Greedy footy players

I would like to cunt Liverpool players and the fucking manager. don’t these cunts earn enough money?. for fucks sake have you seen them plugging Nivea ‘ Mens Products ‘.. irritating or what? look we know you’re doing it for the money, don’t treat us like morons.. and fuck whoever makes this bollocks too. do you really think we’re going to rush out and buy this shit because some overpaid prima donna is plugging it? fuck off widdya ..maybe just maybe they are donating their fees to charity. doubt it though.

Nominated by richard1

Boris Derangement Syndrome

Boris is the new Trump  As if we needed one. Boris seems to be getting the same media ridicule as Trump. Easy target I suppose. Like Trump, he is a cunt. And full of shit. But he seems to infuriate the lefty, liberal right-on cunts who also hate Trump and were up Rory Stewart’s arse. All of which puts him up in my estimation. And given that the alternative is ‘great negotiating skills’ Hunt, who fucked up the doctor’s negotiations and imposed an unworkable system on the NHS, perhaps Boris is the man. Who knows, he might sort things out?

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble


Emergency cunting for Boris Johnsons neighbour.  Boris and his girlfriend had a row at their place like couples do. Turns out one of his neighbours called the police on him, recorded what they could through the wall, and took the ‘evidence’ to the guardian. Now call me cynical but what are the odds of this neighbour cunt being a labour-supporting remoaner? I bet this busybody sadcunt has been keeping their ear to the wall for months and years hoping to get some dirt on Boris and help revoke article 50. We’ve all had to put up with nosy no-life cunts with nothing better to do but complain but imagine living next door to some pathetic weaselly bearded libtard spy out to get you. A cunting on moaners, grasses, and interfering neighbours everywhere.

Nominated by MandroidZ

The Labour Party (4)

The Labour Party.  This once noble institutition was set up in 1900 to champion the rights of the poor working class. To fight the power of the millowners and the landed gentry.  This was a time when to be poor meant to have nothing and to be poor meant to be ill and have nothing and no support.  Up untill about 1989 this party fought for the poor . It is now stands for a random collection of minority interest groups ….disconnected from the people it was set up to represent.  But yet people still vote for this shit?

Nominated by the good the bad and the cunt

The Peterborough By-Election

The Peterborough by ‘election’

It seems a certain, convicted vote rigger was Magic Grandpa’s right hand man during the election. A Peaceful so no doubt reformed and above reproach.

Postal votes accounted for 9,898 of the 33,998 ballot papers received. That’s 29%. Nearly a third of those that voted.
There seems to be a funny smell wafting up from Peterborough. The same smell you get in Bradford and parts of Birmingham and London when votes are cast.
I wonder what it is? Corruption? Surely not?
The norm for postal votes is said to be about 17%. Any suggestion that there is something amiss here has been dismissed by labour as a ‘racist trope’ whatever that is.
Probably just my cynical nature, but watch this space.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Sadiq Khan (AGAIN)

It’s getting boring now, I know, but I can’t help but return from my relatively lengthy cunting hiatus to deliver yet ANOTHER one for Sadiq ‘Citizen’ Khan, who has responded to Trump’s criticism of his handling of London’s knife crime policies by… calling him a poster boy for racists. Man up take some responsibility you fucking cunt.

Nominated by OpinionatedCunt