Rufus Hound

Rufus Hound is a cunt, isn’t he?

Not only stupid enough to suggest that The Maybot was responsible for the Manchester Arena bombings by peacefuls, and then grovellingly apologising, he also has to wear a fucking cloth cap INDOORS! He was on Cuntdown yesterday, and there he was, fucking cloth cap! What a wanker.

Just had a thought, perhaps he’s actually black, ‘cos those cunts all wear headgear indoors too.

Nominated by The Mogs


I know this nom probably won’t attract too many votes, but all the same it still pisses me off at how libraries have turned into doss houses for drunks, druggies, annoyingly loud students, scumbags, mothers with babies, and other lowlife socially irresponsible cunts who seem to think a library is a place to chill out with your mates and be as loud and irritating as possible!

Public libraries are already in short supply across the country as it is, and yet trying to sit down at a table to read something important and/or beneficial towards one’s career hopes seems to be a dying trend given the cunts who just sit around, checking their phones and being as noisy as fucking possible.

Here in Birmingham, we have a new £200m central library; absolutely awesome place. And yet it has become a magnet for every cunt under the sun to slob around with little or no intention of using the library as a place knowledge. And yet the library security just sit on their arses and do fuck all about it.

Is nothing sacred in this shitty world in which we live?

Nominated by NoCuntForOldMen

Tess Thompson Talley

Trophy Hunters are cunts, aren’t they?

The latest wealthy American with a turd-chewing grin hugging the corpse of a freshly-murdered animal and churning out the “preservation” clichés is Tess Thompson Talley a trophy hunter cunt from Texas. She posed with a rare black giraffe’s still-twitching body and has been prattling the same, tired “culling” excuses these murdering wingnuts usually do.

While justifying her odious behaviour and coming across as a tad unevolved on her recent CBS interview, she gibbered about making pillow cases and a gun holder from the carcass. Having butchered rare animals, she now massacres the English language and “thaanks Gaaad”. Right.

Despite there being fewer than 100,000 giraffes in the wild in Africa and the iconic species having imperiled status, she shot the 4,000lb animal on a hunting trip in South Africa in 2017. Wreathed in smiles, the wretched cunt gabbered “I am proud of that giraffe. I have decorative pillows made out of him, and everybody loves them.”

By ethnically-cleansing wildlife, this bleached-toothed cunt wants to ‘harvest’ these rare animals because “like…there is tons of people waiting to be fed by him” which still doesn’t describe the photos on social media of her hugging warm corpses while laughing like a drain.

Ironically, this slaying loudmouth ends by expressing her anger because of receiving death threats on-line. Perhaps the shitty cunt shouldn’t brutally terminate innocent animals’ lives then!

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

Kay Burley (2)

Spot the cunt

I nominate the Sky News not very neutral news reporter Ginger Kay. She makes it pretty obvious where her allegiances lie; her views are lefty, and gives a rough ride to anyone she views as on ‘the Right’, while brown nosing leftie luvvie types.

Also on the money she’s paid, think she’d put her hand in her purse and buy a new dress. She’s got 2, green one or one with big fuck off sleeves like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia! Stop with the cosmetic surgery luv, fighting a losing battle. Get down Dorothy Perkins and get a frock yer ginger cunt.

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt

The Politics of Envy

First of all, I must make a distinction between envy and jealousy. Jealousy is something we all feel at some time or other in life. We might be jealous of a neighbour’s new car or the lottery win of the man down the road. We might be jealous of a fucking ugly Rory Stewart look a like who has a beautiful woman on his arm.

No, this cunting is about real envy. These are the cunts, mainly left wing libtards such as Catweazle and co. who, if they can’t have it, will make sure you’re not going to keep it and will try their upmost to take it away from you. I certainly wouldn’t class myself as wealthy but like most IsACs, I’ve worked hard for what I’ve got and will do my best to prevent my assets falling in to the hands of failing and feckless politicians. However, like most honest, hard working people, I pay my taxes and believe in helping genuine people who, through no fault of their own are less fortunate than myself. Yes, poverty does exist in the UK but the answer is not to take punitive measures against the wealthmakers and employment providers in trying to address the problem.

Politicians are not the only group of people who display this corrosive, corrupting trait. They are ably assisted by the MSM and political commentators on tv. This is demonstrated particularly well by the reviewers on press reviews. Sad to say many of these are women such as Christina Patterson, Jenny Kleeman and Sonia Sodha. The list is endless as they are all clones of each other. Mind you, you can add in that old woman Kevin Maguire who’s recently been cunted. They all rail on about social injustice but there isn’t one of them who knows anything about economics. Tax the rich the cry goes up without realising this reduces growth and drives down the tax take simply because the rich have the resources to avoid tax.

Yesterday, their attention turned to the baby boomer generation who are blamed for all of today’s ills. Now, I must declare an interest here as I’m one of them. Kleeman chirps up “ this group have benefited more than anyone. They shouldn’t be getting pensioners benefits. They’ve seen the price of their houses rocket up. Any money should be going to young people. On another occasion “they should be downsizing to allow young people to move in to those houses.” Fuck right off. I didn’t scrimp and save to buy a house back then to surrender it to these libtards. You’d think they were giving free houses away in those days when interest rates were 15%. Yes, they had it really easy then with thousands of people turned out on to the streets because they couldn’t pay their mortgages.

I have been lucky, I do have sympathy with young people these days. Many people want change. Well, life has changed over recent decades. Many young people will never be able to afford a house, jobs are no longer for life, good job opportunities are scarcer and there’s a good chance you’ll live to 100. That’s how it is, so you’ll have to suck it up. But don’t try to penalise others for their “good luck”. We just about still have a meritocracy. Get out there, start from scratch, strive and build something for your future. But do it quickly as things are about to get worse, a lot worse, when your idol Comrade Corbyn takes charge. Fuck the politics of envy as it’s crippling this country.

Nominated by Bluntspeakingcunt