Bad grammar

I’d like to cunt anyone who insists on using a lower case ‘i’ on banners/posters or what fucking ever thing they want to use to make a fucking statement.

When you write with capital letters you fucking don’t put a fucking little letter ‘I’ to let everyone know it’s a fucking ‘I’. I’ve noticed this getting more and more prevalent over the years. Does my fucking nut in it does.

When has the letter I been lower case on a keyboard? Fucking when? Eh? fucking never, that’s when, you cunts. Go on, you thick twats, look at your keyboard! It’s a fucking upper case fucking ‘I’. So why do I have to endure some cunt statement saying something like ‘NOT MY PRESiDENT’.

Are these cunts completely devoid of basic fucking grammar?

Nominated by: Wankycunt

Cheryl Cole [4]


I’d like to nominate cheryl (I love my new sir name Fernandez-Versini) for another cunting.

Cheryl’s angry because X factor warm up man Ian Royce allegedly called her Chery Cole and she’s upset when her name is written as plain old Cheryl and she has called the general public ignorant for not being able to pronounce her name properly. She said “It’s not that hard to pronounce my name phonetically…Fernandez-Versini.” Which is a bit rich coming from some one who can’t pronounce a lot of English words properly.

I suggest Chezza stops buying tattoos for her arse and spends her money on eloqution lessons instead. Singing lessons wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Eeee Chezza ye’r a reet thick geordie cunt !

Nominated by: Cuntface

Jeremy Kyle [2]

jeremy kyle

Jeremy Kyle is a right cunt. Telling us how to live and shit. Just a poor mans Jerry Springer.

Saw him at Aldis once. He was buying cheap beans, you know the ones that come from Estonia and are cheaper than the carrier bags.

At times like this I ask: What would Cato the younger have done? Probably open a vein and have a hot bath. Good man that Cato the younger.

Nominated by : Lard Porsenna of Clusium