Emmanuel Macron

I nominate Emmanuel Macron for a cunting.

Though the MSM conveniently choose to ”forget” this little detail, he is no stranger to politics or for that matter a centrist.

Until last year, this little worm of a human being was the Finance Minister lackey of the Socialist Francoise Hollande. Under their dubious tenure, France’s economy went further down the crapper and 238 people have died via ”Peaceful” people.

Also, like most typical Frog politicians, this maggot have the obligatory ”screw the British” mentality shared with the rest of his ilk; earlier this year on a visit to London, the bastard openly spoke of poaching talent from our country post Brexit and has, and I quote, stated that ”the best deal Britain could get with Europe is membership in the EU”.

Make no mistake, this miserable , conniving, two faced little shit stain is about as anti-establishment as the peaceful lot are tolerant of other culture. He is an unrepentant cheerleader/lickspittle of the whole EU/federal/globalisation agenda that is so beloved by the worthless maggots known as the political class and liberal imbeciles in general.

Noted Kraut EU cocksucker Sigmar Gabriel hopes Macron wins the election in order to, and I Quote again, ”put Eurosceptism back in its place”.

If Macron wins, the whole miserable path Europe is on will continue.

Just once, it would be good if the people of France grow some balls and do the right thing instead of the easy but doomed to backfire horribly option.

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister.

George Osborne

Gideon Osborne needs another cunting.

The alleged coke using, useless cunt is quitting as MP for Tatton, he is no doubt really busy ‘earning’ his pay as editor of the Evening Standard (No doubt he’ll get a bonus for all the promoting of the Cuntservatives we will now get). He also gets an ‘allowance’ from his family business.

What a fucking cunt.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt.

Don’t forget his other day job….literally a day job, one day per week working for Blackrock. £650 grand a year or £13,500 a day. Ka-ching, jackpot, bingo! I’m sure he will be toasting us all with a few bottles of Cristal.

His favourite mantra was  ‘We are all in this together’…oh yeh, don’t WE all wish we were rolling in ‘this’ together with him.

Politicians in general,  can’t get enough of ‘this’ and ‘that’  Be it filthy lucre; hoes and blow; brown envelopes; rent boys; pussy…….

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

Well before he stated he would stand down as an M.P, Little Gideon started claiming his payback for all the favours he dished out while he was Chancellor. A job in a bank…4 days a month for 650 grand…fuck you, pay me. In the last month a speech to HSBC suits for 65 grand….fuck you, pay me and a speech to some corporate pharmaceutical cunts for 82 grand….fuck you, pay me. Then, despite zero journalistic experience, editor of the Standard, fee undisclosed as yet……fuck you, pay me. Of course the Standard is owned by a Russian, so we can only imagine what favours Georgie boy did for the Kremlin.

Yes little Gideon is a very busy boy. His workload may explain why he had not held a constituency surgery for nearly 2 fucking years and why he had only participated in a third of the votes in Parliament since Treezer kicked his greedy arse out of Number 11. Fuck me it’s a hard life being a politician  (soon to be ex-politician!)

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.

Kay Burley

Kay Burley, the Sky News carrot topped gobshite is making a proper cunt of herself and no mistake. The dummy is right out of the pram because Treezer has told the MSM TV channels to get to fuck with their live debates. And despite every interviewee giving a perfectly sound reason for her doing this, Kay just puts her head to one side and asks the same question time and time again;

“So, what has Mrs May got to be afraid of?”

She probably thinks it makes her look like a hard nosed journalist exposing the truth for the good of the people. She is wrong. It makes her look like a mutton dressed as lamb petulant arse hole. And a cunt.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.


Samuel Smith’s Brewery

Samuel Smiths are cunts… What with supermarket booze and the smoking ban, there are hardly any punters left in pubs anyway… And Sam Smiths want to drive what they’ve got left away by banning swearing?! Let me guess: some snowflake modern parent libmong silly slag complained when she heard someone mutter an ‘offensive’ and ‘vile’ (they love that one) word in front of her brats, Tamara and Pukeykins, who shouldn’t be in a pub anyway… Sam Smiths are cunts and deserve to go bust…

Nominated by Norman.

Liam Neeson

I would like to nominate Liam Neeson as a fucking cunt. Now I know what you are thinking…what has Liam done to justify this hatred? Well, I admit it is irrational but it’s there and it won’t go away. Firstly anybody involved in Star Wars is a total wanker…nothing to discuss. Then there is the “Taken” franchise, a load of car chase, machine gun bollocks where Liam has bullets splattering into the wall around his head but takes out the foreign cunt with a karate chop. I particularly hate “Taken 2″ because I actually paid money to watch that pile of adolescent nonsense. Liam’s tour de force was undoubtedly the title role in Schindlers. But who can forget the pathetic crying scene at the end which completely fucked up the whole film. I don’t know how many takes there were but I always imagine Spielberg saying..”Just print it, it ain’t gonna get any better.” To be fair, Liam has one great film… “Michael Collins”. But that’s only because he was playing himself….a big headed arrogant Irish cunt. I just don’t like the bastard and that’s it!

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.