Stone Roses fans

Stone Roses fans are cunts

I paid 129 dollars to see the band in the Sydney Opera House last night and fuck me I did not hear a fucking thing other than fucking clapping. They clapped at the start of the song, they clapped the whole fucking way through the song, and then they clapped at the end of the song.

Fuck knows why ‘cos you couldn’t hear a fucking thing, fucking wankers! The same thing happened at clubs in the 90’s and I’m sure that started oop North. Here’s an idea, cunts – buy a ticket to a fucking football match,any cunting team will do,and go and clap all fucking day till your hearts content or hopefully fucking stops you cunts

Nominated by: Flexicunt


Radio Advert terms and conditions is a cunt,

You know what I mean, you’re listening to some shit advert you’re not interested in and when you think it’s over some cunt speaks at a million miles an hour about the terms and cuntditions for 5 minutes. Here are my terms and conditions: FUCK OFF YOU CUNTS.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

TV ads where they put the T&Cs on the bottom of the screen, rattle them off and don’t give you enough time to read them. I’ve tried.

What’s the fucking point?

Nominated by: Dioclese

Nothing worth saying

I would like to cunt the arseholes who don’t have two brain cells to rub together, when it comes to talking. The following is a typical example of what you hear when listening to modern youth and their older ‘hipster’ followers.

“So, it’s like, you know, something that I don’t know much about, like, but it’s sort of, you know, really, really important cos I read about on, like, FaceBook, you know”.

Cunts always start a sentence with “so”. What’s the fuck’s that all about?

Nominated by: Smeggy Frenulum

Baby on board stickers

Another thing which riles my shit are these cunting stupid “Baby on Board” stickers in car windows. Loosely translated it means “I’m the only woman in the world to have a child…My other half is a limp wristed hipster cunt who keeps his bollocks in my handbag and my child is the centre of the solar system and you WILL move out of the way”. Cuntish behaviour illustrated.

I put it to people like that, that I don’t give a well-rounded first wank if there’s a “Baby on Board”. What cuntish difference will that make to me? Bugger all. What’s next? “Second Cousin Thrice Removed Inbred Weirdo Shit-Slurping Mong Farrier on Board”. What a load of Generation Snowflake, Entitlement-Era mule shit.

Nominated by: TwatVarnish

Childrens’ TV

Childrens’ TV is a cunt.

Every show, the kids have more power and money than their parents.

They never seem to be ten pence short for a pizza and their parents would probably need therapy if their poor darling were.

They also teach the kids that the word “no” doesn’t exist, which is just setting the slick little fuckers up for a great fall………….

Nominated by: Birdman