Lane Hoggers

A ‘Keep left, you cunt’ cunting for cunts with no lane sense, if you please. What is their thought process? Do they think they use less fuel in lane 2/3? Is it a smoother ride? I have absolutely no idea and I’d personally like to shoot the thick, selfish cunts. The cunts have to be given a ‘polite’ reminder with the bull-horn to pull over when I come up behind their sorry arses when I’m on blue-lights and sirens. The cunts expect ME to undertake them rather than pulling over. Doesn’t work like that, you cunt. An empty fucking motorway and you have some absolute festering cunt sat, like a cunt in lane 2. I’ve just returned from France. Say what you like about the garlic-eating surrender monkeys, but their lane sense is superb. I say, fine these cunts a grand a mile they’re in the wrong lane and ban them for a year.

Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

Fois Gras advocates

Disgusting foodie cunts who are up in arms by foie gras bans.

While foie gras can be produced by natural feeding, in France it must be made by a process known as gavage in which ducks and geese are force-fed corn through a tube. The force-feeding occurs for about two weeks after the animals reach maturity. The practice is banned in some countries.

Geese are cruelly violated by the production of this poncy, foody shite. No fucker needs to eat this. The production is disgusting and makes a mockery of EU animal welfare regulations.
The pretentious cunts who regard this practice as acceptable disgust me.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

The Irish Question

I am going to cunt the Irish Question.

Firstly a little background info ex HMF and living with a an Irish failed Catholic 1st generation.
Now Ireland like Kurdistan has been abused by enemy’s of the UK, Kraiser bill ran guns to them during the first world war, Hitler did pretty much the same to the independent Ireland during world war two.
Now we have this shit going on, Ireland failed, I am sorry but that fact, when collins asked for the support of the British army to quell any opposition after the uprising he admitted the division and failure.
Now again the border is an issue, the eu insists that we should put in measures contra to the good Friday agreement (a thing that I do not like).
Now why should we do this on their insistence?
It would seem that the boggy man of the eu on Ireland is the recommencement of civil (its not trust me) war.
Factually I have worked with both sides of the border and the south hierarchy are happy without the prod problem, on the north well things have changed, drastically changed (in the 90s things “turned around”).
The loyalist paramilitary’s now out gun the IRA, NIRA, and PIRA with the opening of the once closed eastern European market they are armed to fuck.
I dont say this as a threat, fact is when I was knocking round in the Balkans IRA buyers were popping up because their freebies were stopped, The UDA had lets say more financial fire power.
This is going to be interesting and currently the EU is going to start the fire

Nominated by lord benny

The Leftist Education Establishment

I would like to nominate the leftist education establishment for a cunting.

No longer are our infants, juniors, adolescents and young adults “educated” they are being “indoctrinated”. Where identity is everything and knowledge is nothing. The only knowledge (in the loosest sense) you need is knowing where you stand on the totem pole of victimhood and using your “oppression” to stifle anyone elses opinion, or worse, facts.

This YouTube video (if it hasn’t been suppressed by Goolag at the time of posting) is chilling:

Scientific fact no longer matters. That is irrelevant where the intangible notions of “privilege” and “oppression” rule.

The above video/audio is from a university in the states, but we have our very own educational identity Stasi in higher education with the likes of Professor Kehinde Andrews spouting the same unfounded vitriol and bile here in the UK.

And they are not in the minority in our educational circles, they are the majority, and woe betide any teacher/lecturer who refutes or pushes back against this bullshit because that is just an example of their “privilege” and therefore should be ostracised.


“Men can give birth too!”

“Well I don’t agree with that because biologically only women can give birth.”

“That’s because of your male privilege and YOU should have no say!”


“All white people are privileged and all black people are oppressed!”

“Well I disagree with that because there are privileged black and white people, and there are oppressed black and white people. A cosmetic trait – that we can do nothing about such as skin colour – does not automatically guarantee that you will be privileged or that you won’t be oppressed.”

“That’s because of your white privilege and YOU should have no say! In fact disagreeing with me is racist!” (this an actual statement made by the black lecturer “punching down” on the “privileged” white student in the above video).


This is just madness, but the really scary thing is that the kid pushing back on this madness is on his own, the rest of the indoctrinated sheep just take it as fact.

“Space does not exist!”

“But we have telescopes – some which are in space – and thousands of years of astronomy and science which proves otherwise.”

“Space is a manufactured ‘white’ construct and ‘white’ science is just another mechanism to oppress people of colour!”

If you heard this or read this anywhere else you’d think it was a Saturday Night Live sketch poking fun at the extreme left but it isn’t, this is a debate class being held by an “educated” lecturer where you are only allowed to debate opinions that HE alone agrees with.

That is not a debate, that is a group-think echo chamber!

Don’t think about self betterment and stoicism, just think about why you’re a victim (in a place of educational privilege) and then belly-ache about how unfair shit is in your life!

What happens when these cunts exceed to the outside world? Will they be hard workers, or will they work hard on avoiding work, claiming a deluded notion of “oppression” by “the man”?

What a fucking future we have to look forward to with cunts like this being farmed out from every educational establishment in the West!



Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Cowardly MPs

Cowardly MPs who won’t contest their seats are cunts, aren’t they.

It appears that many MPs have said they’ll be “stepping down” (as if it’s their decision) at the forthcoming election. Perhaps they’re stepping down to spend more time with their consciences, after thwarting Democracy for so long.

How dare these gibbering Remainiacs deprive us of enjoying their humiliation on Election night. We’ve watched these toads leap from party to party to prolong their survival yet when the great decider arrives, the guillotine that is the General Election, they whimper away like pathetic, petrified puppy pugs. Their final act of of defiance is a prevention of our schadenfreude in seeing each fainthearted sissy receive the sack.

Nonetheless, there’s still a smidgeon of comfort knowing that these timid, scrotum-free assassins of democracy will be unemployed a week before the festive season. Let us rejoice at that.

🎵”Rockin around, the Benefits office, have a happy holiday…” Merry Christmas, you craven cunts.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous