2019 Election results


Good morning Cunter’s.

Your chances to make your point on this Democratic shit fest, admittedly labour started off on the wrong foot (or two miss matched left ones) Conservatives were being butchered by the Media.

The Lib dems, well lets not go there and the Brexit party broke down into in fighting.

As far as the Press is concerned this has been hailed the largest labour loss since 1935 (incidentally the date of the rise of fascism in Europe, so expect Lilly Allen to start banging that drum)

On the brighter side I note that Dianna Abbot has received over 39,000 votes, I like to think that I am a little more intelligent than her so, statistically that makes me cleverer than at least 39,001 inhabitants of this island.

Carry on Cunting!

Breaking News


Breaking News, It looks like London is in for a record breaking year, Last year closing at 137 Murders (after the Christmas rush). This year looks to be exceptional with the running tally at 142 today.



Kids in supermarket trolleys.

I would like to nominate young children whom sit or stand in shopping trolleys and the adults that let them.

It’s similar to that nomination of that lady whom lost her head whilst sticking it out of a train.

I’ve been working in a supermarket for a bit now after having been out of work for a while but keeping busy with volunteering in the mean time. Finding a job is hard and I need the money.
It cheeses me right off when children mess about.
When the parent or parents come to the till with child in the trolley, I ask the parent, “What shelf did you find that on (pointing to the child in the trolley)?” Parent laughs.
Matter of factly, no ounce of can of cant-ishness whatsoever, I tell the parent, “It’s dangerous to have children in trolleys. Accidents can happen”. Some either apologise or give an evil look.
It annoys me because if something bad happens, it’s never the person who causes it, always the fault someone else.
There are warning symbols on the push bar of the but still..
Fork sake.
Also people wearing pyjamas and or slippers in supermarkets. Gah!

Nominated by Spoonington


Granit Xhaka

A toys out of the pram crappy excuses cunting for this Albanian, I mean Swiss ‘footballer’ who happens to be the captain of Arsenal football club.

This useless twat, so typical of Millennials, reacted like a big fucking baby when subjected to some jeering from the crowd. Like players in the past (and present) have never had to put up with this?

Long story short (ish), he was substituted during a game in which his team had just lost a two goal lead (at home) to Crystal Palace. Some (not all obviously) Arsenal fans are not particularly happy to see this guy playing every week, especially as captain, and ironically cheered (which was a bit out of order but it happens in football) when his name was called out for the substitution.

Arsenal needed a goal so he should’ve ignored these idiots and run off the pitch as quickly as he could to make the most of the time left. You know, for his team? But what did he do?

He started walking as slowly as he could and threw the captain’s armband o the floor. Then, the boos started (I would’ve booed the cunt too at this point). He then cups his hand to his ear, sarcastically encourages the crowd to boo him louder (WWF wrestling style) and repeatedly shouts “Fuck off!” to the crowd. He took his shirt off and according to some (the cameras didn’t pick this bit up – or the footage hasn’t been released) he threw his shirt on the ground in the tunnel.

Remember, this bellend is the captain.

Sure, he is human and just reacted. But if you play football and can’t take a bit of crap from the crowd now and again, then don’t bother turning up.

His coach/manager (who was an idiot for letting the players vote on their choice of captain by the way…that’s why this big baby is captain in the first place) has said that the player should apologise. He has been receiving ‘counselling’ due to the fans’ booing, which I’m sure, won’t encourage fans of rival teams to rip him to pieces from now on.

Almost a week later he has finally released a statement that blames his reaction to the abuse he and his family have had on social media. He has not apologised (he just said he’s sorry if people ‘thought’ he was being disrespectful).

His wife and kid have been threatened online by complete morons (probably mentals), which of course, is a disgrace. If an idiot has been saying he’ll come and rape his wife and kidnap his baby, then that idiot should be arrested or sent to the nuthouse.

However, if you put yourself on social media as a famous person, then you have to expect that out of your 1 million or so followers, a few of them will be mentals.

So I call bullshit on his excuse. He reacted because his precious ego was hurt and he couldn’t handle it, like a captain should.

If he had a brain (which he doesn’t, it seems) he’d get off social media and look at his own crappy performances and try and win the fans over by playing better, instead of reacting like a big fucking baby.

I would love to have seen how Brian Clough dealt with this cunt. The big baby wouldn’t have lasted the first training session before needing a safe space and some counselling.

Nominated by One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Cunt

Then again by Bertram Cuntatious DCO

An enormous overpaid cunting to Granit Xhaka. I’ve never heard of this cunt either. I spotted a headline of the BBC sports page and this snowflake fucker is to be offered counselling by Arsenal FC. Apparently he was booed off the pitch by home ‘fans’ and this has affected the poor little baby’s sensibilities. I looked him up, he’s a 27 year old Swiss and Arsenal pay him, wait for it….£5.2m per year. Fuck off you spoilt brat, I cannot even conceive ‘earning’ that amount so stop blubbering and get on with it, if not just fuck off back to the fucking Alps you bell-end. I can’t imagine Norman Hunter ever weeping into his cornflakes.

Cunt’s without travel insurance

I would like a well deserved cunting for all these penny pinching cunts who think its a good idea to go abroad without travel insurance and then surprise fucking surprise when they end up in hospital, they cant fucking pay, and the usually some fucktard tell a story about what a great person they are and why we should all donate to a Go Fund Me account and help these fucking morons with their costs.
If you go anywhere abroad without insurance you need your head read, case in point some girl from north Wales has been involved in a car accident in Vietfucknamnam, you know the place known for its super safe roads and traffic, exactly the kind of place you make sure you have insurance in place before you end up in hospital there, I bet once the little people realise she cant pay, they will stop feeding her or sell her to a brothel or worse.
I have no sympathy for cunts who are so tight they would scrimp on something like fucking travel insurance, how fucking stupid can you get,and I would never give a penny to a go-fund me site for that, infact go-fund me aslso deserve a good cuntingt.