Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau (of Canada) NEEDS to be given a good cunting. I am shocked that no one has cunted him yet.

This soft, trendy little snowflake CUNT, wants to create an “integration fund” with taxpayer money to bring back former Canadians who left to fight for ISIS!! This “politician”, is a pro-terrorism, P.C fucking joke that stopped being funny a long time ago. He is even seen merrily prancing around in a pink t-shirt that says “sharing is caring” – referring to “non-whites’, that are treated as first-class citizens while the native white man that has developed this country for centuries gets kicked to the dirt.

To add kerosene to the fire, this sad fucking cuck cunt, is an avid activist for the feminist agenda, and all of they’re evil cuntery. Justin, you are a pathetic excuse of a leader, you cunt!

Justin; you are officially nominated. Let the cunting begin!!

Nominated by The Walking Cunt

Being, or the expectation that one should be “Woke” deserves a thorough cuntificaton. Justin Trudeau corrected some bint that was gushing at the the retarded midget mong about how wonderful and progressive a force he is for mankind or some such wanky fagotry.

That’s bad enough as it stands but Trudeau comes back and corrects her use of mankind and suggest raping around with the English language some more to include the new super progressive term he would prefer. Peoplekind. Twitter et al proceed to explode because that’s what they’re for. The conversation was essentially who is more woke the bint or the Queen’s bitch in Canada, Trudeau. It’s would be literally impossible to give a flying fuck about these cunts and the pointless noises they make even if one made a special effort to.

Nominated by fuckwit

Brendan Cox [2]

Mail On Sunday – 2015

I know he’s been nominated before but the white helmet enabling, self serving, lefty arseflute known as Brendan Cox deserves another cunting.

The shitweasel is a serial groper using his position in organisations to feel up his co-workers and subordinates while virtue signalling and profiting from his widower victim status.

Seems the slimeball has had his day and admits what a dirty, fanny grabbing, hypocritical lefty shithead he really is.

Nominated by Cuntspack of Notredame

Shani Davis

I offer up to you what is in my eyes the Cunt Colossus of last week Shani Davis.

This heavily suntanned Americunt speed skater lost a coin toss to a White Americunt athlete to decide which cunt carried the Americunt flag at the Winter Olympic games opening ceremony.

So what you say? This piece of outdated farm equipment then went on twatter to play the usual race card, didn’t turn up for the ceremony and anyone who criticises him is racist. That’ll be me then.

Oh, and his name is Shani. Should be Shami. The names Leather, Shami Leather…coming to an empty cinema near you. Black Panther will be a cunt. A violent cunt I predict…

Nominated by Findus C Pancake

Captain Sensible [2]

Just seen Captain Sensible on the local news flogging a new The Damned reunion.

He’s still wearing that red beret and calling himself ‘Captain Sensible’. And wearing sunglasses indoors. I imagine because like Bongo and many others of his vintage, his eyes are like pissholes in the snow.

‘Raymond Burns’ is 63. Cunt. I’ll give you fucking happy talk.

Nominated by Mecha-Rigsby

TEAM GB – Winter Olympics [6]

Elise Chirstie – Stop crying – Its skating not sliding you cunt. A tip, if you keep getting knocked over, move.

The Snowboarding Bint complaining it was too windy and cold – What part of Winter Olympics on a Ski Mountain would not confirm that may be the case? The US had no problems getting the medals on the same day.

All of the Curling Teams – What the fuck is this you (mostly) ginger cunts?

And Claire Balding, you and the olympians recycled from 40 years ago to string this out more than it needs to be – Get off my TV you horse.

Nominated by King Cunt

I would like to nominate Team GB Winter Olympics Short Track Speed Skating for a cunting.

Every 4yrs we get one “star” for the AL-BB-CERA to fawn over, and they fall over.

4yrs ago and this year Elie Christie was the big gold favourite and yet again she spends most of her time on her arse.

The preceeding race Charlotte Gilmartin…ends up on her arse.

20yrs ago the nation was gushing over Wilf O’Reilly (who also ticked a box or two), huge favourite for gold going into each of the Olympics he attended…ends up on his arse!

Now colour me simple, colour me stupid but I would have thought lesson #1 day #1 of learning any skating discipline would be the ability to stay on your fucking feet!?!

Maybe Team GB should invest in some of those skates that have 3 blades on them that 4yr olds use to help stop them from falling over? Just a suggestion.

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt