The religion of peace and Christian stupidity

We have seen the dreadful attacks in Sri Lanka, seemingly aimed at random at Christians. Suicide bombers were used.

The peaceful population of Sri Lanka is roughly 10%. Yet they assume the right to maim and murder in a country where they are in a small minority.
The actions of China and Burma against these people, far from being excessive seem proportionate and sensible. The West should take note.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

with a further comment by Lord Benny.

40 muslims killed in their place of worship, the world stands still and a minuets silence rings out in parliaments across the world, hundreds killed, many more crippled for life and nothing said.

CC raises a valid point with his figures, indulge yourself in this video clip to understand what those figures mean.

The “Victim”


The “Victim”.

I’ve read several cases involving someone getting injured on a night out. The latest was a lad getting chucked down some nightclub stairs resulting in him breaking several bones. He is now,apparently,”scared to go out socialising.” However,although he can “remember nothing” before the chucking,it seems that he was drunkenly arguing with another drunk. Now,here’s my point…..people who get tight and start to shout their mouths off shouldn’t complain when someone puts them in their place. If you’re going to start gobbing off and puffing yourself up you need to be capable of backing it up. This particular gob-shite had the misfortune to come upon someone who may well be as big a gob-shite,but got the better of him…it’s his own fault.

I have no sympathy with the injured party,and this is coming from someone who,in the past, has rather regretted airing my views to the wrong people while full of Pop. No good whinging if you come out on the wrong side after being a mouthy Cunt.

Fuck Off.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

Habib Rahman


Newcastle City Council have called on the Police to ban a march by a “right-wing hate group.” Councillor Habib Rahman has been lobbying the Police to ban the march because,much to his disappointment,no doubt,the Council lack the powers to ban a legitimate organisation from marching, He has condemned the group as hate filled bigots looking to stir up racial tensions. He has also contacted local Muslim organisations to tell them that he will do his utmost to prevent such marches taking place in the future.

I thought that I’d look up this vile group of racists to find out what hate-filled bile they were preaching. I found their “mission statement”…..


We have started this group to highlight issues that are happening up and down this country. Sexual abuse and grooming of children will be our main focus along with terrorism and anything else that threatens this country. We want to highlight the forgotten abuse that goes on in care homes, and all other public sectors that abuse their power and think its acceptable to commit these crimes against children and adults alike. We want to stand out from other groups and we believe a paedophille is a paedophille no matter what colour, religion or creed. We have no place in society for such heinous crimes. We will strive to listen to all our members and will always take their views onboard. We want this movement to help all victims of these crimes, we will support them and their families unconditionally. We have no place for racism and will always demonstrate peacefully. We believe in freedom of speech, democracy and will always welcome everyone who also oppose such crimes. There will be no egos we are all equals in this movement as we believe this is the way forward. We will expel nazis and they will never be welcomed here as there is no place in society for these people either. We will always support our armed forces and veterans along with the homeless who have been failed by this government, we will be the voice for them all. We will never ask for money as we believe to many groups are very money oriented and it costs nothing to voice your opinions. We are here to serve this country anyway we can. We are the voice of the people and we will always fight for your rights. We will support all other groups with the same notions as us and we will welcome all groups to support us. Unity is a key factor within this organisation as we believe if everyone comes together we will have a stronger voice. One voice can be heard but many voices cannot be ignored. Unlike the government of this country we will never cover anything up and we will certainly never turn a blind eye. We shall be doing local things to start with, with a view to expanding the movement across the country. We believe flash demonstrations have a huge impact and are hard hitting in local areas so we encourage everyone to do this in their local areas”

Doesn’t exactly read like a hate-filled manifesto designed to stir up racial tensions to me, but I suppose that I’m not the Councillor who has kept a discreet silence on Muslim grooming gangs and “special interest” groups in Newcastle. How lucky that he’s there to protect the peaceful people of Newcastle from those that would commit vile atrocities and spread hatred.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler


The CPS and Bloody sunday


I have cunted these fuckers before but today the pen pushing, cowardly scum at the Crown Prosecution Service have decided to charge 1 ex soldier for a Bloody Sunday murder in 1972. How the fuck is this in the public interest when it wasn’t in the public interest to charge IRA members, some of whom were and are being paid as politicians by the state? Against whom there is more than sufficient evidence.
Fucking self serving vermin.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Key fobs.

I am going to nominate a key fob

Now I was given a key fob by an acquaintance. we all like to please and use the gift given.
I took my car down the car wash big mistake, next thing you know it’s tumbleweed time, they all fucked off leaving partially washed cars and yours truly high and dry with a dirty car.
However I must admit I did this on purpose after the first reaction at my local kebab shop.
Pulled up went in ordered my food , the guy at the counter spoke to the cook popped out the back for a fag and 15 minutes later no kebab and no staff.
The reason as far as I can tell would be my key fob.

It says “home office border agency” they are available on e-bay (item number listed below)<

However don’t buy one unless you are willing to wash your own car, have a barbeque and don’t like curry!

Nominated by Lord Benny