Clementine Ford


Nope, nor have I. Apparently she is is an Australian feminist writer, broadcaster, public speaker, and man-hater. This fine example of the fairer sex wrote on twatter that, ‘Coronavirus Isn’t Killing Men Fast Enough’.

She has since been forced to publish a non-apology but only after the Melbourne City council threatened to withdraw a grant they had given here under their arts budget. She has form on twatter for making previous comments such as “All men must die” and has written a book called ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ which focuses on toxic masculinity and the patriarchy. Apparently she has a 3 three year old son who really should be taken away from her and put into care because fuck knows how she is going to bring him up. How much longer can this continual abuse and hate-speech continue until one of these feminist cunts is prosecuted? At the moment they can say what they like, be forced to apologise and that seems to be the end of it.

Nominated by, Cupid Stunt

Chemists who hike their prices

Both myself and the mrs have noticed that certain pharmacies in our area are not using/ignoring barcodes on products. They are suddenly putting 70s style sticky labels on things like Anadin and Lemsip with ‘prices’ written in biro. For example: one box of co codamol tablets (RRP: £2.90 in Boots or £2.50 in Tescos) was £4.00 in one chemist and £5.00 in another. The fact that these fuckers are using and abusing this virus crisis to chuck out the RRP and extort people (especially OAPs) is sickening. Some shops were rightly slagged off for upping the cost of bog roll and hand gel, but these chemists are just as guilty and they are raking it in. Who the fuck uses written on labels these days? Cunts like these who want to screw the British public, that’s who.

Nominated by Norman

Look at me! Hancock


Alex Hancock

Who the fuck is that? I hear you say, well he is a fully paid up member and full time victim from that sea of tragedy the LGBT + community

This poor soul is worried that the rainbow flag he flies in support of his ‘LGBT+ cunt’ community is being swamped by the people flying flags in support of the NHS. His gay flag is lost Amongst the others and it’s unfair and he will go home and cry if something isn’t done about. Fuck me do we really have to listen to this sort of cuntishness anymore. People are dying, furloughed cunts are lapping it up, the country is going broke but poor old Alex is stamping his feet at the meaning of his flag being lost during the pandemic.

However In support of Alex I shall now insist that the 6 year old twins over the road take down their pictures of rainbows now, it’s just not on that they should hijack poor old Alex’s symbol for their own needs and not first be thinking about the needs the LGBT+ community.

Alex you are a cunt and the BBC are cunts for reporting this wank.

Nominated by, Cuntsince1066

Breaking news.

You heard it here first from the IsAC News team.


Slightly worrying news from the South China sea area, the Chinks have officially fucked off a US aircraft carrier from the area, followed by a general come back and we will shoot at you.

The area in question is a patch of sea with a number of bumps in it, some man made in an area bursting with oil.

The Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam , Burma? and China contest the territory in a hope to claim the resources.

There you go much more interesting than Covid 19 and yes China now has a sea borne capability which never used to have (Quote Albanian China war, least bloody war in history as they could not get at each other).

Quick and Public warning.

DCI Gene Cunt

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