Patrick Stewart (5)

Patrick Stewart is a bit of a cunt, isn’t he?

This griping turd with his permanent bell-end head has been stirring up support to attack democracy and have a second referendum.

Stewart is best known for playing a grumpy, pompous, aloof cunt in Star Trek: Next Generation. Nonetheless, he’s starred in plenty of other crap: He was a grumpy, pompous, aloof cunt in a Dickens stage show; a grumpy, pompous, aloof cripple in a sci-fi franchise; a grumpy, pompous, aloof cunt in the terminally wretched Waiting For Godot; who could forget his grumpy, pompous, aloof King Lear. More like King Cunt.

Despite living in Brooklyn, this opinionated prick wants to lecture British people about how wrong they were to vote for independence. This puts him in the same boat as Connery, Branson, Rod Fucking Steward and every other shit-eating, gold-toothed rat who emigrates but still wants to spout their condescending vomit to the ill-educated, little people back home.

Stewart recently married his girlfriend who’s 38 years younger than him. I’m sure, I’m absolutely sure, nay absolutely positive she married him because of his dazzling, wit, his shining patriotism and his dazzling, shiny bell-end head.

Fuck off Stewart, you lecherous, hypocritical one-trick pony. You’ve made a career out of your cantankerous, threadbare talent and you’re now letting it infest your politics. You’re 77 years old. The Grim Reaper isn’t too far away and if death is near I’d say, “Make it so.”

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

I never had much time for this smug bald bastard, but I especially disliked him after seeing that cringefest a few years back where he and that fat unfunny fuck James Corden made complete and utter cunts of themselves arguing like little bitches at some two bit award ceremony.

Now here he is, proudly showing off his complete and utter contempt for us plebs, and not giving one single fuck in the process. Especially made me laugh where he claimed Brexit was “fed by disinformation, untruths and outright lies,” as opposed to all other elections eh?

Went on to further demonstrate his complete detachment from reality by describing remainers as “having at heart the needs of everyone, not just an elitist few.” This coming from a group of people that flat out refuse to accept a democratically elected result.

Nominated by McBastard

The Vagina

I would like to put forward for a cunting, VAGINAS. They have probably caused more strife and upset than anything on the planet, even more so than religion

Personally they have led me down routes a sane man wouldnt entertain costing me financially and mentally and leading me to my present situation. Who would have believed a little pocket of pleasure could have such a pull and its a huge pull it must be when u think of some of the complete fuckwits that own it.

And when you haven’t got your blood up they are not very pleasant if you believe the vagasil adverts : smelly, itchy, leaky in fact another 57 reasons to avoid getting to close. Fuck me it can strip the dye from a gusset think what it can do to a chaps meaty bits.

Yes, the vagina is literally a cunt!

Nominated by Civvydog

Social Justice Warriors [2]

SJW Spewing Cunts: Twitter Twats, Tumblr and Trigger Twatacocktuses

What fucking bunghole did these annoying little pieces of feces crawl out of!?
How can we either flush them or make them crawl back-up one another’s asspipes?
Particularly, the putrid puss-in-the-brain feminists and their male members of tyrannical Social Justice Wussbags.

“I agree with you snookums. Women are better than men.”

Fuck you, and advance two wussy spaces to collect your official feminist pussy hat! You dickless mindless little automaton.

SJW syndrome is a mental disorder which effects all ages, races and genders.

White straight male: Hi


White straight male: All I said was-


White straight male: What are you talking abou-


The whole whiny whinority lot of SJW’s are nothing more than extremely narcissistic, naive, sheltered infants who never check any facts before making themselves look stupid, and then get so emotional they throw tirades and cry. It’s pathetic. Society is doomed with this generation. Imagine what their children will be like!

And the older ones are just as bad if not worse especially, all of the professor pieces of shit and faculty fucks that encourage, support and create these little cunts. They should be the ones who have the shit kicked out of em, and then beat-to-shit again for making a mess.

Nominated by BluntCunt

Apple [4]

I know the world has gone to shit in a handcart, but FFS! What kind of cunt pays £1,399 for a fucking electronic watch just because – according to Apple – it “inspires wrist envy”??

Presumably the same sort of cunt who pays £499 for the fucking strap to go on it just because it’s made by Hermes and it wraps around your wrist twice so that everyone can tell you’ve got one. Let’s be honest, the watch strap has been around a long time and there’s never been a reason to make it go around your wrist twice. It’s a classic design so why fuck with it? Well, presumably just to inspire wrist envy!!!

And what does the fucking watch do anyway? Well you can use it to make calls because it links to the iPhone in your pocket. Just get the fucking phone out of your pocket you lazy cunts!

And of course you’ll want to upgrade to the iPhone RED so that everyone can see you’re a virtue signalling cunt who pays extra for your phone to support AIDS charities.

Well, here’s a suggestion for all you tossers who want to inspire wrist envy : just tattoo “I’m a cunt” on your wrist. And if you’re embarrassed by it later in life, you can always cover it up with a double looping £499 Hermes watch strap.

You gotta hand it to Apple. They’ve got exploiting snowflakes off to a ‘T’

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

Whingeing pensioners

I realise that some fellow cunters around the globe may take offence at this but I feel I must cunt all the old cunts who have reached “old age ” and start moaning about how little “pension ” they have and why doesn’t the gov’mint pay for their retirement.

Yes, there are some who are deserving but there are a bloody lot more who pissed it all up the wall or were taking holidays or buying flat screens etc they couldn’t afford during their earning years.

I hit 65 this past week, have a couple of million dollars ( Australian ) in personal pension/superannuation. Why? Cos I saw long ago that if I didn’t provide for myself then no other fucker would and why should they?

Don’t get me started on the benefits scroungers. Yes we have them in Australia as well as loads of immigrants.

Nominated by Grumpy Old Cunt