I know that it’s a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body and that’s fine but why the fuck would you choose to have a huge silence of the lambs style moth tattoo above your lady garden.

I see it as a being a bit like those markings in the animal kingdom that warn other animals to keep the hell away. Like the markings on a poison dart frog or a venomous snake.
It’ll look even worse when you’ve birthed a few bairns.

Admin be careful when you search for a suitable picture for this one. I don’t want you to end up in therapy because of it.

(Yep, fair warning Harold. Unfortunately I saw some things I can’t unsee. Not good. – NA)

Nominated by: Harold Steptoe

50 thoughts on “Twattoos

  1. It’s not a problem to me, I like tattooed sluts.

    More of a concern is what goes on in their heads and comes out of their mouths!

      • When you were a young buck rooting your way through Stockport’s finest did you bother with names or just use their tramp stamps for identification Miserable?

      • Never considered if they had names tbh LL.
        When your young and the sap rises a fuckin tattoo wouldn’t put me off!
        Even a whistle and pepper spray didnt deter me!
        Fuck me they could have those moari facial tattoos, matters not!
        Not going to marry them just rattle their bones!
        Lads need to be less shy an delicate, just get in there!
        And always give someone elses name.

  2. I despise all body disfigurements with a vengeance. I’ll forgive Lawrence Fox because of his Question Time performance, and MNC because good flashers are at a premium, but anyone else sporting tattoos (no matter how small, none are tasteful) should be gunned down on sight.

  3. My missus was thinking of having one on her lower back and asked me my thoughts design wise. Apparently “spit before entering” was deemed inappropriate by the miserable bitch!

  4. To clarify my point, I’m not against tattoos per se, but it depends on where they are, what they are and how big they are.

    I was once involved with a young woman who had a tattoo on her hip which was quite sexy actually.

    It’s more this sort of thing I’m referring to (Warning: viewer discretion is advised)

  5. They can be quite alluring I must admit.
    However most of them look like they were done on an ill advised Hen Party in Blackpool.
    Never seen one that was a deal breaker once in the sack.
    Or behind a grave stone.
    Or pub car park.

  6. A small subtle ankle tattoo or one somewhere else unseen is about my tolerance. Young women covered with the ghastly things is yet another indication of the moral decline of the next generation. 🤮

    Along with women drinking pints, smoking roll ups, swearing and farting! Before long there will be hardly any difference between the sexes other than physical characteristics, which I may add, by the looks of things won’t last much longer either 😷

    Fuck off!

  7. “I know that it’s a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body and that’s fine but why the fuck would you choose to have a huge silence of the lambs style moth tattoo above your lady garden.?”

    It’s better than having an ACTUAL moth, because nuzzling my nose into a pretend dusty/furry moth sitting in a lady garden is less shit than nuzzling by nose into an ACTUAL dusty/furry moth sitting in a lady garden in order to tongue the fuck out of a wood louse. You are aware that the 21st century occurred right?

    • I fucked up that analogy so bad. The clit was meant to be a prawn……compared to a wood louse in real life and the second occurance of the words “lady garden” were meant to say “garden”

      • Okay @Harold Steptoe yes it just occured to me that the 21st century reference made no sense considering that I was making a reference to the 20th.

        …… Or I wasn’t, it doesn’t matter. Fuck it!

    • Me neither. Once had a go on a Jewish milf in the 80’s, with her telephone number tattooed on her wrist.
      Actually, come to think of it……

    • Different strokes for different folks then TiTS
      (waits for someone to chime in with “watchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis!)

      I prefer a lady with a bit of pubic topiary, but not 70s style where it looks like a overgrown hedge.

  8. Tattoo near the flange?
    Nothing against it personally.
    Yes, a jay would be quite tasteful sitting on a Mary Millington style privet-hedge bush.

  9. “Abandon all hope ye who enter here!”

    Well there are a few sets of yeast encrusted flaps I have regretted going between over that long and epic horror filled catastrophe laughingly called my “sex life”. If only one in the bestiary had had the decency to tattoo same, I might have saved myself an elementary particle of embarrassment and degradation.

    Took me long enough, but I’ll stick to livestock from now on (better conversation as well)

  10. Good thing I don’t have kids because if I ever did and I saw tattoos on one of them. I’d give em a good smack in face for being such a brat

    Also young women who get them are fucked in the ead that tat is gonna be an even dumber decision as you age and advancing to your late thirties early 40’s twattoos is a good term for them

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