Metro Newspaper

I’d like to nominate London based, Libtard Rag ‘Metro’, with inspiring articles such as:

* Indian-Pakistani lesbian couple get married – with one bride wearing a sari and the other a sherwani

* ‘Significant spike’ in anti-Muslim hate crimes after Boris Johnson’s burka comments

* I created a Twitter account just so I could tell misogynist men to shut up

* Oxford Dictionary needs to update its sexist definition of ‘woman’

Just some of the articles not worth reading, and a Rag only fit for lining the bottom of your cat-litter tray.

Nominated by Rev R. Sleeker

Sky Sports News

Sky Sports News are cunts…

These utter helmets have now surpassed their own spectacular cunt levels by having a clock counting down to Bury and Bolton’s deadline. For these cunts, the demise of two 100+ year old clubs is just terrific content.

Whatever one’s views are about both clubs it was a very cuntish thing by Sky to do… It was worthy of The Day Today and Alan Partridge…

Nominated by Norman

The Guardian (10)

‘The Guardian has apologised for saying David Cameron had only felt “privileged pain” over the death of his son.’

Just how fucking despicable can this right-on, champagne Marxist, weirdo loving rag get?

There are many reasons to have a go at Cameron, but to put comments like this about the loss of a disabled 6 year-old in a fucking editorial is about as low as you can get. And as for’privileged pain’, look at the demographic of the readership of this arse-wipe rag to see what privilege is.

No wonder it is home to such cunts as Toynbee and Jones.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Terry Christian

Terry fucking Christian is possibly the biggest cunt in the world.

First off, who the fuck even are you? Just some loud mouthed, fucking mong. No one in the world gives a fuck what you think, but by the virtues of social media, the BBC and Channel 5 (the only biased cunts who will have you), you still have a platform to spout your bollocks.

The manc bastard’s most recent drivel is to say he wants all Brexit voters to starve to death and OAP leavers to get the flu and die. He obviously subscribes to Project Fear. I hope when we eventually leave the EU someone publicly laughs in the little twat’s face. (I would maybe wish something more excessive, but I also don’t want to be moderated).

He wants two queues at doctor surgeries, one for ‘leave’ and one for ‘remain’, so only remain voters get vaccines. I’d hope that people like Terry the twat here would get their comeuppance after spouting all this shite, but I fear they won’t.

Hate is a strong word and there are very few people I genuinely hate, but this obnoxious, pompous, self-important little cunt I absolutely despise.

Something very awful should befall this fuck face and soon.

Nominated by elboobio

Cry Babies

I’d like to nominate people crying.

Recently noticed a lot of tearful types – hitching voice, tears streaming down their chops, bawling their fuckin’ eyes out, and when I realise why, its Brexit! Or some TV show or someone hasn’t bent over backwards because of their race, sexuality or beliefs!

Now I’m not heartless and everyone has a blub at some point in their life – death of a family member, extreme pressure, etc. However, call me old fashioned, but men shouldn’t be scriking their eyes out unless for a valid reason. It embarrasses me to see another man cry…makes me feel uncomfortable!

Unless your life is like a blues song, you’re back from a war, or someones died, dry yer eyes, toughen up, be a man and stop being a mardarse!

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt