Pauline Cafferkey (3)

I see Pauline Cafferkey is up to her fucking attention seeking shite again, as pointed out in boilmypiss’s well deserved rant.

This stupid cunt cost the nation tens of millions because of her fucking crass stupidity and her reckless behaviour in falsifying her medical record upon re-entry to the UK.

These fucking idiots who fuck off to shite ridden countries to” do their bit” should all be detained in isolation offshore upon return.( I strongly suggest somewhere like Ascension Island ) And they should be irradiated with     radioactive Iodine for good measure. Any surviving flesh can be bottled and stored in Lily Allen’s Bathroom. The green glow will provide adequate and subtle light to enhance Lily’s ablutions.

Cafferkey is a cunt, a stupid cunt, and we are all fucking cunts for letting cunts like this put all of our lives in danger, and we are monstrous cunts for our adulation of specimens of shite like her.

Nominated by Asimplearsehole.

Can I throw in a ‘drive past’ Cunting to Pauline Cafferkey, the Glaswegian nurse with the Ebola virus. The Cunt is heading back to Sierra Leone to try and raise a bit of cash out there to help some local charities ….

The Cunt was on the radio recently, bumbling on about how she is feeling health wise, hoping she will be fit to travel, and hopefully be able to do her bit for the people of Sierra Leone.

How about she raises some money in THIS FUCKING COUNTRY for the cost she has caused the NH fucking S !!!! It must have run into zillions of fucking pounds to look after her and ship her around in her fucking bubble, being treated by the UK’s finest and not forgetting the fact that she could have caused a major fucking epidemic in the UK … …. Now that does boil my piss !!

Nominated by Boilsmypiss.


Bit of rant and reason…..

Thieving traveller scum. Well today is your cunting, tomorrow your         comeuppance.

Twice I have been targeted as a cheap buck,the first time a massive failure the second time ultimately successful, yes the hundreds of pounds worth of power tools you stole and sold down the pub has upset me,but their are a few things you didn’t realise.

1. I have just been diagnosed with a life changing condition.

2. I fix power tools for a living.

3. I have access to quite a supply of non-working tools.

4. I was trained in EOD, meaning if I can break them, I can make them.

So I have come up with a few novelty items, we have the tool designed to electrocute the user, and my personal favourite the box set,crossed with a tin of gloss paint mixed with dog shit, a car airbag a high amp battery and a trigger switch.

A sort of MOAB jack in the box.

You see their is some justice in the world, just got to make it happen.

Nominated by Lord Benny.

Frankie Boyle (2)

Has Frankie Boyle had a cunting yet? He deserves one for a 2 sentence excerpt from a magnum opus of cuntitude to be found at his Facebook fans page, as follows:

“It’s not hard to imagine England relishing the prospect of a war. Look at how much they enjoy hurting Spanish people in their spare time.”

Not at all racist that, is it you ginger gobshite cunt? The English relish a war because we English are war like people, is that the jist of it? Not at all like the peace loving Scots who regularly hospitalise any cunt for having the wrong accent in the wrong pub in the wrong part of town.

Not only are we a warlike people, the English, but we enjoy hurting the Spaniards. And how exactly do we do that oh wise speccy bastard? By spending an average of £1300 per family in Spain? By being the largest group by far to visit with 17,840,292 Brits visiting Spain in 2016 thus contributing 11% of GDP to their beleaguered economy?

He must be hard as fucking nails, that cunt. He must have fought off thousands who would give him a proper pasting. Still, we live in hope….

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.

Howard Jacobson

Howard Jacobson cunt. He has just written a book, supposedly a satire on the Trump administration called “Pussy” and has just been on Sky news pushing his very own brand of hate speech “Trump voters were uneducated” “Brexit voters were thick”. Well, you big nosed cunt, if you want to know why people voted for Brexit or Trump just look in the fucking mirror for you are the very exemplar of all things the people voted against in those two historic democratic events. A smarmy fully paid up member of the liberal metropolitan elite whose idea of a of a hard days work is venting your spleen at a word processor because your side lost in a democratic vote and you are too childish to accept it. Cunt!

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.

Victoria Beckham (4)

Once a cunt, always a cunt…. I refer to Dog/Skeletor/Yoko/Posh Spice…

Fashion designer?! Please pick me up off the fucking floor… There’s that for a start…
But trademarking your kid’s name, that sounds like a toilet cleaner?! And also trademarking the other three little cunts at the same time?… Irritating as they all are, I’m sure it’s reassuring for the Beckham brats to know that they are all ‘brand names’ as opposed to human beings (albeit little cunts of human beings, of course)… I suspect the horrible tart is going to put a load of crap on the market… A sort of inferior and tacky version of Paul Newman’s salad dressing…. Brooklyn’s Baked Beans?…. Cruz Crisps?….Harper Six (or is it seven?) Sink Unblocker?…. Fucking hell… She’s like a female Fagin… ‘Make me money, my dears…’

‘Posh’ (again,more image bullshit) is an even bigger cunt than I thought…
And I thought she was one of the biggest cunts on the planet to begin with…

Nominated by Norman.

Victoria Beckham is now an OBE.

She looks like a lollipop, I am sick of her and Duh’vid what a pair of cunts. Nothing to offer either of them, he’s a washed up Footballer desperate to be a ‘Sir’ and she ‘Designs’ clothing. She said she’s proud to be British, yet her and Duh’vid have both contributed to the current hurricane of wannabe famous talentless cunts and the celebrity culture we now have. Fuck off, and I bet that Haig whisky is shit.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt.