Jo Swineson (no, that is NOT a typo)

JO SWINSON:  Emergency cunting please for this stinking amateur Fascist turd, who it seems, in addition to loathing democracy is also one of those fuckers who approve of cruelty to animals.  Pick on someone your own size you fucking bitch.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

David Lammy (6)

A let’s all hear it cunting for one of IsAC’s favourite sons, David ‘Rent a Gob’ Lammy, MP for Tottenham. Big Mouth Dave is apparently very concerned about the incidence of knife crime. After a couple of recent stabbings in his neck of the woods, he told the Commons ‘I don’t want the south side of Chicago in Tottenham’.

Now fair enough, you might say, an MP should be concerned about knife crime. But here’s the rub. BMD reckons that knife crime could get ‘considerably worse’. What, you may ask, could be responsible for this predicted escalation? Well, as you are all painfully aware, we’re (supposedly) leaving the EU. This is going to mean (apologies to the Gershwin brothers) that the Rockies will tumble and Gibraltar will crumble etc. We’ll have awful shortages of medicines, fuel, food and bog rolls. As if all this wasn’t bad enough, BMD predicts that BoJo’s Brexit deal will ‘mean everything’ to areas with ‘high poverty rates’, because it will lead (at least according to him) to ‘a drop in GDP’. So, gazing into his crystal ball, he can’t wait to tell us that as a consequence, knife crime will go up, and that naturally, this will be down to… Brexit.

But… hasn’t the occurrence of knife crime in our beloved and glorious capital already escalated to scandalous levels in recent years, and haven’t we been in the EU all that time? Aren’t we still in the EU? It must follow then, that our EU membership is in fact responsible for the epidemic of knifings currently staining the reputation of good ol’ Landan tarn. Yes, Dave, on the basis of your logic, the disgusting level of knife crime in London is, in fact, down to our continuing membership of the EU. What do you mean, it’s illogical, nay ludicrous, to link the incidence of knife crime in the Smoke to our EU membership in so simplistic a fashion? Well raise mah rent, you’ve worked it out.

Nominated by Ron Knee

Extinction Rebellion (4) and the British Transport Police

This is the first of two nominations, both linked by that bunch of hypocritical, upper class trust funders, Extinction Rebellion. The first is a nomination for British Transport Police, who over the weekend announced that they are launching an investigation into the “vigilantes” who annoyed BTP by doing their job for them by dragging two XR idiots from the top of the tube train carriage they had climbed up on, thereby delaying said vigilantes, aka COMMUTERS from getting to work.  It seems BTP don’t like having their toes stepped on because, y’know, law and order is their gig. At least, it should be. But BTP weren’t there to do something about the two idiots who caused the disruption. They didn’t turn up until AFTER they had been dragged off the roof of the train. What were people supposed do? Just stand there, chanting their support for the two eco loons who were stopping them from going about their lawful business? This came after over a week of XR bringing chaos to London. Those people waiting for their train were sick of it. And when two of these clowns turned up, but the police didn’t, they did the only thing they could, they took matters into their own hands. And in my opinion, they did the right thing.  Over 1000 arrests were made at the various XR acts of civil disobedience (because that’s what they actually are), but both the Met and BTP have been accused of going easy on these grass munching cretins. And that is why we saw what happened at Canning Town. When the police either go easy on law breakers, or are absent altogether, people WILL take matters into their own hands. BTP’s investigation in the people who brought the disruption at Canning Town tube station by themselves, smacks of sour grapes. It is mean spirited and wrong. Personally, I doubt they’ll gather much evidence against the alleged culprits. I’ll be surprised if they many witness statements, if any. Other than from the two idiots who caused it. So, Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police. I know that your grass roots officers have a difficult job to do, especially with the shit they have to deal with from their SJW bosses, but you really need to start pulling your socks up and doing the job that us taxpayers pay you to do. Because when even law abiding people refer you to as ‘The Filth’, you have a serious problem.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

And the second part…

Ok, so now my second nomination. Extinction Rebellion. We all know that XR are nothing but a bunch of trust fund hypocrites who want to send the Earth back to the stone age, but occasionally, they can be moderately entertaining. Today (Monday 21st October) for example. They were engaging in yet another tedious protest outside the Adam Smith Institute. This time, they were demanding that teachers be forced to teach the unproven, unscientific climate change fantasy and outright lies that XR preaches. These idiots actually believe that we’re on the brink of humanity becoming extinct. There are currently about 7.5 Billion people on Earth, and rising. Extinction is NOT something we have to worry about. Unfortunately for them, the ASI wasn’t really in the mood for having protesters outside, so they started blasting music out of a window. This counter protest included hits such as People Will Always Need Coal by Public Service Broadcasting, Rule Britannia, Money by That Poppy and Taxman by the Beatles.

This disruption to their protest seems to have upset the yellow snowflakes of XR, because they sent the ASI a note which read:

“To whomever it may concern, we are sorry for disturbing your morning and we wish nobody at the Adam Smith Institute ill will. Conversely, we seek to highlight a growing climate and ecological emergencies that threaten my future, your future and the future of all our loved ones. We all want to live in a safe, fulfilling world and unless we start addressing this crisis, we’ll all be STUFFED. Please consider having a conversation with us in the lobby about what the Adam Smith Institute can do. Smiley Face”. It was signed by “An XR Medical Student. Here for future patients”.

The ASI responded by ignoring XR’s complaint and continued to play their music. Great isn’t it? XR seem to think it’s ok for them to bring inconvenience and disruption to the general public with their acts of civil disobedience, but when someone dares to disrupt one of their protests by playing loud music, they really don’t like it. It’s a small act against XR, but now at least they have a tiny understanding of how ordinary people feel when these ignorant tools stop us from going about our business.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw




Greedy footy players

I would like to cunt Liverpool players and the fucking manager. don’t these cunts earn enough money?. for fucks sake have you seen them plugging Nivea ‘ Mens Products ‘.. irritating or what? look we know you’re doing it for the money, don’t treat us like morons.. and fuck whoever makes this bollocks too. do you really think we’re going to rush out and buy this shit because some overpaid prima donna is plugging it? fuck off widdya ..maybe just maybe they are donating their fees to charity. doubt it though.

Nominated by richard1

Boris Derangement Syndrome

Boris is the new Trump  As if we needed one. Boris seems to be getting the same media ridicule as Trump. Easy target I suppose. Like Trump, he is a cunt. And full of shit. But he seems to infuriate the lefty, liberal right-on cunts who also hate Trump and were up Rory Stewart’s arse. All of which puts him up in my estimation. And given that the alternative is ‘great negotiating skills’ Hunt, who fucked up the doctor’s negotiations and imposed an unworkable system on the NHS, perhaps Boris is the man. Who knows, he might sort things out?

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble


Emergency cunting for Boris Johnsons neighbour.  Boris and his girlfriend had a row at their place like couples do. Turns out one of his neighbours called the police on him, recorded what they could through the wall, and took the ‘evidence’ to the guardian. Now call me cynical but what are the odds of this neighbour cunt being a labour-supporting remoaner? I bet this busybody sadcunt has been keeping their ear to the wall for months and years hoping to get some dirt on Boris and help revoke article 50. We’ve all had to put up with nosy no-life cunts with nothing better to do but complain but imagine living next door to some pathetic weaselly bearded libtard spy out to get you. A cunting on moaners, grasses, and interfering neighbours everywhere.

Nominated by MandroidZ