The Democrat Party [7]

With 11 days until Sleepy Joe takes the helm of the good ship USA and sails her into Chinese waters the democrats are determined to to kick the crap out of the Don, all aided and abetted by the mass media and big tech.

The latest plot is a call to impeach him and enact the 25th amendment to remove him from office before the 20th of January. Their reason? Because they don’t trust trump with the big red button.

Fuck of you cunts, it’s plain to see this is motivated by a desire to humiliate a man that stood up to you, a man that called out the media for what it is and a man that made the Chinese very pissed off.

Trump often lacked the finesse of an established politician, that’s served to highlight what a rotten corrupt bunch of bottom feeding scum most of them are.

If you had one iota of sense you’d realise you’re adding fuel to the fire. The patriots will feel even more disenfranchised and Trump will be viewed as the president in exile.


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  1. I watched them reach the impeachment vote last night,
    Although it was never in doubt,
    They say they want to heal the US, but theyll never let Donald go unpunished.
    Civil suites, harassment by the IRS, hes going to be tied up with this shit for years.
    Vindictive and spiteful as they are theyve given no thought to how it looks, or that the Far Right or mainstream Right in the US will see this as a act of war.
    Expect lots of shooting.

    • Don’t all ex- US presidents get a Presidential library to preserve their legacy? If it happens at all, Trumps will be firebombed or at least have a permanent picket line of left-wing cranks and jobless weirdos.

  2. They’ve extended their intentions to now bar him from political office in the future. Trump has to be destroyed to deter any one else from challenging their power ever again.

    Even Merkel and the president of Mexico are alarmed at how conservative America is being silenced.

    More like the CCP everyday.

  3. I don’t know much about politics in the US but to me, as an average person, Trump came across as a total fruitcake and a privileged loon.

    I know less about the cunts about to take over but the old saying about the new boss always stay true.

    • The new boss has been in politics for 50 years. This is his third attempt at the presidency. His first attempt failed after he was caught lying about his academic achievements. His VP to be was his fiercest critic in the democrat run offs though she pulled out before the first round because no one wanted her.

      • Well we voted in that scruffy fat cunt Boris so why should we be the only ones to make smelly political decisions?

        Like all “leaders” and “influencers” they like us will all be dust in one hundred years time and nobody will give a flying fuck.

        All politicians can suck my nuts.

      • “Well we voted in that scruffy fat cunt Boris ”
        Strictly speaking “we” didn’t, the Tory party did, nowt to do with us.

        I can find no flaw in the following proposal however I would have included at least two “fucking”s,… three…
        “All politicians can suck my nuts.”

    • Well, you are about to find out! As is America – ‘cos they’ve got no idea at all what Socialism is or means! Boy have they got some surprises coming.

  4. After a year of burning cities, looting and deaths in the street which were “mostly peaceful protests” they decide that this was “domestic terrorism” and even “insurrection.” They don’t like it when it comes to their own doorstep, the cunts. It’s not only Trump they are going to make suffer but those cunts they’ve arrested and will arrest once they have been indentified. They are looking at disproportionately long stretches which will build up the resentment. They say the coppers just let the mob in…….that’s hardly surprising considering the way the coppers have been treated by the left. These politicians ought to think about that.

  5. I fail to understand just what heinous crimes Trump committed. He was one of the only US Presidents that didn’t lead the country into a pointless and protracted war, he created jobs, cut red tape and stuck up for America.

    Yes, he could be a massive egotistical arsehole and lacked the finesse, opened his gob and Tweeted when he should have, instead, held counsel. Bush Jr opened Pandora’s box and created unrest and the ongoing wars in the Middle East. He was never treated this way.

    His crime was to be slightly right of centre.

      • He filled the swamp with crooks and con men. And then as the biggest reptile he want on to eat the while lot, spitting them out one by one.

      • @LordHelpus

        Are you saying before Trump American politics was pure?

        The Bushes, the Clintons, Dick Cheney, Obama and an endless list of corruption by Pelosi and co? The people that legislated using insider information was not illegal for members of the senate and Congress?

      • @lordhelpus How is Pelosi and Biden multi millionaires when they earn $174 000 a year ?. Answer corruption.

      • It all depends on your perspective, Lord H. Trump has many Asian and African American supporters. I didn’t see him bringing in new legislation to make the KKK a legal entity.

      • Trump was the best President since Reagan.
        Love him or hate him, the facts are there.
        And the new party being formed with his Son, Candace Owens, Laura Loomer etc will annihilate the democrats and the Republicans at the next election.
        Provided Dominion Software don’t do the vote counting.
        Trump may be gone, but the justifiable rage at his treatment will not be.
        That Nancy Pelosi’s a bit of allright though! 🤣🤪
        The democrats have sown the wind, Americans know they were cheated, and the democrats and GOP traitors will reap the whirlwind.

      • We need to get rid of both the Republican and Democrat parties, same as we need to get rid of the Conservative and Labour parties in the UK, and get new parties, new blood, new ideas.
        All the establishment parties appear to have done in the last 100 years or so is rack up loads of debt, enrich themselves, their mates and their offspring at the expense of the taxpayer, and got us involved in stupid fucking foreign wars – like Iraq and Vietnam.

  6. They are desperate to ensure that he cannot run in 2024 – the humiliation is just a bonus. What a bunch of fuckers are BigTech and the MSM

      • I would think the majority of Democrats had to hold their noses. As did some traditional Republicans and those with no party allegiance who would not have voted Biden in a million years if Trump hadn’t looked like he was about to secure a second term.

  7. The USA is heading for years of civil unrest by the looks of it. It is more divisive than ever since the left help promote BLM and stood back while it torched the country.
    The USA has a history of overthrowing governments and then leaving a pile of shit behind that takes years to repair. It’s surprising to see them do it to themselves.

  8. The ongoing crap against The Donald is because he has represented the views of ordinary Americans. Ordinary people can never be given power. He must be seen to be totally crushed so that ordinary people understand that they can never challenge for power ever again.

    • yep
      when democrats monopolize the counties and blatently refuse to investigate the fraud claims you know something is wrong. More dead people voted for Biden than ever before
      I’m not that interested in Trump but there’s no doubt the election process has been seriously harmed and the constitution is now a mockery of itself
      A coup is underway in the USA just as in Britain and across the western world
      Welcome to East Germany folks – and keep them fucking masks on cunts!!!

      • Spot on. Democrats argue that the election was not rigged. However, the problem they now have is that it was not seen to be not rigged. That is what will fester.

      • I suggested on another site, usiNg VERY mild language, and TOTALLY avoiding any expression of my own political leanings, that “An investigation I to Dominion polling equipment might have been useful.” Bloody hell, what a shit storm THAT kicked up… 100% accuracy of those machines is obv a Democrat central plank. And I agree totally with SV; when Merkel starts to question things surrounding the shite being flung at Trump, you know something is wrong…

      • Very true. An independent investigation into the Dominion voting machines could of ended the argument (on both sides), and shut a lot of people the fuck up

  9. Not only are they making sure he will never run again, or any of his family, they are preventing him from doing to them what they did to him for the last four years. And, with the Republican party in total disarray, the cunts will have four unobstructed years to achieve their aim. Cunts.

  10. Now Trump is unemployed he should come here and take over from Boris. That would be fucking fantastic. Same sort of deal when football managers get sacked and just end up going to a different club.I’d rather have Trump running this country and clumsy Bojo that’s for sure.


    Fuck off!

  11. Trump organised the march on Washington with regular reminders on Twitter. He then perpetuated the lie that the election was stolen and rallied his fans to storm the Senate telling them they must “fight” their foes. Even after the event he called them “special”.

    There is no doubt that he is guilty of incitement to violence against the legally elected house.

    But let’s be honest. Most of you guys would defend this jerk whatever he did. If he machine-gunned dozens of innocent bystanders on Maine Street you would still defend and make excuses for him.

      • Quite so.

        He abandons the very people he urged on and claims to love.

        All he cares about is himself and his legacy.

    • LH@ The overwhelming evidence does not fit the narrative, and I think your obvious hatred of Trump is clouding your judgement and making you very bitter.
      If America can be robbed in the full view of the world what hope is there for the rest of the world.
      The Antifa members who arranged the Capitol Hill carnage and the democrat vote riggers are being quietly dragged in all over the US, but with the constant narrative of “nothing to see here” then even if it talks like a crook, waddles like a crook, quacks like a crook and swims like a crook it makes no difference.
      No discourtesy intended, just my thoughts.

    • How many wars in the name of spreading “freedom” and “democracy” did Donald Trump start?

      Even as the Kiddy Sniffer is about to become president of the US of A, (for a few months) much to the questionable delight of some, this despite the most dubious of elections, TDS is obviously still alive and well.

  12. I remember Otis Ferry, son of Brian, “desecrating” the house
    of commons with every cunt in it. Fuck off America you fucking pussy cunts.

    • What an entitled cunt Master Ferry was. His grandfather was working class but he acted like an arrogant aristocrat.

      Transport him back in time to France c1789 please. They knew how to deal with his kind.

      • That’s the trouble with class mobility. Uppity cunts can move up. I blame Otis’s father, Brian. He should have known his place and remained a drone, rather than become an upper-middle class multi-millionaire landed gentry cunt. What a start in life, poor Otis never stood a chance.

      • Poor Otis dead and gone.
        Left me here to sing his song.
        Pretty little girl with the red dress on.
        Poor Otis dead and gone.

      • Bryan Ferry always sounded like the Char Wallah from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.

        And didn’t he tub chickboy and Dali’s Frankenstein, Amanda Lear?

  13. The Democrats, now they have a toe in the door, are determined to drag “populism” out of the building and kick it hard on the way whilst crying out to the world about how awful it is.

    Actions speak louder than words. Whatever you think of “The Don/Tango Man” ask yourself: how many wars did he start, did he stir up or ameliorate tension in the Middle East, did he stand up to the “climate change farce”, did he try to deliver what “ordinary people” wanted?

    Meanwhile, in the more reserved UK, we have a PM who rode into power on a “populist ticket” but who plainly doesn’t believe in it.

    Sad times for ordinary punters who thought their lot In life might improve….

  14. Sorry for going completely off topic but just come across a video by Robert fripp and his Mrs, toyah wilcox doing a cover of Metallica’s enter sandman. Songs not up to much but I must say that she has still got a cracking pair of knockers. Someone more savvy than me must be able to put up a link.

  15. I can’t wait for the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptops to be made public.

    I am reliably informed that there is kiddy porn, including photos of his underage niece (ewww). Credit card details for an account that he was using to pay hookers, plenty of evidence of hard drug use and overwhelming evidence of hefty bribes from the Chinese petrochemical industry.
    With a cut going to ‘the big man’. I wonder who that could be?

    As in my 2021 predictions yesterday, Joe Biden will be ‘retired’ on health grounds to let Harris take over the presidency in March.
    March being around the time the contents of the laptops get made public.

    Suddenly, Donnie Tango doesn’t seem like that bad a choice for president.

    • Trump? Biden? both appalling fucking individuals it’s just that Trump was marginally less so. Neither will, would or could ‘save America’ because they are not the seat of the true power in America. Both g.a.f.i. as fuck, no lube offered…

  16. A new band will begin a residency at the White House, from January 20th, we will proudly be presenting, ladies and gentlemen, by popular demand…..Joe Biden and the Democrats! (sounds of jubilant cheering). Maybe they’ll play their version of Nellie The Elephant.
    Trump remoaners across the US will now have to accept that despite all his efforts to circumvent the law and remain in power, he’s finished. He’s already lost his position and his reputation, now he needs to start worrying about losing even more in the courts.
    Yesterday I called Rudy Giuliani a nutcase. Today I hear that Trump is refusing to pay him his $20,000 a day. I take it back. He was doing it for the money after all.

    • Trump was paying Giuliani $20,000 a day? What for, to make him look even more ridiculous? Clearly money well spent. 😂

  17. Obama took out Bin Laden which probably saved 1000s of lives.

    Trump did stoke up tensions in the middle east by pulling out of the Iran deal and siding with Israel. He achieved nothing with Kim Jong-Un except to make himself look a twat. Putin he caved into at every turn. He failed to stand up to China over Hong Kong but then he cares nothing for democracy.

    He awarded tax cuts to billionaires and appointed them to his cabinet. How that is doing anything for the ordinary man I don’t know.

    Climate change is real whether we like it or not. He allowed his lookalike in Brazil to carry on burning the rain forest and blamed the California fires in bad forestry. He said that covid was a Democrat hoax and now 300000 a Americans are dead or dying.

    The man is a total fraud.

    • The biggest piece of fantasy. since Harry Potter and the Dominion counting machine.

      You are J.K. Rowling and I claim my $5 M.A.G.A hat😃👍

    • LH – you are Nancy Pelosi and I claim my five Dollars! 🤣👍
      Well it’s about time I got some of this money flying about before Nutty N*zi Nancy spends it all on her favourite shade of lipstick – “Khmer Rouge”! 😃

      • “..Obama took out Bin Laden which probably saved 1000s of lives.”

        …and then Obonobo and Bidet handed Libya over to fucking ISIS with the result that hundreds of thousands of the bastards are pouring into southern Europe, slavery has returned to the N. African coast again and you can now buy a br0wn person in Tripoli for a few hundred $$$.. and this is from Time f.f.s. hardly a Trumpocentric organ.

        Nice job there Joe, y’ fucking CUNT!

    • LH you forgot to mention he was the 1st President since Eisenhower to NOT start a war in his 1st term. Also 3 peace deals in the middle east.

      He took no salary

      Black, Hispanic and female employment at record levels.

      Yeah – what a bad guy.

  18. Oh and our peaceful president undermined NATO and pulled American troops out of Northern Syria thus leaving their long-time Kurdish allies to be slaughtered by the Turks and Russians.

    His record stinks.

    • Tell that to your civil partner when the cops there have been defunded by the Democrats and burn loot murder have robbed him and left him for dead.

    • Fuck the Kurds, the Syrians,the palastinians, Iran,Iraq,Saudi Arabia. Fuck em all. Deport every cunt. Let them continue their 1600 year old blood vendetta in the own shit hole countries.

    • Trump pulled the US troops out of Germany because the rest of the NATO partners were not paying their fair share. Germany included.
      Right now, those troops are better off at home with their families.

      He pulled the US troops out of Iraq because there was nothing more for them to do (apart from being a target for ISIS) . Those troops are better off at home with their families too.

      He pulled the troops out of Syria because Al-Assad was right all along and it was his government forces fighting ISIS on Syrian soil. American intervention just gives ISIS more targets to shoot at and blow up.
      Those troops are also better off at home and preparing to quell the civil war caused by the Demonrats rigging the election.

  19. Viva The Donald. Love the bloke for standing up to the establishment, doing what he said he would do and fucking off the PC / Woke brigade. You will be gone but definitely not forgotten. Here’s to your run in 2024. If that happens the leftie loonies will spontaneously combust.

  20. Democunts. eh? I still wince at how Ted Kennedy got out of that Chappaquiddick Island mess. Still absolutely sickening.

    And Hilary Clinton defending a known rapist in a court case and laughing as his victim gave testimony. And we all know about Bill’s antics, don’t we?

    And not forgetting Joe ‘You Need Hands’ Biden, say no more.

    Rotten to the core. The scum de la scum.

      • We’ve already got a socialist puppet government Vernon. Wouldn’t be surprised if Corbyns sat at home watching Boris and the new Chancellor Rashford spaffing cash everywhere thinking to himself “fuck me there is a magic money tree after all.”

      • Whatever Johnson & Sunak end up spending, Corbyn & McDonuts would have spent at least £500 billion on top of that figure.

      • Afternoon squire

        A conservative estimate in my opinion…..😂

        And imagine Diane Abbott doing the daily covid cases ?

      • I think the Flabbotapottamus is doing the covid figures Quislings.

        If government figures are to be believed, then every man, woman, child and illegal immigrant has had Covid at least twice since this time last year. Surely we don’t need a vaccine as we are all immune?

        Looking on the bright side though, the UK death rate averages at 43,000 per month.
        Considering nobody dies of anything but Covid these days, the figures are way down. Meaning Cancer, heart disease, pneumonia and all of the other stuff that finishes us off has completely disappeared.


  21. Sirs:

    A note on nomenclature:

    Members of the Democratic Party go absolutely apeshit when their organization is referred to as the “Democrat Party.”

    Hard to believe they could get any crazier, but keep calling it the Democrat Party and see what happens.

    • Sounds a bit like SNP types having a conniption fit and shite-flinging when they are referred to as the “Nationalist” party.
      Well, as a linguistician I can confirm that… deafening roll of drums… national and nationalist have the same root – NATION.
      Hardly rocket science, unless one is a morbidly obese, pie-gobbling cunt with a gob like a hen’s bum

  22. Agreed SV – Marcus Rashford now seems to be dictating what our Prime Minister can and can’t do – but Saint Rashford does not have such a moral compass that he will pay the fair rate of tax on his own magic money tree – around six million a year unpaid using tax avoidance – perfectly legal. But wrong.

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