The French Navy

A heartfelt, belt round the ear with a stale baguette cunting for Frog naval vessel P726 ‘Aramis’ and its crew; ‘honourable’ representatives of their nation.

Eye-witness reports (backed up by photographic evidence) relate how a dangerously overloaded inflatable carrying sixteen migrants was struggling in the Channel, a mile inside Did the French accept responsibility and offer assistance as they should have, taking them on board and carrying them back to France? Nope. Instead the vessel despatched its own inflatable with a crew of two, to observe the plight of the migrants. It’s further reported that the Frogs, on checking that the dingy was managing to stay afloat, ‘shepherded’ the migrants into UK waters and then pissed off, effectively abandoned them to the vagaries of fate. Not for the first time, I’m sure

Nominated by: Ron Knee

Selective Reporting Standards (Media, Police)

The media, the police and it selective reporting standards.

Mad knifeman in Birmingham.- Do not approach.
What’s he look like?- Um, do not approach.
How can I avoid him?- Um, highly dangerous.

Why is it not allowed to state the fucking obvious? The cunt is black.
Is it now ok to take the fucking knee but not ok to suggest or report that these fuckers are committing dreadful crimes?

I cant remember the exact figures but in London blacks are many times more likely to be violent criminals than whites. And perhaps highlighting this inconvenient fact might protect people.

Black Lies Matter.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Lameside Council

Tameside council deserves a nomination.

This is something of a personal one for me because I happen to live just inside the border of this Labour run shit hole.

I have many reasons for nominating Tameside council, but I’ll stick with just one for now. Today, (Sunday 6th September) I read in the Mail that despite have a shiny new £43 million office building, situated in the borough capital of Ashton-under-Lyne, not one of the one thousand cunts who infest it have returned to their place of work.

Well actually, that’s not ENTIRELY true. Because while building the offices, the council decided to close the town’s library, situated in a beautiful Victorian building, and tack on a rather pathetic new library which is much, much smaller.

About four or five staff were there when I took my mother. Out of one thousand. They also did the same with the library in the town closest to me, Hyde. They shut the Victorian library in which it had been situated, and moved into a couple of rooms at the old town hall (which is also yet to re-open).

Tameside councils chief executive, Steve Pleasant (salary: £201,000) has posted a photo of his slippers, so I guess he’s not even slightly bothered that local taxpayers are not getting value for money from their employees. He’s also claimed that it hasn’t caused any disruption to services.

Well as I said, libraries are a service, and as of typing, Ashton library is the ONLY one in the borough currently open right now. So that claim is a bare faced lie. I won’t mention the length of time that the local tip was closed, and the road it was on turned into a temporary one system, because the council wrongly thought it would be overwhelmed.

Anyway the fact is, with proper precautions, there is no reason why at least half of council staff can’t return to work in the office that Tamsiders spent £43 million on. Tameside council, you are cunts.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

LGTV Equal Rights

LGTV equal rights, be careful what you wish for, this may be premature but it looks like the Birmingham stabbings where centered in the Birmingham gay village, so by waving flags and acting like cunts you invite nutters with knives who want to harm you.
Also the police are saying lots of people in Birmingham look like the stabber(excuse the pun) so this means an ethnic group who like to stab each other (with knives no pun intended) so it may not be the usual muzzy terrorist its a new type of gay bashing, so the lgtv group have put themselves back to the 80,s same as BLM, so well done equal rights you wanted, it appears that’s what you’ve got……enjoy cunts!

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

Making Stuff Up About Wearing Masks

We all know the rules regarding masks, there’s been sufficient debate on this fine, august site about it. But, for fucks sake, don’t come at me with your bullshit about lowering your oxygen saturation levels. I can put a SATS probe on you and if you’re not suffering from COPD or any other respiratory affliction, your SATS will be anything from 93-100%. (88-92% for COPD sufferers). I can put a mask on you, keeping the probe on your finger, and THEY WILL NOT CHANGE. Don’t wear a mask, whatever your reasons, even your David Icke-esque conspiracy theories as I couldn’t give a fuck, but, don’t be a cunt and claim the above because medical science and medical facts say you’re a cunt for claiming it. A doctor in the link explains and demonstrates this better than me.

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt