The Emmy Awards

The Emmys – Just like the bilge-fest that was the Oscars, yet another yank luvvie vehicle for Trump bashing.

Yes – glitterati – Trump may be a shite President but have you ever thought about why he got in when 95% of the press, etc., we promoting Killary?

The answer is that ordinary yank folk (outside of the political and media bubbles – who hate ordinary folk) actually voted for something, anything other than yet another 4yrs of political sameness where no one in power gives a fuck about them so long as they are in power!

You cunts in Hollywood are so far removed from reality it’s unreal, I just wish the same folk who voted Trump would stop watching your films and TV series. As soon as those ratings began to fall you sharp change your La La Land tune, or at least shut the fuck up! You cunts!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Who the fuck is that gormless looking git who hosted the Emmys? Talk about cringeworthy embarrassment on a stick! Completely not funny or in the least bit entertaining, so I guess he’s American?

Some talentless twat call Stephen Colbert, apparently. Never fucking heard of him!

Let’s keep it that way…

Nominated by Dioclese

The US military

I wouldn’t trust the US military to complete an operation even as simple as sticking a post in a fat bird.

Their special forces don’t look that special to me.
Take that Bin Laden malarkey for starters. They spent years and billions looking for the cunt. Scouring the whole region, mountains, cave systems etc.

And where was the cunt all that time?…….at home.

Nominated by: J R Cuntley

Having dealt with the US military on multiple occasions over the years they leave a lot to be desired. The airforce seem to be reasonably acute, army and navy less so, and the Marines are as dumb as a bunch of blind, deaf, legless chimps. The vast majority of these fuckwhits chew tobacco and gob the slimy shit all over the shop, some even leaving it in cups, the dirty cunts.

I had the misfortune of hosting a group of USMC once and they had a similar amount of computing power as a bag of tangerines. Oxygen thieves to a man.

Nominated by: Thorax Cockslammer

Americunts rioting


Every single one of the rioters kicking off in the US are snowflake cunts. Not one of them over 25 and 90% white. They have been told NO! by the grown ups and the dummy has been spat right out. They should get the national guard in and shoot the cunts.

They argue that Clinton won the popular vote, i.e. she got more votes than Trump all together. But all the votes are not in yet. Arizona and Michigan, both presumed Republican states have not reported and neither has New Hampshire. I’ve no idea why they have not reported their vote tally yet, maybe once a winner has been declared they stop the count. But until the true vote tally has been reckoned the snowflakes need to shut it and get back to doing their homework. Cunts.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

Chris Rock

Chris rock salutes the Black Panthers...

Chris rock salutes the Black Panthers…

So Chris Rock reckons if there was a nomination process for host at last night’s Oscars then he wouldn’t have been there.

Why is that then, Chris? Is it because you’re black? No. It’s because you ain’t fucking funny!

And let’s face it, the only reason you were there is because you are black.

And that’s alright is it, Chris?

Racist cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese



Don’t get me started on those fucking Yanks!

Gotta love the fact they have a World Series (Baseball) but as far as I know it is only for US & Canadian teams, fucking cunts.

And they always go on about VIP’s (very important player) and Hall Of Famers.

The US are the biggest shower of cunts on the planet

Nominated by: Boaby

Some Yanks are alright – but not the ones who start up their cars by remote control under my bedroom window at 5:15 am and then fuck off back inside to finish their coffee while the engine warms up.

The cunts don’t even live here. They work at the local airbase and rent our houses thereby pricing the locals out of the market

Why can’t they just fuck off back to their own country? If they behaved like that back home, some cunt would shoot them…

Nominated by: Dioclese