Abandoning supermarket trolleys

I’ve decided to take a very brief break from political cuntings to focus on something closer to home that boils my piss just as much, lazy cunts at supermarkets who don’t take their trolleys back to the trolley stands that are all over the fucking car parks at these places. Mrs McGraw and I called into our local Asda this morning, 27th December), to replenish our stock of festive supplies. We packed it all into the old Chelsea Tractor, got in, and then, ‘bang’.

The car park at our Asda is built on a shallow hill. But it’s just steep enough for a trolley to roll down if some lazy cunt leaves it in an empty parking space, instead of in the trolley stand, with the other trolleys. Which is what happened here. Some ignorant cow had been loading her car up in the next but one space up from ours, then just let it go and started to get into her car. It hit my near side rear door, but fortunately, there was no damage. She knew she’d done it, because she turned and looked when she heard the bang. Didn’t give a fuck. Neither did I, when I retrieved the trolley, walked up to her car, gently nudged the front of the offside front wing, and then carefully left the trolley balanced against one the spotlights on her front bumper. I then suggested she might like to take the time to replace the trolley whence she found it, instead of being an ignorant cunt and letting it hit someone else’s car.

She seemed somewhat put out at this, obviously she was incredibly busy thinking only of herself. But did I give a fuck? No. Cunts like her are fucking parasites. I’ve been seeing this quite a lot in the last year or so, and I’m already mightily pissed off with it. I can’t remember the last time I tried looking for an empty space in a supermarket car park, only to find that some selfish, ignorant sack of monkey shit has left their trolley in it, instead of putting it back with where it lives.

There should be a law allowing us to batter cunts like this, with shopping trolleys, until it sinks in that not returning trolleys is selfish, ignorant and makes you a sack of monkey shit.

A surprisingly non-political cunting by Quick Draw McGraw

Spreading germs at work

I’m new to this and this is my first one…but afford me a little of your time please.

I’d like to cunt colleagues at work who come in practically fucking collapsing of cold/flu/the shits/whatever, in the prickish and misguided belief that they should still be coming to work, and then go on to infect every other poor fucker and make them as sick as a hound.

“It doesn’t matter how I feel, I always come in and I’ve never had a day off sick and I never will” you hear these arrogant and smug fucktards crow. The demographic of these assholes is universal; young, old, black, white, queer, straight – whatever.

This is the second Christmas in a row I have been infected by one of these utter cunts and I am currently coughing, bringing up lungers and feeling like shit over what should be a happy and relaxing time. I feel fucking fed up and snappy which is no fun for Mrs Desmond at all.

This year’s prize prick is a member of the IT team who I bumped into in the office kitchen looking like an extra from Cannibal Holocaust just before Christmas. This stupid fucker was coughing everywhere with his nose streaming, not bothering to cover his mouth. I played the part of the good colleague and asked him should he be at the office? “I’ve just got so much to do” this bellend told me. Yes…I suppose he has, making other people poorly and wretched.

These cunts have the audacity also I have found to slag off those who do the right thing and take a genuine sick day instead of being an office-based germ machine. They can all get fucked really.

What these sacks of rancid balls don’t think about is the fact that they come in and  make others ill who then take time off quite reasonably which costs the firm more in the long run in sick pay and product/efficiency.

These cunts should be all be placed on a island with bubonic plague raging through it, let’s see if the fuckers can manage to make it in when they’re in a pit of lime decaying.

Happy Christmas and all that jazz.

Nominated by Dandy Desmond

Randa ‘land whale’ Jarrar

Randa Jarrar

It’s a cold, bleak time of year, and I imagine that fellow cunters won’t say no to a bit of a laugh to brighten up the day. Okay, have a look at this clip;


Step forward one Randa Jarrar. Believe it or not, this motormouthed barrage balloon is a full professor at Califlakeia State University in Fresno, Dept. of Arts and Humanities, naturally (mercifully, the identity of the simpering looby in the middle remains unknown).
To be more serious, though. Imagine paying thousands a year in tuition fees for the privilege of going to university. Naively, you might expect an experience that will broaden your mind, that you’ll benefit from an objective, rational analysis of a whole host of differing ideas and viewpoints. Then you find yourself being harangued by THIS unsavoury idealogue. Do you think that a straight white male student could have a reasonable expectation that she would bring objectivity to her grading of his work, especially if it didn’t toe the party line??
Following the death of Barbara Bush in 2018, Jannar found herself in hot water with the university authorities after making remarks about the deceased which were widely regarded as being extremely offensive. The university was going to bounce her hateful fat ass, but was advised that to do so would be ‘a violation of her constitutional rights’.
It’s the lunatic asylum of American academia folks, and if this horrible cunt is anything to go by, they’re welcome to it.

Nominated by Ron Knee

A major nomination for Randa Jarrar, an obnoxious fat, foul mouthed lesbian, so called professor, whose main method of communication is effing this and effing that etc…
See this for a taster:
Check out the other freak and the soy boy in the studio.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

The Sexualisation of Children

The sexualisation of children!

What the fuck is all that about? I don’t bother with social media at all these days primarily because its a boxful of vanity bollocks that I really can’t be done with. However, the missus does like to browse Wankbook, Twatter and Instaturd from time to time, but she too has remarked about how “slutty” kids are dressing like these days!

Seeing preteens with a shitload of makeup and lipstick on; lots of bling, and dresses or skirts that are far too short etc… it makes me wonder what the fuck the parents are thinking to allow their precious offspring to be “shown off” like that in the public realm!

Is it any wonder that cases of child abuse (especially child sex abuse) are rocketing (more so since the advent of social media) when you see these kinds of “legitimate” soft child porn that other parents don’t seem to fret about, and just see it as an acceptable norm these days.

I just don’t understand it quite frankly: one minute parents are trying to wrap their kids in cotton wool against the ugly underbelly of society; but in the next breath they allow their kids (yes, both genders) to dress up like preteen Barbie Dolls or prom queens for the whole social media world to gawp at (or worse!).

Nominated by No Cunt For Old Men


Fosters. Seriously, why do people like this revolting, faux Aussie crap? It tastes like fermented rat piss. Had a few cans of it as my first experience of drinking alcohol and aside from once more in snakebite I haven’t touched it since. Nasty, fermented sewage water.

Nominated by OpinionatedCunt