Tattooed Women

A nomination for tattooed women. Not the fat ugly chavs, where we expect it, but the really attractive or beautiful women who have these hideous things. Saw one this evening at the swimming pool – beautiful blonde in a black bikini, fine figure, but when she turned around, lo and behold, a huge bird’s wing across her shoulder and left breast, and other silly things down one of her legs and on her hands. It certainly dampened my ardour. Naturally her tosser of a boyfriend was covered in them too. She also had one of those hideous navel piercings, ughh, the ultimate turn-off.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

The world health organisation

The world health organisation – capitals omitted on purpose!

Looks like for periods of my life I have been disabled, I need to see if I am due any unpaid benefits for this unfortunate disability. Not only do those amongst who fire blanks now class as disabled but those who go through a dry spell are also due a hefty benefits payment.

Does a rapist now class as a cure for disability, how fucking crazy do things have to get?

“Until now, infertility – the failure to achieve pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sex – was not considered a disability.

But now in dramatic move the World Health Organisation will change the standard to suggest that a person who is unable to find a suitable sexual partner or is lacking a sexual relationship to have children – will now be equally classified as disabled.”

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Women talking about male suicide

I’d like to nominate women talking about male suicide! Apparently this is one of the biggest killers in white men under 40? As a white middle aged working class male with very few options in life, I wholeheartedly understand why they do it. Don’t get me wrong I’m not attention seeking, but these days men don’t know what the fuck they are supposed to be or do. If you don’t talk about your problems you’re repressed, if you let it all out you’re weak? What the fuck! You say you don’t like kids, you’re a CUNT, say you like them you’re a paedo? If I hold a door open for a woman am I gonna be called patronising cos I can open my own door? But woe betide if I went for a meal with a woman and didn’t pay the whole fuckin bill! ?????? Then the bullshit about the man having to be the provider! I’ll swap any bitch, any day to go & work 60 hours a week with people you wouldn’t pay with the steam off your piss! & Then the fuckin ” oh you’re not ripped like one of them love Island cunts”. No sorry I’ve been doing 6 til 6 all week, I’ve had to come home and cook your tea and all the housework cos you’re such a FUCKIN ridiculous lazy land whale of a cunt! Fuckin shit cunts banging on about we should talk about why we are depressed. Simple: YOU, you FUCKIN CUNTS!

Nominated by Cuntosaurus

Jonathon Van Ness

A nomination for Jonathan Van Ness. No I’d never heard of this fuckwit until just now. Anyway the story is this. Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has said he identifies as nonbinary and “gender nonconforming”.
In a new interview with Out magazine, Jonathan described the gender binary as a “social construct” that, as he’s grown older, he doesn’t feel he fits into.
The 32-year-old explained: “It’s really cool! The older I get, the more I think that I’m nonbinary — I’m gender nonconforming. Like, some days I feel like a man, but then other days I feel like a woman.
Jonathan continued: “I just am either like gender-bendy or nonconform-y or nonbinary and somedays I feel like a boy and somedays I feel like a girl.”

The question though is this – Do you ever feel like the cunt which you undoubtedly are?

Nominated by Mystic Maven


Nominations are a cunt.
Don’t get me wrong some of them are very good, some witty and some remarkably long.
Down here in the cellars of ISAC a small group of (now very disturbed) individuals, spell check quantify and head your nominations.
Easy you say, well yes, I suppose it is, we search for a suitable photo to head your nominations in the correct format, find ourselves reading up on some bizarre subject or particularly unpleasant person and bobs your uncle, List it and as if by magic the nomination pops up at some point, but do you have any idea the horrors we have to see? Diana Abbot porn? Naked Corbyn ! this is just to mention a few, I am sure my firm has checked my browsing history but nobody from IT has the balls to phone me up and ask why I am googling this stuff, we at Admin put our mental health on the line to deliver your product, Please be nice to us.

Nominated by admin