Wales (2)

A cunting for the boil on England’s arse, if you please.

The Welsh are apparently on an offensive to promote Wales overseas with it’s “rich cultural heritage, its strategies for boosting trade with the EU post-Brexit and its bid to make Wales the “go-to nation” for advice on preserving endangered languages”.

I’m sick of hearing from these cunts. Who the fuck would take business advice from a region that’s running a deficit of £4,000 per person, per year more than England? These people are parasites! Their boast of preserving the useless Welsh language is paid for by other people – us! To top it all, their entire culture seems to revolve around trying to prove they’re not English…the very same people who actually work to pay for your fucking multilingual traffic signs!

If you want to do something that’s actually worth a damn Wales, try earning, creating wealth, making a profit. But they don’t care about these trivialities. Just let the English pay for all that while they do nothing but slag the evil water thieves. We should demand austerity upon the regions like the EU does with Greece, and if they want to leave, fucking let them…nay encourage them!

Campaign for Leave!

Nominated by Dr Shagga and His Cunt Munching Machine

Thangam Debbonaire MP

Never heard of her? Well, that’s not any fault of this gushing, showy, publicity whore of an MP for Bristol (West, East? I can’t recall) She is another of the wimmin who are only at Westminster thanks to all wimmin shortlists, and especially her mixed race origins.

Note the important glancing at notes and the cheap BIC to underline her “points” as she makes them, but especially the condescending and patronising “go ahead” for all the world, like the 13-year-old smartarse she really is, who is so pleased with herself during the Year 6 debating society spat she has with a boy.

This old cunt is of course an ardent Remainer who is obviously pissing her pants because she lost. She knows the jig is up and even Mandy, Blair or Nicola Sturgeon can’t save her dreams from crashing around her. Either that or her Poundland jiggleballs are badly out of kilter.

Who could vote for a junior harridan like this vapid fuckwit?

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Politically Correct James Bond

Non-alcoholic James Bond and ‘woke’ 007!

Yes, folks. The world has now officially gone PC mad.…en-advert.html

In a new advert, James Bond pushes away his ‘Vodka Martini’ and asks for a ’00’ non-alcoholic lager, as ‘he’s working’. This comes hot on the heels of the news that the latest Bond pic will be the most ‘woke’ and PC movie yet – Jesus.

In the ‘woke’ Bond movie, the phrase ‘Bond girl’ was outlawed from the film set. The women in this film are all ‘strong, brave and fiercely independent’. They are not ‘helpless girls’ who jump into bed with Bond (Bond tries his usual seduction techniques, but they fail miserably. ‘It’s very funny’, according to wank insiders) Craig is called out of retirement to ‘assist’ the new (black) woman 007, a character who has issues with her weight and questions what’s going on with her boyfriend – JESUS! ‘Bond’ also drives a quarter of a million pound ‘Electric’ car (hardly gonna convert the family car buyer at £260k)

If you don’t want to remain faithful to Ian Fleming’s books, then just kill of Bond and let it end. This snowflake ‘woke’ trend for re-writing classic characters and stories has to end. Last year the BBC pissed all over classic ‘War of the worlds’, ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Dracula’.

Please FUCKING STOP THIS. You want to reflect today’s snowflake fucked-up world, then invent your own new original characters and stories. Stop stealing the past and changing it. Leave everything from history and my childhood alone, YOU MASSIVE FUCKING BASTARDS!

Nominated by Lord of the Rings

Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves, an attention seeking, nobody cunt.

This fish-headed mongoloid has annoyed me for some time, his surgically mutated visage daily haunting me from the sidebar of shame on the rapidly sinking Daily Mail. Once known as ‘The Human Ken Doll’, which is bollocks, because a Ken doll looks far more human than this prick, he has now come out as a fucking transgender woman.

Looking like a Blackpool pier waxwork dummy of Katie Price, he now has more excuses for further plastic surgery, not that he needed any. The vacuous fuck changed his nose more often than I change my socks and he’s one of the many cunts addicted to cosmetic surgery who prove that it just makes you look ugly, retarded, inhuman, and sad.

Damn him for being the no talent freak show that he is, damn the fucking Daily Mail for giving him the oxygen of publicity, and damn me for reading the fucking Daily Mail.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

Shami Chakrabarti (5)

Shami Chakrabarti…That useless human rights cunt, who Magic Grandpa put in the House of Lords because…well…ok, I don’t know why. But she’s a cunt. And a humourless cunt at that.

Last night (Thursday 16th January), I watched Question Time for the first time in years. I didn’t watch it because she was on, I watched it because Laurence Fox was on. Now I’ll admit that, him being an actor, I assumed he was a woke, far left luvvie type. However, a couple of days ago, I saw him do an interview on some obscure YouTube channel, and he came across as being quite down to Earth. Well, last night, I found a new respect for him. That guy does NOT give a fuck about wokeness or luvviedom.

Shagafatti was sat next to him, and what a sour faced cunt she was. First, he was asked about climate change and his carbon footprint. His response was, “Well, as an actor I have a huge carbon footprint. But I make up for it by preaching to everyone else about theirs”. Then he was asked about who he thought should replace Corbyn as Labour leader, and this is where Shagafatti showed us once again what humourless, woke cunts the left are. Bruce asked him who should replace Corbyn, and his first words (which raised a chuckle from the audience) were, “Magic Grandpa? Hmm”. Shagafatti’s response to that? A very sarcastic, “Oh, THAT’S original”. Fuck off and suck a dick Chuka, Laurence clearly understands humour. Then he committed what, to a swivel eyed feminazi, is the ultimate sin. He didn’t name one of the female candidates. I know, right? Unforgivable. But Laurence thought Keir Starmer should replace him, because he thought Starmer would be better able to stand up to Boris. Personally, I doubt it, but he’s entitled to his opinion. And I got the impression that Laurence is not a Labour supporter. His answer immediately triggered Chakrafarti, who responded with, “Huh, so none of the FOUR women would be good enough”? Yes, Shami Shagafatti, Laurence wasn’t giving his honest opinion, he was being a toxic, white, male, far right, misogynist, bigoted racist.

I have to admit, if I’d been him, I would have hit her with a sarcasm bomb. “Yes Shami. That’s right. Wammin should leave politics, business and everything else alone and stick to what they’re good at – living in the kitchen, making sammiches for us men”. He was more restrained, simply saying, “it has NOTHING to do with gender. Jeepers Creepers, (I suspect he wanted to say something stronger)”. And several of the other panel members jumped on her for that bullshit too. I would also have pointed out that, although all the candidates were equally useless, they at least were elected to their parliamentary positions. In a democratic election. I don’t remember EVER voting to put someone in the House of Lords. Certainly not BARONESS Shami Shagafatti. Fox was highly entertaining on QT last night, and clearly not a lefty luvvie. Which means it’ll be a while before he’s invited back on. Shagafatti was highly annoying, and clearly there to be the token twat. I’m not going to talk about her own answers to the questions she was asked. It was the usual woke, leftist cuntishness.

I remember Shagafatti being an annoying, self-important cunt when she was the head of that human rights organisation. Being in the Lords has made her even more self-important. And definitely even more of a cunt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw