Soft Touch Britain

Another fine example of soft touch Britain becoming the dustbin of the world for assorted criminals, tërrörists and dêviänts.

A Johnny Foreigner who won’t live by the morals of its own country and so ends up inflicting its nasty habits on us.
No doubt everything it will ever want will be provided at the expense of you and I via a vast array of benefits and grants from the DSS/DWP and council with the NHS funding a new ringpiece or tîts & front bottom in due course.
Based on the image and information provided I can’t imagine it has any useful skills to attract a potential employer or other attributes that benefit this country in any way whatsoever.
As El Salvador is a Spanish speaking country why the f*ck has this specimen sought refuge here instead of Spain or any number of countries around the world formerly run by the day-gos? Do the bull fighting fraternity not have their own frëãks?
Whatever happened to this country that we attract and can’t be rid of paràsites like this and their various sponsors?

Nominated by: Dickie Dribbler

43 thoughts on “Soft Touch Britain

  1. Excellent nom Dickie. Your final question of why is it this country attracts these types is answered by the title of the nom. We are indeed a soft touch.
    My father, were he alive today would be asking why he suffered a lifetime of pain with war wounds, fighting to defend a land that turned out not worth fighting for.
    If they were able, there would be thousands and thousands of other war dead asking themselves the same question from their graves.

    • Just this exactly.
      We are swirling the drain because our political class are greedy,morally bankrupt and spineless.
      Fucked sums it up perfectly.
      The cunts.

    • The NHS keep bleating about a lack of cash. This is the reason the NHS has no cash.

      Along with the ludicrous salaries for administrators who facilitate this crap.

  2. This extra from Jabba’s palace has set a precedent, the floodgates are well and truly open now. If we ever open our borders again we and NZ should expect Home Islands “Norms” in their millions claiming to flee persecution from leftwaffe.

  3. What a cunt, not fleeing war, wants to be non binary…..

    I don’t give a fuck, El Salvador have a lot of others on the hit list before they would get round to this cunt. This judge has fucked everything up, now any cunt who comes from an Islamic country or Right wing country can just claim non binary….

    Absolute disgrace!!

  4. I am a great proponent of the administration of noxious gases and unlawful substances, not only to deviants ( such as it ) but of all Johnny foreigners who wash up on our shores, grasping mits extended.

    I did read of this “article” of anal detritus the other day and it struck me then that the UK is the “go to” place for all the flotsam of undesirables, never to be turned away of course, and regardless of their horrendous explorations explorations of the orifice ( usually a kiddies ). Time for a “cleansing” of the SS variety methinks.

  5. I’ll fuckin show the sons a bitches. I know some punk ass’s down 32nd street and some crack head motherfuckin whack jobs that would do a proper good job on these fuckin caaawk suckaaas for a few bucks. You assholes just let BL know if you need a favour, I gotta lot of connections in this city.

    I’ve just pulled over a car full of drunk bitches….fucking scooooooore! Thank motherucking shit its still 1992 and not 2021 where I am. Time to blackmail these honeys and abuse my power.


  6. The “human rights act” has to go. We didnt need them before Tone foisted them on us. “humans rights” have nothing to do with rights. The whole idea of them was born in the Soviet Union for fucks sake. They are oppressive codes to control the masses.
    If the tory party with an 80 seat majority wont do something then Nige will force them to like he did with Brexit.

  7. Talking of cunts and soft touch Britain… For Burnley FC’s next game against Manchester United, the six fingered ferret fanciers want a minutes silence for anybody who died last year and supported Burnley.

    Well they can fuck off. First off, I don’t give a fuck about them and I still hate the half breeds for their grassing and crying over that ‘White Lives Matter’ plane banner. So they can fuck off, the nylon shirt wearing is me brother me dad BLM narks.

    And Bob Lord was a fucking cunt. Sir Matt should have kicked him in the bollocks.

    • Talking of Jake Hepel and his white lives matter banner-did he manage to sue the company he worked for, for dismissing him without legal reason?
      He broke absolutely no laws-even the police stated that.
      Cancel culture at its worst☹️

      • I have quite a lot of contact with Jake Hepple – he is a decent happy go lucky lad and he got well and truly fked over.
        But the wave of support he got shows what normal people think of this nonsense.
        Back on topic – there is no such thing as non binary.
        As I have said before, there are two genders – Male and Female.
        And a minority of lunatics who disagree.

    • ‘….a judge on appeal ruled that Arthur Britney Joestar would suffer persecution if sent back to El Salvador’

      and the judge reckons he ain’t gonna get persecuted here? They are complicit in inviting into this country the means of their own destruction, and so be it.

  8. If it came to Spain, it wouldn’t be entitled to anything as it’s not a soft touch here for benefits. We don’t have anything like the amounts of freaks you have in the UK now and from experience, the locals don’t care much for south and central Americans. Treated the same as pie keys.

  9. I believe that Britain’s very own weirdo, drag queen Eddie Izzard, was born in Aden, but has inflicted most of his sixty summers on us – there must be something in the water overseas that breeds deviants and something in our water which makes us have compassion for them,

  10. Fly to blighty, pretend to be a deviant for a couple of months until the passport drops through the letterbox, job done. Expect to see a very different looking him in a mugshot some time soon.

  11. I was reading the Guardian newspaper link in the nomination. When quoting what the person was saying it was, ‘they said’. Isn’t they a plural word?
    I still dont understand this non binary stuff.
    Life is confusing enough.
    Also, why advertise in a newspaper? That sort of thing should be kept quiet. Like homosexual things from years ago.
    What people do in the privacy of their own homes etc is none of my business.
    It’s not gay people or anything like that that bothers me but the constant broadcasting about it that bothers me.

  12. 20 years from now this country will be a complete freak show, leaving the EU has come far too late to save any slight chance that we could have a saved our bacon 😂

    • The weird fucker at the top?
      The poster boy for what our government think is worthy of asylum.
      Not content with dinghy sailors they get boring, theyve upped the ante with deviants from the 3rd world welcome as well.
      Itll be teaching primary school kids with 18months.

  13. Think yourselves lucky. At least he’ll only be providing a parking space for some filthy deviant’s cock. He probably won’t be bombing and stabbing people, or running them down in the street and it’s extremely unlikely he will ever be Mayor of Londonstabistan.

    • Yes the tribunal judge agreed that it/she would be providing a service to the community by ensuring no cock went unsucked within a three mile radius.

  14. Roll up roll up see the freak show that is Britain.
    Fuck off you sad little weirdo and float back to the rat hole you came from. This cunt will get spoiled rotten by the dss/ lefty sympathy brigade. Meanwhile hetro men and women will continue to be painted out of this country at each and every opportunity.
    “But we’re showing the world how humanitarian we are” . No we’re not the world is shaking its head and laughing at us.

  15. At the time I thought the ’70s and ’80s were a pain in the arse, one fucking struggle after another.
    How wrong I was. A better time, better people, little or no PC bollocks and better music.
    When the post Covid apocalypse kicks in it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

    Here’s a tune from ’81, greatest sax solo ever.

  16. I hope this degenerate is provided with suitable technology and a twitter account so it can set government policy.

  17. Of course this soppy judge won’t ever be living next door to a freak like this, or a pisshead booshka family or a peaceful bomb making factory. She may have a back garden the size of a football pitch but no pikeys will be parking their vans on it. Her children and grandchildren won’t be going to school with the children of voodoo practitioners or Somali drug gangs. You can’t blame the moths for being attracted to the flame, it’s the cunt who lit the candle in the first place.

  18. Because our great leaders follow the letter of the law instead of just nodding then doing what’s best for the country we let any cunt in.
    The country is well on its way to shitty sewer brown oblivion.
    No surprise the filth of the world ignore every other rich nation and flog themselves to reach our shores.
    Free money housing healthcare and an army of soy woke cuts to back them to the hilt.
    The country has been poisoned.
    The vermin should be exterminated completely.
    Fuck Off Cunts.

  19. If this shit gets any worse I’m going to emigrate to Hungary. Good Christian country that works hard to keep it that way.

    • I’d say this country hasn’t been Christian for a longer time now than it will be before it’s peaceful. Our judges should start reading up on Sharia law although they will more likely be on the receiving end of it.

      • Saw a shocking programme about Sharia law pleasure marriages yesterday which can last as little as an hour. Basically peado pimp Sharia clerics selling girls as young as nine.

    • Edward, I’ve already mentioned this to you before. Unkle Terry ain’t gonna make you rich selling his ovens on commission.
      Strike out on your own. Go green! There ain’t no future in gas.
      A biomass oven is the future!😅

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