Sean Connery

Sean Connery….

I cannot find anywhere on ISAC where this cunt has been cunted before – which amazes me as he is Grade A, platinum plated!

Where do I start?
Racism – Connery has said some very derogatory things about the English over a number of years, for no other reason than hatred of the English. Unpleasant racist hubris.

Tax dodging – Mishter Bond has spent decades flitting between his homes in Monaco and Spain purely to avoid tax, whilst simultaneously whining that corporations based in Scotland should “do the right thing and pay more tax”.

Treachery – Lives offshore for the aforementioned reasons, but has a tattoo on his wizened old arm saying “Scotland the brave” – yep Seany boy, so brave you turned tail and fucked off as soon as you heard your first big cheque was imminent.

Misogyny – Connery has been quoted as saying any woman getting “funny” would get a “slap” from him.

Meanness – Connery is worth hundreds of millions (How? Did he get 10p back on every empty bottle of Buckfast?) but is notoriously tightfisted and refuses to do anything for charity unless a huge cheque appears (actually, I can’t fault him for that one, I would do the same!).

Utter lack of talent – I genuinely cannot remember this wooden clown giving a single good acting performance in his entire career.
So, in overview, for all the aforementioned reasons, and the fact I find this creepy old man reprehensible – Sean Connery is a CUNT!

Nominated by Vernon Fox

Gabby Watson

Gabby Watson (serial adoption scammer)

Read about this horrid cunt a few weeks ago. I meant to cunt her, but forgot:

She basically, over many years, has tricked thousands of adoptive parents into thinking she has a baby for them, by pretending to be pregnant. Apparently, she does this because she has a history of people hurting her, so she wants to hurt people first and takes pleasure in seeing/hearing them cry. Pick the bones out of that fucking twisted, sociopathic logic.

Now, I don’t have children (never wanted the jam-eating cunts), but imagine how you’d feel if you were taken in by this fetid fucker. The emotional heartache and turmoil, not to mention all of the associated costs involved – legal fees, travelling costs, baby stuff etc.

By all accounts, she actually enjoys doing this and has said that she will continue – it’s not against U.S. law, so she cannot be stopped. Even her father has tried to stop her, but has failed.

Surely, she is the living breathing definition of a ‘cunt’.

Nominated by 3D Cunt

Dead Pool [150]

Congratulations to Jack who wins Dead Pool 149 by correctly predicting 1966 World cup striker Martin Peters would be next to pass away.Peters was 76 and had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for several years.

On to Deadpool 150

The rules:

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think will be next to conk out.

2)You can pick up to 5 names each.It is first come first serve .You can always steal someone else’s names from a previous game like Black and White Cunt frequently does.

3)Anyone who nominates the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

4)It must be a newsworthy cunt we have heard of.

My Picks (Shaun):

Eddie Van Halen
Gianluca Vialli
Leon Spinks
Genesis P-Orridge
Bill Turnbull

Racist Judges

Racist Judges

I’d like to put the world to rights by cunting racist judges sending ethnic minorities to prison. Do you know roughly half the prison population is an ethnic minority? Racism! What other explanation can there be – are we really supposed to believe minorities commit more crimes!?

Just today a judge has sent 5 south asian men to prison for having sex with children without their consent. Racism!

They were creating cultural bonds between white English children and Pakistani men, sometimes this is how mixed-race families are started and young brides have even met their future husbands in similar scenarios. If it were white men raping these kids they would’ve got away with it probably because the system discriminates with its institutional racism. This over-representation of people of colour in the criminal justice system needs to be urgently addressed!

Nominated by ShaggawotZ

Cyclists 7

May I nominate cyclists for a two wheeled sans stabilisers cunting please?
Why in the name of fuckety fuck to you get these Lycra clad arsewipes not pay attention to the highway code. You don’t really need to be cycling three and four abreast on a single carriageway road.

Do you even reallise my piss is boiling when you are doing your Sunday morning Cunt/wank fest?
Ride in single file, if there is a cycle path may I make a suggestion?
The cuntcils spend thousands putting the fucking things in, it’s not rocket science
to use it now is it?
When you consider the roads have not been updated for years, but the traffic volume go’s from strength to strength. surely you must realise that an object weighing over a ton travelling at 30 mph plus is going to hurt when it makes contact?
F.F.S wise up before you fucking get hurt.


Nominated by CuntyMort