American history

Washington crossing Delaware

According to Tom Hanks of Saving Ryan’s Privates fame, “There were only the Americans at Normandy” Of course they were AFTER so many got bloody massacred including my great great uncle. The Wanks arrived After the massacre to plop their flag in the sand fucking bellends.

When americunts get involved in a war they automatically get all the thanks and rewards even though they fuck everything up. Americunts are braggy little cunts claiming they did all the work when in reality they had a small part,they exaggerate like madmen.

Nominated by: TitSlapper

Ever read “Made in America” by Bill Bryson? Debunks every fucking claim the Americans ever made about their history and how great they are.

Classic example : Went to Boston where Paul Revere made his famous ride. Only he didn’t because he made it about a mile before being caught and his two companions did the actual ride. They weren’t rich and influential. Guess who got the credit.

When the Brits were sighted they raised two brass lanterns in the tower of the old North Church. I actually saw one of them in a museum. Shame the tower they were hauled up in wasn’t built until two years later.

Yep, the Yanks are full of bullshit and fond of blowing their own trumpet. The Ministry of Truth is alive and well and living in Washington DC. Bunch of overstuffed cunts!

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