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Disney+, Disney and Disney Lucasfilm.

When it was just Disney, it was, on the face of it at least, a wholesome, family entertainment company.

In modern era, it’s an evil, woke, money grabbing cesspit.

This is a company that filmed scenes for its live action version of Mulan in Xinjiang Province, China, close to the ‘detention’ centres where so many Uyghar Muslims are currently imprisoned.

This is a company that employs Kristina Arielle, the host of a webcast centring on the Star Wars: The High Republic, and who makes racist comments about white people, with Disney’s blessing.

This is a company, that to bend the knee to the Chinese and their hatred of black people, shrank Jon Boyega’s image on the promo posters for their shitty Star Wars sequel trilogy to give him a less prominent position.

This is also a company that hypocritically has just fired Gina Carano for a tweet she posted, after finally giving in to the Leftwaffe, who’ve been viciously on her case for the past 6/7 months.

It all started when she politely refused to put pronouns in her Twitter bio, to prove that she supported Trans people. Because it’s not enough to simply SAY that you support a certain group anymore, you now have to provide evidence. Every day. And if you refuse to do that, then you’re a transphobe/homophobe/racist etc etc.

The tweet she put out featured a photo from pre-war Germany and featured a terrified Jewish woman in her underwear, with the comment:

“Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…. even by children,” She then followed it with:

“Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews.”

She was using as an allegory for what the far left are currently doing to anyone who disagrees with them. It’s not the best allegory, but she meant NO offence to Jews. She’s now actually working with Ben Shapiro, who describes himself as “the most Jewish Jew in the world” and his Daily Wire to make a movie. Of course, being woke, and therefore evil little wilfully ignorant retards, their narrative is that she’s comparing the Holocaust to Republicans. That is an out and out lie. The thing is she’s right.

The behaviour of the Leftwaffe, especially groups like Antifa and BLM are reminiscent of the behaviour of the Nazis in the 1940’s. Meanwhile, they’re political supporters, especially in the US and UK are busy demonising those who disagree with, or question them. That was the point she was trying to make.

One of the worst Disney Lucasfilm employees, is the top dog herself, Kathleen Kennedy. She is directly responsible for the sheer shiteness of the sequel trilogy and Solo. Was the fact they were terrible movies the fault of Kennedy and those she hired to make that crap? No. It was the fans. They were man babies. They were racist. They were misogynists. Then Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni were brought in to create The Mandalorian, which was it’s biggest Star Wars success to date. And Kennedy was barred from any involvement.

Disney Lucasfilm earned itself a LOT of goodwill when the final episode of season 2 featured a post Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker in a heavily CGI’d cameo. The CGI was pretty bad, but it didn’t matter to most fans. The Luke they wanted was back, rather than the miserable, contemptible piece of shit from the sequels. It just happened though that Kennedy’s faction at Lucasfilm had brought out the High Republic, set long before the prequels. It was immediately ridiculed, partly because the artwork was shite, but also because of one character in particular. A so called Jedi called Leo Gyasi. Leo was introduced in a very camp pose and wearing a deep cut V neck shirt. It didn’t help that his surname is an anagram of ‘is gay’. Though I suspect that was deliberate. Cue lots of photoshopped images of Leo as a Jedi hairdresser. And it’s not doing very well.

The wokists didn’t like that. And rather than take the goodwill that Star Wars were throwing at them, they decided to shoot themselves in the foot by ramping up the hate. Gina Carano is the latest casualty.

As a result, thousands of people have now cancelled their subscriptions to Disney+. Y’see, Gina was a very popular member of the Mandalorian cast. In fact, the merch for her character, Cara Dune, regular outsold the merch for other characters, with the possible exception of baby Yoda.

But now, on the basis of lie, they’ve lost that. The most egregious thing about this though, is the hypocrisy. As I mentioned earlier, Disney and many of its other employees have behaved abominably, but none of them have faced any sanction. That’s because they all follow the ‘correct’ path. Gina doesn’t. Gina likes to think. Gina likes to question. Gina likes to treat her fans with the respect they deserve. Disney doesn’t like that.

So, fuck you Disney. Cunts.

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  1. The chinese aren’t imprisoning uiygur moslems. This is CIA Americunt imperialist propaganda and its sad you fell for it hook line and sinker quick draw m8

    If China is persecuting the uiygur they aren’t doing a very good job because their birthrates have skyrocketed in the last year and one of its ambassadors debunked the drone train video people keep showing on twatter and social media.

    Disney are cunts you will get no arguments from on that one just finished watching a show. I saw a ad recommendation and disney has a new black Cinderella film out lol I’m sure this is only for western audiences China will probably ban it wouldn’t be surprised if oprah directed it or some shit

  2. So that new black Cinderella film I was explaining is actually ancient and came out in 1997 lmfao with Brandy and Whitney Houston fucked if I know first I’m hearing about it my apologies for the misinformation

  3. Kermit the Frog would regularly throw out Nazi salutes and gozz on the Jew kids when nobody was looking.

    It’s a fucking disgrace.

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