Wimmins Football

Wimmins Football

The BBC push this crap down the public’s throats but the populace DO NOT CARE. They’ve just announced the squad with celebrity video clips of a bunch of toss bags signaling their virtue, but it’s all manufactured by right-on lefties in the media while the public DON’T CARE. The matches are usually played in front of a handful of spectators, smaller than a mens non-league event, but because it’s women and women’s football must be given above equal treatment to men’s, or you are sexist, we get these events covered across the TV and radio when nobody gives a shit.

Fuck off.

Nominated by MandroidZ

Jo Good

I am nominating a cunt from Radio London (BBC of course) is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, however…

Jo Good is the most whiny self centred leftard I have ever had the misfortune to have defecate down my aural passages in many years and truly deserves a full and proper cunting. She constantly bangs on about how she was once an “arctress” the only trace of which appears to her being the dopey bint that Rocket Rod gets to chat up in Only Fools where her acting ability appears to be limited to giggling inanely at nothing in particular.

Unfortunately I used to listen to this shit in the car occasionally as background noise until I actually started listening to the bollocks being broadcast. Her other pet loves are living in Marylebone or Marleybone as the cunts insist on pronouncing it and bizarrely Dogs but then I suppose every species to itself.

A lover also of Diversity, multi culti shit, communiteez, “Londoners “(euphemism for peacefuls) and generally all the shit that is wrong with this cuntry today but particularly the caliphate of Londonistan. Fellow cunters, tune in at your peril but feel free to cunt me if I’m wrong. I’m not.

PS. This is my first cunting and I don’t see a way of getting a picture of my Cunt on the cunting. I’ll leave it to the cunts at ISAC to sort that as I’m clearly a cunt.

Nominated by CuntKickerIn



Why give these a cunting you might ask? Well I’ve always taken an interest in medical matters, largely because of my advancing years and the decrepit state of my body. During my extensive research, I’ve found that tonsils and adenoids are about the only parts of the body that can grow back after being removed. This can happen if all the tissues are not removed during surgery. I’ve come to the conclusion what a shitty God we’ve got. Who the fuck needs another pair of tonsils? When you think of all the useful body parts he could have regenerated, most of which would have benefitted me. A new heart pulsing fresh blood through my body? New legs to help me walk better? A new bladder to stop me pissing so much at night? Most of all a new willie for an old one to help me regain the vigour of my youth? No, WTF do I get – a new set of fuckin tonsils? I might have more success praying to Allah. Tonsils are a cunt.

Nominated by Bluntspeakingcunt

Dominic Raab

I would like to nominate Dominic Raab, for many reasons but his latest idiocy is that he is ‘feeling the pinch’ on his nearly £80K per annum (plus expenses) salary. Apparently he stated to his local newspaper the following ‘This is a lovely area in which to bring up a family … but it can be an expensive place to settle and, like everyone, I feel the pinch these days.’ Enough said? Obviously my heart bleeds.

Nominated by Grum

The Tube

If ever there was a reason not to bother with public transport, The Tube would be top of my fucking list!

Fortunately, I don’t live anywhere near the Smoke, but on the rare occasions I have to go visit I try to avoid using The Tube at all costs.

What we have is a microcosm of humanity (or inhumanity would seem more apposite), crammed into long steel tubes underground, travelling at fuck-know-what mph, and paying a small fortune for the benefit, day in day out; squashed together, no manners, no patience, no civility, no nothing!

As soon as a train turns up, hoards of people gather on the platform waiting for the doors to open; but do they wait for people to get off first? Of course not: that would waste at least 10 seconds of their precious time. Instead the mob push their way onto the train, while the opposing force try in vein to get off it, resulting in one big messy scrummage in the middle.

And once on board you’ll be lucky to find a seat because they’re all taken within seconds; and don’t be surprised to find the professional selfish cunts who spread themselves over two seats; or dump their crap on the adjacent seat and totally ignore you while they check their phone for the millionth time

So you have to stand, crammed tightly up against 30 or 40 other people, of different ethnicities, age, gender, size and levels of personal hygiene. And there will always be the tourist cunts with 10 suitcases; and mothers with pushchairs, and hipsters with their fucking rucksacks strapped to their backs.

The body odours are disgusting; not helped with people spitting, coughing, sneezing over seated people; people eating food, or gabbing loudly over their phones shouting “I’m on the train!” 10 times due to a bad signal.

You finally arrive at your station, but you can’t get off due to the tsunami of cunts on the platform wanting to get on first.

Fuck all that; and fuck the Tube. And fuck public transport too!

Nominated by NoCuntForOldMen