Run, Hide, Tell

Last Friday, two German female tourists were murdered and four other foreign women tourists were injured in the scuba diving resort of Hurghada, Egypt, by a terrorist knifeman. He only wanted to kill non-Egyptian women apparently.

What is the British government’s advice, when home or abroad, in the event of such a terrorist attack?

Well….it is …….


So, would that be….

Run the 100 metres like Usain Bolt?

Play hide and seek?

Tell the teacher?

The ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ stay safe film is now being aimed at Brits abroad. Nothing like remembering to keep your eyes peeled, Shaw Taylor’s Police 5 style, during your two week summer hols in some North African/Middle Eastern pisshole khazi or even in the once safe European holiday hotspots. It’s no good, just getting pissed up at the bar, boiling like a lobster in the pool or frying like an egg on the beach. Instead, you mustn’t forget to listen out for the sound of marauding maniacs, shooting or stabbing your fellow sun worshippers to death.

Well, ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ is hardly the attitude that helped win WWII. Imagine if the Battle of Britain never happened, because the RAF just raised their hands, copying the garlic munching surrender monkeys across the Channel. Imagine if there was no Blitz spirit during the relentless bombing of London and no sense of camaraderie. Hitler with his Nazi suited and jack booted bovver boys, could have marched into Britain without needing to fire a round.

OK, so we are not at war in the traditional sense – this is a different type of war. One being waged by an enemy that does not respect the norms of civilised society.

Would not better advice be: stick together, help each other and fight back?

Obviously, if the terrorists have guns and bombs, the odds are different but when they use knives and vehicles as weapons, we can resist. Especially if we are in sufficient numbers.

So, if you see a group of knifemen or a vehicle being driven into people, pick up anything not nailed to the floor and throw it at them or the vehicle windscreen. Chairs, tables, bins, bricks, bottles, glasses, you name it….let them have it. Don’t cower in a corner, waiting to be shanked to death or mowed down.

Interestingly, during the knife attack on Borough Market it was a group of Romanians who threw bottle crates at the terrorists and a Spanish dude who set about them with a skateboard as a weapon. In a similar vein, during the London riots in 2011, it was Turks who took to the streets of North London, with meat cleavers and baseball bats to protect their homes and businesses. Likewise, Sikhs brandished their ceremonial swords to repel the rioters.

What has happened to the majority of people in Britain that they are too scared to defend themselves?  The post war generation of men have turned into a bunch of faggots and pussies. Even English football hooligans now get a pasting from Russian, Turkish and other assorted nations hooligans. Not that I’m condoning hooliganism but it is a symptomatic sign of the British population’s lack of desire and ability to fight. Men can no longer just be men. Society expects them to be no more manly than metrosexual at best, or outright queens and trannies at worst.

The young rabble rousers of the far left will don a balaclava, get together in massed groups, smashing up shop fronts and causing criminal damage, while demonstrating lemming like, in favour (or against) whichever cause is currently trending on Twatter, or some zleb is mouthing off about on unsocial media. As is usually the case they are ‘useful’ fools who are being misdirected with zero or little knowledge of the underlying issues.

Yet, where are they, when terrorists go on the rampage? Safe at home, in their bedrooms at their mum’s, playing ‘Call of Duty’, or scribbling on Facefuck. These inept, unthinking and gullible cunts, who are easily manipulated, make Dad’s Army look like Rambo.

They need to wake up, realise who is the enemy at this time and act when the need arises. It is the young generation who will have to live the longest with the consequences of failing to do so.

In fact, it is time for everyone to grow a pair.  Forget about notions of fighting for Queen and country – the elites don’t give a fuck about the people. They have allowed this situation to develop. They will always be insulated financially and be protected no matter what happens to the country and it’s people as a whole. This is about defending your own way of life, that of your family and friends and of determining your future.

This is time for a real life call of duty, not ‘Run, Hide, Tell’.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Guy Opperman MP

A Cunting for Guy Opperman MP.

I’ve followed this devious little spunk-bubble’s career since the start. He managed to get himself wormed in to a safe Tory seat,and obviously is destined for big things in the Conservative party. He has been made a minister in the DWP, where he announced that he understood about zero hours contracts because he’d once worked as a £250 per hour barrister,where work couldn’t be guaranteed every day. Oh,the hardship…don’t know how he managed to survive.

The prick’s latest announcement trumps his thoughts on zero hours contracts. He has suggested that women in their 50s and 60s who have had their pensions put back should consider taking up an apprenticeship and retrain for a new career! I wonder who he thinks is going to train a bunch of middle aged women in a new trade? Perhaps he imagines a whole new battalion of blue-rinse brickies and chippies taking on the task of building new luxury pads for the “poor refugees” that his party continues to let flood in.

Mark my words, Opperman is destined for the top. He has Cuntitude in abundance to really make a top politician. He also recently married his “girlfriend”,which stopped the totally unfounded rumours regarding his preferences. This was particularly important in this rural constituency which still complains about a previous Tory MP, Alan Amos,who had to stand down after a particularly distasteful episode at somewhere on Hampstead Heath known as “The Gobbler’s Gulch.”

I want to get the first Cunting in at Opperman but I reckon,over the years to come, it certainly won’t be the last….. Oh,and the cunt also reports every abusive e-mail to the local police…

Nominated by Dick Fiddler.

William Shakespeare (2)

Nomination: William Shakespeare.

Turned on the news the other day to see some cocksucker with a waxed moustache wanking on about fucking Shakespeare. Number one, anyone who has a waxed moustache in 2017 is a cunt and anything they say can be safely ignored. Number two (ooer, missus), I fucking hate the way Shakespeare is routinely described as the greatest writer (in English) ever. FUCK THAT STRAIGHT UP THE ARSE.

I’m pretty sure most cunters would agree that Shakespeare ruined their English lessons at school. Fucking pages of boring, barely understandable crap, interwoven with shite jokes and bullshit history. Shakespeare doesn’t hold a candle to Orwell, Hemingway or even Isaac Asimov when it comes to writing a decent fucking story.

Nominated by Cunt’s Mate Cunt.

Dara O’Briain (3)

May I nominate a cunt, friends?

My sister recently emailed me to say how excited she was at having bumped into (ambushed in the street like teen-ager!) Dara O’Briain. Oh yes, I replied. He’s a cunt isn’t he?

Yes he is, and here’s why. Some time ago Rory Bremner explained why he doesn’t do Islam jokes: Afraid to, as indeed I would be. I forgave the lily livered fucker, as he was actually highlighting the situation, and making a point without putting his bottom on the line.

Dara O’Briain however is a slimy, dishonest cunt. Listen to the lying bastard:
“You do get people giving out and going ‘Well, you know, you will joke about the Christians but you won’t joke about the Muslims, huh, why is that?’ To which my slightly angry response is: my job is not to write YOU jokes about Muslims. I’ll write about stuff I know and I KNOW about growing up Catholic, but the Muslim stuff, you know…? It’s not any comedian’s job to supply angry people with anti-Muslim material, and it’s a question you hear a lot, as if somehow that balance should exist.”

So why isn’t O’Briain angry? Maybe if he had to pick bits of his daughter’s brain out of his hair he might manage a “slightly angry response” to that. It wasn’t his daughter though was it?

So, Dara isn’t angry, he can just hide behind his cowardly immoral politics, and expect us to believe he’s human. He’s a fucking worm.

Nominated by The Arsebishop of Cunterbury.


It’s about time Facebook had a cunting.

I’m currently serving 24 hours in FB prison due to meme I posted in one of the groups I’m a member of being removed, after some snowflake cunt reported me. It was a cartoon of a pig fucking a muslim, with the words, “That’s the way Allah, Allah I like it”.

The post I put it on was by some muslim gobshite bragging the UK would be taken over by muslims and we’d all become slaves.

(Ed: Provocative and insulting to all non-muslim British people. Slavery is a crime in the UK.)

Now I don’t really give a fuck about being blocked, I have a life outside FB. Besides, I see it as a badge of honour. I’ve offended at least one lefty, and that pleases me.

What annoys me, is Zuckerberg’s double standards. He’s quite happy to allow the most vile, left wing bullshit to be posted without sanction, but when those of us who are NOT braindead, lefty dickheads post something, we don’t even get to appeal. There was also mentioned in the message that they would delete my profile if I keep doing it. Big fucking deal.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.