Extinction Rebellion (3)

~Extinction Rebellion,
What a bunch of tossers and the closest thing we will get to the Greenham common women in our time.
Why? well individually they are either massive hypocrites whose husbands have crushed and polluted the masses to enable their “Ethical lifestyle”.
Then we have the smelly hippy, never done a days work but know a lot of stuff types, they make me fucking puke too.
so what are the cunts doing? Fucking up London again, although truth be known its pretty fucked anyway without their help, or perhaps I should say the working part of London.
I was watching plod clear them off a bridge earlier, not how I would do it I will say just chuck the fuckers over the side, they would soon think at least once before attempting that stunt again.
And fuck word fence too!

Nominated By Lord Benny.


Order Order – a massive cunting please for all the fatarses stuck on the red and green benches at Westminster.

It seems that Tory peers are now colluding with LibDems and labour cunts to get Harry Potter’s granny’s bill to delay Brexit yet again, the meddling Hilary Benn and his oh-o-clever self satisfied smirking motherfucker:


It was originally suggested that the tories in the Lords would fillibuster so that the bill would fail before the houses close down next week.

Because that fucking hypocritical sack of shit (you can almost smell it on his piss-stained undercrackers even from the safety of the newspaper or TV screen) Corbyn is too scared to face an election, despite wanting one as recently as Monday 2nd September, Ken Clarke (“the national treasure” as described by some trollop on Wireless 4 yesterday) believe they need “more time” to discuss Brexit. I know the old cunts brain is packing in but isn’t 3 years and 3 months long enough?

Most of the cunts in the Lords should be in a care home. Many of those in Parliament ought to be in prison for their scams, a well as defying the will of the majority who voted for Brexit. We voted Leave, not “with a deal” or any of that old shit they have tacked on.

No doubt Starmer and Barry Gardiner will be on the radio and TV today producing more bullshit than a whole heard of Aberdeen Angus. No doubt Corbyn will be nowhere to be seen, because he is still shitting himself at the thought of being crucified at the polls. The nancy Blairites will make sure Steptoe, McDonnell Clive Lewis, are kept off the air, so they can try to keep their pure as TCP phoney image.

It would be possible to call an election with a one line bill under the fixed term rule, but will Boris do it?. It would be possible for Boris to ask the Queen to rescind Hilary Mary-Ann Benn’s bill, but will he?

I doubt it. What a bunch of lying cowardly gaggle of cunts foregather at Westminster every day to ponce of our charity.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Amazon’s Alexa

A cunting please for this little spying sales machine.

Alexa is a spying machine that is there primarily to sell you shit from Amazon. Who in their right mind wants an Alexa? Morons, that’s who and there’s plenty of them.

I really cannot imagine having this little jerk in my house and asking ‘Alexa, what’s the weather forecast today?’ FFS I just look out my window, its far more reliable than BBC Weather or this Alexa gadget.

And although I do buy things from Amazon, I usually have to plough through about 100 products to find something that looks the least shit and is reasonably priced. Imagine, leaving all that thought to Alexa and letting it have free reign. ‘Can I order that for you?’ You say yes and then something that was made in China turns up or too many things made in China turn up or its nothing like the thing you had in mind turns up!!!

Amazon can sod off.

Nominated by Cuntologist



Transit Parent Passenger Cunts

What kind of sadistic, selfish cunt brings young children onto a international flight? Fucking cunting parents that have no consideration for any fucker else.

Not only do they wish to ruin the start of there own vacation, but they take it upon themselves to fuck over every other cunt on the plane. Why not leave the orphan cunts at home with grandma and grandpa as payback for all the shit times they sent the little fuckers back home juiced up on lollies fizzy pop and snuff ( that grandpa accidentally left out on the armchair). But no, they decide it will be a good cunting idea to take the screaming “I want my fucking own way” little rascal shit bags with them, with there snotty noses, coughing and breathing out every cold/flu virus known to man.

There you sit, poised in your four square feet of personal space only to have the back of your chair repeatedly kicked by a snotty nose cunt called Declan ( fuck only nose why you’d call your kid ‘Declan’, but’s that’s another rant) while the mother watches “I’m a cunt on love island” and dads snoring after a few pints before hand because he had a sleepless night previous due to the fucking little turd.
Then there’s the toddler screaming his FUCKING tiny lungs out, mum and the sperm donor trying there best to humour the little shit with coo coo sounds and it’s all suppose to be excepted…. “Well it fucking ain’t!“ CUNTS!!! After an hour, air hostesses offers some kind of small squeaky toy, “sometimes not small enough I think” that pacified the little prick, their attention span being five minutes or less depending on how much alcohol was consumed on the night copulation was engaged. What is it with so called fucking parents these days, haven’t they heard of Phenergan? Maybe I’ve got it all wrong and it’s the airline fault by not accommodating for the TPPC
(Transit Parent Passenger Cunts)

Maybe they should include some kind of cattle pen in the baggage deck and herd the fuckers like animals, letting the inconsiderable parents and there young coo, baa, moo and wail together.

BAN CUNTS ON PLANES (Let it be noted I do not hate young children, and do blame the TPPC 100)

“Demonic” Child on Lufthansa Flight


Nominated by Jase the pom

The not so lost Tribe

Channel 4 and Livia Simoka are cum gargling cunts for their attempt to present “a lost tribe” and their apparent impending doom at the hands of the “modern world” and the “corporations”.
This is a dickumentary where Livia gets to live with a family in the depths of the congo for five months and “experience” their “threatened way of life”.

At first glance you think it might chronicle the peoples of some far flung tribe that would be in danger of death from contact with our modern germs, an untouched society, an anthropological marvel.
What you actually get to see is a society where the men refuse to work or support families, drink, smoke weed, party, fuck, impregnate and enslave anything at all that moves. They have plenty of contact with “the modern world” as they have guns, clothing, money, drink and drugs.
Yet Livia presents us with wide eyed awe in every sentence and bleats on and on and on about what utterly pure and wonderful beings this group of selfish, hedonistic, and sadistic fuckers are.
It is truly incomprehensible that this unfettered baseless fecklessness is sold as a pure human ideology, when you can just imagine the fuckers dropped in this country and continuing the same behaviour here.
Let’s just run through that behaviour again (after all, they’re about to become displaced by those naughty businessmen):
No working.
Get high.
Get drunk.
Get violent.
Breed like rabbits on extasy.
Get guns.
Enslave other humans.
Abandon women and the children they bore.

No doubt all the muesli chewing neckbeards are watching this and marvelling at “the rise of man” whilst fingering their ipads and failing to parent their own feckless children.

I can only hope they feel inspired and in an attempt to reach these “lost tribes” find themselves instead on the beach of North Sentinel Island; running for their lives with their shit in their socks.

The only purpose I can see behind this blatant misrepresentation is an attempt to soften our hearts towards the african hordes heading to our shores. Well fuck that. Some of us can still use our eyes channel 4, so do us a favour and make a documentary all about channel 4 employees willingly climbing into tumble driers.


Nominated by Cuntflap