BA Cabin Crew (2)

BA cabin crew; cunts. Most are well past their sell by date harridans or else mincing old queens. Now they are going on strike, again.
They say their lot with BA is so bad they have to sleep in their cars and live on pot noodles. They say there is no future working for BA.
If that is really the case then go get another fucking job. There will be plenty of jobs available once we kick all the Eastern European gypos out. Cunts.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart

Gareth Snell

While we’re slagging off Paul Nuttall for behaving like a cunt, it would be a shame to not nominate and even bigger cunt. Enter Gareth Snell, Nutter’s Liebore opponent in the Stoke byelection.

Snell reckons that people who vote UKIP are the “sort of blokes that nick your bike” and that Brexit is a “massive pile of shit” but strangely none of these things get much of a mention on Al BBCeera.

So while we’re on the subject of old shit surfacing from Nuttall here’s some from Smell –

In 2011 he tweeted that Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow should be given a “good slap”.

In 2007 he described panellists on ITV’s Loose Women as “squabbling sour-faced ladies”, called presenter Janet Street-Porter a “polished turd” and said a “speccy blonde girl” on BBC’s The Apprentice should “piss off”.

He said: “I said some very silly things back in 2007, so what’s that? Almost ten years ago. And I apologise for those because it was wrong. And I think I should be judged not necessarily on what I said in 2007 but the actions that I have taken subsequently.”

Shame the fucking hypocrite cunt doesn’t apply the same rules to his opponent.

Nominated by ‘Appy ‘Arry

Ken Clarke [2]

What an utter cunt Ken Clarke is.

The fucker stands up in parliament, defies the will of the electorate, insults the Prime Minister, talks down the prospects of his own country. The EU lickspittle is a disgrace to his country and his party. To be fair, his was the only constituency in Nottingham to vote remain but that doesn’t excuse the bile he was spewing out yesterday in the house.

According to Ken we’re all living in wonderland, so perhaps we should emulate the red queen and call “off with his head”!

Only proves you just can’t take a man seriously who wears brown hush puppies with a blue suit.

Nominated by Juncker in Wonderland

The US military

I wouldn’t trust the US military to complete an operation even as simple as sticking a post in a fat bird.

Their special forces don’t look that special to me.
Take that Bin Laden malarkey for starters. They spent years and billions looking for the cunt. Scouring the whole region, mountains, cave systems etc.

And where was the cunt all that time?…….at home.

Nominated by: J R Cuntley

Having dealt with the US military on multiple occasions over the years they leave a lot to be desired. The airforce seem to be reasonably acute, army and navy less so, and the Marines are as dumb as a bunch of blind, deaf, legless chimps. The vast majority of these fuckwhits chew tobacco and gob the slimy shit all over the shop, some even leaving it in cups, the dirty cunts.

I had the misfortune of hosting a group of USMC once and they had a similar amount of computing power as a bag of tangerines. Oxygen thieves to a man.

Nominated by: Thorax Cockslammer

Selfish passengers

Don’t forget loud cunts on phones on public transport. Why do they think we are interested in their conversations? It’s a private call so keep,it private you utter cunts.

Feet on seats fucking piss me right off as well. Many years ago assisted a fellow traveller in removing a cunt from seats as he had his feet up on a rush hour train with next to no space but of course the cunt was entitled to as much room as he wanted. Tried to argue but he was told in no uncertain terms that if he tried it again he would be squashed.

Nominated by: Johnson