyone still remains in any doubt as to the cuntitude of this scum, here’s the cunt’s Twitter feed:

It’s also worth noting that Choudary is engaged in action against Google and various websites who have published the following photos of him as a younger man which he is trying to have removed:

Hilariously, the various legal actions he has brought cite his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights!

Nominated by: Fred West



Islam, the religion that never knowingly ignores the potential to take offence.

I’ve realised that it was my fault that I didn’t understand the issues involved in some of the recent high-profile incidents involving Islamic protagonists.

Lee Rigby’s murder – as stated by Anjem Choudhury and one of the killer’s brothers, it was OUR fault that this murder happened as we didn’t understand how Islamists feel about what the West is doing in the Middle East. So the vicious, insane and witless killers are innocent and it’s all OUR fault.

Rape of young white girls – It’s my fault I don’t understand this because I don’t share his cultural values. It’s clearly not his fault!

Grooming of young white girls – the instances are too numerous to link but the protagonists are often excused (and the real victims ignored) due to Islamic cultural values trumping traditional British values. Furthermore, the police discriminated against real victims rather than the perpetrators

Lee Rigby again – my fault – I hadn’t realised that we couldn’t even object to a UK citizen being massacred on our streets by Islamists –

So it’s my fault. I’ve clearly not understood the Islamists’ culture properly. I’ve done some research and now I understand; it is NEVER their fault and I must give them whatever they want.

OK – I have an idea which might finally keep everyone happy. Massacre them all so that they get their 72 virgins (as per the Koran) – with any luck if it’s done quickly enough, there won’t be enough virgins to go round and they’ll end up bumming each other. Hopefully, they will be finally happy.

Nominated by: Bordran