The BBC (50)

Al-Beeb haven’t been cunted for a few days so I’m going for a yes-I-have-read-1984-and-I-am-aware-of-the-concept-of-newspeak-and-you-cunts-think-we-don’t-know-what-you-cunts-are-up-to cunting for Tim Ravy Gravy Davie’s latest stunt.

Dear BBC, you and I both know Sue Barker, Matt Dawson and Phil Tuffnell are not ‘leaving’ or ‘departing’ the show but are being kicked out due to them having all their arms and legs and a skin colour akin to a multi-pack of Mini Milks.

My moms for future presenters and captains are:
Raspberry: Tanni Grey-Thompson. She might have a problem taking the knee though.
Peaceful: Mo Salah
Gay and Non-white: Nicola Adams. Two for the price of one.

I’m sure they will all get along famously.

Nominated by: SimmyJavill

(Congratulations to Auntie Beeb on 50 cuntings! Here’s to 50 more – DA)

Ian Brown

Ian Brown is a cunt.

His solo career has always been hit and miss, but now he has lost it. His latest song is an ‘anti-lockdown’ rant called ‘Little Seed Big Tree’ and it is fucking diabolical. Icke-esque lyrics like ‘Masonic lockdown in your home town’ and ‘Doctor Evil and his needle’. Even Oasis at their worst were better than that. The conspiracy theory stuff is laughable in itself, but it’s also a fucking awful record. I thought the lyrics to ‘All For One’ were bad, but this is something else. No wonder the other Stone Roses refused to do a third album if the lyrics were this shite.

Nominated by: Norman

Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling (4)


A bald headed cunting please for this slaphead windbag of an MP who has been a monumental failure at everything he has ut his grubby hands on. But it seems Grayling could fall down Gaylord Adonis’s shitter and come up smelling like Alan Carr, since he has landed a £100,000 job for 7 hours a week:

Obviously the less time he spends “working” the less damage he can do (in theory) and I don’t have any issue with anybody earning (provided they REALLY “earn” it) whatever they can get, but how can this shit be worth that much money?. It’s not what you know, but who you know……

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Weak as shit, ineffective modern fly spray

I’d like to nominate modern fly spray for a cunting. I’d also love to know how up upload a fucking pic also.. Anyway :-

Modern fly spray is an absolute cunt, I’m certain that the health and safety freaks ‘ave been diluting and making fly and wasp sprays so harmless that these days you can’t even “kill a fly ” with it.

Last few days have been really rather pleasant ensuring that the kitchen door has been left open for many hours. this of course tends to let the fucking flies in.

We have had one particular little fucker come in and make its home here now for 3 day’s. It loves to come and sit on the table begging for food. Even given the cunt a name “flick”. I’m certain it has fucking adopted me as it’s owner.

I have sprayed Flick many many times (sure the cunt likes to shower in it) to no determent at all to it’s health. I reckon that if my eyesight was like a superheroes the fucker would be smiling and saying thank you every time I’ve sprayed it. Image it scrubbing it’s little back each time with a miniature shower brush: bless him.

Try a different brand of spray! Been there done that still the same. Therefore modern fly spray is diluted pile of shite a total waste of money. Fucking useless total Cunt…

Please not that nothing was harmed by this cunting;not even a fly.

Nominated  by everyonesacunt

Chiyo and the BBC (47)

A creature called fucking Chiyo and the good old BBC who chose to put this bollocks prominently on it’s website:-

‘Chiyo is transgender and, in April next year, he’ll be standing on stage with a group of other men – who aren’t trans – to be judged in what is ultimately a male beauty contest.

He’s a finalist in the (coronavirus-delayed) Mr Gay England 2020.’

Mr Gay England. Who outside of the shrieking shirtlifter community has heard of this shite?
And when you think about it, if this fucking catamite is a tranny how come it is now gay? Seems to defeat the purpose of losing the meat and 2 veg in the first place. Did it like it up the arse before the transition?

Thank you BBC for deciding news priorities and bringing this freakshow to our attention. Well worth the poll tax.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble