The Death of Democracy

Democracy – we vote people in using “free, fair and accountable” elections, they work for us, are accountable to us and act in our interests..

No more.

Not much more I can add to that, except to say – I finally got that lying bastard Hancock bang to rights – months of being called a liar, a fool, a conspiracy theorist, and full of shit (Not by anyone on IAC apart from a somewhat abrasive “Red breasted bird of unmarried parentage” who no longer posts I hasten to add) – I submitted evidence that Hancock lied about the Nightingale hospitals being dismantled and 150+ videos of empty hospitals – now picked up, fact checked and proven by Richard Tice.

I have made a formal complaint to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee accusing Matt Handcock of misconduct in public office, and given the mountain of provable evidence I confidently expect Brady to do precisely fuck all.

Democracy is dead.
Back to my cup of tea.

Nominated by: Vernon Fox

Vicki Pittman

Single mother-of-eight

I’m at a loss for words with this one………..

I’m sure someone here can help me out.

Covid-19: Parents struggle to meet home schooling demands
Single mother-of-eight Vicki Pittman said: “We have been thrown into the deep end with just a laptop and a phone between us all.”
The Department for Education (Dfe) has pledged to provide one million devices for schools and colleges.
Miss Pittman, from Clevedon in North Somerset, said: “It feels like we have been dropped into a big puddle and we’re struggling to get out of it.
“We’ve been deserted by the government and I don’t know how they expect people to home school when not everybody is in the financial situation to do it.
“It’s just frustrating.”

(Link to the story provided by NA because someone couldn’t be fucking bothered to supply their own)

Nominated by: Cuntry House in Kent

Trendy Woke Parents

Trendy Woke Parents and their Obsession with Social Meedjah

Fair to say there are plenty of things in this World which cause us old bastards to grumble and chunter. This growing band of cunts – (seen as harmless enough when trendsetters Geldof and Paula Yates just gave their daughters stupid names and a fondness for Class A substances – I wonder how that worked out?) – seem determined to ‘out-woke’ each other and deserve to be high on that list, as epitomised perfectly by some ditzy bitch called Busy Philipps, a soap opera actress in USA. (And although this a very American example, the unnatural and bizarre clamour amongst so-called ‘Influencers’ to divulge their most inner secrets – and those of others – is becoming more evident all over.)

The recent vogue for gender-neutral pronouns is another ‘on message’ load of shite which these twats feel they need to accept, rather than boot back down the little fuckers’ throats.

41 year old Busy (a cunt’s name, but might not be her fault) is mum to 12 year old Birdie Leigh (cunt name to give a kid) and 7 year old Cricket Pearl (for fuck’s sake).

Not satisfied with airing her own trivial, pointless life on a Podcast “Busy Phillips is doing her Best”, this stupid munter has now gone public to showcase and discuss the ambivalent sexuality of her own 12-year-old daughter.

In the same Fire and Brimstone country where the unwashed hordes are calling for the head of our beloved and noble Prince Andrex, just because of an alleged dalliance with a 17-year old blondie here in London, (where such behaviour is perfectly legal, by the way, although she probably shouldn’t have been in the nightclub), it is more than a little ironic that they happily promote beauty contests for little girls just out of nappies and seem to think it acceptable to use a child’s most personal and private ‘issues’ to pad out their vacuous Blogs.

I quote “ Busy explained that her eldest child had asked her to use they/them pronouns for them, and had come out as gay at the age of 10”.

“Hello Mum, I think I am a poof”.

“Hang on love, I better put that on Facebook and my Blog”

Well, just to show that I am as modern and as open-minded as the next man, I will gladly use the pronoun of preference in my message to little Birdie:

“You is obviously a pooftah,” (in fond memory of the late Windsor Davies) “and your Mother is one of them cunts”.

Nominated by: Gunner Sugden

Online Review Authors

A cunting for online review leavers who don’t have a fucking jar of glue, I will give you guys an example we had some goat herding arse clown book in for a job, then cancelled his booking, not a problem at least he phoned rather than a no show, aaannnddd then the sweaty isis looking mother fucker has gone and left us 3 out of 5 stars review WTF.
Now I wouldn’t mind if we had done the job and been less than great but to not show up, have no work done by us then decides to leave a review…. I can’t stand cunts like this hairy palmed camel jockey cunt….. I hope he falls off his donkey…..

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is a cunt.

As an onlooker I enjoyed the last four years of Trump in power. He is a ruthless businessman and a hardnose politician who wouldn’t take any crap, didn’t care who he offended or made cry, used a little known law with up to 10 years in prison to stop left wing terrorists tearing down and or vandalising federal statues and got Skeletor Pelosi so furious it has been reported her forehead moved slightly when she pissed and shat her tenna pad. No, he didn’t have enough time to make America great again, but he tried and certainly made it stronger.

Biden and flat back? For entertainment value alone I think I’m going to enjoy the next four years even more. The USA will now be run by the weak, for the weak, whilst the strong foot the bill, as usual. Hopefully by the time the Democrats have finished pandering to the latest terrorist organisation, with Burn Loot Murder being en vogue at the moment, along with the other usual suspects, LGBTQP, Mexico’s immigrants aka the Mexican mafia, Extinction Rebellion and then every other *minority group with a pity me sob story they will run out of other peoples money. Not their own money of course, no chance, but hopefully I can enjoy watching as they eat themselves alive. What I won’t enjoy watching are all the normal people caught up in all the woke Marxist shambles that will be eaten alive too.

Goodbye president Donald John Trump, it has been an absolute pleasure….or maybe Adios Amigo?

*Minority; When you add all these minorities up they become the majority 😉

Fuck off!

Nominated by: Coolforcunts

Seconded by: 75 Million Americans