Misogynists are cunts

Why, well here goes, we now have poor Diane Abbott (a super cunt) complaining that there should be more funding for the police to tackle the “would be hate crime” of misogyny.

She doesn’t think the Police should have to prioritise their funds to take on serious crime rather than pulling in wolf whistlers.

Yes they need more funds I completely agree with her on that score but not for chasing “non crimes”

The like of already cunted Stella Creasy who is upping her profile on all this shit would do better routing out all the fucking illegal cunts who reside in her wonderful constituency of Walthamstow.

So back to the misogynist cunts, you have caused this fucking dilemma, do police chase you fuckers who upsetting these “poor” women or chase down the fucking cunts (from a particular country) who are grooming, raping and pimping out young vulnerable girls all over the north of England.

Or do we blame the likes of the real cunts, yes you know who I mean ….. the retard Abbott and Stella up her own arse Creasy for making such a fucking issue of this bullshit.

What a fucked up country we live in today!

Nominated by sick of it

Nick Ferrari [2]

One of the more tolerable LeadingBritainsCunts radio presenters, unfortunately just shat all over my tasty breakfast cereal by uttering the following,

“They’re not real Muslimes”

This is of course in relation to the conviction and sentencing of yet another ‘grooming’ gang, of ‘predominantly’ Pakistani men who were probably all Pakistani, for raping countless girls and.. you all know the rest. They were all part of that peaceful belief system, that’s real enough for me thankyouverymudge.

I was going to cunt this relic who pretends to be a strong right wing semi-conservative voice last week, after a caller rightly corrected him when discussing some aspect of Tommy Robinson and how the media had apparently brought this whole ‘grooming’ scandal to light. Erm, no, you reported it only after people like Tommy kept on making noise because none of our establishment gave a fuck, you utter shameless media cunt.

He’ll only go so far so as not to endanger his salary and fat pension. Sorry you cunt but you can’t claim to be leading any conversation let alone pretending to lead a national one if your priority is the money and not the integrity of your conviction. I’m certain he knows he’s lying to himself, for money, thus he deserves to be cunted with the rest of them.

He’s about as convincing as Alan Sugartits pretending he’s still a Delboy wheeler dealer. You’ve made the choice, you love your money, now embrace Satans cock you utter cunt.

Nominated by The Big Chunky Cunty

Talkative check-out assistants

Talkative check-out assistants at supermarkets need a nomination to ISAC.

A simple ‘good morning’ is sufficient. You don’t need to be asking me if I’m having a good day, or what my plans are for the weekend etc… not your business, and I know you’re not really interested anyway, so don’t ask. Just do your job and don’t keep people waiting in the queue whilst you witter.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

The Media

The media deserve a right royal cunting. Whether it be social or mainstream, it appears they are all bias cunts.

Facebook blocked ads from leave.eu today without warning and because of ‘changes to their advertising policy’ that they conveniently made yesterday. They have said that all political ads have to prove who paid for them and that they are a UK resident. No remain ads have been removed mind, because they must be all above board and British (Gina Miller/George Soros etc).

Which moves me on to the mainstream media, the British Brainwashing Cunts, The Cuntian, The Financial Cunts, The Cunts Express etc. Have not had one headline story regarding the benefits of Brexit only the negative POSSIBLE impacts. Talk about telling one side of the story, I’m not surprised saggy tits is selective which channel she wants her debate with Catweazel on, she’ll want David Dimblebum to vet the questions asked and keep the argument away from no deal Noel.

Nominated by elboobio


Dear Satan,

I should very much like to cunt Luxembourg.

Pace my previous thoughts about DI “Juicy” Lucy Lane (and her cane), my masochistic stream of consciousness was interrupted by… yes, Luxembourg.

Convinced that I couldn’t possibly be the only person who thinks that this place is a complete piss-stain on the surface of the globe, I looked up “Luxembourg is a shithole”

Fellow cunters, I refer you to: kkilo.blogspot.com/2006/05/i-really-hate-luxembourg.html

And I’ve never been there, either. Do you know anyone who has ?

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard