Social Media (3)

I know that most ISaC users are sensible people who despise social media, what with the epithets of Twatter and Instacunt etc. So why are children and teenagers allowed to use social media? We don’t send kids up chimneys to work anymore and we have laws banning the sales of alcohol to them so why are they allowed access to terrorists, pro-suicide shit, anti-Semitic shit, endless vacuous influencers, the rantings of Rose McGowan, et al? Why the fuck does a child have to communicate with another child outside of school and share documents and images in real time? Its utter bollocks as they simply do not need it.

I just watched a segment on Victoria Derbyshire (VD) about the dangers of social media. There sat a teenage girl moaning about how toxic social media is and how it made her feel bad. Apparently this vulnerable mental was addicted to feeling bad, or some shit. Where were her parents in all this? Too dumb and/or bone idle to block out the offending sites and monitor her device usage, more than likely. Just look at the case of teenager Molly Russell who killed herself after seeing too many suicidal posts on Instagram – the father is calling for the social media companies to hand over data and he mumbled that ‘something more has to be done’ because self-regulation has failed. Exactly where were the parents whilst the daughter was using Instagram and consuming dark and dangerous content?

Apparently, the government are going to do more to make social media sites safer, well good luck with that, sounds like something that might bare fruit in about 50 years time. Social media companies will never self-regulate properly, so why not just ban under 18s from using social media in the first place? Start putting in the national curriculum that social media, and the internet in general, contains dangerous content, from perverts to political extremists, so stay the fuck away from it. Make a public information film or two.

Social media is the same as alcohol in my eyes and should be banned to under 18s. Part of me doesn’t give a toss if parents are too stupid to prevent their children accessing unsuitable content but the other part of me does care and the whole thing gets up my nose because it seems quite obvious to me that a child shouldn’t be left alone to indulge in Instagram, use bloody Snap Chat, nor have unfettered access to the internet. Just as I would never allow any child of mine to have access to bottles of whiskey, then I most certainly would not allow them to use Facebook or Instagram etc. and probably they could have controlled access to Wikipedia and that’d be it! No smart phones either. They can have some coins and use a bloody phone box if the need arises!

Its hard to pinpoint one cunt in all this so I am unable to offer a title. Social Media is a massive snake infested cunt for umpteen reasons, parents who let their kids use Social Media and do not control their access to the internet are at best dumb cunts and child abusing cunts at worst. The government is a cunt because it could just pass a law to prevent kids under 18 being allowed Social Media accounts for starters. The BBC are of course always cunts. In this morning’s VD, the BBC are cunts for not mentioning parental responsibility, or where parents watching could get more information about protecting their children online. Instead the BBC put up the Samaritans phone number.

Nominated by Cuntologist

Ayanna Pressley

US congresswoman, Ayanna Pressley, has revealed she is completely bald because of the hair-loss condition alopecia. She eventually went totally bald in December, the night before Congress voted to impeach Donald Trump.

Sharing the video on social media, Ms Pressley later said: “As a Black woman, the personal is political. My hair story is no exception”.

So, there we have it. Alopecia is political. Pressley is yet again a victim. Probably due to Trump. But not to worry, many have tweeted their support for this fearless woman.

This woman is a Congresswoman. People voted for her.

Fuck me drunk.

Nominated by Cunstable Cuntbubble

Ellen DeGeneres (2)

Ellen DeGeneres is a totally evil cunt for promoting vegan dog food, by a company she part owns called ‘Halo Pet Foods’.

Apparently, this can of vegan wet dog food has under 6% of protein in it; we all know that dogs should have a minimum of 50% protein in the form of meat (muscle and organ) and ideally in the region of 75%.

If dogs were meant to solely eat your can of chick peas,veg and chemicals, they wouldn’t have tearing teeth and they’d have a chamber in their digestive tract for fermenting plant cellulose.

Ellen, do some research and stop poisoning animals for money.

Nominated by Cuntologist

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is a cunt…

Just how much lower can popular music sink? It’s bad enough having tuneless knobheads and watered down piss like Ed Sheercunt and Lewis Capaldi, but now this horrible, “look at me” cunt is everywhere. Not only is she unbelievably shite, she looks bloody awful to boot.

Once the music world was full of real and talented women: Olivia Newton John, Kate Bush, Lulu, Shirley Bassey, Grace Slick, Kiki Dee, Linda Rondstadt and so on. Now? it’s self-indulgent, pretentious cunts like St. Vincent (don’t laugh), Lana Del Cunt, Paloma Horse Face, or Billie fucking Eilish.

Do they clone these moaning, miserable, up themselves cows somewhere?

Nominated by Norman

Shola Mos-Shogbamimu

Shola Mos-Shogbamimu – a supposed ‘activist’ and quite accurately described this morning (14th Jan) by Piers Morgan as a ‘race baiter’.

This tiresome woman appears all over the media and has nothing to say except playing the racism card at every opportunity. She is also an arrogant loudmouth, who constantly talks over everyone who disagrees with her and can’t accept any contrary point of view.

Sounds just like every other member of the ‘liberal left’.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

I have recently had the misfortune of stumbling across some clips on YouTube of this utter cunt’s appearances on ‘Good Morning Britain’. Every time there is a heated debate to be had on something pertaining to race, diversity, discrimination or even homegrown terrorists, they wheel out this fucking irritating woman with her large, over opinionated piehole and hair weave/do that looks like it was fashioned by Stevie Wonder.

I think they love her on that shitfest show, primarily because she gets as steamed up and loud as that other cunt, Piers Morgan. When they go hammer and tongs at it, the powers-that-be at GMB must be creaming their knick-knocks at another epic barney successfully televised, but I digress.

She may as well come on the show and say nothing but, “Blah, blah, blah. It is because I/you/she/he/they/we are black. Racism is the reason why. Blah, blah, fucking blah.” You could write the script before the cunt has even opened her mouth.

I am so tired of lefty cunts and their 24/7, soap box ranting. There is literally no escape anywhere these days. You can’t even eat your fucking cornflakes and watch a bit of shit TV without one of these cunts being shoved in your face.

Nominated by Nurse Cunty