Quartermass 2019

A new TV version of the adventures of writer Nigel Kneale’s heroic scientist Professor Bernard Quatermass is in the works.
So yet another classic gets its sad corpse exhumed and propped up for the camera so that unimaginative writers and willingly enslaved yes-men directors can insult the memory of earlier, better writers and filmmakers.
If it’s not a remake of the first BBC series (or Hammer film) then it’s utterly redundant anyway as Kneale himself killed off Quatermass in the late 70s ITV show finale, in a nuclear explosion, along with the evil alien bastards and, rather pleasingly, several hundred annoying hippies.
The crappy 2005 remake of Xperiment doesn’t count because it was shit.
Given that Nigel Kneale passed away in 2006 who d’ya think will be writing this?
My bet’s on Mark FUCKING Gatiss, given his sterling work bumming the corpse of Sherlock Holmes into dust.
Kneale’s original stories addressed current (at the time) social issues but in a thoughtful, imaginative manner.
Now we can expect (guess which) social issues to be stuffed in the viewer’s face in the most witless and obvious fashion.
Cinematic necrophilia of the foullest kind, and none of these poofy modern actors are fit to play Quatermass anyway.
Except perhaps Timothy Dalton.
Cunts… (except Tim obviously).

Nominated by Mr Bastard

Hope Not Hate

Hope not Hate

These holier than thou cunts have always irritated me.

They have done something akin to market research and come up with the pearl that Islamophobia is driving the rise of the far right. The cunts manage to identify that there may be a link between terror attacks such as London and Manchester, but hey those attacks don’t represent Islam.

Apparently 35% of people questioned believe that Islam has a negative impact on our culture and society; racist cunts eh?

In a footnote they mention that anti Semitism is on the rise but ignore that and focus on the all pervading far right threat.

Reading between the lines I think what HNH are worried about is more and more people see Islam as a problem.

Well hope not hate people, maybe more and more people are opening their eyes to Islam? Maybe it’s natural for people to have questions about  Islam and its links to terrorist and barbaric acts around the world?

Maybe it’s acceptable for people to question anything that changes part of their towns, cities and country beyond recognition?

Hope not hate? Fuck off, when I see you protesting outside Corbyn’s house or Labour Party HQ I’ll stop thinking you’re just another bunch of leftist hypocrites.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit


I would like to cunt HS rail 2. Has there ever been a more monumental waste of money? Before even a yard of rail has been laid the estimated cost has gone up four times. Hundreds of houses have been compulsorily purchased as have businesses. Whole cemeteries will have to be dug up, the distress and misery this fucking white elephant is going to cause is untold and for what? To cut 20 minutes off the journey time to Birmingham and 40 minutes to Manchester. Spend all that money on stopping the daily misery endured by ripped off commuters you useless cunts. Not too late to end the fiasco.

Nominated by Richard1

The Week Magazine

I would like to cunt The Week magazine, for their briefing in last week’s (2nd Feb) issue about George Soros (which I only got around to reading yesterday on the 10th due to a combination of work, lack of sleep and attempting to catch up on it and horrendous indigestion). The entire gist of it is basically ‘George Soros is a hero and if you disagree then you’re a fringe alt-right nutcase’, with phrases including “there can be no doubt that many attacks on Soros are overtly anti-Semitic” and “he is a hate figure for Vladimir Putin and the autocratic nationalists inspired by his example.” Oh, so anyone who disagrees with him is an authoritarian hardline nutjob then? Is that what you’re saying you cunts? Bear in mind this isn’t just a collection of the latest current events stuff from around the world like most of the magazine – this is the opinion of the magazine itself, being expressed in what is effectively its editorial. Its good for me to read this shit in the same way RTC says its good for him to listen to James O’Shithead, and truth be told there are a few good pieces in there each week, but this kind of shit just epitomises the awful open borders view which the magazine themselves hold. Not the first time they’ve boiled my piss but this example seems especially egregious.

Nominated by OpinionatedCunt

Benefits Scroungers

I’d like to nominate scroungers.

All those who can work but won’t, and gloat about it. This not aimed at the genuinely disabled who are getting fucked over. Life is hard enough.
Doctors need to be in charge of benefits for the disabled. They can then work to a budget without companies like ATOS sending ill people to work to meet targets, and the shirkers will get found out, or sent to get help for their mild upsets and ‘mental disabilities’, rather than sit around their council flat, fishing for sympathy on social media.

I’ve known a few people like it and am no longer in contact with them, thank fuck.

Whether it’s someone on Jobseeker’s who hasn’t worked for years and eeks by on hand-outs from family and friends, a couple who ‘act the spastic’ at work capability assessments to continue their dubious claim, or trust fund wankers who get everything paid by mummy and daddy while they moonlight as a fashion blogger or web design consultant, or take yet another ‘gahp yah’, they all foster the same delusional sense of entitlement and dependence on hand-outs. Any sense of pride goes out the window and they have to mask their emptiness with conspicuous consumption, be it of junk food, LED screens or trips to the beauty parlour, or Spar for Pinot Grigio to ‘treat themselves’. Then they gloat about it all on social media, before feeling sorry for themselves a week later and begging friends for money or ‘they’ll end it all’. Boo hoo.

Worthless fucking cunts.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime