Dr. Barbara Greenberg

Nomination for: Barbara Greenberg

She is an american psychologist who has defended the trend of (yes this is real) schools banning children from having best friends, in the usnews health website.

Anyone who isn’t an utter cunt of the highest order knows this is ridiculous as to be beyond a joke, but being a complete and utter cunt, she defends it, saying (among other things) …

“The notion of choosing best friends is deeply embedded in our culture. Nonetheless, there is, in my opinion, merit to the movement to ban having best friends.”

Hmmkay …

“there is something dreadfully exclusionary occurring when a middle schooler tells the girl sitting next to her that she is best friends with the girl sitting in front of them”

Dude! …

“if kids have best friends, does that also imply that they have “worst friends?”

Did a grown up actually type that on the internet (she is serious, there is no hidden context here?!)

“The word “best” encourages judgment and promotes exclusion.”

Oh my fucking god is she even self aware?!

Yes this woman said these things. She is an absolute, and utter, fucking, cunt.

Nominated by Cunting Wank Rags.

H&M, a band and THAT hoodie.

The Weeknd and champions of racism are cunts.

The Weeknd are a band that recently illuminated an unfortunate but genuine error on the part of H&M.

The clothing company created a photo of a young black kid with a shirt on that bore the logo “coolest monkey in the jungle”. The Weeknd have black members and felt the need to break off the contract with H&M.

This is blatant opportunism.

At some point, regular people are going to reach the goal of racism campaigners and will no longer see a person’s skin colour when interacting socially. At this point, people will say and do things that you could say contain racist sentiment but are in fact utterly genuine and benign.

This is what has happened here, but a black person has taken it upon themselves to keep racism alive.

They are cunts – it’s very much the “what you lookin’ at?” of the 21st century. Or, perhaps more appropriately, a living parody of The Great Bill Hicks’ “pick up the gun” sketch.
Evidently white people must continue to be vilified at all costs, and therefore I say Fuck You all.

Nominated by Cuntflap.

I’m back in Europe a matter of fucking days and my piss boileth over. Yesterday it was virtue signalling film “stars” and today the twitter mongs are melting down about a fucking cunting poster advertising cheap kids clothes.

When I saw the poster I just thought ” A young kid wearing a hoody”. Full fucking stop. But not the twitter mongs because on the hoody was the slogan “Coolest monkey in the jungle”. So fucking what?! The kid happens to be BLACK!!! Full scale twitter outrage within seconds. Have you ever noticed the people who bring race into everything are actually the racists? What is it they are objecting to? The hoody, the slogan or the fact that a black kid is wearing it? And I wonder how many black people are screaming “RACIST!”?

And the company behind it, H&M are fucking cunts and all for caving in to the twitter mongs by pulling the poster and issuing an apology. They should have stood their ground, faced down the twitterati and issued the following statement;

“We at H&M are a colour blind company. We do not see people in terms of how much melanin their skin contains, it is simply irrelevant to us. We view all people equally, we do not believe fracturing society into arbitrary groups based on supposed victim status is productive. Further, we suggest that those who do see skin colour first are cunts who can fuck off and die.”

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.

Shitholes of the World – Part One

Shitholes of the World. Part One.

There are numerous shitholes on planet Earth, something the Tango Man alluded to recently. They come in all shapes and sizes across various countries. Our intrepid columnist,  Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt, went to see the benefits and positive changes that are occurring in many so-called shitholes – debunking the myths about them.

In this opening article of the series we take a look at our first European city, gay Paris, and here is what Hugh discovered:

‘Before it was a very popular tourist hot-spot with magnificent architecture, boulevards and little streets, teaming with pavement cafes, bistros and romantic charm. Today, it has a new edgy charm with a neolithic rather than neo-Gothic feel to it. The post modernist shanty town rivival and ghetto style, complete with rubbish strewn about, street crime, rampant prostitution, people trafficking, rough sleeping and tuberculosis has a delightfully primitive sub-Saharan African feel to it combined with the more developed religious zeal of north African and Moorish Arab culture. Coupled with an organised (criminal) tone to it, courtesy of a balkanised eastern European influence, it makes for  a cosmopolitan liveliness sadly absent before.

However, for some inexplicable reason not all Parisians appreciate the benefits that cultural enrichment has brought their city.

Away from the glitz of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame, the suburbs of the city have developed their own very distinct culture with a warm, fuzzy, ghetto vibe of shabby-chic social housing, grime and grunge. There is a bizarre feel or should that be a bazaar feel, since one feels one has arrived in the hubbub of north African cities such as Tangiers, Tripoli or Cairo. In keeping with the Arabic theme some bars ban women and have become solely all male preserves.

At the ‘Au Jockey Club’ bar in the suburb of Sevran, a French Arab customer said: “We’re in Sevran, not (central) Paris.”  In this café, there’s no mixing.” said another and a third stated “The mentalities are different, here it’s like it is back in the old country.”

Sevran also has an active job training and recruitment scheme for the youth. In under two years at least 15 young people from this one suburb went out to join such schemes in Iraq and Syria organised by some charitable religious types. While out there they enjoyed the camaraderie and activities on offer so much that no-one knows if they returned to France.

Police, emergency workers and locals avoid many of these Paris suburbs which is a shame since they miss out on the rich diversity and new cultural experiences. Although, I did not get to time to visit most of these areas, I am sure they are as delightful as parts of Marseilles, Toulouse and Perpignan.  I  can safely state – from my comfy north London abode –  when on the rare occasion problems do arise, it is down to misunderstanding and ignorance on the part of the more elitist Parisians due to their preconceived ideas and fear of other cultures and civilisations.

Just this week, on the Paris metro it has been reported that some train drivers now refuse to stop at certain stations on lines 4 and 12.

“Between the brawls that occur on the platforms, which sometimes end up happening on the train or across the tracks, you could hit someone, or crush them,” trade union representative Jean-Marc Judith told a news organsation adding that the number of attacks on travellers and RATP staff “are becoming increasingly dramatic.”

Many Parisians fail to appreciate that these stations have become magnets for start up businesses. Entrepreneurial businessmen who arrived from abroad have quickly spotted opportunities in the market. Business is booming at some stations with crack selling particularly well. Customers come from far and wide to meet the  dealers on the platforms, with large sums of euros changing hands, so breathing new life into the once staid local economy. One needs to witness the vibrant economic activity and fervent pace of life while jostling among the homeless lining the platforms and enjoy the free entertainment – a stabbing here and a mass brawl there – as disagreements are resolved in a thoroughly honest and straightforward manner. These new street performers are so much more avant-garde than those passé mime artists, jugglers, fine artists and musicians of the Paris of old.

Monsieur Macaroon is clearly a smart cookie, who sees an opportunity to bring France into the 21st century B.C, with his globalist, ‘back to basics’ agenda. Welcoming the best talent from around the globe to create a new, culturally diverse, open and dynamic France.’

In articles over the next few weeks Hugh will examine how cities in Sweden, UK, and Germany have become the new Mecca, (an oxymoronic paradigm) of openness, tolerance and cultural diversity.

By our columnist Hugh Chattering Islington-Cunt.

Hugh graduated from the London School of Economics and has a masters degree in Marxist Leninist Indoctrination. Hugh has been regularly interviewed by James O’Shithead and Oh-wen Jones and writes for the Grauniad, Not-so-Independent and Morning Star. He is a supporter of globalism and open borders being a founding member of the think tank ‘Open Sesame’  – named after the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves – and proudly supported by the billionaire philanthropist George Sore-arse.





A cunt par excellence. Had the same Hotmail address for 20 years and once upon a time it was really easy to use. Now, nothing appears in date order and even replying to an email is not at all straight forward. You have mails sitting in drafts that you thought had been sent and can never find anything. I’ve got no interest in cunty Instagram or whatever the young cunts use now, I just want to send an email like a grown up without the accompaniment of a selfie with a load of narcissistic cunts pouting at the screen.

PS: I’m new here. Are any of you cunters from cunts corner on holymoly back in the day?

Nominated by Mecha-rigsby.

Remaniacs (2)

All remoaners are cunts in my opinion. They fail to acknowledge or face facts when there’s any good news about leaving the cunty EU.
But a whiff of bad news about it and there off like cunts in a cunt race .
I could in fact be talking about the seriously cuntuous cunts that are the BBC but no , any remoaning cunt fits the bill here. So I nominate ” The Remoaner”

Nominated by Cunt care less.

The things that Remoaners claim Brexit is responsible for is becoming increasingly ridiculous. While driving my mother to a hospital appointment this morning, there was a clearly brain dead “environmentalist”, (emphasis on “mental”) on Radio 2, who was whingeing about the government’s new policy on dealing with waste plastic. At one point, the swivel eyed bint actually made the absurd claim that, and I quote; “Brexit is responsible for climate change”. Obviously, with this being BBC Radio 2, it went completely unchallenged, but I can’t have been the only one who heard that and shouted; “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU WORK THAT ONE OUT”? And Remoaners have the nerve to call Brexiteers uneducated? Fuck off!

It’s a simple, tiresome, fact that as we get closer to the day that we ‘leave’ the EU, Remoaners will become increasingly desperate with their claims as to what will happen to the UK, and the world in general once we’re out. They haven’t been able to change our minds with lies and insults, so now it seems they’re changing tactics and attempting to change our minds with insanity. What next? HMS Royal Oak was sunk because of Brexit? Apollo 13 malfunctioned because of Brexit. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated by a Brexiteer? Adolf Hitler supported Brexit. The sun will explode due to Brexit. And they say the Leave campaign are liars?

So called man made climate change was being thrown at us long before we had the referendum, so how the fuck could Brexit possibly be responsible for it? Is Doctor Who a Brexiteer? That’ll upset Stephen Moffatt.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw.