John Prescott [7]

I had the misfortune last night of watching a programme where John (Oh look what a fat working class cunt I am) presscunt travels around Yorkshire acting like an annoying cunt and “getting in touch” with the working class people of yorkshire.
He travels from factory to factory, looking at how the poor cunts that he fucked over just a few years ago live, and then patronizes them by telling them how fantastic and important they are.
They weren’t very important when you had them sacked and replaced with poles you backstabbing two faced cunt though were they.
I find this cunt not only sickening but also infuriating and how this prick has the arrogance to show his fat face on the telly after all he’s done is beyond me.
It’s like he’s totally forgotten what new labour did to the working class.
Has he forgotten about the total balls up that they made of the economy or the entire communities that were wiped out by mass immigration or EU redistribution of wealth and jobs?

He’s not just useless at being a politician though.

He buggered up practically everything that he tried to do (except the eating part of course).
Even something simple like when asked to put sausages into packets, he completely fucked it up.
Then the coup de grâce. The real challenge.
Put the round chocolates into the part of the tray designed for round ones and put the square chocolates into the part of the tray designed for square ones.

“This is really hard to do.”

No John.

It’s a minimum wage job. It’s a minimum wage job because IT’S FUCKING EASY AND ANYONE COULD DO IT.
Apart from you so it seems.
Stupid fat cunt can’t even use a pallet truck.

I think he was putting on some of the stupidity in a vain attempt to endear himself to the public, a bit like when some girls try to play dumb to seem cute but just come across as cunts.
Or perhaps he’s just lazy and doing the bloke thing (you know how we fuck up the hoovering and washing up so we don’t get asked to do it .. sorry .. *aherm* coz we’re just *aherm* coz we’re just not as good at it as you darling *aherm*) …
None the less …
How did these retarded cunts manage to run an entire country?
Well I guess they didn’t did they.

Seeing presscunt on tv last night made it glaringly obvious why this country got so fucked up when these mentally disabled, treasonous cretins were in charge. New Labour were without a doubt the worst thing to ever happen to this country and cunts like John Prescott were an integral part of the destruction of our country.

So you wanna make sausages John?
May I suggest that you throw B.liar, Straw, Brown, Mandelson, Campbell and all those other complete cunts into the mincer and make some sausages out of that.

Then throw yourself in after you cunt.

Does a mincer big enough for presscunt even exist?
One can live in hope.

… one day cunters, one day.

nominated by Deploy the sausage

Owen Jones double cunting (7 & 8)

I’d like to nominate Owen Jones – the champagne socialist bumboy. Not content with being an aggressive, intolerant, sanctimonious little shit, the cunt has written a column in the Guardian attacking Andrew Neil for being right wing. Neil is the only journalist at the BBC who provides a bit of balance to the left wing SJW shit that’s stuffed down our throats every day. Maybe Owen is bitter about the time he made an appearance on This Week and was exposed by Neil for being a lying piece of shit.

Nominated by An Irish cunt

Then nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

Owen Jones, shirtlifter-in-chief, Citizen Smith parody and screeching far-left cuntwomble, is in rarified air over at Graunland. He is possibly the biggest the cunt going at that paper and boy, does it take some considerable cuntitude to climb atop that particular Mount Olympus.

Even the most ardent Labour supporter cannot describe Jones’ pitiful attempts to ‘get Andrew Neil sacked’ as the petulant, intolerant side of the Momentum-tinged liberalism; basically demonising anyone at all who disagrees with them.

More disturbingly however, is that Citizen Jones the cunt is repeating his trick of shouting something loudly, getting mucho publicity and relying on ‘the people’ to follow his rhetoric without paying attention to facts. He did this by making a huge fuss of the BBC ‘editing’ a Newsnight image to show Corbyn in a Russian-style hat (it was authentic), and he is now doing it again, this time in an autistic hissyfit about the BBC being, unbelievably, biased towards the right.

Not even a cunt like Jones can for one second genuinely believe this. It is a sideshow. An attempt at good old Orwellian Truth Ministry correction. It goes being annoying and into really dangerous politicking that simply relies more on lies and fake news than actual truth. He can’t beat brillo in debate so instead attempts a Crucible-tier cry of brillo being a witch.

Jones is pure, liberal cancer.


I would like to nominate Netflix and whoever the virtue signalling box ticking cunts are that have done the remake series of ‘Lost in Space’. Just read the first review (it aired yesterday) and apparently it’s the woman of the family now who has the brains and is the driving force.The older kid is now tinted(of course) even though mom and dad are white,she was born before dad came along,we are told conveniently.And finally the pesky Dr. the stowaway who tries to sabotage everything every week has now changed sex and is a woman.Just surprised they didn’t go the whole nine yards and have Robbie the robot mincing around in a pinny going” ooooh look at the muck in ‘ere”. Just more PC bollux.

nominated by. Fillipo

Lloyds Wank

I am going to mega cunt Lloyds TSB!

Why? Perhaps I am not being rational here but my reasons are as follows :

1, Internet banking – well apparently my nice secure password Fucku2 was unacceptable

2, On separation from Mrs Benny MKII they swore that neither of us could independently remove themselves from the joint account, Well not so as it panned out, sitting in a restaurant trying to impress future MRS Benny (MkIII), I have my card declined and a swaith of threatening letters about an overdraft on an account that I now seem to be solely responsible for (and they have emptied my current account to fill the hole caused by the myriad of direct debits that have fuck all to do with me)

3, After that abortion the over generous over draft, I shit you not I have an overdraft! I can go over by £200 pm if I want and then the magic card stops working only on this occasion my un agreed overdraft stopped the card at £1000 and they fucking charged me bank charges on that!

4, Well today was the final straw I phoned the telephone banking system that to say the least is arse at the best of time and the fucks have deleted my pass code (which is numeric and not rude) I can not fucking believe the incompetence of the fuckers.
All this coupled with such a shit interest rate have made me decide that the black horse can fuck right off.

What a bunch of cunts!!!!

Nominated by a very pissed off Lord Benny

James O’Brien (7)

James O’Brien has shown what a cunt he is again.

Now, I don’t think much of our PM, she seems to have got this far through sheer dumb luck and having a clueless communist arsewipe as leader of the opposition, but for perennial cunt O’Brien to brand her ”morally corrupt” over this whole Windrush fuck up is joke.

Honestly, this man’s cuntitude leaves me at a loss for words. Who the fuck is he really? Some two bit radio hack.

James O’Brien…… just shut up and kindly fuck off. Cunt.

P.S I hope this bastards makes the Wall Of Cunts soon.

Nominated by,Prime Minister Sinister