Peter Kay [2]

Peter Kay is a cunt… All that publicity about there being no more episodes of that Car Share thing, and now there’s going to be a Christmas Special… Apparently it’s ‘unscripted’ which basically means it’s a load of outtakes and cock ups… That said, it’ll still be better than Mrs Brown’s Taxdodging Cunts…

Nominated by Norman.

The fans who make trailers for films

Fan-made trailer makers are cunts…

The sort of spotty, sweaty, never had a shag fangeek cunt who spends time (and, in some cases, money) on making a totally crap and glaringly fake ‘trailer’ for some upcoming sci-fi bollocks: usually Doctor Who or the latest Star Wars cash-in… And these arsewarts state that the ‘trailer’ is ‘exclusive’ and ‘brand new’ in order to get Youtube followers and likeminded virgin fancunts to tell them how great they are…. Fucking sad cuntbubbles….

Nominated by Norman.

Sajid Javid M.P

Nomination for Business Secretary Sajid Javid. This slap headed piece of troll jizz has called for more new homes to be built and solve Britain’s housing crisis, but there is a problem,the Baby Boomer generation.

Yes they are all selfish NIMBY cunts with no clue of the real world, who have paid off their mortgage so anyone else can go and fuck themselves. No you cunt, the reason we have a housing problem is because successive governments open our borders to any boat jumping towel head, every unskilled Boris from Eastern Europe and various African shitholes being plagued by war,famine,drought,ebola or Bob Geldof.

Nominated by liberal liquidator.

Shamrock Diplomacy

Well bugger me, who’d have thought the bigots orf Ulster would turn oit to be the saviours orf Blighty. Arlene Foster orf the DUP is derailing the Irish sea border stitch-up with the EU and there-bye injecting a spot orf backbone into the Hunchback orf Downing Street. Indo-Mick Teashop cunt Varadka can shoot his prussic poftah mouth orf as much as he likes and bum up with that hissing knot orf serpents in Brussels to shaft dear old Blighty but with Foster making the headlines they will find oit what “No Surrender” means. Unless dear Arlene has already struck a lucrative under the table deal.

Oh – and never forget The Irish Republic supported the krauts in WWI and WWII. Jairmany calling. Jairmany calling…..

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is a cunt…

About as funny as gangrene for a start, but trust those BBC cunts to have a clueless cuntfuck like this Yank/Plank/Wank knobhead on their football predictions shite with that squeaking poove Lawrenson…. Totally shite pundits are one thing (Phil Nev, Sinclair, Keown, that daft Scouse bitch on ‘Final Score) is one thing… But a Hollywood knobknocker who wouldn’t know the difference between Accrington Stanley and Juventus? What a cunt and what a load of cunt…

Nominated by Norman.