Adele’s arse

Adele is a cunt…

Amongst the collective media skin colour over actual talent arselicking of Fatarse Beyonce at Coachella, our very own lardy and tuneless one got some publicity out of it…. Adele posted pics of herself on Instacunt wetting herself over Coconut Bey’s appearance… The sight of Adele flicking her hair all over the place, twerking her fat arse, and pretending to play a trumpet in front of a television set is all too distressing and disgusting to bear…

Stupid fat slag…

Adele [5]


What a total cunt!

Adele drops into Vancouver and ‘happens’ to visit a cat café which is very popular in JAPAN! Everyone else in Vancouver has to make a reservation to visit this shitty-business-plan-government-subsidized commercial for the SPCA, but not Adele. Why would she? This cunt doesn’t even live there, so no reservation required!

Just rocks up to the double security door (lest any kitties escape) with her kid and her fat, fat ass and mention that she’s Adele (her publicist smoothed it by saying an employee noticed the resemblance) and voilà, open table. A table which has a minimum charge AND cover charge for everyone else in town.

What an entitled cunt!

Nominated by: Dax

Adele [4]


Adele is still a cunt…

If anyone else got a warning from the BBC about swearing, they’d either
(a) not swear or
(b) subtly get it in during a song by modifying their lyrics…

But of course Adele is gobbing off like an irritating kid that has just got a toy trumpet… Every other minute with an irritating noise…. She didn’t look cool, clever,or hard… She looked like what she is: a chav got lucky…

How this cut price bint became a superstar, I’ll never know… If Adele wasn’t rich or famous she’d be baring her vast arse in Magaluf, puking up all the sambuca and WKD she’d drank and picking fights with her mates…. Fame and money can’t buy style or class…

As my old nana used to say ‘You can put a ribbon ’round a turd… But, at the end of the day, it’s still a turd….’

Nominated by: Norman

Adele [3]

adele 012.preview

Adele! Adele! Adele! I am sick to to death of this fucking cunt…

First I am tortured by her squawking crap on the radio where I work…

If it isn’t ‘Hello’ (yet another ‘a bloke has dumped me because I am a fat whining cunt’ song) then it’s ‘When We Were Young’ (aka ‘Before I was dumped’) or that pile of shite ‘The Rumour Has it’…Will somebody tell this pig ignorant tart that it’s ‘rumour has it…’ There is no fucking ‘The….’

And if she is not caterwauling, the silly cow is on telly going on about how she ‘bursts into tears spontaneously’ because her microphone failed or something…. The stupid chav got lucky hag wants to to try some real work or problems… And if that’s not enough, Adele is now on the front of every newspaper in Britain, blubbering a the Brit Awards and looking like a cross between Mick Miller (The Comedians) and a baboon wearing lipstick….

Adele is a cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

I keep hearing about Adele being so fucking great that I relented and downloaded (not bought mind you) her 25 album. I gave it a good listening – mainly to see if I could get to understand a word she was singing because her east end diction is fucking dreadful!

I’ve deleted now. Sadly I’ll never get those 45 odd minutes of my life back again and I really regret that…

And if Adele and Coldplay are the height of British music achievement then this country really has not got any talent any more. We’re fucked!

Nominated by: Dioclese



Break out the Gin and Razors, Adele has come out from a four year hibernation.

She has plastered herself on BBC, X factor (Should be cunted for that alone) and no doubt will go on more, stating she finds Fame and Stardom so hard to live with.

I would have thought the best advice for this bint therefore is not to further participate. Any right minded person would not go back into the spotlight if they then want to moan and leave it.

Do us all a favour and fuck off to where it was you were lying down for the last 4 years and harden up you cunt.

Nominated by: King Cunt

Adele is a piss poor Alison Moyet and a chav cunt got lucky… No doubt her new album will be a bout being dumped, hating her ex-boyfriend, being dumped, anguish at failed relationships, and … err… being dumped….

That ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is one of the worst songs in history… How can anyone roll in deep water? Surely they would fucking drown?! Stupid fat bitch…

Nominated by: Norman