Dead Pool (142)

Congratulations to rhe Duke of Cuntshire who scores his. first hit by predicting that arch dictator cunt Robert Mugabe would be the next cunt to shuffle of the mortal coil.

The rampant racist cunt ruthlessly stole farms from white farmers, converting his country from the bread basket of Africa to the basket case of Africa. His reign of terror ensured he won elections even when he lost. In short, the world is a better place without him.

On to Deadpool 142

The rules:

1)Pick 5 cunts you think are on the way out.No duplicates allowed.Anyone who nominates the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

2)It is first come first serve.You can always be a cunt and steal other peoples names like Black and White Cunt frequently does.

3) It must be a newsworthy cunt we have heard of.

Momentum (2)

A strictly Keep Left cunting please for this bunch of commie soy boy and loud mouthed trollops who worship the ground Steptoe and McDonnell walk on.

It seems that not content with a second “general strike” proposed by mincing Owen Jones yesterday, this organisation now wants it’s dirty unwashed shambolic members to cause trouble at Buckingham Palace. It shows their ignorance in that HRH will be far away from London till October, but still it will be a chance for duckie Owen and his bum chums to show their “working class” credentials by trolling all the way from Islington on their lallies:

I get the feeling Momentum is now in the same position as Jimmy Cagney at the end of “White Heat”, when he climbed to the top of a gas tower yelled out *made it ma, top of the world* fired his gun and then fucking blew himself up. I hope the tasers get Owen and Dame Keir too, who will probably be there swinging his handbag in support of the Jones boy

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Iain MacNab

Who the fuck is Iain MacNab I hear you ask?

Iain Macnab proudly flies the Scottish flag outside his home in Brunsmark, where he is the burgermeister – or mayor. He has been elected to the post three times but Brexit means he will not be able to stay in office for much longer.

“The minute Brexit occurs, that’s me,” Mr MacNab said. “That’s the end of my tenure because I am no longer an EU citizen.” He has had that confirmed in writing by the state of Schleswig-Holstein that includes the Lauenburg lakes region of which Brunsmark is part.

The letter states that when the UK leaves the EU, British “people won’t be allowed to hold any office in a local council or local government”.

Unless he becomes a German citizen or secures dual nationality before the 31 October, he will be forced to quit the prestigious office he has held for 12 years. He has a German wife and two children. He says he’s a Scot and proud of it and refuses to renounce that to become German. He says he will move back to Scotland, campaigns for independence and wants Brexit cancelled.

So this why Mr MacNab is a cunt. He’d rather relocate his family to a foreign country than take dual citizenship. Nobody asked him to renounce being Scottish. He’s scoring political points and helping the BBC propaganda machine.

He’s a cunt. The BBC are cunts for the way they are portraying it. The EU are cunts for persecuting him.

Three cunts for the price of one…

Nominated by Dioclese

Owen Jones (14)

Apparently some right wing extremists beat the shit out of Owen Jones.

This is not because he is a self opinionated, loud mouthed gobshite. It was politically motivated. Set up by people who object to him telling the truth about everything and pointing out that everyone else is wrong.

I personally don’t believe this was politically motivated. I believe it is because he is a self opinionated, loud mouthed gobshite. But because I don’t agree with Owen Jones, I am obviously wrong.

Probably why the Guardian won’t publish my articles?

Nominated by Dioclese

Dead Pool [139]

Congratulatios to ‘Er Indoors who correctly predicted that easy rider Peter Fonda would be the next dead cunt, dying of lung cancer at the age of 79.

On to Deadpool 139:

The rules.

1)You get 5 nominations no duplicates.You can always be a cunt and steal other people’s nominations (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).Nominations are first come first serve.

2)Anyone who nominates the world oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

3)It must be a newsworthy cunt we have actually heard of.