The Covid Exams Fiasco and Whining, Entitled Students/Parents/Teachers

A ‘would you like fries with that?’-level cunting for students and their cunt parents and even bigger cunt teachers who are blaming the nasty tories and exam board that they didnt get the grades their woke instructors predicted, with some 36% lower than predicted (despte more A and A* this year) and more than few being off by two grades.

Weirdly this external moderation system Labour are now pointing fingers at was agreed with by the big teaching unions as far back as April. This was to take into account work done in earlier terms and help weigh the grades ro a standard, set of criteria, rather than just give students wildly optimistic grades as done in bedwetting socialist Scotland where teachers were worried about the effect such standards might have on less privileged pupils.
Expect each pupil in Scotland to get a small trophy, a rosette, a pouch of Capri-Sun and a Cadbury’s Creme Egg for turning up.

If the pupils in England and Wales arent happy they can take an exam in the Autumn and see which grade is higher then use that as their grade when applying to study Fashion and Media with Gender at East Anglia or Bangor.

Degree free with your tepid pint of Fosters at the union bar. Just dont skip Freshers Week.


Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

David Whitely

David Whitely

Nope me neither but

This cunt goes by the name of DJ sideman. He has just quit the BBC because in a news report a white female BBC reporter used the N word or The GGD (Guy Gibson’s dog) word. I had never heard of Mr Whitely either but his outrage at a white person using the GGD word in A news report was so great he could stand it no longer and stormed out the door and has left the BBC. I presume he will now proceed to gain lawful employment as an architect.

But what has made my piss boil is that a quick trawl of DJ sideboards playlist includes plenty of acts that use the N word without any problem. Many of the bands, rappers will also talk of Incredible misogyny and violence. All things that DJ side-saddle seems ok with.

These cunts will look for anything, any reason to make a noise about how persecuted they are and how Mr White has wronged them. Anyone else had enough?

Nominated by Cuntsince1066

That surname is almost as ironic as Wiley being a Tottenham Hotspur fan – Admin

The Beatles [2]

The Beatles were and are cunts.
This isn’t a cunting based on their musical output and even Yoko Fucking Ono has nothing to do with this one. I can’t even blame her for this one.

They are cunts because they stabbed a mate of theirs in the back in the worst way possible and they didn’t even have the balls to tell him to his face. Not only that, they continued putting the boot into Pete Best as they ascended to fame and fortune. Attempting to justify their utterly cuntish behaviour by spreading crap like he had no sense of humour, he didn’t talk, he couldn’t play drums, which I think is all bollocks and excuses.

And who did they replace the lad with? Ringo Starr! I mean, if they had got Keith Moon or Mitch Mitchell, it would at least have been sort of understandable. But Ringo fucking Starr?! Just how bad could Pete have been? Sacking and shafting the bloke in the most dirty and cowardly way possible is bad enough, but losing his job and arguably the biggest drumming gig in history to Ringo Starr?! Talk about adding insult to injury.

They could and can yap on all they like about how they didn’t rate Best as a drummer (so, they got two solid years of bookings in German clubs and endless Cavern gigs with a shit drummer?), but the bottom line is they sacked the bloke because they were cunts. And the way they did it (or had it done) shows that they were cunts.

Also added. Paul McCartney saying Best wasn’t great as a musician, then having Linda McCartney is his band for years?! Do fuck off.

And let’s not even start on the Plastic Cunting Fucking Ono Band.

Nominated by Norman

Even their music isn’t actually that good in my opinion – admin

The leftwaffe

The Leftwaffe, once again, have put themselves in my sights. This time, attempting to have a go at Alan Sugar, and completely underestimating their target. Lord Sugar tweeted a comment about Ian Wright’s attire, which wasn’t particularly pleasant to look at. Anyway, the comment contained the sentence “a little too dark?” Naturally, this was disingenuously taken by the Leftwaffe to be a reference to the colour of Ian’s skin, rather than his suit. One dumb shit even tweeted “did Alan Sugar just make a racist comment about Ian Wright?” No, you thick twat. He made a joke about his fucking suit. And this is just one of the many reasons why I hate the Leftwaffe. They will take a comment and deliberately twist it to make it mean something they think they can use against the person posting the comment. It’s what they ALWAYS do, and that’s one of the reasons I despise them. They’re lying, disingenuous cunts.

And as I said, they completely underestimated their targeted. Alan Sugar and Ian Wright are friends, have been for years. And the comment was a joke. And as soon as Sugar heard about the Leftwaffe getting all bent out of shape over that joke, he went back onto twatter and hit them with a broadside, telling them to “shut the fuck up” and “go to hell”. And since these pansy ass lefties are used to people immediately doing a U-turn and begging for forgiveness that will never be forthcoming, I imagine it came as quite a surprise to encounter someone who was willing and more than able to stand up to them.

Who the fuck did they think they were dealing with? Alan Sugar is a top businessman. He’s been a top businessman for at least forty years. You don’t get to the top, and stay there, in business by being a soft twat. You need to be as hard as fuck, and Lord Sugar is definitely hard as fuck. He will be not be silenced, and he certainly won’t be cancelled. You’ve lost this one dickheads. Do what Alan says. Shut the fuck up and move on. You bunch of cunts.

Nominated by QDM

QDM wanted a second helping

The Leftwaffe and their dipshit cancel culture deserve a nomination. Yes, those ignorant, far left, self important, faux geniuses on twitter have struck again. This time, their target is George R R Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series of novels, which after about twenty years he’s yet to finish. Apparently, George is a racist, sexist, homophobe and transphobe. Why? Because while hosting this year’s Hugo awards, he mispronounced the names of some authors. The utter cunt. And in video released prior to the awards, he talked about the Oscars and the Emmy’s, describing the Emmy award as a woman with wings. That made him sexist. Also, whilst talking about some other award, he called it by the name it was known as prior to it being changed last year. Oh yes, he also praised dead white male authors, so that made him racist. And sexist. Not sure where the homophobia and transphobia fit into it. Then again, these dipshit allegations come from the kind of people who would accuse a urinal in the men’s toilets of being transphobic.

Naturally, this prompted the usual bullshit on Twitter from the type of dickheads who think they’re intellectually and morally superior to everyone else, but really aren’t. One asshole tweeted: “I wish I lived in a world where George R R Martin didn’t feel comfortable in expressing his opinion”. Clearly the sort who only believes in free speech when the speech is in line with their own fascist bullshit. And when George made the huge mistake of tweeting an apology, there was much screaming that it wasn’t good enough and not a real apology. One particularly retarded cunt tweeted an offer to teach George, for money, how to make a proper apology. Even though their against capitalism. Not that against it if they’re not willing to do it for free.

The WORST thing anyone who triggers the demented Leftwaffe can do, is a apologise. All it does is make the fuckers worse. It’s the literal red rag to be a bull. The best thing is either to ignore them or, better still, go on the attack. They’re going to at least try to cancel you anyway, so you may as well go out fighting. These motherfuckers have no concept of things like decency, honesty and most especially, irony. If they did, they would realise that THEY are the fascists, racists, homophobes, sexists etc.

In the US, and shortly over here, there is a concerted effort to sideline women for the cult of transsexuality. Many public bodies, such as the American Cancer Society, don’t talk about women anymore, they talk about “individuals with a cervix”. Err, that women, you dumb cunts. Because only women have a cervix. Just like it’s only women who have periods. Men CANNOT have periods, as these evil fascist bastards claim. Why? Because biology motherfuckers.

The BBC (42 – no, really), and Sly News (8)

Another cunting for Al Beeb and Sly News.

This is the headline.

But no. Having heard it on the radio, I switch on and see Bill (I didn’t fuck her and I don’t smoke ganj) Cunton banging on about John Lewis, an incredible person, yes, but not someone who deserves the fawning that that the BRITISH news services should be giving when there’s shit going on going on back home.