The Culture of Repudiation

It’s a little abstract but I’d like to cunt what Sir Roger Scruton has called our ‘Culture of Repudiation’.

What he means is that so many of the young dismiss European culture, and seek enlightenment on backpacking tours to Cambodia and Kathmandu. They imagine they will achieve some sort of spiritual awakening and chat with a Swami, sharing pseudo profundities on their facebook page.
What actually happens is that they get dropped of at the airport by mummy, fly to their exotic destination, get to the hotel, head to a bar full of Brits, Yanks and Aussies, get pissed up, go to the Full Moon beach party, drink buckets of cocktails, go back to the hotel and return to the UK bigger dickheads than when they left. These cunts will then pretend they are well-travelled, open-minded and cultured, when they know next to nothing about anything, and have not bothered to explore their own rich heritage. The example Scruton gave was their lack of interest in visiting the great cathedrals, museums, palaces of the continent, as young men did on their ‘grand tours’.

They have travelled everywhere, but don’t know where anything really is, or understand it in a broader historical context, and refuse to acknowledge the important place that the European cultural canon has, seeking sustenance in oriental customs, religions and cuisines that they never immerse themselves in or really learn anything from, because they’re utterly vacuous, airheaded piss-artists on an extended jolly-up and full of misplaced guilt over colonialism.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

The Crusaders

A cunting that wont mean that much to most cunters but which is significant to cunts like me who follow southern hemisphere rugby.
The Crusaders, the Christchurch, NZ super rugby team are to change their logo, a crusader knight, and later their name because of the mosque shootings and the offence the name and logo gives to Moslems.
The Crusaders have been around as a team since 1996 and are the most successful franchise. No fucker has ever likened them to Christian Crusaders but rather to determined fighters on the field. Their ground has mock castles as part of the general identity.
I notice that the UK Saracens are under no pressure to change their name despite the numerous atrocities carried out in the name of a certain religion. Perhaps because us normal people don’t look for offence and the professional offence takers have no problem identifying with murderers who are right-on.
And what of the All Blacks, the culturally appropriating cunts? Les Bleus, an insult to Smurfs everywhere?
As we have seen with Israel Folau, rugby is now awash with virtue signalling.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Modern Life

Modern Life is rubbish! Proclaimed Blur, and I wholeheartedly agree! I’m a child of the 70s and miss a lot of things that have disappeared since then. But it’s more about what’s happened since; mass immigration, crybaby culture, mobile phones, electric cars, feminist men, shite tv, celebrity worship, foreign muck food, rabid trannies, and utterly shite music. Feral kids who never got told ‘no!’ or slapped off a copper. Jesus, nowadays a copper’s more likely to ask if you’re going to a pride parade! Know it’s just what is classed as ‘progress’ but don’t have to fucking like it! And what’s with old ladies having bright purple, blue, and red hair? That was hardcore punk when I was a kid! Not something your nana did! So fuck modern life, I’m not impressed and I refuse to join in, got a letter off me mam saying I’m excused! Get fucked.

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt

Shopping Guards

Shopping Guards – Cunts one and all

These aren’t the ones that stand at the exit wearing ill fitting uniforms, overweight or under nourished, watching a hidden monitor and giving you the eye as you leave.

No these are the cunts that fiercely guard their shopping on the conveyor.

Fuck me, why oh why oh why do these cunts guard the shopping from the back of their lot and not the front?

Jesus Christ this practice is endemic. Get to the front you cunt it allows more people to join the queue you selfish bastard and whilst I’m at it stop looking at your phone you cunt.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

Jay Kay

The ghost of cunts past: Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame.

I see no reason why fuckers who were exhibiting colossal cuntitude in their prime pre-ISAC should escape a rightful, retrospective cunting.

Just like that serial sex-offender from the 70s who thought he was in the clear until advances in DNA forensics got him the punishment he deserves, so too should Jay fucking Kay get belatedly hauled before the courts of this glorious website.

Jay Kay may have been a pint-sized manlet, but do not for one moment mistake his cunt stature as anything other than colossal. Casting our minds back to the late-90s, Jay Kay was in his pomp, excreting out repetitive cod-funk bollocks and hanging out with that whole TFI Friday/Priory Clinic/E-Generation stable of monolithic cuntitude.

In between cultivating a ‘bad boy’ image and wearing hats too gay even for Julian Clary, he had several scuffles with the paps and eventually got gloriously headbutted by one of them. Even more fucking savoury was the fact that this hero was never charged by the police.

I suppose this fucker was the back-then equivalent of someone like Lily Allen. Musically overachieved, sold a shitload, loved the press attention and regularly made a cunt of himself thanks to largely being too fucking stupid for words. Shagged fellow cunt and Essex super-bike Denise Van Outen, to just top things off.

Here’s hoping that there’s no mainstream return for this Cunt Cowboy, I give you Jay Kay.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back