‘Useful Ginger Idiots’

I’d like to nominate “Useful Ginger Idiots and their unseen social engineering head patters” for a cunting.

While watching Country File last Sunday I was despairingly not surprised to see that the only native English looking male presenter (as I expected) Just had to be a ginger victim of school bullying. These hidden self important cunts in control of our entertainment and possibly indirectly our wold simply could not bring themselves to put a typical British male in a position of influence in front of their heavily lobotomised, passive, teat sucking audience, so instead they went off a found some useful ginger, freckled, victim of an idiot to stand in his rightful place.

I have noticed this prevalence of these ginger stooge, substitutes over and over down through the years where ever left wing, feminist, victimhood proper gander is regularly aired, from TV adds, bill boards advertising beds, to even train timetable covers etc. Everywhere you look the avoidance of real white male roll models is plainly evident.

I was at Asda (in England) yesterday and saw a poster with about eight children’s faces grinning, looking out at me, most of them were obviously of foreign origin and the two white boy’s, one was hard to distinguish whether it was a boy or a girl (possibly non binary) and the other was a freckled ginger with short back n sides and sticky out ears (no blond English white boys).

Possibly the biggest cunts however could be those who literally have not noticed this subtle long term erosion and in so doing actively endorse it and wish to vigerously inforce it.

Nominated by Blue Van Man.

‘Selective Ignorance’

I’d like to nominate “Selective Ignorance” by the meejah – just on the off-chance that it *might* offend any “peaceful” cunt – for a much overdue cunting.

Not a story of any note just a banner scrolling along bottom of Sky News stating: “West Midlands Police say two men have been arrested on suspicion of two separate rapes of a 14yr old girl in Whitton Birmingham.”

The story is described here in the Evening Standard:


Where they have the temerity two name the men (the first who raped her and the second who raped her after she flagged down his car for help following the first rape incident) as “Asian”.

I just have a sneaky feeling that these “Asians” won’t be Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean. I’m also assuming that they won’t be Hindus, Sikhs or Bhudists, but hey, I could be wrong…

Obviously it is just “suspicion” at the moment but had the suspects been the hated middle-aged white man, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be hearing of anything else across all of the main news channels! Cunts!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Eleanor Smith M.P

Labour MP Eleanor Smith deserves this nomination because she wants to scrap the flag of the Black Country because of its “racial connotations.” Smith has looked at a flag with the colours black and white and a stylised chain and jumped straight to the conclusion that the flag is “racist.” Fuck’s sake.

The flag represents the industrial heritage of the West Midlands. Chainmaking was a major industry; apparently the chain for the Titanic comes from there. There a big fucking differences between a chain for the anchor of a ship and manacles used to lock up slaves, you fucking thick twat.

A few historical points, if I may:

1/ Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833. The earliest reference to the term “Black Country” is the 1840s. Got a Tardis have you?

2/ Slavery has existed in virtually ever human society.

3/ Berber (modern Algeria) slave traders were notorious for raiding coastal communities all over Europe. They even raided as far north as Reykjavik.

4/ The Eastern African slave trade lasted centuries longer than the West African slave trade. The reason there is no substantial African population in the Middle East is because Arab slave traders used to castrate their male slaves. Incidentally, if the cunts buying slaves in West Africa were cunts, then so were the cunts selling the slaves.

Smith is typical of the knee-jerk arseholes who go looking for offence and see racism, sexism and Islamophobia everywhere they look. If you want to find something, you will find it – whether it is there or not. Smith and her fellow identity politics mongs are the real racists and sexists. They don’t look at a person and see a human being, they look at a person and see their colour, race, sex, etc. Cunts.

This website, I think, follows the philosophy that you are a cunt because of what you DO not because of what you ARE. I have no problem with people of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent but I have a big fucking problem with cocksuckers demanding special privileges because of their fucked up religion. Ditto gaylords – fuck who you want, just don’t expect me to join in. Look at the cunters here – we have mixed race cunts, northern cunts, cunts from all over the world. Fuck, we even have a token poof who once snogged a black man. Equal opportunities – if you are a cunt or behave in a cuntish way then someone will nominate you.

Nominated by Cunt’s Mate Cunt.

Red Bull Flugtag

It’s that time of year for the Red Bull Flugtag. This year it is coming from Pittsburgh USA on 5th August. It all started back in 1971 in Selsey, West Sussex until Red Bull took it over in 1991.

Anyway, enough history, what actually happens is that all kinds of mad cunts enter into a competition in an attempt to fly with some wacky contraptions. It is a cross between the Wacky Racers meets Dastardly and Mutley. In all the years it has been running, without fail, none of the contestants have got far. The flight record is only 258 feet.

If the likes of James Dyson, Boeing, Airbus or NASA entered, they would walk it, or should I say fly it. Since they don’t, it’s just the same old shit, year after year, as cunt after cunt jumps off a pier and crash lands into the water below.

Now, if that daredevil Silver Beardy Branson was to enter I would watch it, just to see him crash spectacularly in an undignified heap or better still jettison himself into space, to be seen last hurtling towards the Sun. We do live in hope, eh?

However, things maybe about to change, as in not many years from now we may well be watching a livelier, err…deadlier version, namely, the Sharia Flying Pig Challenge sponsored by Mecca (not the Bingo). In this new version, they substitute the volunteer nutters jumping off piers in their flying machines, with conscripted gay men – totally wingless so no cheating allowed – being assisted off the White Cliffs of Dover, with only the rocks below. The judges won’t be so much measuring flying distance, but more so the net result, as they will be selected from the Sharia Courts. Extra points will be awarded for the rate of descent and the force with which the ‘contestants’ are pushed. Flailing arms and loud screams will also add to their final scores. Clearly, the casualty rate will go up, as intended, but so will the viewing figures among the propogating peaceful hordes. The winner is at the judges discretion, although, unfortunately he will have to be awarded his prize posthumously.

I think it  maybe time to update those classic Vera Lynn wartime lyrics to….. “They’ll be homos over the White Cliffs of Dover, just you wait and see”

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

The Queen (2)

Queen Elizabeth the Second needs a Cunting.

The lazy old trout is, apparently, planning on taking on far less “Official Duties”. At the age of 91, courtiers believe that she has done her share,and it’s time for the younger royals to step up…. What utter bollocks. I’ve little doubt that I could work into my nineties if all my work consisted of was being ferried around in a Rolls Royce, cutting the odd ribbon, nibbling on a cucumber sandwich and then being whisked off to the races.

She is also responsible for breeding the most dysfunctional family since the Sawney Bean clan were in their pomp. Charles is a selfish arrogant fool. Edward a queer, Andrew a bumptious oaf. Anne,however,is O.K.

Her grandchild William already takes after his father…too stupid to realise that people have had enough of the inbred spongers. I won’t mention that dolt, Harry, because she isn’t related to the half-a-brain waster. Fuck me, even those weird looking great-grandchildren are already showing the Windsor traits of over-indulged,self-important arrogance that Her Majesty has bred through her offspring.

No doubt when the old Kraut finally does the decent thing and gives the taxpayer a bit of relief from having to support her and her indolent tribe,the nation will be expected to go into some grief-fest about the old bag…Not me, although I will raise a glass a woman who managed to con an entire nation into believing that she was some benevolent force who only wanted what was best for the country…She only ever wanted the best for herself and her sponging family.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler.