Paradigm Precision

Paradigm Precision Burnley.

A random one but this is the company who have just sacked Jake Hepple – the sulphur smelling satanic monster who dared to engage in free speech by arranging for a banner to be flown over the Etihad stadium which said “white lives matter Burnley”.

The Daily Mule, sorry, Mail have gone all out (in line with all the rest of the media) to portray this man as someone Hitler and Stalin would be embarrassed by for his radical views – showing pictures of this beast committing such heinous crimes as standing behind an England flag. (Clear evidence of racism then).

Mr Hepple got the inevitable visit from the Police (always got time for that one haven’t they?) who informed him he had done nothing wrong, had committed no crime whatsoever and asked him if he wanted protection – would this have happened if the banner had said “black lives matter Burnley”? No, I don’t think so either – and ask yourself this – do we really live in a democracy when a Man gets sacked, demonised, threatened, abused and pretty much has his life ruined for doing NOTHING WRONG.

And the cherry on the hate cake? His partner has also been sacked for writing “paki” on facebook. People from Britain are called “Brits” all around the World but this is not racist, but calling someone from Pakistan a paki apparently is – racism in itself.
I despair – this is 1930’s Germany, not the Country I grew up in – and we are slowly being exterminated every way, every day just as the Jews were by Hitler – all the parallels are there. And darkness awaits.

Nominated by: Vernon Fox

The Far Left & Far Right

The far left and far right are two cheeks on the same arse as far as one is concerned.

Having been a victim of the far left myself I can assure you that it is a truly horrible experience. The far left wants to steal your life’s work from you and distribute it to the feckless and dumb (ZANU PF I’m talking about you). These “hoorah Henry’s” rioting round London with “da breffrin” haven’t got a fucking clue what the cunts have in store for them when they have the whip hand over them. I can assure them “taking the knee” is just the start of “da breffrins” plans. Worse is to come make no mistake.

On the other hand the far right is no better with rhetoric which would not look out of place in Nazi Germany. I can also assure these middle class white wannabe gangsters that someone protecting their heritage is not far right. It’s well known the Nazi party tried to erase history, the removal of statues, destruction of scriptures. So as you can see BLM is no more moral than the third riech.

These extremes just meet in the middle and are both insufferable cunts to man and beast!

Nominated by: Captain Quimson


Amber Heard [3]

Amber Heard deserves a nomination.

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, but as with other nominations I’ve done, I’ve just had too much to do offline. Anyway, having succeeded in getting ex-husband Johnny Depp pretty much cancelled in Hollywood, merely by accusing him of domestic abuse (and being a woman, especially a woke one, she must always be believed by those of the same ilk). He was even fired by Disney from his role as Jack Sparrow, a role that by all accounts, he loved.

Well, roll on a year or so, and the shoe is firmly on the other foot. Turns out that there was domestic abuse in their household, but it was her abusing him. Depp released recordings of conversations they’d had after their divorce, in which she admitted physically and verbally abusing. In one incident, she severed the tip of one of his fingers. It’s even alleged that one time, she actually shit on his bed, leading to her being renamed by some “Amber Turd”. She is, by all accounts, a nasty bitch. Something that is borne out in the recordings, because she admits to having anger issues.

Apparently, at one point, she hired a private detective (an ex-porn star no less) to dig up dirt on Depp, so she could prove her bullshit claims. He interviewed 100 people who knew Depp and Heard, and not one of them had a bad word to say about Johnny. Turns out he actually is a really nice guy. He even goes to children’s hospitals as Jack Sparrow to entertain sick children. The PI ended up giving all the information he’d collected to Depp’s legal team and then ended his association with Heard.

Since the audio recordings of Heard admitting that she’s a nasty, violent cunt, there has been a concerted effort by Johnny Depp’s fans to have Heard fired from her role as Mira in the upcoming Aquaman movie. When I last checked it, a couple of days ago, the online petition had 450,000 names to it. And counting. I very much doubt that will happen, but the petition alone is a sign of just how unpopular Ms Heard is. Two of Depp’s exes, Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis have both come forward and publicly  called out Heard’s claims. Now it turns out that the legal team she hired (led by one of the founders of #METOO) to defend the lawsuit Depp filed against her, have quit, and I’ve just read that her old friend Amanda De Cadanet (remember her my fellow oldies)? has dropped Heard like a hot rock. Other people are also coming forward and telling the world that Amber Heard is a genuinely nasty piece of shit. A few years ago, Hollywood would have insured that Heard never worked in Tinsel Town again. But today, Tinsel Town is the capital of woke, so she’ll probably get a star on Hollywood boulevard.

But anyway, take a bow Amber, you are a cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Google, Facebook & Twitter

Google, the woke tech giant who along with Facebook and Twitter believe they are the arbiters of what’s offensive and what’s not. Today google are celebrating a black British heroine.

“Description: Olive Elaine Morris was a British community leader and activist in the feminist, black nationalist, and squatters’ rights campaigns of the 1970s in the United Kingdom”

The hypocrite cunts employment of black property is notoriously low for some reason and when they do employ black people they don’t last long on average.

Thanks google, if we ran our country like you run your business we would be a pariah state.


Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

The BBC [36]

Yet another cunting for the BBC

“In the monologue An Ordinary Woman Gwen tells how she’s struggling to get to get to grips with her incestuous feelings towards her 15-year-old boy Michael.

At one point in the dark monologue, now available to view on BBC iPlayer, she tells how her son suspects her of having an affair, not realising that her new hairdo, lipstick and slimmer figure are meant to get his attention.“

Alan Bennett is a total cunt.
Lancashire is a cunt for taking the role.

The BBC is a cunt for being true to form. No wonder Jimmy Savile was so at home at the BBC. Pushing the barriers again, how long until mincing is shown as a loving normality in our screens. Not only has she got the hots for her own son, he’s only 15.

Drip drip drip tonight on the BBC. Keep it in the family, followed by, Peter and Chelsea, an old mans love for a school girl. Puts a new spin on Children in need.

Cunts, deviant filthy satanic cunts.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit