Pikeys [2]

A monumental cunting for PIKEYS, these pieces of shit have turned up in Walsal and parked 50 vehicles in a field, then said pikeys have allowed their pack of probable stolen dogs loose and an 80 year old woman has been attacked by said pikey mutts and the the thieving, lying, cheating, benefit claiming, tax dodging, leprachaun scum have has the brass neck to say the woman was trespassing on their land….

W.T.F is wrong with these cunts? I reckon some ethnic cleansing is due or send these fuckers back to the emerald isle with a pair of water wings…..Kiss the blarney stone pikey cunts, one day all your mistreated animals are going to turn on you and I can’t wait…..

Nominated by fuglyucker

Christie Elan-Cane

Some non binary tranny fucktard has been given leave to appeal to the high court (or higher, did not read it all) because he/she/it is demanding a non-binary passport.


Nominated by kravdarth

An emergency cunting is required for professional mutant and passport gender objector Christie Elan Cane.

This Nosferatu doppelganger has secured the right to take on the government over the requirement for passport holders to disclose their gender. Apparently born as a woman, Cane had its female sexual characteristics removed and had the leftovers thrown to the dicky birds. I.e. no twig and berries fashioned from the meaty scraps.

Cane, quite correctly, has ‘female’ on its birth certificate. Whatever cut ‘n shut work has taken place since, it is still female. This will never change. The only people who believe this is fluid or erasable is frankly in need of a strait jacket and a high dose of sedative.

What superheats my piss is that all of us who hold passports don’t get a say over one oversensitive, mentally ill Michael Stipe lookalike, that is likely to get its way if right-on cock-decryer, Maria Miller has a hand in the proceedings.

Fuck off Cane, you bald, emaciated little cuntwich. This bullshit propagated by the mentally ill really needs to stop before the likes of Cane are pushed off a very high cliff.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback


No.This is what a bunch of cunts look like

The term activist is code for commie prick who is too up their own arse to get a proper job and is unemployable anyhow due to their sublime sense of self entitlement.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

What do these people do for employment?. Do they just become ‘bloggers’ or ‘activists’. These terms are of course shorthand for maladjusted self absorbed weirdo cunt. I would seriously object to being around some cunt who is Arthur one day and Martha the next,and expects everyone else to walk on eggshells about it.

Nominated by Mary Hinge

The BBC [9]

Can I cunt the BBC? Well I’m going to anyway. Day in day out the fucking BBC pushes the line we are a racist, homophobic, misogynist bunch of cunts.

If it ain’t women it’s Muslims, if not muslims it’s LBGT. Today there’s a story about a Muslim woman who found she could get a job if she removed her headscarf. Proof we are all racists apparently. What about the alternative BBC, that when the woman concerned made an effort to integrate she was then welcomed into employment.

The multicultural experiment has failed totally and completely. When people of any colour come here and integrate everyone gets along on the whole. Leave your 3rd world 7th century garb where it is the culture if you want to be part of our.

No more fucking Mosques, no more Islamic council of Great Britain. Assimilate into our culture or fuck off.

As for the BBC, stop pushing agendas and divisions and start acting like the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Whilst I’m at it we should ban Islamic and Punjabi radio stations. Tired of being expected to be ashamed of being a white English male.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Tabitha Downs-King

You have to empathise with Tabitha’s plight. As a female she’s a dog, as a male she’s a pathetic joke.

As a human being she’s just a waste of space cunt.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

Tabitha Downes _King is a cunt.

This so called gender fluid activist was on GMB lecturing Piers Susannah and the audience about how she decides whether she is a man or woman every day when she wakes up and if she feels like a man inserts a prosthectic cock into her cunt and draws on a moustache.

The freak was raised by two separated dykes and has a biological dad who is a tranny.A perfect case of what happens when freaks have children. This gender fluidity sounds like a manifestation of split personality disorder and schizophrenia.And these people are clearly going untreated.

Scary shit.

Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69