Angela Merkel [2]

Merkel Hitler

Angela Merkel is an cunt – no denying it. Makes me chuckle, she’s welcoming Eastern Europeans into her country, but when Hitler was running the show the scraggy cunts were running in the opposite direction.

Has got all the makings of a new TV show: I’m a fucked-up refugee, please find me somewhere else to live.

Nominated by: CuntFuckScousers

To the Frumpy Frau of Germany,

We at ISAC are especially pained to witness your deliberate destruction of not merely the great German nation, but indeed, the actual German race / bloodline itself. Tolerance and respect for other races and ethnicities does not entail the deliberate slow-motion genocide of your own kind.

It isn’t enough that 26% (and rising) of children born in aging Marxified and debt-ridden Germany are now born to foreign imports. It isn’t enough that highly fertile immigrants keep pouring in as your young German women – following your own sterling example of careerist barrenness – go childless and even turn into lesbian dykes. Also your German young men are increasedly turning into faggot pooftahs.

Due to epidemics of unmarried youth, careerism, feminism, divorce, faggotry and lesbianism, degenerate Atheistic Germany now has the lowest birth rate in the world.

Just those trends alone would be enough to eventually render future generations of White Germans a minority in the land of their ancestors before becoming an extinct race altogether – just like the blended out / wiped out ancient Aryans of Egypt and India. But that wasn’t enough for you, Merkel cunt. Now you have gone ahead and green-lighted an unlimited mass invasion of unscreened migrant hordes from the Middle East and Africa.

Your de-balled German Ministers will again clamor for you to win a Nobel Peace Prize. But as you bask in the “humanitarian” glow of the International MSM Press, know that some of us are not fooled by the crap super Woman propaganda that has always surrounded you.

Merkel, you can fool the degenerate libtards of modern Germany. You can fool the malleable morons who worship the British BBC. But nobody fools us at ISAC. We know who you are, who you work for, and what you are really up to. We know that you were a willing and enthusiastic East German Communist Party Youth leader during the bad old days of divided Germany. We know that under your watch, ‘bestiality brothels’ are flourishing in Germany without so much as a peep from your government. We know that you, at the behest of your elite handlers, helped cause this refugee crisis by sabotaging Syria’s Assad. That you know that the managers of the invasion are embedding criminal and perhaps subversive elements within the ranks of the migrants. We know that you are working in coordination with slime-ball Barak Obama and the Viper of the Vatican – timing the migrant invasion to coincide with the Pope’s upcoming political tour of America.

Through your deliberate actions, you have helped to engineer the mutual tragedy of this refugee migration – a disaster now being compounded by phony refugees piggybacking along with the real refugees. You know this is true; but you won’t dare say it for that might bring to light the fact that sham Middle Eastern governments are the preeminent human traffickers in world history.

Pose all you want, you wicked wench; you filthy Frau. All the oceans will not wash away innocent Syrian, innocent Iraqi, innocent Palestinian and innocent African blood from your hands. As if those crimes against humanity weren’t enough, you will also be responsible for the innocent Germans who are destined to be raped and murdered by the criminal minority that has surely attached itself to the German-organised migrant horde.

But worst of all, Merkel you cunt, the future historians (real ones) will one day observe the crime of slow-motion genocide that you have decreed against your own people.

Nominated by: Entopy

The Fourth Reich


Now I am the first to admit that Nick the Gwik is a lazy conniving type orf cunt but this whole Grexit hoopla is beyond the pale.

Why should the fucking krauts decide who should be in or out orf the Euro. We fought and allegedly won two world wars to keep those cunts in their place. What we joined was the Common Market and not a Nazi old boys club run by Merkel and Juncker.

All the german domination of Europe has achieved is a dose orf salts through the markets which now resemble the doorway of a Hamburg knocking shop on a Friday night – piles orf piss wet knickers coated in beer and shite.

So the krauts got tough with the Greeks. How joyful that they have only managed to destabilise the Euro and the EU.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke