Public Sector Labor Unions

Show me the most pro-union employee in the government workplace and I’ll show you the most worthless, lazy, workshy cunt on the premises.

And just who the fuck ever made it legal for cunts being paid by the taxpayer to unionize?! For fuck sake, at no point during a contract negotiation does the taxpayer get a say. No fucking wonder these assholes get the best benefits and pensions.

I worked for the U.S. government for 13 years until I couldn’t take it any more. Joining the union was voluntary but their tactics were low down dirty & cunty.

An employee being paid by the taxpayer should never ever be able to unionize to enrich themselves and be shielded from accountability.

90% of those in the union were worthless when they joined or became that way as they logged time in the union.

Unions have become the bastions of lazy, selfish, overpaid CUNTS!!

Makes my bladder a pressure cooker!

Nominated by: Texas Trumptard 

25 thoughts on “Public Sector Labor Unions

  1. The principle was good – stopping exploitation, mistreatment and illegal behaviour by bad employers.
    No more – unions are now a massive money making scheme for greedy lazy hypocrite communists, and I am fked if I will ever join a union which financially supports Labour.
    Good nom TT! 👍

  2. I work for the local government in the UK and it’s not as bad here but there are the Union Officials that are by far the laziest cunts I have ever seen.
    I’ve never joined the Union as I’ve never agreed with strikes that were such a big issue in the 70’s.
    It caused my family severe financial hardship back then and my dad never wanted to strike but the unions had so much power.
    They created their own demise really after Margaret Thatcher gave them all a real good kicking but that led to the move away from heavy industry in this country so the unions really did shoot themselves in the foot.

  3. Teachers are good at two things. Not working and filling up children’s brains with bollox. The public sector is good at two things . Fucking everything up and not working. The civil service is good at two things. Not doing what their asked to do by a right of centre government and leaking everything to the guardian .All cunts.

    • A bit general SC. I’m a teacher and have yet to join a union. I’ve also spent most of today filling my students’ heads with particle physics. I also tend to read the Speccie and Spiked. The Graun can do one. I am a cunt, though. On that I will agree with you. 😉

    • Totally agree. I fucking hate the state sector.
      It should be cut back to a minimum. Lazy cunts in jobs where there is no mechanism for failure so matter how shit they are no one takes responsibility and it’s impossible to sack the fuckers. In the private sector if you fuck up you’re fired.
      The state is not the solution it’s the problem.
      The good news for the USA is it’s about to get much worse with Pelosi in charge, sorry I meant Biden.

      • Happiest day of my life was leaving HMRC after 6 months (very recently). It was easy to spot the careerists, and a lot of people were pretty keen to move on.

  4. Funny but watched a documentary the other night about the dissapearance of Union boss Jimmy Hoffa.
    Jimmy rose quickly to the top in the teamsters union, and developed expensive tastes and dodgy friendships,
    Think Derek Hatton but yank,
    He was involved with one of the mafia families who cleared the competition for him,
    He made the mistake of arguing with one, and on a arranged meeting to make the peace,
    Jimmy went missing.
    Rumour has it he was shot put in a plastic barrel and into landfill.
    This should happen to union rats like Len McCluskey.

      • Was he?
        He reaped what hed sowed Foxy, cocky fucker.
        The spaghetti suckers gave him what he was asking for.

    • MNC@ – Apologies – it was reported that Hoffas remains were found at a place called “Muscato dump” but no definitive evidence so take with a sizeable pinch of salt! 🤦‍♂️
      Rumours he is under Don Foxio’s patio cana nota bea confirmeda! 😃

  5. The print unions used to be like the mafia, toe the line or your are out, absolute cunts.

    Union leaders shouldn’t be allowed to get paid more than the average earnings of the people they represent, then you would see who actually cares about the workers.

    Contribute to the Labour Party……. NEVER!!

    • As a teen I worked as a temp for a printing company. Had to work odd hours but at 16 I was on £6.80 an hour in 1987. This was when Tesco was paying its Saturday girls £2.10 an hour. Why cos the unions demanded that was the rate. Job was as Boring as shit but I was like John D Rockefeller in the sixth form.

      The unions are cunts, the teaching unions are huge cunts but the biggest cunting union of the lot is the tube drivers.

      £65,000 a year (35 hours a week) plus benefits and they all hope and pray that they get ‘one under’ that’s a guaranteed six months off on full pay. Three under and you are pensioned off for life.

      Looks well tough

      • The waySuckdick Khunt has awarded pay rises and created highly paid managerial “positions”, is it any wonder the fucker has bankrupted TFL☹️

  6. I was told by the union rep in one company that I had to join the union. Not being a totally ignorant cunt I replied that it wasn’t a closed shop and he could fuck off. He tried persuasion on the basis that I wouldn’t get union protection (from what?) and wouldn’t benefit from their wage negotiations. No, I wasn’t and didn’t but I could negotiate my own and after a year the unions members got a 1% pay rise. I got 4%.

  7. As I understand it, union officials are employed by local authorities and paid for by council tax payers! Furthermore, they are called ‘pilgrims’. Sponging cunts more like.

  8. I heard an interview with a city police commissioner, he stated that getting rid of corrupt, racist or just plain useless police officers had become impossible because of the police Union.

    The left eating itself as usual, their answer? Defund the police…….Cunts.

  9. don’t worry, it’s all going to change soon enough
    see: Happen Network – can’t post link
    you’ll have nothing and be happy

  10. I run my own business and I assure you, I will treat employees fairly and there will be no need for a work union. If you have an issue to ask your boss. I really dont get these idiots. Shouldnt be able to have political unions in any part of Civil Service except Westmonster.

  11. all public sector workers are either on furlough or being paid full time ( and many not working at all) – the unions, especially teachers, are enabling the tyranny to continue at the loss of children’s education – so actually, there’s no argument here – the unions are supporting the narrative – which is what all good mask wearing fuckers want!!! Cunts the lot of them

  12. I’ve never met a union rep I didn’t want to throw down a flight of stairs. They are either the lazy ones who see it as a way of dodging a bit of graft, or the bossy ones who are too shit at their job to get promoted to a position of authority.
    Cunts, every last one.

    • My Brother was a union rep (CWU) for Royal Mail for a few years GJ – he was amazed at how little the upper echelons did and and how much they got – big salaries, cars, perks – the list was endless.
      He stopped doing it because he was told in no uncertain terms that if he did not stop calling this out things would not be good for him – he threatened to throw the guy through the window – he is not a mild mannered pacifist like me! 😃

      • There will always be exceptions Vern, you would think it would attract people who gave a fuck about others, but I just haven’t met one. I love being proved wrong, being the miserable pessimist that I am, every time I’m wrong, the world seems a better place.

  13. To summarise this nomination perfectly.

    I had the misfortune to have dealings, outside of the work environment, with a cunt if the first water some years ago:

    -he was a tube train driver who had previously been a bus driver.

    -he was a union representative

    -he was borderline illiterate

    -he was morbidly obese – six foot / 25 stone?

    -he bragged about the time off and compensation he had received from 1x suicide in front of his bus & 1x suicide in front of his tube train

    -he annoyed everybody in a club my friend ran (hobby), to th point where 200 members dwindled down to 35

    -a British transport policeman who joined my friends club, informed us he was despised at work and universally known as “THRUSH”, because he was such an irritating CUNT😂

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