Transit Parent Passenger Cunts

What kind of sadistic, selfish cunt brings young children onto a international flight? Fucking cunting parents that have no consideration for any fucker else.

Not only do they wish to ruin the start of there own vacation, but they take it upon themselves to fuck over every other cunt on the plane. Why not leave the orphan cunts at home with grandma and grandpa as payback for all the shit times they sent the little fuckers back home juiced up on lollies fizzy pop and snuff ( that grandpa accidentally left out on the armchair). But no, they decide it will be a good cunting idea to take the screaming “I want my fucking own way” little rascal shit bags with them, with there snotty noses, coughing and breathing out every cold/flu virus known to man.

There you sit, poised in your four square feet of personal space only to have the back of your chair repeatedly kicked by a snotty nose cunt called Declan ( fuck only nose why you’d call your kid ‘Declan’, but’s that’s another rant) while the mother watches “I’m a cunt on love island” and dads snoring after a few pints before hand because he had a sleepless night previous due to the fucking little turd.
Then there’s the toddler screaming his FUCKING tiny lungs out, mum and the sperm donor trying there best to humour the little shit with coo coo sounds and it’s all suppose to be excepted…. “Well it fucking ain’t!“ CUNTS!!! After an hour, air hostesses offers some kind of small squeaky toy, “sometimes not small enough I think” that pacified the little prick, their attention span being five minutes or less depending on how much alcohol was consumed on the night copulation was engaged. What is it with so called fucking parents these days, haven’t they heard of Phenergan? Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and it’s the airline fault by not accommodating for the TPPC
(Transit Parent Passenger Cunts)

Maybe they should include some kind of cattle pen in the baggage deck and herd the fuckers like animals, letting the inconsiderable parents and there young coo, baa, moo and wail together.

BAN CUNTS ON PLANES (Let it be noted I do not hate young children, and do blame the TPPC 100)

“Demonic” Child on Lufthansa Flight


Nominated by Jase the pom

The not so lost Tribe

Channel 4 and Livia Simoka are cum gargling cunts for their attempt to present “a lost tribe” and their apparent impending doom at the hands of the “modern world” and the “corporations”.
This is a dickumentary where Livia gets to live with a family in the depths of the congo for five months and “experience” their “threatened way of life”.

At first glance you think it might chronicle the peoples of some far flung tribe that would be in danger of death from contact with our modern germs, an untouched society, an anthropological marvel.
What you actually get to see is a society where the men refuse to work or support families, drink, smoke weed, party, fuck, impregnate and enslave anything at all that moves. They have plenty of contact with “the modern world” as they have guns, clothing, money, drink and drugs.
Yet Livia presents us with wide eyed awe in every sentence and bleats on and on and on about what utterly pure and wonderful beings this group of selfish, hedonistic, and sadistic fuckers are.
It is truly incomprehensible that this unfettered baseless fecklessness is sold as a pure human ideology, when you can just imagine the fuckers dropped in this country and continuing the same behaviour here.
Let’s just run through that behaviour again (after all, they’re about to become displaced by those naughty businessmen):
No working.
Get high.
Get drunk.
Get violent.
Breed like rabbits on extasy.
Get guns.
Enslave other humans.
Abandon women and the children they bore.

No doubt all the muesli chewing neckbeards are watching this and marvelling at “the rise of man” whilst fingering their ipads and failing to parent their own feckless children.

I can only hope they feel inspired and in an attempt to reach these “lost tribes” find themselves instead on the beach of North Sentinel Island; running for their lives with their shit in their socks.

The only purpose I can see behind this blatant misrepresentation is an attempt to soften our hearts towards the african hordes heading to our shores. Well fuck that. Some of us can still use our eyes channel 4, so do us a favour and make a documentary all about channel 4 employees willingly climbing into tumble driers.


Nominated by Cuntflap

El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey

El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey were captured by Syrian Kurdish forces.

British investigators have enough evidence to prosecute two of the so-called Islamic State “Beatles” in the UK, the Supreme Court has been told. El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey are accused of belonging to an IS cell which is thought to have kidnapped and murdered Western hostages in Syria.

They are currently being held in northern Syria.

The US wants to use evidence amassed by British investigators to put both men on trial there. However, Washington is refusing to give the UK a standard assurance that neither man would be executed if convicted.

Mr Elsheikh’s mother, Maha Elgizouli, is trying to block the government from handing Islamic State ‘Beatles’ could be prosecuted in UK over the information – after it decided to help the US.

It has emerged that she also wants to take the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to court for failing to put her son on trial in the UK.

Fuck off. The evil cunts should be tried in the US and if found guilty should be executed there. It is what they both deserve. Don’t give a flying fuck if their family does not like what is happening. And any British lawyer who takes up the cunts case against the government should be boycotted.

stuck in the wrong place by Willie Stroker

But written up by the ever tolerant admin.

The Tour de France

The first tour D’France

A gallic cunting please for the Tour de France.

I enjoy road cycling and especially watching bits of the grand tours. So it is slightly odd to be cunting this race but I find myself getting quite narked at much around the event.

First off, the fucking thing is way, WAAAY too long. A typical stage will consist of 4+ hours of scenic, uneventful cycling and perhaps a mere 15mins total of a breakaway, or someone attacking, or someone falling off their fucking bike, or a protestor throwing a pot of piss at a Team Ineos rider.

Then we have all these fucking annoying ‘unwritten rules’… If the leader stops, everyone should stop and let him catch up; if one person in a team is stronger than the designated leader, he still has to stay behind him; no-one is supposed to race on the last day – I mean for fucks sake, what is this?? Think about F1. If Sebastian Vettel was lying at the side of the road at Silverstone, bleeding to death due to an horrific crash, you can be assured that Lewis Hamilton would carry on fucking driving until told not to and rightly so. The TdF is billed as a supposed race for fucks sake, but too much of the three weeks is a just a procession.

Then, post-tour, you see all the overweight middle-aged cunts get on a bike; some of them even have the front to wear a replica yellow jersey or King of the Mountains jersey. The fucking state of it. Infesting our roads like a peloton of fat middle-managers.

And as for all the raving about British dominance in recent years, I actually find the British riders as appealling as cold vomit:

Bradley Wiggins – the self-styled people’s cunt
Chris Froome – plastic Brit with less personality than a lobotomy outpatient
Geraint Thomas – Welsh simpleton

It’s a shame Robert Millar turned into a cross-dressing weirdo, because the cunt was indeed an excellent cyclist.

Thank fuck it is over for another year. The Tour de Cunt.

Nominated by  The Empire Cunts Back.

Berks in Burqas

I cannot understand why anybody would find it necessary, edifying or sensible to march through the streets demonstrating their “pride” in their sexuality – after all we don’t have “Left-handed Pride” or “Chartered Accountant Pride” – two other minority states. That said it is a free country, but not apparently if this shrill Muslim tart had her way:

Listen to the hysterical old cunt repeating herself like a fucking parrot/

There are so many things wrong with this. The fact that she is virtually in hiding since she is wearing the garb more suited to the Middle East than East London, so her outrage is as anonymous as it is cowardly. There is no way the gobby shortarse could be identified.

Secondly like most of these creatures she is no doubt part of a large family, and I doubt she worries about the sexuality of those who contribute to keep her in benefits for life.

Thirdly, if her and her friends in Birmingham who think it perfectly alright to scream abuse at school gates or in the streets of London or anywhere in Britain, while hiding their faces, because they don’t “approve” of the lifestyle of others then perhaps her and her dirty compatriots should take their stinking garlic infused clobber, their fucking “culture” and themselves off to a country that will not offend them, so they don’t offend the rest of us with their squealing complaints.

I hold no brief for buggers but for how much longer are we going to allow the tail to wag the dog?. It might only be Monday, but she is midget cunt of the week so far. Force smoky bacon crisps down her capacious gob.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs