Losing a Hand

Losing a hand is a cunt.

I’m in PNG and keep on seeing people who’ve lost a hand.

First is this little mummy in a village, shy young thing with a left hand like a two fingered claw. Somehow as a child she burnt it in a fire, infection set in and never controlled.

Last week in the doctors the fella next to me his arm in a sling. He had 3 fingers and half the palm sheared off by heavy metal in a mine drilling accident.

Today in the plantation we came across a little lady collecting sticks for the fire. Her left forearm was only half there. Same story, burnt in the fire when a child, presumably infection set in and they amputated the lot. Or maybe it just decayed off your to there. Then the woman who works with me piped up, said her oldest daughter has the same problem.

What, lost a hand?
How did she lose it?
Cut off
By whom?
Her husband
He’s now in prison, right?
No they’re still married

Then in Sumatra the girl helping at the hairdressers, her hand was cut off across the palm, all four fingers gone. I remember thinking what in dogs name happened to you? Later I realised it probably was done in dogs name, as some kind of women control Muslim punishment thing

All these folks had their bodies grievously marred through ill will or apathy, And all I say is losing a hand is a cunt!

Nominated by: Three Strokes

Saint Marcus of Rashford [5]

I would like to nominate:

Marcus Rashford (again)

From Sky News website:

Marcus Rashford launches book club so children can experience ‘escapism’ of reading.

He wishes he had been given the chance to read earlier in life. Ever heard of a Library, Marcus? The books there are free!! Pretty much every school also has a library.

He says he only started reading at 17. I could read perfectly well as a child. However, I had no interest in reading books until the last few years. You can’t force a kid who has countless tv channels, x-box, the internet, or some rival gang member to stab, to be interested in reading.

Grrrrr. Rant over.

Nominated by: Robin Bastard

European court & Harrow Council

How’s a bout a cunting for the European court and Harrow council?
Words fail me sometimes but you gotta give it to the local bureaucrats for going a step lower than the politicos in power.
May I introduce to you Nimco Hassan Ibrahim



There is also a video ( someone sent me on WhatsApp ) which sums up local feeling but cannot find how to post it here or find it on the web. Admin if you perchance to come across it would you be a darling and post it for me. Pleeease? (Yeah, we’ll get right on that – NA)

Nominated by: Once a cunt always a cunt

Carrie Symonds [2]

Usually when someone in the political sphere upsets a lot of people, they are labelled ‘divisive’, a term used to describe Thatcher, and the grinning sadist himself, Blair. However, I don’t think they will ever use it to describe Dominic Cummings, as he seems to be universally despised, partly because of his attitude and demeanour, but mostly because of the constant negative press.
Yet despite that, he stayed in post. Until this week, when he left Downing Street for good, all because he had fallen foul of the prime minister’s missus.
Apparently, Miss Symonds seems to hold more power than the cabinet, as she dictates policy to the disheveled cuckold Boris, who waddles off in compliance.
It’s alleged that Carrie and her plummy pals had a raucous victory party the night Cummings left, as she and her friends set out to purge the party of its vote leave advisers.
It is now hoped/feared that her woke ideals will influence the government to forge a new direction. Did anyone vote for this cunt? I didn’t. I don’t know which will expire soonest, Boris’ premiership, or his relationship to a much younger and ambitious bit of skirt.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

Kylie Minogue Fans

Kylie fans are cunts.
After a spot on review of Kylie Minogue’s latest album ‘Disco’ her fans are ‘outraged’.
The quite brilliant Spectator review starts with the words ‘I’ve heard worse things — the death rattle of a close relative, for example: Kylie’s Disco reviewed’.

Cue scores of ‘Ooohs!’ and squeals of ‘How could you?!’ from Kylie’s near lunatic level fanbase. One upset response had me in near tears of laughter. Said offended fan wrote about the reviewer, ‘I’m not sure he has any idea what it requires to stay on top of your game, and relevant for that long.’

Top of the game… As in churning out insipid watered down disco crap for over three decades? And relevant? She never was relevant or significant where music was concerned. Of course, the plank meant relevant to the LGBT54321 ‘community’. Which is where 99% of Kylie’s fans come from. The sort of cunts that refer to Madogga as ‘My Queen’ and actually see her shite and Kylie’s as decent music to be taken seriously. Someone at the Spectator called Kylie’s ‘music’ out as the actual crap that it is. And as old Graham Taylor might have said, ‘Fuckin… Did they not like that!’

Kylie fans. Nearly as blindly loyal and as loopy as Michael Jackson fans.

Nominated by: Norman