The Muslim Council of Britain. (take two)

Demanding an inquiry into “Islamophobia” within the Tory party. These cunts have set themselves up as some sort of authority without being elected by anyone, and are now trying to embed themselves into British politics.

They have created the word “Islamophobia”, have tried to make it a crime, and apply it to any criticism of their beliefs to try and stop a reasoned argument as their own ideology can’t stand up on its own two feet.

Stop wasting your time with the Tory party. If you don’t like what we say and do, fuck off.

Nominated by Duke of Cuntshire

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Chuka Umunna (6)

This cunt should be banned from parliament. I wonder if anything he says is truthful. His most recent verbal bollocks was a comment he made regarding his flip flop to the Lib Dems, “This is the party I’ll be a member of, until the day I die”. Fuck off Chuka, how many times have you said that before? I bet you said that upon joining the Labour party. Let’s not forget this is the third party you’ve been a member of this year, a hooker has more commitment than you.

He also said that the lib dums gave him “A warm welcome” (£££) I bet they did you greedy little attention seeker. His constituents, because let’s not forget somehow this clown is an MP, in Streatham won’t know what the fuck this prick stands for anymore, I mean how are they supposed to hold him accountable when they don’t even know which party and manifesto he stands for. Democracy in this country has become a joke, it’s like the football manager merry go round, you can be utterly fucking useless in one position, so jump ship and start the whole process off again and be an utter shithouse somewhere else.

I hope this bastard gets his comeuppance come the next local elections. Cunt.

Nominated by elboobio

Abdullah Patel

Abdullah Patel is a cunt. Who is this nobody you ask? Another member of the religion of piss, this camel botherer was given the opportunity to wade into the leadership candidate debate and ask what the candidates would do to address the issue of islamophobia within the party. Have you ever heard such shite? Imagine one of us in the middle east asking such a question for the way no mudslimes are treated. Anyway, the cunt has said that he was disappointed with the response.

Well funnily enough you stinking fuck, it is a non existent problem. Disagreeing with one religions “ideals” is not phobic, it is an opinion expressed by an individual after careful weighing up of all the information available. Even if it were this country has bigger problems that need addressing.

Finally, if you don’t like it here and like many of my fellow cunter’s have suggested to you and your brethren. FUCK OFF to some middle eastern shitehole.


Nominated by McCunterson

Joel Amade

Joel Amade is a total cunt

This low life jungle dweller has just been convicted to 20 years for the murder of Jason Issacs.

Issacs was hacked at by machetes in an unprovoked attacked in London. This Amade cunt was one of four moped riding masked wankers who attacked him.

Police are “still looking” for the other three culprits.

Are you telling me that this cunt doesn’t know who they are..? Seriously this toe rag needs to be given some of his own treatment until he coughs up the others. Cunts the lot of them.


nominated by MiddleEngland

The Isle of Wight council

I would like to nominate the Isle of Wight council. I had reason to write to their minister of beaches with the following communication.

“Having dragged myself away from the slums of Croydon as soon as I could, by choice, I have spent my whole adult life by the sea, and now live in Sandown. I feel very privileged to go on my 5k run along the seafront.
Between the months of September to May it is very pleasurable.
Wait, I hear you say, what about the months of June, July and August? Warm days and pretty girls must surely be nice. In deed that’s true. Unfortunately, that pleasure is more than offset by a pest that blights England’s promenades. Fat people.
They sit there with their staple diet of a polystyrene vat of cheesy chips, a 99 with two flakes and a two litre bottle of coke. This is not per family, its each. The ones that cover up are bad enough because inevitably there is a roll of blub sticking out from under their shirt. The ones that do not cover up are, quite frankly, disgusting. Rolls of lily-white beef dripping on show to all. Thighs that could sink a small cruise liner. Where is their self-respect? I think everyone looks better with a slight suntan. This sub species of humanity does not tan. Maybe the lard is an effective sun blocker, so adding to the revulsion.
I have come up with a solution. Perhaps I could visit your offices to discuss implementation, and possibly licencing the system out to other resorts.
I noticed that there are signs indicating dog free beaches. This is commendable, although if it was up to me, the whole country should be dog free. This got me thinking though, why not have fat free beaches. It would considerably improve the beach experience, and, once the word gets out, would increase tourism. I think the signs would have to be heavy handed to get through, something like –

I thank you for your consideration in this matter.
Kind regards
Cunts n Roses”

Did I get invited to their offices? Did I fuck. I got this.

“Dear Mr CnR,
Thank you for your suggestion.”

Nominated by Cunts n Roses